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Welcome to the Fantendo Battleground....are you ready Player 1?


Fantendo Smash Bros. Battleground is a spin-off of the popular Fantendo Smash Bros. series of games. This is a group effort between users Empress Scarlet and JayOkumura, they have made a roster consisting of many Fantendo characters both new and old.

This game is being developed to be a sort of celebration of Fantendo's history as a website, having characters from all different franchises, worlds, backgrounds, and stories.

The creators of this project made sure to bring out the best of the best making sure the content was of high quality and treated with care.

When it was released for the V2, Onyx and Sohnix MechaByte systems, it was met with a pretty positive reception from consumers and reviewers, giving it an overall score of 8.5-9.0 stating that the game had a fun cast of characters, interesting modes and was an overall blast to play from start to finish.



Fantendo Smash Bros. Battleground's gameplay is akin to the very popular Super Smash Bros series of games, meaning that the ways you attack and move around aren't like traditional fighting games, this game along with many others of its kind have a simplified control scheme that's easy to learn, hard to master. Along with a simplified control scheme, there are no health bars, instead, the health bar is replaced by a percentage meter that goes up the more damage you deal, the higher the percentage, the more knockback you deal to opponents when you land an attack on them, to earn a KO you must knock out your opponent off the stage and into the blast zone to secure a kill

These games are called platform fighters as they involve elements of platforming and jumping to avoid devastating attacks thrown at you or another player. There are also only 2 attack buttons mapped to the A and B buttons respectively but if you press either button while tapping or holding the control stick will result in a different attack.

  • A Button - Used to perform normal attacks
  • B - Button - Used to perform special attacks and to activate a Fan Finisher
  • Right Stick - Used to move your selected character around
  • Left Stick - Used to throw out uncharged smash attacks
  • X/Y Buttons - Used to perform jumps with your selected character
  • R/L Buttons - Used to shield
  • ZL/ZR Buttons - Used to grab/tether recover with your selected character
  • Start Button - Used to pause the game


Fantendo Smash Bros. Battleground also has a wide variety of modes to play around with alongside your standard 4 Player and 8 Player fighting modes.

In Arcade mode you are put up against a series of random opponents for 8 rounds with 2 mini-games being thrown in between rounds 4 and 8 to give players a little breather before heading back into battle. Each battle will be with randomized with you facing a random round off opponents each time with the potential of that round either having items, the fighters having a random stat buff on them or even make the stage properties abnormal and strange as to mix up the fights in cool and interesting ways while trying not to be intrusive in any way.

These changes to stages include

  • Low Gravity
  • High Gravity
  • Poison Gas
  • Sticky Floors
  • Random Earthquakes
  • Icy Floors
  • Strong Wind

Training mode is a mode where you can mess around a character of your choosing seeing how they will play along with being able to see how items interact with certain moves or characters. This a mode most people use for training their combo game, see how good or bad a characters frame data is to determine how viable they are at tournaments or to find glitches to mess around with and cause the game to act in strange and unpredictable ways.

Event Match is a mode with specially designed challenges to give players something extra to do when you're getting a bit bored of the arcade and normal fighting modes. These event matches all have a unique name and gimmick to them so that they all stand out from one another, there are dozens of challenges to do that all vary in difficulty and scope.

Adventure mode consists of specially designed platforming stages with many enemies to defeat as well as bosses to conquer at the end of each of them, this is for players who want something else to do other than fight to the death or train. Adventure mode will have completely unique enemies designed for this mode ranging from monsters, aliens, demons and a handful of other types as well, each of them will have their own attacks and behaviors as well.

Vault is a mode where you can look at the many pictures you have taken in battles, listen to music, mess around with stage builder, a sub-mode where you can build your own custom stages with many premade assets, freehand drawing to create crazier geometry, put down hazards, traps or stage events to spice it up or you can take a look at the achievement wall, a wall that's filled to the brim with special challenges a player can conquer and earn rewards like gold, trophies, gold bombs to automatically clear a challenge without having to do it and even music tracks to listen to in the "My Music" section of the Vault.


As advertised in the introduction of this page this game will be pulling many characters from Fantendo's various series, games, and stories.

