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Fantendo Nightmare Logo
Fantendo Nightmare Box
Developer(s) Moonlight Studios Logo
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U & Neptune Z
Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s) 2012
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) 12Rating

Fantendo Nightmare is a fighting game for the Neptune Z and 3DS developed by Moonlight Studios .

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  • Story Mode
    • Beginner
    • Average
    • Expert
    • Pro
  • Stadium
    • Brawl - Fight against other characters unlocked in Story Mode
    • Boss Battles - Fight against Bosses from Story Mode
    • Enemy Rampage - Fight against swams of Enemies fought in Story Mode


The Fantendoverse is a peaceful and tranquil land filled with many heroes and villains. But, one day, an evil god appears and descends the universe into a nightmare. The heroes must save Fantendoverse from the evil god.



Image Name Series Description How to Unlock
Douglas 3D Douglas Cursed Enigma Unlock in Chapter 2 - Bridgeport Streets
Grim 3D Grim Cursed Enigma Unlock in Chapter 52 - Bridgeport Streets Revisited
Pheros 3D Pheros Cursed Enigma Unlock in Chapter 43 - Darkness Realm
Bolt - Fantendo Nightmare Bolt Cursed Enigma Unlock in Chapter 63 - Darkness Castle Revisited
Zenn Zenn Ninja Scripts Unlock in Chapter 28 - Ninja Citadel
Meka Meka Ninja Scripts Unlock in Chapter 17 - Meerkat Desert
Ottus Ottus Ninja Scripts  Unlock in Chapter 56 - Ninja Citadel Revisited
Rare Rare Element Warriors Unlock in Chapter 60 - Magma Town Revisited
Raion Raion Element Warriors Unlock in Chapter 38 - Magma Town
Pine (Elemental Warriors) Pine Element Warriors Unlock in Chapter 41 - Ice Mountain
Meta-Form 3D Meta-Form Meta-Form Unlock in Chapter 16 - Nadian City
Cubey 3D Cubey Meta-Form Unlock in Chapter 53 - Nadian City Revisited
Ella Metals Ella Metals Ella-Metals Unlock in Chapter 1 - VineVille
Andy Pasta Andy Pasta Ella-Metals Unlock in Chapter 59 - VineVille Revisited
Mr. Chilli Mr. Chilli Mr. Chilli Unlock in Chapter 10 - Smilonian Camp
Padge 3D Padge Padge Unlock in Chapter 5 - FastJet
Arcois Arcois Opaque View Unlock in Chapter 32 - Monochrome Village
Recto - Fantendo Nightmare Recto Flat Pack Puzzler Unlock in Chapter 13 - Triad Coliseum
TaBooki - Fantendo Nightmare TaBooki TaBooki Unlock in Chapter 6 - Tanooki Tail Fields
TaBella - Fantendo Nightmare TaBella TaBooki Unlock in Chapter 54 - Tanooki Tail Fields Revisited
Theodor - Fantendo Nightmare Theodor TaBooki Unlock in Chapter 64 - Tanooki Clouds
Flynn Flynn TaBooki Unlock in Chapter 65 - Tanooki Mountain
Kaichu Kaichu Pikachu Fighters Unlock in Chapter 18 - Float City
Paucha Paucha PichuQuest Unlock in Chapter 50 - Pouch Town
Mason Mason Light Chronicles Unlock in Chapter 55 - Keroro Marshes Revisited
Keroro Keroro Light Chronicles Unlock in Chapter 11 - Keroro Marshes
Fruity - Fantendo Nightmare Fruity Fruity Toucan Unlock in Chapter 9 - Toco Jungle
Coldfront Coldfront Fruity Toucan Unlock in Chapter 51 - Ice Mountain Revisited
