Fantendo Adventures (tentative title) is a Fantendo based game involving users as playable characters in attempt to stop the Black Code from destoying not only Fantendo but also many other major Wikias. The game is planned to launch in late fall of 2013. 
Fantendo Quest
Developer(s) Fritez Co. Logo
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) DS/3DS
Genre(s) RPG, 3D Platformer
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) 1-4 Player
Media Included Fantendo Adventures Game Card


This story begins on a warm day on March. SDMK, Thelalaloopsygirl (Who will be known has Haley from now on), Plazzap, and Toad'ShyGuy were bored. Haley was the most bored out of all four. There were tons of flowers and a major update in LaTale, but it just wasn't catching her attention.

Pacing back and forth, Haley twirled a bit of her blonde hair with her finger while she tried the think of what to do. Realizing there was nothing else to do, Haley laid on her back on the warm grass while she pulled out her Iphone and logged into her Wikia account.

Seeing she had a message from a Wikia Contributor on Fantendo, Haley yawned and checked it out. When she read it, her dark green eyes widened as she sat up. The message read:

Dear Thelalaloopsygirl,

There's nothing you, SDMK, Plazzap, and Toad'ShyGuy can do to stop me!

I am going to destroy this wiki, and all the major wikis there! In fact, I might destroy all of Wikia!

See you in Wiki heck, Haley.

~Dangerous enemy who hates the four of you who also sent the message to the other three

As she was with SDMK, Plazzap, and Toad'ShyGuy, Haley said "Uh guys, I think you might want to check out your message wall on Fantendo."

To be continued.




Each teammate has some kind of skill that tops over average skills. For example Offensive teammates do the most damage to foes. There are four types each having their own advantage.

Name Description Abilities
Offensive They know how to use the thing they wield. Physical, magic, weaponry, you name it! These are the types of users to crush those goons to bits! Offensive user's moves are strong and do tons of damage.
Defense These users don't even need a shield to protect them and their teammates! It will take a while to defeat these kinds of players. Defense users take less damage from hits and obstacles. If timed right these players can block some attacks directed to teammates.
Speedy There here and then there... These users simply have a need for speed and always attack first!  Enemies won't even know what hit them! Speedy users most always go first and attack in a very quickly making enemies protective moves and blocks fail. They can also use items and attacking in one turn.
Healing In a tight spot and need a little more health? They can help! With maybe a little time and effort teammates can be as good as new. Can heal other users a certain amount of health on a turn using their turn. Teammates also slowly gain health in the overworld.



Name Description Art Item


Plazzap (tbc) Pow, boom, zap Plazzap! Plazzap is a huge fan of the Kirby series and has too many fan game ideas in mind. Although his 3D looking art is still in training and wants to achive at least 1 S he still enjoys making fan games! Plazzap's attacks involve lots of plasma and one involves another one of his planned series Pillow Fight. Power Point
Offensive Toad'ShyGuy (tbc)

Toads and Shy Guys, Shy Guys and Toads. These are two things  he's quite fond of. Toad'ShyGuy makes astonding 3D looking art  on Power Point. He's made quite a few of !ames and is famous for his fruity Apples series. Toad'ShyGuy is a friendly user and most everyone likes him. Most of Toad'ShyGuy's  are elemental chock with electricity, fire and ice blows!

Power Point



Thelalaloopsygirl Huzzah! As her username implies, she is a fan of Lalaloopsies. While she is cute, she is level 82 in the game LaTale, which means watch out! She has a lot of experience fighting! Let's not forget that she loves the Mario and Luigi series so much that she'd even give up her life to get their autograph! However, she does have a bit of a hot temper, so stay clear of her monsters!

Offensive Orb

Healing SDMK (tbc) Watch out beacuse super and duper  are words that crush evil! SDMK is a very friendly user with not that many projects made. Although he has two series 

Quest of the Ninja and Cheese Cryptors.SDMK has many various attacks and punches. So keep your distance!

Photo Popgun




Normal Enemies






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