Fantendo Smash Bros. DS is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Production, please don't edit except for spelling errors. It could be considered the direct sequel to Fantendo Smash Bros.. A dojo can be found here.


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In Iliana, 20 years have passed since Nelson saved the world from Arlen. A time of peace has come over the land, but soon a clan called the Black Magus Clan arises. They preform a ritual that brings Arlen back, and he sets a plan in action independent from other villains. He uses his magic to summon Nelson to Final Destination, where he confronts him, defeating him. He leaves Nelson for dead, kicking his unconscious body into the swirling void. Meanwhile, Hades is in his luxury penthouse high above New York when he recieves a cell phone call. The call says that he knows how Hades can revive Gagmier, but Hades is skeptical. He drives to the address anyway, which turns out to be a junkyard, and is ambushed by masked men in purple. You take control of Hades at this point, and you fight to the interior of a junk fortress. Once he reaches the interior, he comes across a door. He enters the room to see a high backed chair facing away from him and at a large screen. The chair turns, and Hades is faced with an old friend... Nelson wakes up in another world where he is faced with a certain green Tanooki...


Default Characters

More to come...

Series: Brawler: Bio: Sprite:
That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember Unten How could Unten not be in this? The hero of Zeon is here with an impressive array of attacks! Unten FSB
McBoo series McBoo One of King Boo's scariest minions is making his first appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros.! He is an opponent to fear! McBoo FSB
YoshiEgg Series YoshiEgg Nook YoshiEgg Nook makes his first appearance in the FSB world and he's bringing incredible agility and awesome attacks with him! YE NEW ML!!!
Clyde Series/Flame Series Clyde Clyde, the orange Yoshi from Reading, comes to the Battlefield, along with his loyal Tartan Army! Clyde FSB
Doodlemen Series Dudle The tough daredevil drawing joins the fray!
Nightwolf series Nightwolf Start howling, 'cause the brave Nightwolf is ripping up the competition! Nightwolf FSB
Ultimate End Series Hiro the Echidna The valiant hero echidna is here to stay! He may bring some old friends to the battle, as well... Hiro FSB
3.14 Series 3.14 The brave-but-clumsy hero of the Pi Tribe returns to FSB with some impressive attacks! 3.14 FSB
Henry the Moose series Henry the Moose Hey! It's everybody's favorite moose hero, Henry! He's become a little watch out! Henry FSB
Nelson Series Nelson The lovable Chocobo makes his debut to the Fantendo Smash Bros. series! But, don't let his cuteness fool you... Nelson FSB
Kingdom Hearts: Negative Worlds Stora Woah... What's that? It's Stora, the Heartless clone of Sora! With a ton of dark attacks, he's a force to be reckoned with! Stora FSB
Xero Chronicles: The Untold Chapter Luz Aww! It's the adorable Luz! Though being one of the cutest characters in the game, Luz is certainly a contender! Luz FSB
Dark Fungi series Gorge It's Gorge, the powerful Goru warrior, and he's coming to FSB! GorgeFSBD
Micool Series Micool the Master Micool the Master is making his debut to the FSB Series! With his powerful sword, this guy is a very tough cookie...
Project Vulcan Series Vulcan This tough radioactive hawk means business! His strength and agility make him a worthy foe. Vulcan FSB
Litle P and Sandslash Series Litle P Another cute contender comes to the FSB world! With his brother Sandslash, he is almost unstoppable! Litle P FSB
Litle P and Sandslash Series Sandslash P Litle P's teenage brother debuts to the Fantendo Smash Bros. series! He has sharp claws and quick wits, so be careful! Sandslash FSB
Purpleverse Purple Guy Purple Guy may look small, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in strength and awesome attacks! Smashers beware! Purple Guy FSB
Pusher's Pile Series Pesh The brave knight from Pushopolis makes his debut to the FSB series with his Pushy friends! Pesh FSB
RedYoshi Series RedYoshi RedYoshi returns to the FSB world! He looks like he has a fun time battling even if he's losing! BlackYoshi won't get in the way of RY this time! RedYoshi FSB
Emotion Spectrum Series Gustav Gustav, the shy Time/Spectrum traveler, joins the fight!
YoshiEgg Series Tulip Nook Tulip Nook, YoshiEgg Nook's one true love, joins the fray! Fear her heartful girl power!

