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Developer(s) APIMGroupLogoSmall
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) Nintendo VR Logo
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Release Date(s)
Single Player, Multiplayer
Genre(s) Racing, Platform
Media Included Nintendo VR Disc, Hybrid Fusion Disc, Nintendo IC Mini-Disc

Fantendo ObstaCourse is a kart racing game for the Nintendo IC, Hybrid Fusion and the Nintendo VR. It is similar to the Race Mode of Rayman M: the player has to clear three laps before his/her opponent does while he/she has 3D platformer controls (moving, jumping, shooting). He/she needs those to avoid obstacles, activate switches and go faster by reaching speed panels. Unlike Rayman M, the courses are a lot different, similar to Fantendo environments, no helicopter powers, and that the cast consists all-time favorite Fantendo Characters, each with different stats. This game also contains items, received from an I.D.G.


Although there's no story in-game, the manual does show a storyline:

Across every World of Fantendo, many heroes, including Unten, Teardrop and Ella Metals, received a letter from an unknown writer, that said about an universal competition of a special kind of Obstacle Racing (which they like to call ObstaCourse). The winner of 240 challenges through the ten Leagues with 50 courses is able to challenge the Masters of the ObstaCourses. Whoever wins from the Masters will become the Emperor of ObstaCourses for an undetermined time. This letter says that their receivers are invited. Their receivers are fond of becoming an Emperor, so they are glad to participate.

Playable Characters

There are 50 characters at all. There are forty recognizable characters that participate in the event, remaining ten (yet) unknown. Users can't sign up Characters anymore.

There are 12 default characters.

Confirmed Unlockable Characters

There are 38 different unlockable characters.

Confirmed Skins

  • Unten
    • Skin 1: A dark red skin with a hair tuft and traces of a monocle, resembling Netnu.
    • Skin 2: An orange and teal skin resembling Zerita.
    • Skin 3: A completely brown skin, making Unten resembling a real bear.
  • Pesh
    • Skin 1: A skin with a red suit and a golden helmet, resembling Rash.
    • Skin 2: A skin with a navy suit and a rusted helmet, resembling Besh.
    • Skin 3: A skin with a teal suit and a golden helmet, resembling Stump.
  • Teardrop
    • Skin 1: A pure blue skin from his original game, with a black robe with a blue pattern from his second game.
    • Skin 2: A red skin with a pure black robe, similar to Inferadness and Jesters.
    • Skin 3: A dark green skin with a purple robe and a yellow pattern.
  • Zak
    • Skin 1: A yellow suit with black ear-tips, making Zak resemble a Pikachu.
    • Skin 2: A brown skin with orange clothes, making Zak resemble Henry the Moose.
    • Skin 3: A complete green skin, like after Zak has eaten a Jellotin Berry.
  • Ella Metals
  • Gorge
    • Skin 1: A purple skin with black jacket, making Gorge resemble Kindle.
    • Skin 2: A red skin with black sclera and black jacket, like Fang from the original Dark Fungi timeline.
    • Skin 3: A white skin with a blue jacket, and large, red spots on his head. It's supposed to resemble Toad.
  • Jake
  • Emerald
    • Skin 1: A skin similar to a Shiny Sceptile, with a yellow cloak.
    • Skin 2: A red skin with blue jaw and belly, with a green cloak.
    • Skin 3: A yellow skin with green jaw and belly, with a red cloak.
  • Spaghetti
    • Skin 1: Purple and a green bow, resembling a plum.
    • Skin 2: Blue skin with yellow arms and legs, resembling Hooly.
    • Skin 3: A black and white skin similar to a soccer ball.
  • John Jerome
    • Skin 1: Red Shirt, blue trousers, black hair and brown skin, resembling Damian.
    • Skin 2: Skin resembling Tucker.
    • Skin 3: Skin resembling Light.
  • David
    • Skin 1: Light brown hair, green shirt, yellow sleeves, red trousers. Similar to David's brother Thomas.
    • Skin 2: Blue hair, purple trousers, orange shoes, green shirt, and red sleeves similar to David's original design.
    • Skin 3: Orange shirt with blue flowers, brown trousers, blue shoes. Similar to Mick.
  • Scyplo
    • Skin 1: Skin resembling Betolpy.
    • Skin 2: Yellow and green skin resembling Cheepel.
    • Skin 3: Hot pink skin resembling Melice.

