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Fantendo Now (also known as Fantendo Now! in some countries) is a show helmed by Exotoro that is expected to start sometime during Summer, 2015. The show will be more in depth than any other show before, with title cards and a "summary" and "transcript" page for each episode. Fantendo the Animated Series: The Next Generation will still be going on even as this show goes on as the two are in different contuinites.

Unlike any show before it, there are no "main characters". Each episode can focus "on a totally unrelated character so long as there's a story to tell". With this in mind, most episodes will likely focus on characters such as Unten, Strafe, Leah, 3.14 and the newly introduced Sakeena Kamel.

The show is in the Main Fantendo canon as opposed to an alternate universe. The purpose is to fill it with building blocks that aren't big enough to be standalone.

The series had a spin-off created by Sr.Wario (tbc) known as Fantendo - Gaiden, which focuses on side characters in the Fantendoverse. Another spinoff, announced in 2017 called Fantendo Fragments was created, focusing on short episodes that touched on characters in the New Fantendoverse and connected realities.



  • Unten - The savior and destroyer of Zeon. This guy just cannot catch a break but he's always trying to do the right thing. He also seems to have a crush on Rachel.
  • Strafe - TBA
  • PalmMan - TBA
  • Sakeena Kamel - TBA
  • Leah Needlenam - TBA
  • X-Ray - TBA
  • Reese - TBA
  • Rachel - Unten's best friend and adopted mother of Robyn. She might be the most ordinary character on here and is slowly getting used to the strange new things that have entered her life.


  • Volt - TBA
  • The Threat - TBA
  • 3.14 - TBA
  • Flicker - TBA
  • Xerox - TBA
  • DragonMan - TBA
  • Logi - TBA
  • Denos - TBA


Season 1


Season 1 of Fantendo Now takes place after Fantendo Labyrinth and the middle of the season takes place after 3.14 Worlds with 3.14's return to Earth. Although Fantendo - Hivemind Halloween is not an episode, it takes place in this season.

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Title Info
001 1 The Great Train Robbery While Unten attempts to figure out who he is by exploring the world, the train he gets a lift onto is attacked by bandits and he must team up with the people on the train to take the robbers down. While he is taking down the robbers, he comes across Strafe who is in a similar place in his life.
002 2 Witch House In the country side, Unten and Strafe find a witch's house, who invites them in. It is discovered that she has tools for eating humans and Unten and Strafe slowly begin to work a plan to attack the witch before she eats them. They find PalmMan in the basement and figure that she was going to eat him. As they prepare to fight her, the witch simply runs away crying, leaving Unten, Strafe, and PalmMan to escape. As they escape, it is revealed that the witch simply wanted friends and wanted to be different from her cannibal parents, who ate each other.
003 3 Metamorphosis The Fan and The Enemy believe something is missing and they figure it has to be Ella Metals, but they can't simply bring her back. They decide to instead give her powerset to a girl named Sakeena Kamel, who finds the powers awesome but also somewhat of a curse.
004 4 Singing and Dancing Reese enters a dancing competition which Leah and X-Ray are participating in by chance.
005 5 HOTDOGSANDHALALTitleCard.pngHotdogs and Halal Strafe and Sakeena go to a baseball game.
006 6 ANOTHERONETitleCard.pngAnother One Unten finds another Beorn.
007 7 BermudaBermudaTitleCard.pngBermuda Bermuda Leah, Sakeena, X-Ray and PalmMan head to the Bermuda Triangle in search of a rare flower, discovering an entire civilization populated by Amelia Earhart's children who don't age thanks to a Fountain of Youth.
008 8 The Apprentice The Apprentice leaves the Enemy's side to be his own person.
009 9 CRASHTITLECARD.pngCrash Rachel injures herself in a motorcycle stunt and Unten is unsure how to act.
010 10 Xerox Leah introduces her girlfriend. Rachel believes that Xerox may be trying to murder X-Ray.
011 11 City of flame2s.pngCity of Flames Hestia attempts to protect her planet from a comet that's coming from Vokkskar. This episode is out of chronological order, taking place about a million years before the events of Fantendo - Genesis.
N/A N/A Fantendo - Hivemind Halloween This is not an episode but it is expanded universe material that takes place during this season, some unknown time after "Crash" and "Xerox" but before "3.14 Neon". The story follows Volt as he suffers from a headache and Unten's group as they head to a Halloween Party.
012 12 3.14 Neon 3.14 returns to Earth and with the help of Flicker, attempts to talk to another violent living program called Pixel.
013 13 BODYCLOSETTitleCard.pngBody Closet Rachel starts dating someone that may not be what they say they are.
014 14 The Other Earth Unten meets some new people from another dimension.
015 15 Prom Night Aurora and Robyn come to visit and Aurora teaches X-Ray how to play the guitar. Leah looses a bet and either must go to Reese's prom that night or have X-Ray go in her place, with Unten deciding.


