Fantendo Smash Bros. Duel is a Fantendo Smash Bros. game developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Nintendo DS. A dojo can be found here.


  Sprite Name Dojo How To Unlock
EmblemDoodlelandFSBD HoolyspriteFSBD Hooly Link Default
Ella-Metals EllaFSBD Ella Metals Link Default
EmblemGhostSmileFSBD SmileFSBD Smile Link Default
Henry the Moose File:HenryFSBD.png Henry the Moose Link Default
EmblemPushersPileFSBD File:PeshFSBD.png Pesh Link Default
EmblemStrafeFSBD StrafeFSBD Strafe Link Default
EmblemTeardropFSBD File:TeardropFSBD.png Teardrop Link Default
EmblemUntenFSBD File:UntenFSBD.png Unten Link Default
Dark Fungi GorgeFSBD Gorge Link TBA
Divinity File:AidenFSBD.png Aiden Link TBA
EmblemDoodlelandFSBD File:ZakFSBD.png Zak Link TBA
Ella-Metals Spriteofandy Andy Pasta Link TBA
Emotion Spectrum File:GustavFSBD.png Gustav Link TBA
EmblemFactorFSBD Malcolm Malcolm Leychester Link TBA
EmblemUntenFSBD BouncerFSBD Bouncer Link TBA
EmblemUntenFSBD HadesFSBD Johnathon Hades Link TBA
Fred File:FredFSBD.png Fred the Purple Monkey Link TBA
Gridlock File:SpaghettiFSBD.png Spaghetti Link TBA
Lethal Combat File:ScorchFSBD.png Scorch Link TBA
Mick File:MickFSBD.png Mick Link TBA
EmblemSinlessFSBD File:SinlessFSBD.png Sinless Devil Link TBA
The Sixty Four Saga File:SixtyFSBD.png Sixty Four Link TBA
EmblemStrafeFSBD RamonaFSBD Ramona Link TBA
Wicked Nature ScarFSBD Scar Link TBA


Summoner Orbs

  Sprite Name Dojo
Bearded Smiley File:BeardedSmileyFSBD.png Bearded Smiley TBA
EmblemDoodlelandFSBD File:DarkclawFSBD.png Darkclaw TBA
EmblemDoodlelandFSBD File:DanFSBD.png Dan TBA
EmblemFactorFSBD ScoutryFSBD Scoutry TBA
EmblemGameFreakFSBD File:HaxFSBD.png HAX TBA
Henry the Moose File:PorkchopFSBD.png Porkchop TBA
Lethal Combat File:ZeroFSBD.png Zero TBA
Mick File:NickFSBD.png Nick TBA
EmblemPushersPileFSBD File:PashieFSBD.png Pashie TBA
Robo Madness File:ScyploFSBD.png Scyplo TBA
Wicked Nature RazorFSBD Razor TBA



Chemistry is a new feature included in the game, to make character selection an even more strategic choice. Characters all have different relationships to each other, whether it is a friendship or a rivalry. When a character has positive chemistry with another character, their attacks will do less damage against them and when a character has negative chemistry with another character, their attacks will do more damage against them.


Duels are also a new feature which can affect battles; when two characters have negative chemistry with each other, they may initiate a duel; during a duel, all of the attacks the characters do against each other are double damage, and they only deal or receive half the damage from anybody else (therefore encouraging characters to fight solely that one character). The duel ends when either of the characters involved are knocked out or when the match itself ends.

In order for a duel to be initiated, both of the players involved must agree; a CPU player will always agree to a duel request from a human player. In multiplayer matches, if a human challenges another human to a duel they must agree before the duel starts. Sometimes, a CPU player will initiate a duel with another CPU; this is mostly affected by randomness, and also various factors such as which character is currently doing the best, etc. It is not possible to initiate a duel with a character already involved in a duel.

It is possible for two duels to be happening in a match at the same time.


The opposite of duels, alliances may be formed mid-battle. In a free-for-all match, characters with positive chemistry may choose to form an "alliance" with each other. If "friendly fire" is off, then this means that neither of the characters involved in the alliance will be able to damage each other. As well as that, if the alliance is formed with a CPU player they will change their strategy to avoid causing damage to their ally.

Like duels, an alliance can only be created if both players involved agree. The same rules also apply as with duels.

An alliance will become broken when the two members of the alliance are the only characters remaining in the match (not counting characters who are temporarily out of the match as they respawn). Alliances cannot be formed when only two characters are in the match.