Unlockable Character's Skins

  • YoshiEgg Nook
    • Skin 1: Skin resembling M'Icho.
    • Skin 2: Skin resembling CrackedEgg Nook.
    • Skin 3: Orange skin with green eyes and black apron. Meant to resemble Bloop.
  • McBoo
    • Skin 1: An orange skin with a pumpkin texture and a green hat and yellow eyes. This resembles O'Lantern.
    • Skin 2: A lilac skin with light blue hat. Resembles Booberry.
    • Skin 3: A white skin with a hot pink hat. Based on a normal Boo, and McBoo's original design.
  • Fruity
    • Skin 1: Green beak with a magenta tip, and a yellow belly making her resemble a keel-billed toucan.
    • Skin 2: Dark blue feathers, white belly and an orange beak making her resemble Coldfront.
    • Skin 3: Green skin resembling Vulcan.
  • Litle P
    • Skin 1: Pink skin and red tail. Similar to Jiggy P.
    • Skin 2: ???
    • Skin 3: A darker skin with a black tail and apparently tongueless. Based on Sunnyscythe.
  • Purple
  • Smile
    • Skin 1: ???
    • Skin 2: A clear white skin with blue eyes.
    • Skin 3: A pitch black skin with red eyes.
  • Demi
    • Skin 1: Skin resembling Dee.
    • Skin 2: Skin resembling Presta.
    • Skin 3: Skin resembling Ashley.
  • Snively
    • Skin 1: Skin resembling Lily.
    • Skin 2: ???
    • Skin 3: ???
  • Red
  • Speedy
    • Skin 1: Green skin with orange, dotted belly, resembling Climber.
    • Skin 2: Dark blue skin with brown belly and traces of a bandanna, resembling Onage.
    • Skin 3: A goldenrod skin with bright yellow belly, resembling Speedy's Star form.
  • Kid Kiba
    • Skin 1: ???
    • Skin 2: Blonde hair, red shirt, brown pants, gray shoes, bronze medallion, lightning bolt on shirt. Resembles Samantha Chi.
    • Skin 3: Black shirt with red Blood Cola logo, brown pants. Resembles Kid Kiba's original design a little.
  • Dux
    • Skin 1: Green skin resembling Lucas.
    • Skin 2: ???
    • Skin 3: Pink skin resembling Amorine.
  • Guppy the Shark
  • Aingeru
    • Skin 1: Teal and Blue skin resembling Ainhoa.
    • Skin 2: Red skin based on Pablo.
    • Skin 3: ???
  • DREW
    • Skin 1: Skin based on MAY.
    • Skin 2: Skin based on John Mogwai.
    • Skin 3: A pitch-black skin, leaving only the eyes and red pieces of hair colored. Based on Shadow DREW.
  • Scoutry
    • Skin 1: ???
    • Skin 2: ???
    • Skin 3: A rust-brown skin with no camera light and slightly independently put together. The Baseball cap is red and looks ripped.
  • Bearded Smiley
    • Skin 1: Bearded Smiley in an Agency suit (for a future game).
    • Skin 2: Skin resembling Bearded Ninja.
    • Skin 3: A metallic red skin with silver arms and red gloves, resembling a 84D-D13.
  • Mr. Chilli
  • Roxanne D'Urre
    • Skin 1: Dark yellow suit, blonde hair, blue shoes and green sunglasses. Resembles Sheila Piunazj.
    • Skin 2: Roxanne's normal clothing. The sunglasses are gone for some reason.
    • Skin 3: Skin resembling Emily Davies.
  • Dudel
    • Skin 1: Pink skin resembling Dudlette.
    • Skin 2: Blue skin with robotic limbs, resembling Scribboy.
    • Skin 3: Black skin resembling a simple stick figure.
  • Jack Johnson
  • Arcois
    • Skin 1: A light orange skin and camouflage clothing, similar to Lienzo.
    • Skin 2: ???
    • Skin 3: ???
  • Lenny
    • Skin 1: Purple Skin with sunshade trails, resembling Rastifer Rumbel.
    • Skin 2: A dark green skin.
    • Skin 3: Black and white skin in a strange striped pattern similar to JIM.
  • Meta-Form
    • Skin 1: A green skin. Resembles Cubey.
    • Skin 2: A dark gray skin with white antenna, hands and feet.
    • Skin 3: Gold skin with dark red limbs and black antenna. Resembles King Kube Bot's humanoid form.
  • Dave the Rabbit
  • Strafe
  • Clyde
    • Skin 1: Skin resembling Flame.
    • Skin 2: Skin resembling Nugg.
    • Skin 3: ???
  • 3.14
    • Skin 1: Pink skin resembling Heart.
    • Skin 2: White Skin resembling 4.13.
    • Skin 3: ???