Unlockable Characters

Series: Brawler: Bio: Sprite: How To Unlock #1: How To Unlock #2: How To Unlock #3:
Fantendo Silence Johnathon Hades The descendant of the evil demon Gagmier, Hades uses powerful dark magic and fire to attack, and is a force to be reckoned with. Hades Sprite Play 5 matches Clear Classic for the first time Get him to join your team in Story mode
Teardrop Series Teardrop Teardrop, the Oceanic Knight, stirs things up in FSB! File:Teardrop FSB.png Play 10 matches Clear Classic 10 times with 10 default fighters Get him to join your team in Story mode
Erased Memories Series "Steve" It's "Steve", Mario in Erased Memories when he got amnesia. Though still suffering from memory loss, "Steve" still knows how to kick butt! Steve FSB Play 20 matches Clear Classic on Normal difficulty without losing any lives. Get him to join your team in Story mode
Ultimate End Series Sir Lore Sir Lore, a valiant knight from the past and Hiro's friend, is coming to the Fantendo Smash Bros. world! Be careful of his mighty sword, power of flight, and dark magic. Sir Lore FSB Play 40 matches Clear Classic as Hiro Get him to join your team in Story mode
The Legacy of Oxus Oxus The powerful robotic green hare, armed with his mighty sword and cyborg abilities, joins the brawl! Oxus FSB Play 80 matches Clear Classic on Hard difficulty as a Heavyweight-class fighter Get him to join your team in Story mode
Doodleland Series Hooly Hooly, the rich and powerful squid, joins the fray, this time without his Hooligans. File:Hooly FSB.png Play 160 matches Get him to join your team in Story mode TBA
Doodleland Series Zak Zak, the strong member of a mysterious race from the future, participates in the fight! File:Zak FSB.png Play 150 matches Get him to join your team in Story mode TBA
Project Vulcan Series Nero The powerful Chaos Demi-God joins the fray! His mask, Jorn, and his mighty sword make him one of the strongest smashers in the game. Nero FSB Clear Classic mode on Intense difficulty without using any Continues Defeat in Story mode None
McBoo Series O'Lantern Trick or treat! It's O'Lantern, one of the four Amighosts! Watch out for his mighty claws and fire-based attacks! O'lantern sprite test ML Play 320 matches Clear Classic on Hard as McBoo without losing 3 lives Get him to join your team in Story mode
Ghost Smile Series Smile Smile, the mighty Ghostborn hero, joins the fight with a very stealthy moveset! Smilesprite Play 360 matches Clear Classic with 20 different characters Defeat him and get him to join your taem in Story mode
YoshiEgg Series The Groo YoshiEgg Nook's strong arch-nemises, The Groo, makes his debut to the FSB series! Although being a strong smasher, he is one of the slowest. Play 400 matches Win 20 Wi-Fi matches with YoshiEgg Defeat him in Story Mode/Get him to join your team
Future Series Crest Crest, the mysterious orange Ditto, joins the fray! He is very flexible and has incredible speed. Crest FSB Play 440 matches Collect +400 trophies and/or stickers Get him to join your team in Story mode
Fantendo Origins X The Apprentice Shrouded in mystery, The Enemy's mighty apprentice and often double-agent, joins the fight! File:Apprentice FSB.PNG Play 500 matches Use Unten in 20 matches Defeat him and get him to join your team in Story mode
Nelson Series Arlen The cold-hearted Black Mage joins the battle. Though only 17, his black magic skills are nearly unrivaled and he is a quick and agile fighter. Arlensprite Play 620 matches Defeat in Story Mode None
Nintendo Heroes: Saga of Darkness The Mysterious Mr. ? The mysterious and enigmatic ? joins the fray, but to what ends? Whatever his motives, he is swift and agile, as well as a very good jumper and adept at dark and shadow attacks. Clear Classic with every character except him, then beat him in a standard match None None
Shroomy: The Game Shroomy It's Shroomy, the black & yellow Toad hero! Though being a bit of a worry-wart, he is surprisingly intelligent in battle and gets a bit of help from his friend, Data. Shroomy FSB Play 680 matches TBA Get him to join your team in Story mode
Neo Koopa Series Neo Koopa The master of genetics and leader of the New Koopa Troop, Neo Koopa, joins the fray! Though being small, his incredible balance and attacks make him very agile. Sprite of Lemmykoopa24 Play 740 matches Clear Classic on Very Hard difficulty with two characters Get him to join your team in Story mode
Dashed Koopa Series Dashed Koopa The powerful Koopa buddy joins the brawl with a strong shell and mind. SSBX2 Dashed Play 800 matches Get him to join your team in Story mode None
Mushroom Khaos Ninjoomba Ninjoomba, a skilled Goomba ninja trained by The Master, makes his debut not only to the FSB series, but to the entire Fantendoverse. His ninja combat and fire attacks make him very difficult to defeat. Ninjoomba FSB Play 880 matches Defeat +200 enemies in Endless Attack
Micool Series Mick Cool Mick Cool, the valiant Shy Guy hero and sidekick of Micool the Master, joins the brawl with an awesome moveset! Mick Cool FSB Play 960 matches Clear Classic under 10 minutes as Micool the Master Get him to join your team in Story mode
Nightwolf series Argus It's Argus, Nightwolf's best friend and master ninja! His most powerful weapons are his fists. Argus FSB Play 1040 matches Clear Classic as Nightwolf on Very Hard difficulty Get him to join your team in Story mode
Ella Metals Series Ella Metals Ella Metals, the metal-bending girl, returns for round two of FSB! Metalssprite Find her in a secret area in Story mode and fight her to get her to join your team. None None
Clyde Series Flame Clyde's rival, Flame, joins the Fantendo Smash Bros. world! Watch out, because when Flame & Clyde go at it, they just won't stop! Flame FSB Unlock in Story Mode/Beat Classic Mode with Clyde twice.
Mario Forever Series Chrome Watch out for Chrome, Mario's cyborg alter-ego created from a time paradox! Chrome V3 Unlock in Story Mode/Beat Classic Mode on Intense Difficulty five times with any character.
Mushroom Khaos Volo Volo, possibly the strangest and abstract smasher in the game, is an Onigiri/Swooper hybrid. But, don't be fooled by it's harmless appearance, because Volo is tough! Volo FSB Unlock in Story Mode/Beat Classic Mode 40 times on Normal mode.
Dark Fungi Series Echo Gorge's love interest and female fetalle, Echo, joins the fray! File:Echo FSB.png Play 160 matches Get him to join your team in Story mode TBA
Super Beary Bros. Series Yoyo Yoyo, the hero bear's cousin joins this battle with some power! He likes cheese, and can run fastest of all characters, as well as jumping highest! Yoyo FSB Use the Beary assist trophy in Classic Mode twice.
JIM Little Lenny Penguin and The Great Red Flood JIM, the dimension-travelling robot possessed by a powerful deity, joins the Fantendo crew once again for some battling fun! File:JIM FSB.png Play 170 matches with Unten Get him to join your team in Story mode TBA
Dashed Koopa Series Shroobster Shroobster, Dashed Koopa's alien rival, comes to the battlefield! Shroobster FSB Beat Classic Mode with Dashed Koopa twice.
Archipeligo Series Archipeligo Archipeligo, the drawing warrior from Canvas, joins the brawl! Archipeligo Battle Sprite Play as Oxus 100 times.
RedYoshi Series BlackYoshi BlackYoshi, the evil ColoredYoshi, joins the... what?! RedYoshi, be ready for a fight! BlackYoshi FSB Play ??? matches Win as RedYoshi in 20 matches Find him in a secret area in Story mode and fight him to get him to join your team.
Future series Harley B. Koopa Harley, the eighth and most powerful Koopaling, comes to crush all that stands in his way! Harley Sprite Defeat all characters once.
Ella Metals Series Andy Pasta Who knew pasta can be so powerful? Don't laugh at Andy Pasta, because he packs a punch! Spriteofandy Defeat Ella Metals with 3.14 30 times.