Every character that will be appearing on this roster will have their own unique playstyles, gimmick, and movesets to help them stand out from one another meaning that mastering each one will prove to be quite the difficult task to do but if the player has the willpower and sheer determination to do it, it is very possible but it will take them a very long time so it's most beneficial to only stick to 1-3 characters at most

Without further ado here is the roster of playable characters in Fandendo Smash Bros. Battleground


This section of the page will be dedicated to the movesets that will be given to each character featured in Fantendo Smash Bros. Battleground. Each character will have 4 special moves and fan finisher written about. Originally we were planning on listing the full movesets of each fighter, normal attacks and all but this proved to be too time-consuming so we resorted to only doing specials and the finisher as to cut down on time and stress So without further ado lets get on to the movesets shall we?

Image + Name Info

00 Dragon Queen.png

Dragon Queen

Dragon Queen!
She hails from a long lineage of fighters know as the Dragon Kings, however she is the first and as of now the only woman to claim that title. She is quite the skilled fighter, looking for any worthy opponents that would give her a good battle however she is a bit on the lazy side, often putting her responsibilities off to the side if they have nothing to do with fighting but she has since grown from that and started to mature and take her responsibilities more seriously

Dragon Queen is a beginner-friendly fighter for those who are new to either Super Smash Bros or just platform fighters in general, she is relatively comfortable to use and has a generally low to mid-skill ceiling.

Dragon Queen Moveset

  • Neutral B: Tectonic Knuckle - Dragon Queen will breathe out Gaia energy on her gloves as she jabs forwards sending a shockwave out of her fist that can also be aimed at the ground to deal damage and to also trip opponents who are in the way of this attack.
  • Side B: Dragon Flames - Dragon Queen takes a strong inhale as she then expels a large amount of fire energy forwards, this attack will leave a lingering burn effect that will have a longer duration depending on how much damage the foe has already taken.
  • Up B: Tail Tornado - Dragon Queen jumps forwards as she unleashes a tornado from her spinning tail, sending her upwards, the tornado can deal damage to opponents if they end up too close to it.
  • Down B: Dragons Aura - Dragon Queen expels electricity out of her mouth surrounding herself in a wall of electric energy, this shield will deal a little bit of damage if opponents come into contact with it and it will also absorb small projectiles while also being destroyed by bigger attacks, this shield will naturally go away after 5 seconds.
  • Fan Finisher: Loyalty to the Scales - Dragon Queen grabs the closest opponent and throws them into a cinematic finisher where four dragons surround her and the opponent in a wheel shape as she then makes 4 fiery pillars erupt from the ground engulfing the opponent in flames as the finisher ends.

01 Unten.png


A Blue Beorn that is not only the main mascot of Fantendo but is also one of the main characters in the New-Fantendoverse, being portrayed as a pretty nice person with determination and the will power for doing good, however, since his home planet of Zeon was destroyed by The Doomuli, scattering many Zeon residents across the universe and killing thousands he's had some trauma and anxiety to cope with ever since but that won't stop this determined Beorn from being a leader and a hero.

Unten has the power of Electrokinesis, being able to manipulate and control electricity to dish out strong attacks, help reactivate machinery or to even help him gain the higher ground when he is facing an aerial opponent.

Unten Moveset

  • Neutral B: Beorn Bolt - Unten creates a bolt of electricity that travels across the ground at a pretty fast pace, this attack deals pretty decent damage but no knockback, instead it will cause an opponent to get stunned for a few seconds.
  • Side B: Thunder Punch - Unten will coat his arm in electricity as he performs a powerful punch forwards dealing a large amount of damage and knockback.
  • Up B: Zip Line - Unten punches up in the air as he focuses energy in his feet as he is launched upwards a fair distance by this stored energy.
  • Down B: Electron Circle - Unten will curl up into a ball as he starts to glow blue with electrokinesis energy, then he will uncurl and unleash a circular wave of electric energy outwards to deal quite a bit of damage and to also stun opponents for 10 seconds, the reach of this attack will all depend on how long you hold the special button for.
  • Fan Finisher: Imperium Blitz - Unten draws his Imperium Blade as he swings it forwards sending anyone hit into a cinematic finisher where he charges his blade with electric energy slashing forwards unleashing said energy as the attack finishes, this finisher deals a ton of damage and knockback.

02 Strafe.png


The second major character alongside Unten in the Fantendoverse, Strafe is the son of the human Lock and the goddess of light lady Palutena however Lock ended up killing Palutena when Strafe was very young so he had to live with his father which wasn't a very pleasant experience for him, he ended up joining a thieves guild called NOAH which he now regrets ever joining now that he has since left the guild, now he hates stealing a regrets ever doing it.