Confirmed Courses

The Leagues will have five courses each, with the last course original. There will be ten Leagues, the last one is kept secret.

There are fifty courses in total, each with four challenges (three default), while the leagues itself also has four challenges (also three default). Fantendo ObstaCourse has over 240 challenges.

Beorn League

All the courses from the Beorn League have a Plains/Forest environment. This is the first league.

Oceanian League

All the Courses from the Oceanian League have a Lagoon/Underwater environment. This is the second league.

Ghostborn League

All the courses from the Ghostborn League have a Darkness/Haunted environment. This is the third league.

Pouchet League

All the courses from the Pouchet League have a Snowy environment. This is the fourth league.

Smilonian League

All the courses from the Smilonian League have a City/Town environment. This is the fifth league.

Goru League

All the courses from the Goru League have a Galactic environment. This is the sixth league.

Drone League

All the courses from the Drone League have a Laboratory/Factory environment. This is the seventh league.

Verin League

All the courses from the Verin League have a Volcanic/Mountain environment. This is the eighth league.

Tanooki League

All the courses from the Tanooki League have a Desert/Ruins environment. This is the ninth League.

Master League

All the courses from the Tanooki League have a Digital environment. This is the last League.

  • Polygon Highway (Fantendo ObstaCourse)
  • Coding Circuit (Fantendo ObstaCourse)
  • Binary City (Fantendo ObstaCourse)
  • Pixel Crash (Fantendo ObstaCourse)
  • Final Frames (Fantendo ObstaCourse)

Confirmed Items

  • Magic Bullet - a standard item that everyone get whenever the race start, or when they used their item they've got from an I.D.G. In simple words, every player always have this item, and can only be not used when they've got another item from the I.D.G. This Magic Bullet can activate switches, stun opponents, and other things. Players have an infinite amount of them.
  • Piece of Ice - This item can be laid behind. Anyone coming in contact with it will slip.
  • Piece of Fire - This item can also be laid behind. Anyone coming in contact with it will be set to fire, and thus be stunned.
  • Freezing Spike - An icicle that can freeze opponents for a few seconds.
  • E.F.G. - This item looks like a I.D.G., but it explodes whenever someone comes in contact with it.
  • Super Bullet - A larger Magic Bullet that can be used to stun opponents even more.
  • Bomb Bullet - Similar to Magic Bullet, can be shot to opponents. It explodes on contact.
  • Spinner Vortex - A spiral-like item that can make opponents dizzy. It won't have any effect on switches.
  • Camo-Cloak - A Cloak that make players invisible. Opponents can't target invisible players.
  • Snatch Wand - Allows players to steal the item of a random opponent.
  • Potion of Power - Makes players invincible and faster for a short time. Players under this effect can stun opponents on contact.
  • Chasing Bullet - An advanced version of a Magic Bullet that can follow the closest target without targeting by yourself.
  • Quick Bullet - Is always in a pack of three. These are Magic Bullets that are shot as quick as lightning.

Unlockable Items

  • Piece of Wind - Similar to the Pieces of Ice and Fire, it can be laid behind. Anyone coming in contact with it will get blown away in a random direction (Forwards, backwards, even to above!) Unlocked when cleared Coin Mode in Nymph's Paradise.
  • Quaking Rock - A powerful item that will stun every single opponent that is on the ground, distance doesn't matter. It doesn't have any effect on characters in the sky. Unlocked when cleared Rush Mode in Snively Village.
  • Piece of Ground - Possibly the worst item, as, when walking on it, only slows movement, but nothing else. Unlocked when cleared Race Mode in Waterfall Canyons.

Confirmed Special Items

  • Male Pushy (Pesh) - Will go through the whole course and bashes every single opponent it meets. It stops when it hits the last opponent.
  • Stratos Ball (Teardrop) - Will fly to the opponent at first place and causes an explosion.
  • Hooly (Zak) - Apparently, your favorite coolest squid is now an item. He'll drag the user to a different place while a cluster of Hooligans stay at the place Hooly is used. The Hooligans can be sent away with Magic Bullets.
  • Bullet BoB (Ella) - The player transforms in this crazy item, that will automatically race through the whole course for a short time.
  • Elemental Stones (Gorge) - ?
  • Tensō Sock (Jake) - A special item that teleports Jake just before the opponent that's before him. If no one's before him, he moves quicker.
  • Racing Rubber (Red) - This special eraser follows the user, leaving a (temporary) trail of nothingness behind him. Anyone can fall into this trail, and will be carried close to from where they fell.
  • Pyro Sword (DREW) - When the user gets this blade, he/she blasts down the track leaving a trail of fire behind him and can slash out at opponents with the sword to damage them.
  • Blood Cola (Kid Kiba) - The user gains an immense speed boost, being five times as fast as when passing a Speed Panel.
  • Neo Geo Pocket Theo (Bearded Smiley) - The user yells into the apparatus, becoming a huge annoying noise going across the entire course, making opponents paralyzed for 1–3 seconds. The Map in the bottom right will also look distorted for these opponents, for 15 seconds.
  • Cubey (Meta-Form) - Like Hooly, Cubey became an item for some reason. Cubey will transform into Bazooka-Cubey and the user will throw him to the nearest opponent. Cubey cannot be avoided or blocked.