Character Special Moves
Clyde FSBClydeClyde FSB Standard Egg Roll
Side Egg Throw
Up Bomb
Down Open Fire
Final Smash Tartan Army!
Flame FSBFlameFlame FSB Standard Slam Dunk
Side Punch, Kick, Headbutt
Up Flame Roll
Down Gunner
Final Smash English Army!
SSBX2 DashedDashed KoopaSSBX2 Dashed Standard Star Punch
Side Mine Cart
Up Jet Boots
Down Time Bomb-Omb
Final Smash Blue Star Throw
Chrome V3ChromeChrome V3 Standard Fistful of Steel
Side Heat Vision
Up Armageddon Rain
Down Ground Slam
Final Smash Plasma Death
Nero FSBNeroNero FSB Standard Fire Ball
Side Fire Jet
Up Chaos Rain
Down Fire Quake
Final Smash Jorn Unleashed
Sir Lore FSBSir LoreSir Lore FSB Standard Dark Pulse
Side Swift Strike
Up Thunder Struck
Down Despereaux Fury
Final Smash Dark Maelstrom
YE SpriteYoshiEgg NookYE Sprite Standard Laser Blaster
Side  ???
Up  ???
Down  ???
Final Smash Boo YoshiEgg
Hiro FSBHiro the EchidnaHiro FSB Standard Chaos Spear
Side Rock Throw
Up Solid Upper-Cut
Down Earth Quake
Final Smash Chaos Control
Vulcan FSBVulcanVulcan FSB Standard Tektite Talon
Side Hyper Beam
Up Fly
Down Tektite Shield
Final Smash Vulcanic
Nightwolf FSBNightwolfNightwolf FSB Standard Dark Fist
Side Power Kick
Up Night Jump
Down Shadow Shield
Final Smash Hyper Nightwolf
Sprite of Lemmykoopa24Neo KoopaSprite of Lemmykoopa24 Standard Metal Mohawk
Side Frigid Blast
Up Crimson Wings
Down Bolt
Final Smash New Koopa Troop
Hades SpriteJohnathon HadesHades Sprite Standard Rifle
Side Fireball
Up Shadow Jump
Down Fiery Shield
Final Smash Hellfire
ArlenspriteArlenArlensprite Standard Shadow Orb
Side Fira
Up Corridor of Darkness
Down Thundera
Final Smash Ultimate Cast
Nelson FSBNelsonNelson FSB Standard Beak Slash
Side Chocobo Dash
Up Chocobo Rocket
Down Birdy Tornado
Final Smash Feather Storm
Shroomy FSBShroomyShroomy FSB Standard Lightning Bolt
Side Data Strike
Up Data Lift
Down Spin Stomp
Final Smash Shroomy Finale
Shroobster FSBShroobsterShroobster FSB Standard Laser Ball
Side UFO Throw
Up UFO Fly
Down Shiny Shroob
Final Smash