Strafe dislikes all forms of authority, often disobeying orders to prove his independence due to trying to compensate for not having a mother growing up, along with that he is also technologically behind (around a decade or so) meaning that he doesn't know how to operate or manage most technologies leaving him a bit helpless on some fronts but he is still pretty capable in his own rights.

Strafe Moveset

  • Neutral B: Double Eagles - Strafe pulls out his a gun that looks like a fusion between the Desert Eagle and Blizzard Eagle rifles and fires off 2 bullets one normal one and one that's made of ice, these bullets do a pretty good amount of damage by themselves but the ice bullets have a 10% chance to freeze opponents for around 10 seconds, however you only have 5 shots equalling to 10 bullets and after you use those 5 shots you need to wait about 15 seconds for the gun to reload so you can use the attack again.
  • Side B: Poseidon Pulser - Strafe will pull out the Poseidon Pulser has he fires off a blue trident made of energy forwards, this attack deals decent damage while also having a lot of start and end lag so be careful when using this move.
  • Up B: Light Portal - Strafe will make a portal of light above himself and jump through it as he ends up on the closest platform to him.
  • Down B: Power of Spectrum Laser Disruption - Strafe crosses his arms as he then throws them both out to his sides launching a ball of light forwards as it then stops and expands upwards forming a danger zone that will harm any foe that walks into it, you can have 3 of these out at once and each one will disappear after 7 seconds.
  • Fan Finisher: Light Arrow - Strafe will form a sharp shard of light in his hands as he proceeds to throw it straight forward, striking through enemies as this finisher deals a lot of damage and knockback, sending the foes flying.

03a Frolo.png


A red Hamstar hailing from the Labyrinth series, he is often energetic and always up for a challenge making him quite the aggressive fighter.

Like Unten, he possesses electric powers that he uses to fight with, however, unlike Unten, Frolo doesn't have too much info to work off of due to his obscurity so his moveset will be improvised.

Frolo Moveset

  • Neutral B: Hamstar Shot - Frolo will create a small and sharp lightning bolt in his hands and toss it forwards, this deals decent damage and knockback while also being able to break shields when this attack is fully charged.
  • Side B: Rolling Shocker - Frolo will curl up in a ball as he starts to generate electricity around his body, then he dashes forwards at an extremely fast pace, this attack deals a hefty amount of damage and stun opponents for 5 seconds.
  • Up B: Thunder Climb - Frolo will create floating balls of electricity in the air as he proceeds to jump at each one of them, making him reach higher and higher until he reaches the stage. When foes touch the electric balls they will take damage while also making the ball disappear.
  • Down B: Visor Conductor - Frolo will take his visor off and empower it will electricity, he throws it forwards as it ensnares the closest opponent to him as it makes them stop in their tracks as the visor deals a gradual amount of damage for 7 seconds, then the visor will spawn back on to Frolo's head.
  • Fan Finisher: Zapping Scurry - Frolo will glow red and yellow as he dashes forwards catching any opponents in his way as they enter a cinematic where Frolo is dashing around in the clouds with the opponents wrapped in a ball of electricity as he then creates a massive discharge, sending the caught foes flying and ending the Finisher.

04 PalmMan.png


A mining robot hailing from an island-bound, one simply named 4.5, he along with his boyfriend Dragon Man, they were working in the mines until the evil Mine Man one day took Dragon Man and vowed to dismantle him no matter what.

The optimistic PalmMan wasn't having any of this so he sprung into action and made his way to where Mine Man was and took him out rescuing his boyfriend and bring peace to the mines once more.