Confirmed Modes

  • Competition - The main mode where players can get unlockables and earn other prizes.
  • Freestyle - Players can determine their own rules and play more modes than available in Competition. However, players cannot unlock things in Freestyle. They can, however, do multiplayer games with 1-3 others.

Sub-Modes in Both Competition and Freestyle

Players can challenge either a league's course or a whole league in these modes.

  • Race - You go against three opponents and have to finish first. While Challenging a league in Race Mode, Points will be added together, and the participant with the most points wins. The player has to get the most points to get first.
  • Coin - You and another opponent collect as many coins as possible while doing three laps. The one that has the most coins wins. The one that finishes first, will get 10 coins. There are one hundred coins scattered around the course.
  • Time - The player has to finish three laps before the time stops at zero. While challenging a League, the time left when finished will be added to the time of the following race.
  • Rush - The player goes against an opponent, and tries to prevent the opponent from crossing the next checkpoint line within five seconds after the player does. Checkpoint lines are like finish lines, except two of them have been set on ⅓rd and ⅔rd of the course, and do not count laps. Unlocked when cleared Race Mode in Nymph's Paradise.

Sub-Modes only in Freestyle

These cannot be played in Competition. Some of them have to be unlocked in Competition, though.

  • Practice - You can practice a course in Race Mode alone or with computer players. You don't have a limit of laps, meaning this goes eternally until the player stops with Practice.
  • Record - Kind of like the reverse of Time, as the player has to clear three laps as fast as possible, but the timer begins at zero and is counting forth. Going against the record ghost is optional. Unlocked when cleared Coin Mode in Waterfall Canyons.

Sub-Modes only in Master Mode

Whenever done everything in Competition, it doesn't end there! You'll get another mode, where you have to challenge the Masters of the ObstaCourse.

In Master Mode, the opponents get trickier. In fact, every character you have to challenge in this mode has a distinctive personality, and thus, a distinctive strategy. Like that one only uses shortcuts, while others use items instead. The Masters of the ObstaCourse will do that in this mode.

  • Super Race - Race against the opponent whose species name is in the League's name. You've to do all the courses in a league, which now have one lap!
  • Mingle - Race against the Master of the league. Like the Super Race, you've to do all the courses of a league. Not only that, each course is played in a different mode!
  • Last Stand - A mix between Super Race and Mingle: You've to race against the Master and the opponent whose species is in the League's name. The courses are all in a different mode, and the modes with laps will have one. The last League will be against all the Masters of the ObstaCourse.


  • Magique - The Nymph of the Nature, and the Master of the Beorn League. She is quite the one who likes the speed, so she takes a lot of Speed Panels!
  • Taki - The Sage of the Splashing Rivers, and the Master of the Oceanian League. Knowing all the passages, his way to win is to take shortcuts.
  • Bogart - The Monster of the Marshes, and the Master of the Ghostborn League. As he leaves a trail of mud, he leaves a trail of Items behind him.
  • Nevero - The Climbing Inuit of Unexplored Glacier, Master of the Pouchet League. He climbs his way to get the unexplored, like a Speed Panel or shortcut.
  • Mr. Thomasson - The King of the Business, and thus Master of the Smilonian League. He has a habit to throw useless items away and use the rare items instead.
  • Zixxawq - The Intergalactic Explorer, and Master of the Goru League. He explores every bit, hoping for something good.
  • Professor Schraubnagel - The Goodhearted Cyborg Scientist, and Master of the Drone League. He's very fond of gadgets, so he uses every Item he gets!
  • Fundiroca - The Rock that Never Fully Melts, and the Master of the Verin League. He throws every item in front of him, hoping that he hits anybody.
  • Queen Liusha - Ancestor of Ancestors, and Master of the Tanooki League. Tricking her opponents is her specialty.


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