UFO Beam

The Mysterious Mr. ? Standard Deck Shuffle
Side Shadow Fire
Up Strange Portal
Down Roll of the Dice
Final Smash Smash Ball Armor
RedYoshi FSBRedYoshiRedYoshi FSB Standard Blueberry Pick
Side Egg Roll
Up ColoredWings
Down RedYoshi Bounce
Final Smash PokeHand
BlackYoshi FSBBlackYoshiBlackYoshi FSB Standard Chokecherry Pick
Side Egg Roll
Up Bat's Wings
Down BlackYoshi Bomb
Final Smash ShadowSlash
MetalsspriteElla MetalsMetalssprite Standard Metal Move
Side Steel Divider
Up Meta Kick


Final Smash Metal Mayhem



McBoo's Mansion


Night Villa


  • Series: Super Beary Bros. Series
  • Hazards: If you get hit by the sun you get hurt, the cloud platforms fly away sometimes, wind.
  • Description: Beary's hometown. It's where almost all of the SBB games take place. It's windy and hot, so be careful.

Wasresh City

  • Description: Dashed Koopa's home town. The city is very busy, so expect to see cars ride on track. This place is placed on ground, but you can enter elevator, and them battle takes in air.

RedYoshi's Island

Laser Tagged

  • Series: ?
  • Hazards: ?

Micool's Castle Town

  • Series: Micool Series
  • Hazards: Micool Guys
  • Description: It has shops, buildings and it even show's Micool's Castle. Watch out for the Micool guys that are seen running around. Bumping into them can cause damage.

The Control Room

  • Series: Oxus
  • Hazards:

The Datalands

  • Series: Shroomy (series)
  • Hazards: Goombas
  • Description: The first area of the CATEGORIES is a relativly simple stage. It simply consists of a flat green grassland with ? Blocks and Goombas.


More to come.


