Fantendo Riders Zero Gravity
Developer(s) 9009 Entertainment
Publisher(s) Wiki-wordmark
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS, Huggs, and OL Havoc
Release Date(s)
Japan Jan/30/12

America Mar/28/12

Free, Prix, Mission, Story, Survival
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating USK6 OFLC-G CERO A
Genre(s) Racing
Media Included Nintendo 3DS cartridge, Huggs Disc, and Havoc Card
Fantendo Riders Zero Gravity is a game for the OL Havoc, Huggs, and the Nintendo 3DS. It is the second installment of Fantendo Riders games. It has more characters and a survival mode.

Playable Characters


UntenArend He is back in a brand new adventure! He has to fight another villian Power
ZeritaNvF3DZerita She is helping Unten and has more speed! Speed
ChiefFantendoKartUltraDongorio Unten's adopter is in the race! He is more skilled at flying Fly
EllaMetalsHalfArtElla Metals The popular girl is back in action. Her metal bending skills is good for knocking opponents Speed
StrafeBattleArtStrafe The guns are here! Having lots of air in his board, making him the worthy Stamina type Stanima
NetnuNewNetnu He has to face his own problems now. Will he meet up with Unten again? Power
David3DDavid David is the awesome boy! He will win no matter what but will have good emotions for losing teams Stanima
Mr.Sew'n3DMr. Sew'n

Mr. Sew'n is taking the world with Netnu!

He is now reunited and swift!

Teardrop3Teardrop Tear drop is the best oceanian in the universe! He may be a drop of water but he strong! Power
The power and mighty wonderful futuristic robot is bringing his strength to the race! Power
Hood'em monty
Chief Monty
He is now a stamina and is chasing Mr. Sew'n! Stamina
The pokemon is a stamina now and is stopping Netnu. Stamina
Lep (4)
The Votex hedhog is on the chase for Netnu!Unten Fly
Dashed Koopa


The courages Tiger is going for the race! Speed
200px Fruity She is also on the hunt for the evil Nentu Fly
Wami Wami He is in the search for Nentu and will never stop! Speed
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