PalmMan Moveset

  • Neutral B: PalmMan lobs a sticky ball of napalm that creates a small explosion on impact that deals decent damage, however it will stick to either the opponent or the floor depending on which one it comes into contact with first, then it will start to slowly damage the opponent for 5 seconds or the napalm will hurt any foes that walk over it if it is on the floor.
  • Side B: Flamethrower - PalmMan will raise up his arm cannon and expel, a stream of blue fire that can be angled, this attack deals a ton of damage, has good reach and has good frame data, however, you will not be able to move while performing this attack.
  • Up B: Ghost Engine - PalmMan will go transparent as his jumping capabilities are increased by 2.5x to what they normally are, making this a safe and reliable recovery.
  • Down B: Hour Glass Battle - PalmMan will take out a large hourglass as it pulls the closest opponent to them as it traps them inside the hourglass itself, then after all is said and done then the hourglass will shrink as it turns into a throwable item, you can either toss it off the stage for an easy kill, or you can toss it at the ground to have it explode, dealing a large amount of damage.
  • Fan Finisher: Burning Storm - PalmMan will raise his glowing fingers to the sky as a storm forms around the battlefield causing lighting to strike down in the background, then PalmMan will create a massive orb of napalm and shoot it, into the storm as it scatters all across the battlefield engulfing it in explosions, that's when this finisher will end.

05 Pesh.png


Pesh was a kid that was always fascinated with medieval age knights and was hoping to become a knight one day, but he got into a bad accident that left a giant scar on his forehead, leading him to wear an iron helmet to conceal it due to him feeling embarrassed by his scar, but he eventually grew out of this mindset when he got older since his scar disappeared when he was a teenager but he kept the helmet as a souvenir. His helmet ended up attracting his future girlfriend Pashie which was also his childhood friend.

Pesh is often a quite clever fellow that will risk his life for his friends and family because he has a heart of gold and wants to protect them at all cost.

Pesh Moveset

  • Neutral B: Sword Boomerang - Pesh throws his swords forwards as it travels a good distance before returning to him, this attack deals 2 hits if fully connected and both hits deal pretty good damage overall.
  • Side B: Hazzie Toss - Pesh throws out a random colored hazzie that latches on to an enemy dealing multiple hits of damage as well as giving health back to Pesh as well.
  • Up B: Grapple Hilt - Pesh raises his sword up as the hilt and blade become detached as a long rope is revealed, the blade pierces the stage as it quickly pulls Pesh up to safety, this attack can also be used on opponents as a good combo starter or to mess up their recovery.
  • Down B: Pesh Blocker - Pesh will put his arms up in an x shape as he guards. If he is hit by a physical attack he will quickly pull out his sword and perform 3 slashes at the opponent dealing good damage as this counter sends them away.
  • Fan Finisher: Team Up - Pesh calls in Pashi for assistance as they both proceed to grab the closest opponent and begin to strike them rapidly with their swords, then the duo will perform a final dashing slash, sending the caught foes away.

06 Bowie.png


A lime green teddy bear that hails from the patchwork planet of Stichonia, he lives on the western continent of Buonarroti, he is the deputy of a small village, he has a wife named Anna and a deputy in training named smith.

He helps defend Stichonia when it falls under the attack of Endal the monkey who's goal is to mechanize the entire planet and drain its resources, he managed to stop this megalomaniac monkeys plans, however ever since Bowie and Endal have been at each other's throats making them rivals and enemies.

Bowie, is often portrayed as a stern and mature demeanor...on the surface at least, deep down he is anything but merciless and just truthfully cares about the people who are closest to him, he just wants to keep them safe, despite this bowie is often shown to be silent, only talking when he needs to.

Bowie Moveset

  • Neutral B: Lasso Grab - Bowie will pull out his lasso and toss it at the nearest opponent to ensnare them, you can then either throw them up to send them into the air, down to bury them, in front to pop them off the ground or behind you to send them flying backwards.
  • Side B: Star Slinger - Bowie will take out a golden star-shaped badge as he throws it forwards like a boomerang, it travels a fair distance forwards then travels back to Bowie, this attack deals pretty alright damage but if this attack hits the foes head they will actually become dizzy because...its a hard metal badge what did you expect?
  • Up B: Rebounding Launch - Bowie has 3 strings of yarn form under his feet that resemble wrestling ring tethers as he jumps off these strings and be sent flying upwards to make a safe recovery.
  • Down B: Bull Charge - Bowie equips a set of bull horns and then charges forwards at an extremely fast rate bowling down any opponents in his way, however, be careful when using this attack when close to a wall because if bowie hits a wall when performing this attack he will be sent flying backwards so be careful.
  • Fan Finisher: Power Whip Barrage - Bowie will throw out a whip attack as he captures any opponents in front of him as he unleashes a flurry of whip attacks then he finishes off with a powerful bull charge sending the caught foes flying.

