Fantendo Smash Bros. Dimensions is an upcoming title in the Fantendo Smash Bros. (series). It is due for a Mid 2012- Early 2013 realease. It will be for Hybrid Δ, Master Pro, Wii U, SP1DR, Storybook, and the OL Havoc.


The game has a total of 52 playable characters.

Playable Characters

Image Name Series Unlocked by
McBoo MMWii McBoo McBoo Starter
Dudle 3D Final Dudle Drawson Doodlemen Clear Classic on Medium or Hard as McBoo
David3D David David Starter
EllaMetalsHalfArt Ella Metals Ella Metals Starter
Scyplo Scyplo Robo Madness Starter
SpeedyNew Speedy iPenguin Starter
SpaghettiFOC Spaghetti Gridlock Clear Classic as 3 characters on any difficulty
EmeraldTheSceptile Emerald Team Gemstones Starter
DREW-Sketch DREW DREW Clear Classic as Emerald on Hard
BeardedFOC Bearded Smiley Bearded Smiley Clear Adventure Mode as DREW or Emerald
UntenArend Unten TOSWALAUINTIDNWTR Starter
RedtheHood'em3D Red Hood'ems Starter
Mr.Sew'n3D Mr. Sew'n Hood'ems Clear the Mission "The Sew'n Challenge"
SnivelyFOC Snively Snively Clear Clasic Mode or Adventure Mode as Scyplo
Dashed Koopa 2 Dashed Koopa Dashed Koopa

Clear the mission "Robot Snives"

107px Fruity Fruity Toucan Starter
N/A Sam Advanteror Sam's Adventure

Battle 21 times

119px Dave Dave the Rabbit Get 500 feet on Home-run contest as Fruity
115px Jade Jade Agent Unlock 4 characters
3.14NvF3D 3.14 3.14 Starter
NightwolfL6 Nightwolf Nightwolf Battle as Wheelzen 12 times
TransparencyMicool Micool the Master Micool Starter
Clyde Clyde Flame Starter
RedYoshi Brawl RedYoshi RedYoshi Clear the Mission "Red vs. Orange"
Mick 3D Mick Mick Clear the Mission "Mick the Moose"
SmileFOC Smile Ghost Smile Unlock 13 trophies
Wheelzen NSMB StyleWheelzen New Wheelzen Wheelzen Starter
GuppyFOC Guppy the Shark Guppy the Shark Clear the mission "Adventure Shark"
Henry-In-3D Henry the Moose Henry the Moose Starter
Zak3D Zak Doodleland Starter
Dan3DHalfSoraEdit Dan Doodleland Clear Adventure Mode as Zak or use Hooly as a Summoner Orb
N/A Susan Susan and the Sacred Sword of Olean Clear the Mission "Lightning Advanteror"
Mr.Chilli Mr. Chilli Mr. Chilli  Play as Ella 27 times
Teardrop3 Teardrop Teardrop Starter
AndyPasta Andy Pasta Ella Metals Clear Classic Mode on Hard or Intense as Ella
Johnn John Jerome Double J RPG Clear Classic Mode as 5 unlockable characters
ScoutryArtwork Scoutry AudioBeat Clear classic as 2 characters on Intense
SixtyFour3D Sixty Four The Sixty Four Saga Starter
ZeritaNvF3D Zerita TOSWALAUINTIDNWTR Clear Classic Mode as Unten on Medium
KidKiba Kid Kiba Kid Kiba Unlock all stages
Maion Maion One Winged Angel Unlock Demon Realm
Pesh3D Pesh  Pusher's Pile Starter
JackJ3d Jack Johnson Jack: Of All Trades Play as Pesh on Pushopolis
RoxanneARX Roxanne Agent RX Play as 6 minute battle on any stage
JakeFOC Jake Game Freak Starter
YoshiEgg Nook FTW YoshiEgg Nook YoshiEgg Starter
TuckerTransp Tucker Tucker Clear Classic Mode as YoshiEgg Nook on Intense
LK24NSMB Neo Koopa Neo Koopa Starter
John mogwai 3d attempt John Mogwai John Mogwai Land Starter
Sk8 DK's Sk8 Sk8 Play as any character on any stage 12 times.
Light Art 2 Light Nintendo-Men Clear 34 missions
Demi Demi Winged Nexus Clear 57 missions
Aveo Aveo Kuoger After unlocking 18 trophies, unlock play as 12 characters on Adventure Mode.
Savant Savant the Goetia The Harbinger Cometh Unlock all characters or clear Classic as all characters.
The Mastah Master Belch Master Belch! K.O. all characters as Guppy 43 times.