David - Fantendo Nightmare David David Unlock in Chapter 8 - Middletown
Thomas Thomas David Unlock in Chapter 45 - Middletown Revisited
Yoshi Egg Nook YoshiEgg Nook YoshiEgg Unlock in Chapter 12 - Dinosaur Land
Bloop - Fantendo Nightmare Bloop YoshiEgg Unlock in Chapter 61 - Dinosaur Land Revisited
3.14 - Fantendo Nightmare 3.14 3.14 Unlock in Chapter 34 - Pi Palms
Tucker - Fantendo Nightmare Tucker Tucker Unlock in Chapter 4 - Tucker Catacombs
160px Zak Doodleland Unlock in Chapter 7 - Doodleland
Darkclaw - Fantendo Nightmare Darkclaw Doodleland Unlock in Chapter 49 - Dragon Castle Revisited
Hooly - Fantendo Nightmare Hooly Doodleland Unlock in Chapter 62 - Doodleland Revisited
Dan - Fantendo Nightmare Dan Doodleland Unlock in Chapter 26 - Dragon Castle
Maion - Fantendo Nightmare Maion One Winged Angel Unlock in Chapter 42 - Demon Realm
Pesh - Fantendo Nightmare Pesh Pusher's Pile Unlock in Chapter 3 - Pushopolis
Pashie - Fantendo Nightmare Pashie Pusher's Pile Unlock in Chapter 48 - Pushopolis Revisited
Jack Johnson Jack Johnson Jack Unlock in Chapter 22 - Toy Land
Suzy Sweetheart Suzy Sweetheart Jack Unlock in Chapter 46 - Toy Land Revisited
Dux Dux Fish 'N' Chips Unlock in Chapter 14 - Dorsal Fin Temple
Lucasa Lucas Fish 'N' Chips Unlock in Chapter 57 - Dorsal Fin Temple Revisited
Aingeru Aingeru Battle of Bracelets Unlock in Chapter 23 - Waterness City
Kyle Thundes Kyle Thunders Kyle Thunders Unlock in Chapter 24 - Factory
Unten - Fantendo Nightmare Unten TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR Default
Zerita Zerita TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR Unlock in Chapter 19 - Peaceful Plains
McBoo McBoo McBoo Unlock in Chapter 29 - McBoo's Mansion
O&#039;Lantern - Fantendo Nightmare O'Lantern McBoo Unlock in Chapter 47 - McBoo's Mansion Revisited
Spaghetti - Fantendo Nightmare Spaghetti Gridlock Unlock in Chapter 37 - Gridlock Inferno's
Swiss Swiss Cheese Cryptor Unlock in Chapter 15 - Cheese Village
Chedd Cheese Cryptor Unlock in Chapter 66 - Chedd Caves
Speedy - Fantendo Nightmare Speedy iPenguin Unlock in Chapter 20 - iPenguin HQ
Thunderr - Fantendo Nightmare Thunderr Thunderr Unlock in Chapter 30 - Rage Forest
Purple - Fantendo Nightmare Purple Purple Unlock in Chapter 27 - Ninjitsu Temple
Ginourm Ginourm Purple Unlock in Chapter 35 - Newcunner Kingdom
Scyplo - Fantendo Nightmare Scyplo Robo Madness Unlock in Chapter 21 - Sky Pirate Lair
Strafe Strafe Strafe Unlock in Chapter 25 - Theives Guild Base
Gumball Gumball Gumball Unlock in Chapter 33 - Butterscotch Beach
Candy Gumball Unlock in Chapter 58 - Rhubarb River
Vizro - Fantendo Nightmare Vizro VizzShield Unlock in Chapter 31 - Forest Base
Sixty Four - Fantendo Nightmare Sixty Four The Sixty Four Saga Unlock in Chapter 40 - Northern Peaks
Dudle Dudel Doodlemen Unlock in Chapter 36 - Temple of Tomb
Dudlette Dudlette Doodlemen Unlock in Chapter 39 - Snowtown Square
Brickerton Brickerton Brick 'n' Block Unlock in Chapter 67 - Shapia South
Bitsy Bitsy Brick 'n' Block Unlock in Chapter 68 - Shapia North
Dream N/A


