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Fantendo Labyrinth is a 2015 Wii U game developed by Laughball Interactive. It is a dungeon crawler featuring a wide cast of Fantendoverse characters.



Fantendo Labyrinth takes heavy influence from the Diablo series and RPGs in its gameplay. Players choose a team of four characters to send into the Labyrinth, a sprawling dungeon with 300 floors. The Labyrinth is divided into sectors based on boss encounters, with 15 sectors total.

By completing floors, players gain new armor and weaponry along with coins to spend in the hub world. Characters also level up, allowing for better gear to be equipped. All gains are boosted relative to difficulty chosen.

In addition, players can utilize the Team Boost system, using specific groupings of characters to gain benefits like stat boosts or rare loot. Team Boosts can range from having two specific characters in a group of four (such as Unten and Thorn) to a full team, and the benefits tend to be higher based on the amount of required characters.

Fantendo Labyrinth Lite and BitQuests

Fantendo Labyrinth Lite is a companion app to Fantendo Labyrinth released alongside the game for the 3DS eShop. Players can link to their main game and use Lite on the go to check characters and progress, buy and sell items, and to activate BitQuest Mode. In BitQuests, dungeons are cleared by completing minigames ala WarioWare on the GamePad or 3DS touchscreen, and the dungeons are unlimited. This mode acts as a way to quickly gain small amounts of loot while away from the main game, and is the only way to unlock the 8-Bit set of armor and weaponry.

Story: Descent into Labyrinth

Descent into Labyrinth is the game's story mode. When several heroes of the Fantendoverse are transported to a mysterious world named Labyrinth, they must band together to find the culprit and get themselves home.

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Image Info Stats Special Gear Special Attack
Unten is one of the last surviving Beorns from Zeon, a hero and impromptu leader of the group stranded on Labyrinth. He is a balanced character with well-rounded stats, a powerful axe, and a plethora of Energy points at his disposal. HP: 25
Attack: 25
Defense: 25
Speed: 25
Energy: 50
Unten's Axe
A simple black axe. It's a melee-type weapon, but its combos allow it to extend out to mid-range.
Midas Unten
By consuming Blumps Fruit, Unten gains increased electrical abilities. +5 Attack and 10% chance to stun foes, costs 20 Energy.
Leah Needlenam
Former goddess, medical practitioner, X-rayoholic; Leah is a jerk, but a multi-talented jerk. Leah is a powerful yet slow attacker who can store extra healing items in her needle finger and summon a powerful blood creature. HP: 30
Attack: 40
Defense: 30
Speed: 20
Energy: 30
Needle Finger
Leah's iconic needle pinky. Equipped to the hand slot, ×1.5 poison damage and an additional potion slot.
Blood Circle
Leah summons a blood clone to fight. Attacks the closest enemy with melee attacks, remains active longer based on damage dealt, costs 15 Energy.
Reese is about as much of a blank slate as they come, often acting on whims and emotion alone. He's a heavily defensive character who can set up portals in time to dodge bad futures and draw enemies into a trance. HP: 20
Attack: 20
Defense: 40
Speed: 20
Energy: 50
A classy microphone Reese carries for when he's feeling a bit musical. Misc-type weapon, causes any non-boss enemies on-screen to dance if Reese gets a critical hit.
Chrono Portal
Reese opens a time portal that can send him back to the moment of its creation at the cost of losing items. Costs 25 Energy.



Name Info


Name Info

Special Attacks

Name Info

Team Boosts

Name Info
We Are The Light
Unten, Leah Needlenam, Reese, Iron Mask
"Run to the fire."
+15 to all stats, +50% chance of finding Gears of Time
Bad Couple
Unten and Thorn
"Every rose has its thorn."
Attack rises with damage dealt
Iron Mask, Volt, King Ash
"Swords might be cliche, but there's a good reason they became so cliche."
Melee-type weapons get increased range


Image Info
A strange doppelganger of Unten, seemingly summoned to fight him. Oontan fights by releasing damaging shrieks, or by stretching out his telescopic arms for long-range sweeping attacks.

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