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Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Fantendo Crossovers

Fantendo Mayhem is a Fantendo fighting crossover game. Alot of Fantendo characters will be included, but not all. The game is released in 2016.


The gameplay is similar to Super Smash Bros. Series, where you have to fight ro unlock more and more stuff (characters, places) but unlike Super Smash Bros, it isn't 2.5D, its 2.9D. Also, there are enemies roaming around some places to make it even more trickier.

The player(s) can use different characters aswell, but some people just stick with some character(s). At the end of the match they will ask if you want a replay, the replay will end up having you in the back ground, just a shadow though. If you need help, The Fan will come down from the sky and help you out.

The places are where you battle. Abit like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it is abit of a sidescrolling area. You can use items that are in the place (skateboards, swords etc.) that will sometimes help you out. You also have 10 lives, for example, a Final Smash would make the opponent lose 5 lives.


Move/Run: 16px-Def Stick.svg.png

Attacks: D-PadWiiU.png

Jump: AbuttonWiiU.png


Fighting Mode (F.M.F.M)

In this mode they just fight for the Mayhem Ball!

Story Mode

Chapter One

It all started with Unten on Peaceful Plains when Pesh entered the same area.  Both of their eyes glittered as they set their eyes on a Legendary Topaz.  The two then preceeded to battle each other, and afterwards Netnu came and stole the prize, and then flew out.  This prompted Unten and Pesh to chase after him.

It was a nice day for Squav in his homeland, Squavacado Forest.  He then decided to take a walk, not knowing of the following perils.  After a short walk, he found and battled a possessed McBoo.  After McBoo's defeat, he lost his "master" and joined Squav.  The two journeyed into the accompanying Bear Forest and battled the game's first boss, Bananas the Monkey.  After the simple battle, Bowie was released from his prisonment by McBoo and the former joined the team and revealed a Legendary Topaz, which McBoo somehow knew about.  He felt a link between it and Netnu and went off after the ship, followed by Squav and Bowie.

Nightwolf was visiting Lani City without much reason and encountered Unten and Pesh and blocked their path.  After a short battle between Unten and Nightwolf, he then retreated back to Netnu's airship, apparently possessed by Dark Energy.  Unten and Pesh are mystified and found some type of portal.  Entering through it, they are suddenly attacked by enraged White, Ludro, and Danni.  After an unfair match, it was revealed that Dark Matter was controlling them with Netnu's help.  After the second boss fight, Netnu nearly escaped when McBoo, Squav, and Bowie invaded the airship and, after avoiding every weapon, managed to recover three Legendary Topazes.  The two teams then joined up with each other and then attempted to form a plan.

Chapter Two

Data and Umbra were at Lani City, arguing over which soda was better, Diet Coke or Root Beer.  While they weren't looking, Hardwire appeared and stole the watching Mika Sho, and then threatened Data to try to battle him.  Data fires his cannon but misses as the creature escapes.  After extra travelling they find Hugo and Owen, which are mistaken for crooks by Umbra.  After a short battle, the four find at least 10 Legendary Topazes - or so they thought, as it turned out to be HAX.  He got away with it but the four were now chasing him.  It was then when Trysparrow attempted to attack, leaving the four to fight him instead of getting HAX to join.  Once Trysparrow is defeated, he attempts to defeat one of the teams, and you get to pick which one is defeated.

If Data and Umbra are chosen

If Data and Umbra are blasted down, Hugo and Owen continue their chase after HAX, and then they come across and join McBoo and Squav, who are chasing HAX as well.  Mika is then shown in the skies trying to defeat Hardwire.  If Hardwire is beaten, Mika escapes and joins Unten, Pesh, and their team.

If Hugo and Owen are chosen

If Hugo and Owen are blasted down, Data and Umbra go up higher in Lani City and enter the portal to Sky City, which is where Hardwire escaped to.  Once they reach the city, they battle Unten, Pesh, White, Danni, Ludro, and Bowie.  After all six are defeated, the two teams unite and go to battle Hardwire and retrieve Mika Sho.  Once the battle is over they join up and then begin to search for McBoo and Squav.