Image Name Description How to Unlock
Reda Provides a Radar Default
Skyer Provides Higher Jumps Buy for 3000 Coins in the Ice Mountain Store
Streng Provides More Strength Buy for 3000 Coins in the Keroro Marshes Store
Zum Provides Extra Speed Buy for 3000 Coins in the Peaceful Plains Store
Gone Provides Stealth Buy for 3000 Coins in the Shapia North Store


Note: Levels are in order of appearance in Story Mode

Name Series Description Bosses
VineVille Ella-Metals
  1. Rob Ber
  2. Kaisser Cassia
Bridgeport Streets Cursed Enigma
  1. Burnos
  2. Robo
Pushopolis Pusher's Pile
  1. Besh
  2. Professor E. Vil Oldton
Tucker Catacombs Tucker
  1. Ghost Boo
FastJet Padge
  1. Haunted Aeroplane
Tanooki Tail Fields TaBooki
  1. GherooB
  2. Taër
Doodleland Doodleland
  1. Dark X
  2. Sunos
Middletown David
  1. Max Power
  2. Roger Power
Toco Jungle Fruity Toucan
  1. King Razorbill
Smilonian Camp Mr. Chilli
  1. Lance Darville
Keroro Marshes Light Chronicles
  1. Votist
  2. Vipez
Dinosaur Park YoshiEgg
  1. CrackedEgg Nook
  2. The Groo
Triad Coliseum Flat Pack Puzzler
  1. Draco
Dorsal Fin Temple Fish 'N' Chips
  1. Alvin
  2. Perry
Cheese Village Cheese Cryptor
  1. Kryptor
Nadian City Meta-Form
  1. King Kube Bot
  2. Big Bad Bot
Meerkat Desert Ninja Scripts
  1. Minos
  2. Leeso
Float City Pikachu Fighters
  1. Major Mole
  1. Netnu
iPenguin HQ iPenguin
  1. Agent P.
Sky Pirate Lair Robo Madness
  1. Betolpy
Toy Land Jack
  1. Buzz Nizz
  2. Catsune
Waterness City Battle of Bracelets
  1. Drake
Factory Kyle Thunders
  1. Electroid Boss
Theives Guild Base Strafe
  1. Sear
Dragon Castle Doodleland
  1. Sata
  2. Elos
Ninjitsu Temple Purple
  1. Tatan
Ninja Citadel Ninja Scripts
  1. Huentas
  2. Kroko
McBoo's Mansion McBoo
  1. Tranzformez
  2. McOober
Rage Forest Thunderr
  1. Rage
Forest Base VizzShield
  1. Kanto Dragons (Possessed)
Pouch Town PichuQuest
  1. Brispirit
Monochrome Village Opaque View
  1. Lienzo (Possessed)
Butterscotch Beach Gumball
  1. Drake the Dark Dog Spirit
Pi Palms 3.14
  1. Master Binary
Newcunner Kingdom Purple
  1. Demoni
Temple of Tomb Doodlemen
  1. Scribboy
Gridlock Inferno's Gridlock
  1. Lord Gridlock and Sliver
Magma Town Element Warriors
  1. Icicalum
  2. Burnenial
Snowtown Square Doodlemen
  1. Lord Shavings
Northern Peaks The Sixty Four Saga
  1. Eight Bit
Ice Mountain Element Warriors
  1. Vineos
  2. Magmatics
Demon Realm One Winged Angel
  1. Germoo
Darkness Realm Cursed Enigma
  1. Darkness
Nightmare Castle N/A
  1. Sealed Nightmare
  2. Cloaked Nightmare
Tanooki Clouds TaBooki
  1. S-D
Tanooki Mountain TaBooki
  1. Puppet June
Chedd Caves Cheese Cryptor
  1. Chedd (Possessed)
Shapia North Brick 'n' Block
  1. Trickerton
Shapia South Brick 'n' Block
  1. Raymond
Rhubarb River Gumball
  1. Spookella