RedYoshi's Story

? Casino

  • How to unlock: Unlock the Mysterious Mr. ?
  • Series: N/A
  • Hazards: Roullete Wheel, Slot Machine, Lasers, Quoombas
  • Description: Quite possibly the craziest stage in the entire game, it consists of a series of platforms suspended over a giant roullete wheel with a giant slot machine with ?'s face in the background. You can set off the machine and it will either dispense items, shoot lasers at opponents, or kill you depending on how the wheels match up. Quoombas will also walk around and lasers will fire randomly.

New York City

Harley's Mountain

  • How to unlock: Play as Harley B. Koopa 10 times in Ludwig's Castle and 5 times in Bowser's Castle.
  • Series: Future Series
  • Hazards: Harlings, boulders, clouds.
  • Description: It's Harley's glorious mountain, making it's way as a stage in Fantendo Smash Bros. DS. Harley's personal minions, the Harlings, will attack any fighter that gets in their way. Boulders will also occasionally fall from the sky and do massive damage to players. Watch out for the clouds because they will automatically hide your character from view.

More to come.


  • Smash Ball
  • Chaos Emerald
  • Crimson Wings
  • Punching Gloves
  • RedYoshi Egg
  • Assist Trophy
  • Time Hole Bomb
  • Sashi Egg
  • Bullet BoB
  • (more to come)

Assist Trophies

  • Mack - The foul-mouthed Moogle mechanic may not be much of a fighter, but he will give a good whack with his wrench, not to mention let off a few healthy curses while he's at it.
  • Bloop - YoshiEgg Nook's best friend appears as an Assist Trophy. He squirts ink on the screen so that no one else can see but the user for a short amount of time.
  • Jiggy P - Litle P & Sandslash's brainy sister helps the user of an Assist Trophy by getting in a giant, robotic mecha resembling herself and blasts the competition. (She made it herself!)
  • Fire Master - Fire Master unleashes a blazing inferno onto the stage, giving serious damage to everybody but the user.
  • Kolorado - Kolorado, a real character from the Paper Partners Series, helps out by throwing pick-axes at opponents.
  • Xero - The mysterious being possessed by Dark Matter appears as an Assist Trophy! Xero, much like Meta Knight's final smash in SSBB, turns the stage dark, then slashes his sword on a random smasher. But, be careful, he can slash the user, too!
  • Scribble- The brave Drawling warrior will draw a random item with his stylus, then use it to attack! (Items are bazooka, tank, missile, or bomb)
  • Code- Shroomy's computerized arch-nemesis copies the data of a random opponent, transforming into a clone of them and using their own attacks against them.
  • Orly -Orly, Nightwolf's computer-code-talking friend, may be one of the strangest Assist Trophies in the game. Orly spins around once and causes one status ailment to a random smasher according to what he says.
  • Justin Time - Pesh's long-time friend and time keeper of Pushopolis helps out by putting all smashers except the user of the Assist Trophy in slow motion.
  • Beary - Beary appears here in the game as an assist trophy! He brings a bunch of items out of his non-existent pocket and throws them to the user!
  • Zen Guy - Dashed Koopa's super intelligent friend appears as an assist trophy! To attack, he uses his splingshot, and effect vary from your character's type. He is unlockable and to unlock him, use every characters' Final Smash.
  • Gonard-One of Groudous Maximus' most strongest minions. He can do mostly anything Ridley can do but only is there for 64 seconds. You unlock him by being Micool the Master and Mick Cool 20 times.
  • Charmer-Charmer may appear in either Charmander Form or Human Form. In Charmander Form, he blows fire left and right. But in Human Form, he uses fire blasts from his hands.
  • Toadtool - Dashed Koopa's intellegent friend helps out by planting Toad Bombs in random places in the ground so that opponents step on them.
  • Banana Jr. - One of Clyde's Friends is a assist trophy! He'll be slippery!
  • RedBirdo - If RedYoshi is having trouble in a match, call on RedBirdo, RY's girlfriend! Using her huge blowmouth, she blows up a killer swirling tornado that engulfs almost one-fourth of the stage! The twister inflics a moderate amount of damage, though.
  • The Fan and The Enemy - A very rare AT, the two patron Gods of the Fantendoverse have a raging battle on the stage. Instant KO from at least one player is nearly inevitable.

More to come...





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