Both teams, regardless on which fate you chose, join up eventually.  The team that fainted is revived by Pesh and White.  At one area known as (TBA) Scarlet Pensar was one an average walk when she came across Dawn.  After a long duel the two apologized and skipped out into the forest.

More to come...


Artwork Name   Description Series
Cunten.png Unten Unten the blue Beorn is once again fighting, but this time, he's fighting for those Diolal pieces! What will he do to get them? What will he do to fight?

SSB Fantendo Series.png


NetnuNew.png Netnu Netnu the evil red Beorn HAS to fight for those Diolal pieces! As he fights Unten, he also fights everyone else in Fanverse! What are his epic moves?!

SSB Fantendo Series.png


Mcbooreal.png McBoo McBoo may look like an inncoent pink fluff ball, but really, he's one of the strong ones! And he can scare away those who are willing to get those Dialol pieces


Booberry.png BooBerry The sweet and good boo is back to lo-fight the way to get them Diaolol pieces! BooBerrys 'Special' attack in In looove! McBoo
Fafpesh.png Pesh Pesh the Pouchet is back to get his hands on a Dialol. His attacks are very medeival-ish as he used to love knights!


Pushers Pile

DATA.png Data Data, half robot half human, needs to fight for them Diolal pieces. One of his eyes may make him look evil, but trust me, he's sooo not! Actually, in a way, the old god and him are related, kinda.



YEumbraYE.png Umbra TBA


NightwolfFDesperation.png Nightwolf Nightwolf the black wolf is back to fight and bite! After his "death" he's no longer, he really wants to fight to get them Dialol pieces!

Nightwolf Revolution

3.14.gif 3.14 The Luigi lookin' dude is just like a shadow so fighting won't be a problemo! Them Dialol pieces make him wanna go get some muccys, but also be a cool dude!


Hugo by Tom.png Hugo Hugo the strong and brave hero of Lani City is back for some fighting! He has a replica of that Dialol which he shares with his little bro, Owen.



Owen ACL.png Owen Owen Hugo's little bro shares that replica with hugo. Dialols were like there famllys big thing! Fighting would be a great chance to show off his awesome telekinisis!



Mika sho 2014.png Mika Sho Mika Sho the mutant girl is back to fight the Fanverse people for the Diolal! Diolals she knew about since the age of 10. Her fighting is one of a kind.

The Uncanny Adventures of Mika Sho

JakeHACKED.png Jake Jake the hacker once tryed to hack into "The Game" and made a character. The character turned into a glitch. But what was on Jake's mind at the moment? He was thinking about fighting to get something very specila.


HAX New.png HAX HAX the hacked enemy is very evil and scary. He dosent know what a Dialol is because he was made when Jake had made him. HACKED
TaBooki New.png TaBooki TaBooki is a Tanooki sort of Boo, which is unusual. He has Tanooki powers which he will use in his attacks!