07 Zerita.png


An elegant Catonean lady with slight schizophrenia and an often cold-natured exterior, she rarely shows any type of emotions but deep down she is a caring person who truly loves the people that she holds close to her heart.

While she posses great power she also has her share of imperfections. Due to her schizophrenia, she sometimes has trouble communicating and talking to other people due to her slurring of words. Her and Unten haven't always been on good talking terms after a horrible mistake Unten made back in the day, but since then, they have both been on good terms and is now one Unten's best colleagues and friends as well.

Zerita Moveset

  • Neutral B: Oxidizing Bullets - Zerita raises her robot arm as she shoots out three fiery bullets that explode on impact, dealing heavy damage and knockback while also giving Zerita some recoil damage as well.
  • Side B: Prolonged Claws - Zerita performs a jumping claw strike that she can perform three times on the ground, and once in the air, the damage that this at attack deals is the same no matter what.
  • Up B: Tesla Rise - Zerita starts to generate electricity from beneath her feet as rises upwards and then shoots upwards in a flash of light.
  • Down B: Bludgeoning Arm - Zerita rises her metal arm before slamming down on the ground extremely hard as it proceeds to bounce up grounded enemies and meteor smash aerial enemies as well. When Zerita uses this attack in the air, Zerita will propel herself upwards a little bit.
  • Fan Finisher: Catonean Instincts - Zerita slashes forwards with her claws sending everyone caught up to the sky as she then jumps upwards in a flash of light rapidly barraging the opponents with claw strikes and electric dashes as she then launches the caught foes to the ground as they bounce off the ground really high, ending this finisher.

08 Leah.png


Leah Needlenam was once a crazed doctor that only cared about her well-being and a girl named X-Ray. She owned a hospital so that she could use it as an opportunity to inject various illnesses into her so that Leah could harvest her organs and replace the old ones with new ones.

She eventually underwent a personality change that lead her to living a semi-better life with her and X-Ray having a much better relationship with each other. Despite Leah's somewhat unstable nature, she has mostly recovered from her more dark past and has actually started to have better relationships with the people she only thought of as tools beforehand.

Leah Moveset

  • Neutral B: Pill Bottle Throw - Leah cycles through three different pill bottles filled with various liquids. There are three different kinds she can throw to use in battle:
    • An orange bottle that is thrown forward. It leaves a pile of horrible liquid on the floor that damages those who walk through it. If it is thrown out and makes contact with an opponent, they slowly take damage.
    • A blue bottle that is thrown upward. It explodes at the peak of height, causing a good amount of fire damage to airborne foes.
    • A green bottle that is thrown downward. It breaks, revealing healing medicine that slowly heals those standing above it.
  • Side B: Needle Drive - Leah lunges forward with her needle, stabbing opponents in the way. If you are close to Leah while the move is being executed, the stab will cause a poisoning effect.
  • Up B: Hospital Bed Slam - Leah uses a miniature hospital bed similarly to a see-saw. She slams one side with her fists before being launched upward. If the B Button is pressed at the peak of height, she will perform a midair spin attack that poisons nearby opponents.
  • Down B: Needle Flask - A stat-boosting move that takes some time to start. Leah takes a sip from her needle finger, filled with beer. After some time, her drunken state gives her a stat boost that makes her attacks stronger for some time before the boost fades off.
  • Fan Finisher: Organ Steal - Leah transforms into her Boss Form from Dark Woods II: New Woods. She will then lunge forward with her organ-filled needle arm to impale the opponent. If it successfully hits, the opponent will take lots of damage. If the opponent is at 100% or higher and is hit, they are instantly KOed.

09 Aingeru.png


Aingeru is the main protagonist of the Battle of the Bracelets series. He is represented through the Green Bracelet and must fight his nemesis Drak,e who holds the Dark Green Bracelet. His main weapon of choice is the Chaos Sword, one of the many legendary swords that the a Golden Bracelet can bestow. One of his main abilities comes from his wings, which he uses to attack in high places.----