Takes some place between Season 1 and Season 2. The two episodes were written by DarKingdomHearts (tbc).

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Title Info
Special A 01 SystemGlitchTitleCard.pngSystem Glitch When Sakeena wonders about the A22 Enterprises branch laboratory that got destroyed by Pixel, she and Rachel venture there only to encounter a little trapped boy. They take him with them which displeases a certain program.
Special B 02 EnterTheDatabaseTitleCard.png

Enter the Database

After X-Ray got trapped inside of Pixel's database, Leah, Rachel and Sakeena desperately search for a way to get her out which brings them to a familiar old face. Meanwhile X-Ray meets Error, a program living inside of Pixel's database who tries to help her get out.

Season 2


Takes place after the events of Season 1 and Fantendo Sports Resort. Unten and many of the other main characters now live at Boltzmann.

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Title Info
016 01 Settling into Boltzmann The characters enter Boltzmann and get settled in while. Little do they know about that there is a threat on the loose.
017 02 GUILTYTitleCard.pngGuilty Leah is accused of murder and is sent to court. The case is not what it seems when Sakeena finds out what's really going on.
018 03 Zeon Falling Unten is interviewed by a writer who wishes to publish his life story, but executives keep changing the story for "marketability".
019 04 The Bat A teenage baseball player gets a hold on a stray Galvan Artifact. Things go sour fast.
020 05 The Threat's Beorn Unten and Sakeena go to an alien forest planet, where they find another Beorn. Although they become friends quickly, things go very sour when they find out they're on opposing forces.
021 06 Squav A green squirrel named Squav attempts to fit in with the group.
022 07 FORESTOFSILENCETitleCard.pngThe Forest of Silence Unten and Leah come across a strange forest which seems to be located in a wormhole. Half library, half forest, all terror awaits them inside.
023 08 By Candlelight Volt tries to get relationship advice from the group.
024 09 Sparring with Six Unten is sent to train Six to help fight against the Threat.
025 10 Savior Leah is captured by the Twisted Cross and is forced to help destiny decide whether the Twisted Cross should fall or be saved after Beth escapes. Meanwhile, Susan Syringe makes a difficult choice.
026 11 The Unten of Two Worlds An alternate reality reaches out to our Fantendoverse.
027 12 I'm On Your Side Unten is joined by Liameno when fighting off The Threat's forces on the Planet Jeniz. Unten believes Liameno is a friend but learns more about Liameno from Logi and Denos. Unten reexamines what he's fighting for as Liameno heads to take over Huxxabu.
028 13 VanillaIceCreamTitleCard.pngVanilla Ice Cream Alcyone goes after her new target: Meta-Form.
029 14 ONESNAILOVERALLTitleCard.pngOne Snail Over All It's election season and this year is one of the tightest races in US History. Both candidates realize whoever Unten and the others choose could impact the winner of this election and attempt to get them their on their side.
30/31 15/16 AFLASHBEORNOUREYESTitleCard.pngA Flash Beorn Our Eyes During a battle with Two in the Bermuda Triangle, Unten is seemingly vaporized in front of his team mates. Believing Unten to be dead, the team hosts a funeral for him. On a distant planet, Unten appears with no way to call for help. Even worse, he discovers that his old foe Doomulus Grime is trapped on the planet with him.

Season 2.5 Shorts

Happen before Victory but after Beorn Hallow and Strafe: Dictator. Each episode focuses on one character and one character close to them that wouldn't really get spotlighted otherwise.

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Title Info
SHORT 01 01 Imperium Dance A short episode focused on the thoughts of Imperium as Unten faces off a bounty hunter.
SHORT 02 02 Mother Serah Rachel visits her friend Serah and learns about her strange kids.
SHORT 03 03 Candle in the Rain Leah and X-Ray gets a visit from Beth in the middle of the night.
SHORT 04 04 What's In A Name? Strafe and Joseph help Listless Strafe come up with his new identity.
SHORT 05 05 Date Planner Sakeena helps Vespa and Adam with a date.
SHORT 06 06 RoseMan PalmMan tries to get the perfect gift for DragonMan.

Season 3

The status of there being a Season 3 is still unknown, but it will likely take place after the events of "Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory".


  • An episode based off Fantendo - Mosiac was considered but ultimately scrapped.
  • An episode focusing around a victim of the Twisted Cross and Leah's attempts to break her from her upbeat spirit was also considered but was scrapped as well. Possible elements of this episode likely showed up in "Xerox".
  • An episode entitled "Palm Reading" was cut entirely and would have likely been filler. The description was:
    • "Sakeena asks PalmMan to proofread some of her fanfiction, where PalmMan finds that her fanfiction seems to line up with future events. Meanwhile, Strafe and Rachel find a time capsule that's dated 30 years old, but has weird technology in it."


Character art specifically made for Fantendo Now.