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Fantendo Racing Legends is a racing game that involves characters, objects and other elements from the different Fantendo series. It is a game for the Wii U and is in development by Shooting Star Studios. In this game characters will ride on hovering gears against gravity and have partners as well as Special Abilities.




Characters have their own hovering gear on which they'll ride against gravity. Each character has an unique gear and Special Ability, as well as a standard partner. With partner it means that there's a Double Race Mode option, in which two characters ride one gear with one in charge of throwing items and the other riding like in Mario Kart: Double Dash. You can also pair two random characters.

There are also various missions that the player can complete to gain money and buy different customs, such as the option to switch the gears between Boards, Skates, Bikes, Yatchs, Air Rides and Wheels. There is also a Collide More in which 4 players are in a great arena and must try to knock each other to win, as well as other modes to play with. The game has a story that still needs to be announced.


Normal Race

The player can select a character and a course to play anytime. The player receives a ranking depending on how well he/she performed. There are various difficulties, these are: Easy, Normal, Hard and Legendary, with the latter one being an unlockable difficulty.

Time Trial

In Time Trial, the player is able to play any starting course or any course that has been unlocked with the character they desire. Then, the player must reach the finish line in courses while time is counting to achieve time records and save ghost datas. Ghost datas can also be sent to friends via Nintendo Network procedures, and they may also send them to you. There are no items in this mode and the player plays in the course alone.

Collide Mode


Double Race



The number of characters in the game is still unknown. All characters have their default partner for Double Race but they can also be paired with any other

Starter Riders

Name Picture Description Type Special Ability
Unten Unten & Zerita FRL.png Unten is ready for the next Fantendo adventure, this time zero-gravity one and racing on a hovering gear! This Beorn is a medium type rider and uses his "Beorn Legend" hoverboard to ride! Medium Blue Spin - Unten spins and releases various blue dusts around to harm nearby foes.
Zerita Zerita is Unten's sidekick and also default partner in "Double Race" mode. She's a medium type rider and her gear is the "Flashing Claw" hoverboard. Medium Countless Claws - Zerita throws claws in a line (forwards or backwards) and any opposing player that rides through them will flip.
Pesh Pesh & Pashie FRL.png Pesh from the Pusher's Pile series is into the race as well! He's a Medium-weight rider and races on his "Blue Wyvern" hoverboard. Medium Male Pushy - A male Pushy will circle around the vehicle to push nearby opponents away.
Pashie Pashie is Pesh's girlfriend who is also with him in the race, in "Double Race" mode. She's a light-weight type rider and uses her "Pink Basillisk" hoverboard to ride! Light Female Pushy - The vehicle turns into a Female Pushy and gives a small boost.
YonenBooe YonenBooe is the hero of the Apples series. He is a Feather type character and uses the "Curled Gold" hoverboard to ride! Feather Magic Gold - YonenBooe pushes items, obstacles and other drivers nearby out of his way.
MeizeBooe MeizeBooe is YonenBooe's friend and companion. She's along with him in "Double Race" mode. She's Light-weight type and uses "The Love Arrow" hovergoard. Light Pink Dust - Covers others' screens with pink dust making them see nothing.
Bombell Bombell is the Bomb Boo hero from the Bombell series. This ghost is a Light type rider and also uses his "Explosive Hextech" hoverboard to ride! Light Burning Tongue - Bombell blows a bit of fiery dust with his tongue forwards or backguards and defends himself from any incoming item or opponent, also flipping them away.
Katero Katero is Bombell's friend. He's a little cat who is a Medium-weight character and Bombell's partner in "Double Race". Uses his "Winter Wave" hoverboard. Medium Snowball - Katero's vehicle turns into a little snowball on which he will run to make it move. It will increase its size over time and will crush opponents.
Alice Harumi Alice, the master of Spring season, is ready to race! She's a Cruiser type character and uses the "Blooming Sakura" hoverboard to ride! Cruiser Sakura Tree - Alice makes a cherry blossom tree grow up backwards for a time, and any opponent crashing with it will lose control.
Yuki Silverfield Yuki, the master of Winter season and also Alice's friend rides with her in "Double Race". She's also a Cruiser and uses her "Crystallized Silver" hoverboard. Cruiser Ice Wings - Yuki slowly grows crystal wings on her back and the crystals will start falling on the course, making opponents slip.
Hayden This flaming hero settles down for some hoverboard racing! Using his special fire-based attacks he can leave his opponents in his dust! Hayden's "The Flaming Revenge" hoverboard has very balanced stats, being great for beginners. Medium Fire Sword Slash - Hayden pulls out his sword and slashes any opponents who drive near. The player can also use it to spew fire on parts of the course.
Aiden The electric boy is here for some racing! He can use his thunder and lightning attacks to keep up in the race. Because of his board's light weight, Aiden's "The Electric Charge" hoverboard is very speedy, although it has poor acceleration. Medium Lightning Charge - Aiden raises his hand, which is full of electricity, and the whole hoverboard (as well as the characters on it) turn green and spark. Any racers who come into contact with the vehicle get electrocuted and spin out as if they were hit by an item.
Frolo Frolo is an ace when it comes to Capsule racing so how will he fare on his "Ace" hoverboard? It's not easy, but If he plays the cards right, he's bound to have the upper hand! Feather Ace Card - Frolo becomes encased in a capsule that is enveloped in electricity. He can then speed forward at great speeds and electrocute anything that makes contact with him. His controll scheme also becomes different as he can move around in any direction without making a U-turn or accelerating.
End End has many tricks up his sleeve and even one right beneath the feet known as the "Joker". With his triky skills, he could possibly rewrite the race in his favor. Feather Joker's Card - Transforms him into Mr. E. In this form, opponents near him have thier tracks mirrored when they're actually not. This makes it tricky becuse victims either have to imagine the track reversed or simply follow other racers.
S S from the Investigator S series seems to be experienced at riding hoverboards too. She has her "Stopwatch" hoverboard and is a Light-weight rider! Light Time Dial - Freezes time for 3 seconds. Everyone and everything stops moving except S (and Daka if they're together), giving them advantage.
Daka Daka is S's closest friend and goes on a ride in the zero-gravity race along with her if they're in "Double Race". She's a Light type too and uses her "Unknown Weapon" hoverboard. Light