Aingeru Moveset

  • Neutral B: Tornado - Aingeru uses the Chaos Sword to summon a fast tornado that slowly shrinks as it moves forward. If an opponent is hit by the tornado, they are sent upward.
  • Side B: Dirty Fire - Aingeru uses the Chaos Sword to track up debris from the battlefield that he then slashes forward with fire. The move does more damage during the fire slash, but can also do minor damage when the debris particles are sent forward.
  • Up B: Angel Fly - Aingeru uses his angel wings to fly forward in a directed direction, allowing for great horizontal and vertical recovery.
  • Down B: Digital Flame - Aingeru points forward to command Digital Flame, a fiery move that activates a small explosion some distance away from Aingeru. It does decent damage, but does a lot of shield damage.
  • Fan Finisher: Cosmic Revolution: Dark Execution - Aingeru obtains the Dark Bracelet and uses his strongest move; Cosmic Revolution: Dark Execution. He will slash forward at first with Cosmos power to trap the opponent. He will then slash around them before perform a huge slam with the Chaos Sword, filled with Shadow power.

74 Thrusterhound.png


A strange species from the Spectroverse, the Thrusterhound is a predatory creature that is known for it's hunting and speed. Having DNA discovered long before our universe was created, scientists are still baffled by this carnivore from the Spectroverse, a strange setting forming a ring around our own reality.

Thrusterhound is known for it's speed in battle, allowing it to pull out moves fast. It's ability to inflame it's jaw and shoot at jet power speed allows for strong attacks as well.

Thrusterhound Moveset

  • Neutral B: Smokescreen Spit - Thrusterhound spits smoke from it's mouth, creating a smoke cloud that not only does damage, but also blinds part of the battlefield. Try to lure your opponents into the smoke so that they don't see what you'll do next.
  • Side B: Flaming Jaw - The Thrusterhound leaps forward with it's jaw lit with fire. If it hits an opponent successfully, Thrusterhound will latch onto the opponent to bite them several times before jumping off. If the moves misses, Thrusterhound takes recoil damage.
  • Up B: Jet Fuel - A chargeable move that allows Thrusterhound to shoot upward with it's jet backside. When not fully charged, Thrusterhound floats upward gently with a flare coming from it's jet. When fully charged, Thrusterhound goes straight upward, creating a small explosion that does damage to nearby opponents once released.
  • Down B: Dog Daze - Thrusterhound steps around and lays on the ground, similarly to a dog. Thrusterhound will then doze off for a short period of time. During this time, it gains energy from it's shoulder cavity, boosting it's attack. Once it's attack is boosted, it wakes up.
  • Fan Finisher: Blue Flare - Thrusterhound transforms into it's Blue Flare form, gaining a blue coloration, a head crest, and a giant flare. It will then dash forward, hitting opponents in it's way. If anyone is hit, the captured opponent is taken into a cinematic inside the Spectroverse. Blue Flare Thrusterhound appears with other normal Thrusterhounds to unleash a fury or bites and scratches onto the opponent before finishing it off with a giant blast from Blue Flare Thrusterhound's jet, sending the opponent flying!

84 Bubbly. G.png

Bubbly G.

Bubbly G.!
With a positive personality and the powers of bubble gum, Bubbly G. takes to the battleground! She is usually happy and loves befriending even enemies, but also likes to show off her abilities of shifting.

When she faces danger, she'll either try to make them a friend, or will beat them if they can't be befriended. She tries to do the former as much as possible.

Bubbly G. Moveset

  • Neutral B: Spyz - Bubbly G. transforms into her Spyz form as her hair charges up a fireball. The fireball grows with size and damage the more it is charged and can be shot out later once it has fully charged.
  • Side B: Osh'n - Bubbly G. transforms into her Osh'n form and performs her corkscrew attack forward while seemingly swimming through air. The move is multi-hit and sends opponents in the direction the move is headed.
  • Up B: Props - Bubbly G. transforms into her Props form as her hair propellers her upward. If an opponent is above her while the move is in use, they take multi-hit damage from the propeller.
  • Down B: Cirkit - Bubbly G. transforms into her Cirkit form and stomps the ground below her, creating an electric pile of bubble gum. Once this is placed down, she can perform the same action to release an electric shock from the gum that does multi-hit damage to opponent around it. Once the gum discharges, it disappears and another can be placed down.
  • Fan Finisher: Omra - Bubbly G. transforms into her Omra form and glares forward. Opponents caught in the glare are paralyzed still as she sinks into the ground through a shadow. She then appears behind the opponent and unleashes a strong slash attack with her hair, doing great damage to the opponent.


Stages are what you fight other players on, they all consist of platforms, stage hazards, gimmicks, little easter eggs, and secrets, each stage will be completely different from one another.