Non-Plot Locations

Name Series Description Bosses
Twilight Meadow N/A
  1. Phantom Darkness
Graveyard N/A
  1. Zombie Darkness
Maze of Banned Lights Battle of Bracelets
  1. Zouméras



No. Name Description Characters Unlocked
1 VineVille Ella Metals
2 Bridgeport Streets Douglas
3 Pushopolios Pesh
4 Tucker Catacombs Tucker
5 FastJet Padge
6 Tanooki Tail Fields TaBooki
7 Doodleland Zak
8 Middletown David
9 Toco Jungle Fruity
10 Smilonian Camp Mr. Chilli
11 Keroro Marshes Keroro
12 Dinosaur Land YoshiEgg Nook
13 Triad Coliseum Recto
14 Dorsal Fin Temple Dux
15 Cheese Village Swiss
16 Nadian City Meta-Form
17 Meerkat Desert Meka
18 Float City Raichu
19 Peaceful Plains Zerita
20 iPenguin HQ Speedy
21 Sky Pirate Lair Scyplo
22 Toy Land Jack Johnson
23 Waterness City Aingeru
24 Factory Kyle Thunders
25 Theives Guild Base Strafe
26 Dragon Castle Dan
27 Ninjitsu Temple Speedy
28 Ninja Citadel Zenn
29 McBoo's Mansion McBoo
30 Rage Forest Thunderr
31 Forest Base Vizro
32 Monochrome Village Arcois
33 Butterscotch Beach Gumball
34 Pi Palms 3.14
35 Newcunner Kingdom Ginourm
36 Temple of Tomb Dudel
37 Gridlock Enigma's Spaghetti
38 Magma Town Raion
39 Snowtown Square Dudlette
40 Northern Peaks Sixty Four
41 Ice Mountain Pine
42 Demon Realm Maion
43 Darkness Realm Pheros
44 Nightmare Castle N/A
45 Middletown Revisited Thomas
46 Toy Land Revisited Suzy Sweetheart
47 McBoo's Mansion Revisited O'Lantern
48 Pushopolis Revisited Pashie
49 Dragon Castle Revisited Darkclaw
50 Pouch Town Paucha
51 Ice Mountain Revisited Coldfront
52 Bridgeport Streets Revisited Grim
53 Nadian City Revisited Cubey
54 Tanooki Tail Fields Revisited TaBella
55 Keroro Marshes Revisited Mason
56 Ninja Citadel Revisited Ottus
57 Dorsal Fin Temple Revisited Lucas
58 Rhubarb River Candy
59 VineVille Revisited Andy Pasta
60 Magma Town Revisited Rare
61 Dinosaur Land Revisited Bloop
62 Doodleland Revisited Hooly
63 Darkness Castle Revisited Bolt
64 Tanooki Clouds Theodor
65 Tanooki Mountain Flynn
66 Chedd Caves Chedd
67 Shapia South Brickerton
68 Shapia North Bitsy
69 Nightmare Dreams N/A
70 Nightmare Orb Dream







  • Hex
  • Nex
  • Fred




Name Description No. of Points
Beaten Darkness Complete the Game 100
The Darkness Descends Complete the Game twice 200
The Darkness becomes Light Complete the Game five times 1000
That One Acheievement With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember Complete the Game, only playing as Unten 600
Character Collector Unlock all Characters 50
Armour Store Unlock all Armour 50
Item Hoarder Purchase all Items 50
Helper or Hinderer Use all Helpers 20
Killer Defeat 1 Enemy 5
Speed Assassin Defeat 20 Enemies within 1 Minute 30
Blur Fiend Defeat 50 Enemies within 1 Minute 100
Ultimate Radar Find all Hidden Items and Armour 50
Dream Hero Play as Dream 10
Doing 'Dairy Good Play as both Swiss and Chedd 30
Download Freak Download all Spheres, Capsules and Hangars 60

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