Fantendo Mayhem 2
Developer(s) Luke Land Inc.
Publisher(s) Luke Land Inc.
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Fantendo Mayhem
Predecessor Fantendo Mayhem
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan 11th August 2020
25px-Flag of UK-1- 13th August 2020
25px-Flag of USA 13th August 2020
25px-Flag of Europe 1st September 2020
25px-Flag of Australia 1st September 2020
Mode(s) im not listing them here just yet
Storage Needed 10 GB - Wii U, 2 GB - 3DS
Fantendo Mayhem 2 is the long-awaited sequel to its popular predecessor. The game features not many returning features from its predecessor, but shall be relatively similar. More to come soon. If your character is permission needed, don't worry as they were in the old game. They shall return, and if there's a sequel I may not return them, I'd have to ask again. Though newcomers I will ask for permission if needed.


The game works similar to its predecessor, though not strategicly. More to be revealed sooner or later.


Way, way more to come. Seriously. About as much as.. all real-time Super Smash Bros. collided together.


Main Fighters

Character Description Series
Unten, the hero and destroyer of Zeon. He attacks with mainly melee and up-close punches, though his side B's consist of gas bomb throwing. He can also slide and do a clawshot attack, but overall he's mostly balanced with every one of his attacks. None faster and stronger than the others. SSB Prodigy
Netnu by Tom
Netnu, the complete (sort of) opposite of Unten. He uses his attacks wisely.. y'know, if you control him juuust right. His attacks are hard to explain here, so I'll leave it until I get to the page for him. SSB Prodigy
3.14 the protagonist of the 3.14 Series. One of his attacks are Pie Throw, in which he throws a pie. He can also use pies to attack, too.. by literally... smashing them with pies. To attack, he can also use mathematical sum in which he needs to charge, and can work like a sword SSB 314
Leah Boxart Render
Leah Needlenam
Leah, the multiverse's biggest traitor. She can use needles and hospital equipment.. but she can also use strange attacks like.. sending floating flesh out into the open, hitting everyone and everything in its path. Weird. SSB LeahNeedlenam
Bowie, the green teddy bear of the Western Forest tribe. Bowie can.. somehow form rocks into his hands, (and the longer he charges them, the bigger they'll be) and blast them off to his foes! He can also do some melee attacks. SSB Bowie
Guaptain Base
Guap, guap! Guaptain, the 12 year old... guap? His main moveset consists of his laser. That pesky laser- GUAP! His green eyes will tell you his feeling. For some reason. Matt'll tell you. SSB Guaptain
Hein Base
Hein, the demon teenager. In Hein's moveset, you can use his skeleton scythe for some extreme attacks! His barbed wire whip can whip the hell outta ya, too. Hopefully you can find your way around the dark woods. Heh. SSB DarkForest
BEEP. BOOP. Meta-form, the ageless-yet-16 year old robot! This heroic hunk of metal power is actually a hero, from the series of his own. He can transform into different vehicles, objects and even weapons! Most notably, tanks, planes and lions! BEEP BOOP. OUT. Meta-Form

Unlockable Fighters

Character Description Series Unlock Technique
Ashe - BowieQuest RPG
Ashe, the hungry son of Bowie. Ashe is supposedly slow, well, at least slower than most of the other fighters. Though, he can use cookies to his advantage. He can use his sword at times, and can throw cookies at opponents, damaging them slightly. SSB Bowie Battle 10 times.
Xerox is Leah Needlenam's girlfriend. She is a master of disguise, able to fool most people with any disguise she uses. Elements she can use this with vary the opponent closest to them, e.g. if next to Unten, she will disguise into a clone of Unten, though this move can only be used three times in battle. SSB LeahNeedlenam Complete All-Star Mode once.
PalmMan the robot that worked for MineMan. Interestingly, he uses napalm, a sticky attack in which that sticks to foes and blows up on them, much like a so called sticky bomb. He can also use a ring of leaves that spin around him, until he launches it to the opponents. SSB PalmMan Battle 20 times.
Fandro the flying blob. Fandro is an interesting character, with unique abilities. He can swallow big items, shoot lasers out of his eyes and poison enemies with fur that sticks out of his body. Did I mention he could fly? Anyway, he does not have good defense. Seriously. SSB Fandro Battle 30 times.

DLC Fighters





  • The game was originally going to be a Fantendo Smash Bros. game, when director Luke decided against it, and made a sequel to a previous, not too outstanding, game.
  • Fighters from the BowieQuest series appear in their RPG forms, which is more appropriate in a fight. I'm sure many will agree with me.

A game by Luke (tbc).

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