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Fantendo Kart is a racing video game created by Stelios7. It includes popular Fantendo characters.


The game is your traditional kart racing game, with items to hinder the performance. It features a Grand Prix, Time Trial and VS mode.


In a Fantendoverse of it's former self, the skies are bleak and all is plain. Happiness must be brought to restore harmony. Old Fantendo heroes meet up to bring light back into the Universe by starting a grand racing tournament.


In total their are 14 playable characters in the game.

Default Characters

Image Character Weight Class Kart
Ella Metals Medium
Henry the Moose Heavy
Smile Light Ghost Rider
3.14 Light
PalmMan Heavy
Teardrop Seaside Heavy

Unlockable Characters

There are 4 unlockable characters with 2 more yet to be confirmed.

Character How to Unlock Weight Class Kart
Andy Pasta Come first with a 3 Star Rank in the Metal Cup. Medium Penne Patroller
Porkchop Come first with a 3 Star Rank in the Forest Cup. Light  
Come first with a 3 Star Rank in the Pi Cup. Medium  
Strafe Get A rank or above in the 150cc Metal Cup. Large Pistol Prowler


All of the courses are based around the games the characters play in.

Metal Cup

  • Bank of VineVille
  • Samuel's Lab
  • The Apartments
  • Noah

Pi Cup

  • Castle Street
  • A22 Enterprises
  • Pi Tribe
  • Universal Dessert

Forest Cup

  • The Forest
  • Castle Street Forest
  • Smile Spookway
  • The Old Treeway


  • Bullet BoB - (Ella Metals' special item. Throw one of three Bullet BoB's to explode on a player).
  • Palm - (PalmMan special item, like a Mushroom, works well in water).
  • Net - (Steals a Item)
  • A ball from 3.14 Sports Mix - Knocking the player further back depending on size and power hit by the item holder.
  • Pie - (Like a sends a player flying and a pie splattered screen).

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