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Yes, after, like, a whole year of waiting, I am finally continuing the Dark Fungi (series). It's been oh so long since the last Dark Fungi game was made, and now, I am finally announcing it.

Dark Fungi 3.

I'm taking this basically from the planned story for Dark Fungi 3: Links of Blood.

"We may share blood, but we are not brothers."

Since I have finished Dark Fungi 1 and 2 in the new timeline, I can reveal more than just the name of the game in this presentation, unlike August Blade 2.

Gorge, Kindle, Zache, Serpicide, and a new character (take a guess) are all I have far. The story so far is simple. Serpicide allies himself with the new character (take a guess), and Gorge, Kindle, and Zache team up to stop him. But something (take a guess) stops Gorge, and will affect his decisions on what to do.

There will be a multiplayer mode, as well, and a lot of different multiplayer missions. I'm going to try to put a lot of work in this to revive the series. It will be a third-person action/adventure game. There will be lots of enemies (new and old), bosses, characters, and levels.

It will be for both the OL Havoc and OL Machinima.

I'm not quite sure when exactly I will make this game, but it will be before summer, that bit I know.

Gawd I'm tired of short presentations.

But T-T-That's all, folks!

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