Summoner Orbs

Image Name Series Unlocked by
Litle P Brawl Litle P Litle P & Sandslash Starter
Fred3D Fred the Purple Monkey Mick  Clear the mission "Mick the Moose"
DuxFOC Dux Fish and Chips Starter
MasterBelch Master Hiccup Master Belch! Play as Master Belch 19 times
129px Kenya the Parrot Jade Agent Unlock Jade
N/A Thomas David Starter
ChiefFantendoKartUltra Chief Dongorio TOSWALAUINTIDNWTR Starter
119px Carl the Toucan Dave the Rabbit Clear Classic as Dave on any difficulty
Mick Cool3D Mick Cool Micool Starter
Ruby&SapphireNvF3D Ruby & Sapphire Team Gemstones Starter
PinkHood'em3D Pink Hood'ems  Clear Target Smash! as Red on Easy
Bloop Bloop YoshiEgg Starter
Pashie3D Pashie Pusher's Pile Starter
SheilaARX Sheila Piunazj Agent RX Unlock Roxanne
O'Lantern O'Lantern McBoo Starter
ClimberNew Climber iPenguin Starter
RedBirdo RedBirdo RedYoshi Starter
BeardedNinja Bearded Ninja Bearded Smiley Unlock Bearded Smiley
HoolyNew Hooly Doodleland  Starter
TheReaper Rose Reaper Shadow of the Nights Clear the mission GemGames Brawl
Pie-Guy-Sketch Cholk Naters DREW Clear Adventure Mode or Classic Mode as DREW
3DPiggie Porkchop Henry the Moose  Starter
Presta Presta Winged Nexus  Unlock Demi
Heart3D Heart 3.14  Starter
Stump3D Stump Pusher's Pile Clear Traget Smash! on Medium or Hard as Pesh
LinguiniSprite Lunguini Gridlock Unlock Spaghetti
LexiLexan3 Lexi Lexan Ella Metals Starter
PalmMan PalmMan PalmMan Unlock all hidden characters
Nugg Nugg Nugg  Unlock all hidden stages
N/A Dark Nintendo-Men Unlock Light
Future Warrior Future Warrior Nightwolf Clear Adventure Mode as Nightwolf
128px Coldfront Fruity Toucan Starter


There are 30 stages in the game, 13 default and 17 hidden.


Name Series Description
McBoo's Mansion McBoo It's the haunted McBoo's Mansion where ghosts roam free and the space is large. During a fight the Mansion could get completley destroyed, but it regens itself every 29 seconds after it gets destroyed.
VineVille Ella Metals TBA
Middletown David A large city and David's home city. During a fight Middletown takes first takes place on the center of the city and over time it changes locations like Downtown, the rooftop of the Megamall, West Middletown, David's neighborhood, and the Park. Max Power's Green Spaceship arrives at times and one balst with a large green lazer can automatically K.O. a character.
Toco Jungle Fruity Toucan TBA
RedYoshi's Island RedYoshi RedYoshi's Island which is RedYoshi's home land. The stage first takes place on a hill top and over time it changes to a tropical island. Sometimes ColoredYoshis and ColoredBirdos run randomally to the left or the right and they can take alot of damage to characters if one is ran over by them.
Fire Fields Nightwolf TBA
Atlantica Teardrop TBA
Pushopolis Pusher's Pile TBA
Micool's Castle Town Micool Micool's Castle Town is where Micool lives and the stage takes place on a villiage in Micool's Castle Town. Hazards are in this stage such as Micool Guys and Giranha Plants coming to attack.
Dinosaur Land YoshiEgg TBA
Treasure Town Team Gemstones TBA
Pengville iPenguin TBA


Name Series Description How to Unlock
Hungle Hills Sam's Adventure Hungle Hills a post-apocolyptic city and the place where Sam and his friends and family live at. Hazards are in this stage like falling meteorites, appearing sinkholes, and crazed animals. Unlock Sam.
Lollipop Lake Villiage Gridlock TBA Play as Spaghetti 6 times.
Olean Susan and the Sacred Sword of Olean Olean, the kingdom were Susan lives. Olean is a dangerous stage and it takes place on three parts. First is the villiage near where Susan lives, second is the middle of the kingdom, and third is the Olean Castle while it's being under attacked. After unlocking Susan play Classic mode as her on Medium or Hard.
Smilexa Bearded Smiley TBA Unlock Bearded Smiley as a playable character and Beared Ninja as a Summoner Orb.
Sunspring Town DREW TBA Unlock DREW.
Triassic Park Dave the Rabbit A world full of DInosaurs and other stuff. The only hazards in this stage is a volcano that rarely erupts and Dinosaurs coming out to K.O. characters. Play as Dave 5 times or Clear Classic Mode on any difficulty as Dave.
Ghroth the Harbinger The Harbinger Cometh The destroyer of planets comes as a stage. The only hazard here are large tentacles appearing out of nowhere. Play a 5 minute fight on every stage in the game.
Mt. Musical Jack: Of All Trades A large mountain that's filled with musical instruments and notes. Clear the Mission "The Musical on the Mountain".
"The Game" Game Freak A strange and glitchy place that Jake has created. Unlock Jake.
The Forest Henry the Moose TBA Clear Classic on any difficulty as Henry or use Porkchop as a Summoner Orb.
Nintendo Plains Nintendo-Men TBA Clear Classic as Light on Medium or Intense.
Badeed Agent RX TBA Unlock Roxanne.
Slairn Hood'ems TBA Clear the mission "The Sew'n Challenge".
Forest Village Snively TBA Unlock Snively.
Reading A large city that's located in the United Kingdom where Clyde lives. Play as Clyde 12 times.
The Demon Realm One Winged Angel TBA Unlock Maion.
New Canvas Doodlemen TBA Play as Dudle on any stage.
Smilonian City Court Mr. Chilli TBA Unlock Mr. Chilli


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Downloadable Content (DLC)

Fantendo Smash Bros. Dimensions/Downloadable Content


There are overall 54 Missions in the game.

# Title Characters
#01 Red vs. Orange RedYoshi (you) vs. Clyde
#02 Toucans and Penguins Fruity (you) vs. Speedy
#03 Tear Metals Teardrop (you) vs. Ella Metals
#04 Popopo the Master Wheelzen (you) vs. Micool the Master
#05 Sixty Doodles Sixty Four (you) vs. Zak
#06 Mick the Moose Mick (you) vs. Henry the Moose
#07 Hacking Tanooki Jake (you) vs. YoshiEgg Nook
#08 Emerald Red Emerald the Sceptile (you) vs. RedYoshi
#09 Puffballs in action Spaghetti (you) vs. Wheelzen
#10 Electric Toucans David (you) vs. Fruity
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