While some stages originate from other Fantendo games, most of these will be completely original due to the need for variety and expanded creativity and of course, we will be including stages to represent the guest characters as well.

Lastly, each stage will have a brief description, telling readers about where these stages originated from and give an overview of what hazards will appear on each stage along with any background easter eggs and details these stages may have.

(Stage images and descriptions coming soon)



Summoner Orb Assists





  • This game features original characters for yet to be released pages and projects.

Note: if we got a detail wrong in a character bio or moveset comment down below what that error is so we can correct it, we want to make sure we handle all characters here with the utmost respect and represent them properly.


This is a gallery showcasing the full-body renders of these characters (currently a work in progress)


  • JayOkumura - for coming up with the idea of this page and kick-starting its success.
  • Empress Scarlet - for making the assets, logo, boxart, and most of the character bios.
  • Erictom333 - for creating the games infobox.
  • TheWikiOddish - new manager of the project. Made the new table design.

Fan Art

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Fantendo Smash Bros. Battleground
Roster #0 Dragon Queen • #1 Unten • #2 Strafe • #3 Frolo • #4 PalmMan • #5 Pesh • #6 Bowie • #7 Zerita • #8 Leah • #9 Aingeru • #10 Rachel • #11 Fera • #12 Silver Zin • #13 Doomulus Grime • #14 McBoo • #15 Volt • #16 Mioda • #17 Reptflux • #18 Meta-Form • #19 Mika Sho • #20 Riddle • #21 General Scotch • #22 Umbra • #23 Valerie • #24 Hama • #25 Endal • #26 Kyrios • #27 Mynis • #28 Sia • #29 Aurora • #30 DragonMan • #31 Tess • #32 Sakeena • #34 Crow • #35 Amy • #36 Tayshaun • #37 X-Ray • #38 Reten • #39 Tigzon • #40 Zellen • #41 Absinthe • #42 3.14 • #44 Nycho • #45 Lock • #46 Nightless • #47 Palutena • #47 Bunea • #48 Voidmato • #49 Xazalea • #50 Diablister Jr. • #51 Zelflux • #52 Kiva • #53 Kaiden • #54 Xerra • #55 Quartz • #56 Jura-Pek • #57 Glenn • #58 Shiki • #59 Endflux • #60 Felicity • #61 Kalatia • #62 Alec • #63 Caleb • #64 Janka • #65 Qingyun • #66 Darren • #67 Lumino • #68 Nyxiel • #69 Bynde • #70 Lucius • #71 Hex • #72 Allie • #73 Vui • #74 Thrusterhound • #75 Punch • #76 Xsomnis • #77 Vessa • #78 Millyrain • #79 Agustaclove • #80 Teal • #81 Nagaderm • #82 Anthony • #83 Cassandra • #84 Bubbly G. • #85 Redge • #86 Storm • #87 Break • #88 Yuki • #89 Misery • #90 Shine • #91 Adam • #92 Mallory • #93 Altha • #94 Syinara • #95 Pierce • #96 Dream Weaver • #97 Cephona • #98 Proxxy • #99 Scorcannon • #100 Lucky Veridian • #101 PAIN-T 4.0 • #102 Zatcherzaur • #103 Phendopteryx • #104 Krogbord • #105 BardKahrd • #106 Xocagornis • #107 Phrecelius • #108 Scarlet • #109 Wurm • #110 Iron Mask • #111 Doomulus Prime • #112 Chiamomo • #113 Master Binary • #114 Plum • #115 Pickpocket • #116 Spree • #117 Netnu • #118 Haedrenix • #119 Crunx and Blockhead • #120 Helkertrite • #121 Yvnier • #122 Voidbound Opheregion • #123 Pubble • #124 Bastek • #125 Cowltessa • #126 Calderela • #127 Doomulus Thai • #128 Rookenji • #129 Wendigaste • #130 Cadavird • #131 Ruby Glaes • #132 Simone • #133 B.R.B. • #134 Clazma • #135 Doormat • #136 Puzzling • #137 Pluzmo • #138 Quezpah • #139 Crazmis • #140 Raune • #141 3Dee • #142 Bezerkhon • #143 Partyhorn • #144 Mosorno • #145 Mario • #146 Sonic • #147 Klaymen • #148 Hyper Blossom
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