Fantendo Rush
Developer(s) Outer Inc.


Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) TBA
Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) 3Rating
Media Included TBA

Fantendo Rush is an upcoming snowboard racing game being made by Outer Inc. and GamerAvenue Co. for the Hybrid Δ . It will feature many different Fantendo Characters racing using Snowboards for first place.



On the Game's Menu, you can select between Single Player, Multiplayer, ToadTool's Shop and Options.

Single Player

Under the Single Player menu, you can select between Grand Tourney, Vs CPU and Time Trial. In Grand Tourney, the player will compete in a series of races against 8 CPUs, each race will eliminate the 2 racers who finish last and the winner will be funded an above-average amount of ToadTokens. In VS CPU mode, you can race against any opponent you have unlocked within any map you have already raced in. In Time Trial, you race against the clock to see how fast you can complete the course or against a recorded ghost, you can compare scores to those submitted before and face Staff Ghosts, Ghosts of the Staff who played the course using a specific character with High Times, beating a Staff Ghost can also give you ToadTokens.


Under the Multiplayer menu, there is an option to use the player's Delta Online and race online with other players in PvP matches. Fantendo Rush's online mode uses an ELO System (The player starts at Rank 1500, and can go higher or lower depending on their race) to rank players. The player can also start a Server for other players to join, Settings which can be adjusted include the server name, map, amount of players (max. 22, min. 2) and description.

Toadtool's Shop

In ToadTool's Shop, players can exchange ToadTokens they have earned over the course of the game to buy new Maps and Characters. Players can also download DLC packs from the shop. The DLC Content and Unlockable characters are listed below.


The game's race gameplay is relatively simple, the player can use the Hybrid touch-screen to direct the character they are using, the player can accelerate by raising their position on the touch screen and slow down by releasing their finger from the screen. Players can perform tricks midair by swiping their finger/stylus across the screen, Each trick increases the players performance at the end of the race. When the race ends, the player will earn ToadTokens depending on how they performed.

Rival Races

During the course of the Single Player tournament, each is followed by a Rival Race. Rival Races are essentially boss battles in the game. The rivals you face are listed below.



Image Name Description Series Class
GorgeDarkFungi3 Gorge After defeating the infamous Red Clan in Dark Fungi, Gorge decided to give himself a challenge with unfamiliar terrain, and unfamiliar opponents, in a battle to win himself the Tourney. Gorge is an all-around character. Dark Fungi All-Around
Purple7 Purple Hailing from Newcunner Kingdom, Purple had gone to the tournament as a resting break after battling the black raiders, Purple is a Speed Character. Purple Speed
ScoutryArtwork Scoutry Wandering the world and lost, Scoutry managed to stumble on the tournament, being the curious robot he is, he nips a Snowboard and manages to sneak in, for whatever reason he had. The Factor Coming Soon...
YoshEggNook YoshiEgg Nook Coming Soon... YoshiEgg Coming Soon...
Clyde Clyde Clyde, after hearing about the competition. Sets out with the Tartan Army behind him to watch as he attempts to win the tournament, For Scotland. Flame Technique
ThunderFR Thunder the Yoshi Coming Soon... Thunder the Yoshi Coming Soon...
Dashed Koopa 2 Dashed Koopa Coming Soon... Dashed Koopa Coming Soon...
PeshFDesperation Pesh Coming Soon... Pusher's Pile Coming Soon...
Mick 3D Mick Coming Soon... Mick Coming Soon...
David3D David Coming Soon... David Coming Soon...
EllaMetalsHalfArt Ella Metals Coming Soon... Ella-Metals Coming Soon...
Teardrop3 Teardrop Coming Soon... Teardrop Coming Soon...


Characters can be bought at Toadtool's Shop.

Image Name Description Series Class/Price
3.14NvF3D 3.14 Coming Soon... 3.14 (series) Coming Soon...
AndyPasta Andy Pasta Coming Soon... Ella-Metals Speed, Coming Soon...
JackJ3d Jack Johnson Coming Soon... Jack: Of All Trades Speed, Coming Soon...




Pouchet Cup

Name Description Course Ghost
Pouchet Pass A track which resides in the snowy depths of Pushopolis, it is a basic course with easy turns and jumps. The course sometimes has passing by Pushies which, when hit can stun you for a small amount of time.


Wasresh Hillsides A track based in the Hillside nearby Wasresh City. Speed control on this track is key because building up speed can reduce turning and leave to bashing into a fence.

Dashed Koopa

Toy Land Outskirts A Track nearby the border of Toy Land. With several canyons, This track can be a challenge to players who are new to the racing genre and Fantendo Rush

Jack Johnson


Image Name Description Attributes
N/A Purple Shredder A Basic speed board which is generally all around in most attributes. It dons a Purple Koopa Shell pattern and blue flames painted on the front of the board
  • Speed: 4/5
  • Snow Resistance: 3/5
  • Acceleration: 3/5
  • Turning: 2/5
N/A Ravioli Rager Andy Pasta's trademark board, although it has an insanely high speed and low snow resistance, the Ravioli Rager's turning and acceleration are low.
  • Speed: 5/5
  • Snow Resistance: 1/5
  • Acceleration: 1/5
  • Turning: 2/5
N/A Tartan Flyer Clyde's Signature Board, It's a low speed snowboard which can gain alot of acceleration and has decent turning. The Board is designed with a tartan pattern, and the words "Tartan Army" painted on it's underside.
  • Speed: 2/5
  • Snow Resistance: 3/5
  • Acceleration: 5/5
  • Turning: 5/5


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