Henry-In-3D.png Henry Henry the moose is back in action! He would love to get his hands on a.. a... A Dialol!
Bowie by Tom.png Bowie Bowie the green teddybear is back to fight them fanverse people and get them Dialol pieces! Bowie
Sqauv.png Squav Squav the leader of the Squavacado species is back to fight and get those Dialol pieces! No one can fight like this Squavacado! A Nutty Adventure
White.png White White the Popopo from Sky City is back to fight the people from the Multiverse to get them Dialol pieces! The Adventures of White
240px-Danni Black Gloves.png Danni Danni is an angel from a floating city known as Cielo, and is one of Viridi's top commanders. He's here to fight the Multiverse to get the Dialol pieces. The Legend of Cielo
Fandrooooooooooo.png Fandro The green blob with the red eye and wings is back to fight the members of the Multiverse to get them Dialol pieces. Fandro RPG
General Scotch by Tom.png General Scotch General Scotch returns from his adventures in the military to not only fight for bravest and strongest but also to get the Dialol pieces. General's Journey
Untitled21 Scratch Kat.png Scratch Kat Scratch Kat the Male Kat from Katville who likes.. Marshmallows wants to fight to get them Dialol pieces! Nothing can stop this pixel-power Kat! Fanverse
Dawn Concept.png Dawn Shadows Dawn is a shy girl who dosent like fighting, but today she HAS to! Oh boy! Dialol pieces! Fear Fighters
YonenBooeApplesTown.png YonenBooe YonenBooe the Booe wants his hands on one of them Dialols! What will he do to fight!? Apples
Spyro the shyguy.png Spyro Spyro had had a bad life behind him, but thats not gonna bother him to get his hands of a Dialol! Spyro and Weefly
Aingeru5.png Aingeru The Green winged hero will fly through the universe to find the Dialol pieces. If it's necessary, he will cut with his sword any obstacle! Battle of the Bracelets
Ludro.png Ludro Ludro is a cross between a koopa and a popopo.  He is known for his sheer magic powers and is willing to fit to get one of those darn Dialol pieces. The Adventures of White
Scarlet Pensar solo.png Scarlet Scarlet Pensar is a pyrokinetic super-elite magic user. She is willing to fight to get them Dialol pieces! ???
??? Glowy

Glowy the yellow yoshi glows in! He's ready to fight to get them Dialols! He can fight by booshing and tooshing!

Super Mario Bros (LuckyEmile Edition)

Unlockable Characters

Artwork Name   Description Series How to unlock
KidKiba.png Kid Kiba Kid Kiba the vampire kid is back to fight for them Dialol's! He'll use blood sucking moves and he can fly quite high. He can also wack people with his wings Kid Kiba Find 4 Dialol pieces

Paper Umbra

Umbra the cool kid is back to fight for those Dialol pieces! He can control light and darkness, so guess what he can do in-game... the excact same! He can take either dark or light from the ground, and throw it at a foe! He is one powerful character! Shadowcalypse (series) Defeat Trysparrow as General Scotch
CharlieRN.png Charlie Charlie the Robot makes his way to battle to get them Dialols! But, how will he fight alone? RoboNation/OilSpill Find 15 Dialol pieces, 3 as Fandro
BiB2 Tom Concept.png Tom  Tom the boy in blue is backto fight away to get his hands on the Dialols! His appearance is similar to the paper characters, but he has no outline. Boy in Blue Find the Bib.
Ethan Art TRoD.png Ethan Ethan the feirce warrior is willing to fight for those Dialols and is always powered up. He appears just like Paper characters The Realm of Dreams (series) Have Bowie, Fandro and General Scotch in the same match
Meta-FormFOC.png Meta-Form Meta-Form is a shapeshifting robot with good behavior despite being somewhat short-tempered. He gets the Dialols to make sure that no one will make misuses of these. He can also change his element and is an expert of many type of Fighting styles! Meta-Form FInd the Steel-Feel potion as White
KennyKoopa3DArtworkFlipped.png Kenny Koopa Kenny is a green koopa with one eye. He'll keep the Dialol safe, if he gets all the pieces for it. Kenny Koopa's Revenge Unlock the Koopa assist trophy.
4.13.gif 4.13 4.13 the other Luigi-lookin' guy is a bit different to 3.14, as he is white.. and more powerful. 3.14 Finish 20 matches add 3.14
RedYoshi Brawl.png RedYoshi RedYoshi the Red Yoshi is back to fight fight fight. Originating from the old series, RedYoshi, and thought to be forgotten, is back RedYoshi series With 3.14, 4.13, Squav and TaBooki, have 64 pieces for each


  • A sequel to the game was leaked in a photo, showing that the characters were blurred out, it showed Ashe, and a few other characters that have not yet been revealed.
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