Fantendo Smash Bros. Crushed is the fifth (?) Fantendo Smash Bros. game. It is developed by Beanstalk Inc., and will be released for the Wii U, Storybook, Hybrid Fusion, and Master Pro. It will be released in 2012, possibly 2013.


Many characters will appear in this game. Sign them up in the comments (Max. 4 per series)


Character Series Description
UntenArend TSWTLUNTIDNWTR Unten, the mascot of Fantendo and the star of Fantendo Smash Brothers, returns as a main defualt character!
NetnuNew TSWTLUNTIDNWTR Netnu, the Bowser to Unten's Mario, is an all time classic and default character in this game.
EllaMetalsHalfArt Ella Metals Ella is a default playable character in this game! Her metal-controlling powers are useful in the rink!
McBoo MMWii McBoo McBoo, the star of his own series, joins us in the round of Fantendo Smash Bros.!
KidKiba Kid Kiba Kid Kiba returns to fight! His attacks exeeds expectations!
EmeraldTheSceptile Team Gemstones Emerald, the hero of Team Gemstones, can fight and will!
Blaze Team Gemstones Blaze the Lucario, Emerald's arch-nemesis appears as a default character!
480px-GuppyFOC Guppy the Shark Guppy, the main fish of his own series, has gone through hard times thanks to his robotic clone Beta.
BetaTheAndroid Guppy the Shark Beta, the evil king of the sea, is often described as cheating. He is described this way because he first copies Guppy, then tries to kill him.
The Mastah Master Belch! Master Belch, a blob that has a knack for solving puzzles, His son, Master Hiccup, also appears.
David3D David David, is an average 14 year old, gamer, and otaku and he has many lightning abilities that are useful in the arena!
BeardedFOC Bearded Smiley Bearded Smiley, the annoying Smilonian, appears as a default character.


Character Series Description
Mr.Chilli Mr.Chilli Mr. Chilli appears as an unlockable! The lawyer can brawl!
FightersPikachu Pikachu Fighters Kaichu joins us for a round of kicking, chopping, and crushing!
Booberry McBoo Booberry, the Princess Peach in the McBoo universe, returns to bash her allies and enemies in Fantendo Smash Bros. Crushed!
Lee Koroshi-Ya Faitingu Lee Koroshi-Ya is the hero of the Faitingu series, and he returns to a match of Fantendo Smash Bros.!
MasterBelch Master Belch! Master Hiccup, the smart and strong son of Master Belch, also appears. He refuses to be teased or taunted about his name.
Padge2 Padge Padge is an unlockable character, and his attacks are aero-dynamic.
Xyphyl Legends of Mew Xyphyl is an ulockable character in the game. He is determined to show how awesome Red meows are!



Name Series Size
Fantendo Areana Fantendo Smash Bros. Small
Float City Pikachu Fighters Large




Character Series Rarity Describtion
- Guppy the Shark Fairly Common Angel didn't make the cut as playable, but she does appear as a summoner.
Samantha Kid Kiba Fairly Common Can Samatha Chi cut it as a playable? Sadly, no, she is a summoner.
Julie Kasai Faitingu Very Rare Julie, from Faitingu, jois us as a summoner.
- David Slightly Rare Thomas appears as a favorite summoner of David's, and is slightly rare.
- ? Very Common Princess Blooe is a summoner in the game, and she is ready!



Image Name First Appearence Latest Appearence Describtion
- Unten - - -
- Netnu - - -

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