It is a game being made by Boulder Games Inc. and is part of the Fantendo Smash Bros. (series) It will be released for the P.S.S in January 2012. Sign your characters, stages, assist trophies, and items up here.

Characters (Put yours here)


Image Name Series Description
Unten TOSWLUINTDNWTR Unten, Fantendo's mascot and the last one in the Beorn species arrives at the battle again!
Micool the Master Micool Series The prince of Micool Guys is here and ready for some hand to hand combat.
Mick Cool FSB.png Mick Cool Micool Series The valiant Micool Guy is calm, collected and ready for anything.
Sprite of Lemmykoopa24.jpg Neo Koopa Lemmykoopa24 Series The Gene Koopa is ready for action!
RedYoshi FSB.png RedYoshi RedYoshi series The heroic ColoredYoshi, RedYoshi, is ready to battle!
David David series The young human boy with lightning abilities, David has shown up to the battle!
Bakachu Mariofan45 series Pikachu and Raichu's best friend joins the crew!
Henry1.png Henry the Moose Henry the Moose series
Brandon & Austin Neo Koopa series Neo's best friends join the fray as a duo!
Nugg4.png Nugg Nugg series The wizard fighting Yoshi is ready to ker-pow!
Metalssprite.png Ella Metals Ella Metals Series Ella returns with some more metal to move!
YoshiEgg Nook sprite ML v4.png YoshiEgg Noook YoshiEgg series The mute green Tanooki hero know as YoshiEgg has come to the battlefield.
McBoo's Mansion 2 McBoo Sprite.png McBoo McBoo series McBoo, a heroic pink Boo and friend of YoshiEgg arrives to the FSB series again!
Nightwolf (New Generation) Nightwolf Revolution (series) Nightwolf speeds back into the FSB series, with all-new moves.
3.14 FSB.png 3.14 3.14 series The brave Pi Tribe hero, 3.14 is back in the FSB series to kick some hardcore butt!
GorgeSprite.png Gorge Dark Fungi series Gorge, the brave and heroic Goru warrior returns to the great FSB series.
SpaghettiSprite.png Spaghetti Gridlock series Spaghetti, the young pink Heartgirl joins FSB for the first time as she is prepared and ready to battle!


Image Name Series How to unlock Description
Princess Gardenia Micool Series Play as Mick Cool in adventure mode. The bride of Micool is fearless and is ready to fight
Purple Purple Koopa Bro. series K.O. 48 times. This Ninja In Training is ready for your command.
Swift the Groundhog Speed Rush series Get Swift to join you in Adventure mode. The world's fastest groundhog is faster than ever and ready for a battle!
Gr.jpg Groudous Maximus Micool Series Beat adventure mode with Micool on normal. The king of Darkness is here. He surely is a force to be reckoned with.
The Groo YoshiEgg series Play as YoshiEgg 34 times. The enemy of YoshiEgg and last creature of the Groo species, known as The Groo comes back and is charged up and ready to fight!
SSBX2 Dashed.png Dashed Koopa Dashed Koopa Series Use punching attacks 100 times. The boxing Koopa returns again to show his fighting skills!
Tatan FSB.png Tatan Purple Koopa Bro. series Beat classic mode with Purple. This dark shell koopa is ready for some shell to shell combat with Purple. But he'll be willing to fight with almost everyone.
Mick Mick series Beat Classic Mode as any character on Medium Mick, the hero of Isle Granchio head on down to the battlefield.
Kitsune Nightwolf Revolution (series) Beat Rebmulp in Adventure as Nightwolf Nightwolf's fox friend is one of the quickest fighters on the battlefield.
Zerita TOSWLAUINTDNWTR Get Zerita to join you in Adventure Mode. Zerita, Unten's sidekick comes to the fight.
Spriteofandy.gif Andy Pasta Ella Metals series Get Andy to join you in Adventure Mode. Andy the character that has somewhat "useless" powers is ready to heat up the battlefield.
Tango the Llama Lord Henry the Moose series Clear Classic as Henry on any difficulty. The arch-nemesis of Henry the Moose and ruler of the Llama Empire comes back to whoop Fantendo characters.
Thomas David series Clear Classic as David on Hard or Intense. David's brother, Thomas joins the Fantendo fight for the first time!
Tucker Tucker series Clear Adventure Mode as YoshiEgg Nook. Hailing from Los Angeles, Tucker returns to the FSB and is charged up and ready!
O'lantern sprite test ML.gif O'Lantern McBoo series Play as 4 characters on the McBoo's Mansion stage. O'Lantern, the good friend of McBoo comes back to fight!

Stages (Put yours here)

  • Deserty Plains
  • Peaceful Plains
  • McBoo's Mansion
  • Omega Castle
  • VineVille
  • Wasresh City's Rooftops
  • Dinosaur Land
  • Night Mounatin
  • Middletown
  • Micool's Castle Town
  • Smilexia City Court

Assist Trophies (Put yours here)

Items (Put yours here)

  • Chaos Emeralds - Collect all seven and you will be in your Super Form.
  • Icy Shell - Defends you from attacks and freezes enemies.
  • RedYoshi Egg - When thrown at someone, it breaks open and drops an item or explodes.
  • Bullet BoB
  • Boxing Shell - It will chase enemies, and punch them if they touch it.
  • Kitsune Whip - A powerful rare whip.

Adventure Mode

Go around fighting every (default) character. Then defeat Rebmulp at the Final Destitnation.

Spoiler Alert!

When everything is unlocked you find out who the real villain is. The Mysterious Mr. ? has been cloning all of the FSBC characters to distract you while he creates a new experiment to try and rule the Fantendo Universe called the M.A.S.T.E.R Hand. (Macho armed supreme treacherous electronic robot Hand.) It looks like an exact replica of MR ?'s Right hand. If you defeat it you might save the Fantendo Universe.

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