Vision Massacre - All of the opponents that are in higher places that Daka (and S if they're together) will have their vision altered and confuse them for a short period of time.

Tom A boy from the Boy in Blue series that controls dark powers. Not that that's really gonna help in a racing tournament, but he's willing to participate. He uses his "Poison Powerhouse" hoverboard to ride! Medium Poison Panic - Tom releases a poison flame at the opponent(s) in front of him, causing them to loose control for a short time.
TaBooki A Tanooki-tailed Boo from the TaBooki series that loves adventuring. He likes experimenting and maybe joined to race for this reason. He uses his "Leaf Boolaster" hoverboard. Light Tail Twister - TaBooki quickly spins around multiple times, and opponents that get hit by his tail loose control for a short time.
Aingeru The angel has displayed how powerful can be with his sword. Now it's time to display how a good racer is, with his "Formule Pegasus" hoverboard! Cruiser Tornado Wall - Aingeru can wake a wind wall next to his kart that will throw on the air any opponent
Elena She won't be afraid at the time to drive her vehicle, actually she prefers to be considered the danger of the championship. She's Medium-weight and uses her "Broken Nights" hoverboard. Medium Tornado Blow - Elena releases a wind wall as well, but this one will block any incoming attack or item. This one doesn't blow away any opponent away though.
Douglas Using his aura control, Douglas can distract the opponents, well he can try! He's a Medium type rider and uses his "Aura Dasher" hoverboard to ride! Medium Aurarth - Turns the earth below the racers ahead of him white and blasts a beam of aura up, blocking their view entirely.
Grim Douglas's identical brother, armed with an array of weponry is ready to own the race. He's also a Medium-weight rider and uses the "Missilica" hoverboard Medium Hidden Arsenal - Grim unleashes an array of bullets and missiles from under his board. They fly around him in a circular motion. The bullets can spin an opponent.
White Feather Flare Trap - Places a Flare Trap from AoW on the ground, which burns whoever the first person to ride through it is.
Fuegon Light Rapid Spin - Allows Fuegon to spin in place, moving nearby opponents in a circle around him and then knocking them away.

More to come...

Unlockable Riders






More to come...


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