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So, this is probably one of the games I'm looking forward to the most. iPenguin RPG is going to be a twist to the iPenguin series. It will be the longest game so far, and feature the most characters, enemies, levels, items, and bosses.


Speedy's art

The game is going to be highly based off of Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi, but merely in gameplay, not in story or anything.

Well, let's get on to the plot, already! It's going to be set primarily in Penguin City and it's surrounding places. Speedy, Climber, and the rest of the iPenguin gang are taking a vacation there, but something goes wrong (what an original plot twist!). Agent P. and his minions show up just as chaos erupts in the city.

But - another original plot idea approaching! - Agent P. is not at fault. It is actually the doing of a new villain. I'm not sure who the new villain will be, but I am sure he will be quite interesting.

Another cool little thing I'm adding: Canine. Yes, Canine from the currently unfinished iPenguin 3DS. He will be a recurring villain, much like Jr. Troopa, Lord Crump, and Popple. He won't be affiliated with Agent P. nor the new villain, but will just want revenge on Speedy.

Unlike all the past iPenguin games, only Speedy and Climber are playable. They will both be played as on screen, similar to Mario & Luigi. They will each have their own unique attacks (i.e. Speedy using speed, Climber being strong, etc.).

There won't be chapters, but the story will be split up into sections similar to that of chapters. There will be numerous new places that are brand new to the iPenguin series.


Sapphire Speedy's art

Enemies. Oh, so many enemies. This game will feature dozens and dozens of brand new enemies, alongside the few from previous games. Enemies will be battled like any RPG; in turn-based battles with HP and Defense. There will be quite a few sub-species of existing enemies, as well.

One more cool little thing. Sapphire Speedy will split into five separate beings at some point in the game. These beings will have to be beaten in a certain order to advance to whatever happens after. If the order is disrupted, you will be forced to go through all the levels and battles again.

I have many cool levels that I'm adding; my personal fave being Rainbow Falls. Rainbow Falls will be a major place in the game, and is basically a giant waterfall with rainbow-colored water. I'm not quite sure what it's importance or role is at the moment, however.

So, that basically wraps up this presentation. Bye.

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