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What an awesome way to start a showcase. Meow. Oink.

Anyway, right here, right now, I am going to be revealing a bit about the sequel to an unfinished game.



Once I finish August Blade's story, August Blade 2 will start. Since I haven't made the story for August Blade, yet, I don't really know the story for AB2, either.

The only thing I can be sure of, is that there will be a new character.

An elf.

Yeah, an elf. Because why not? The elf will be named Dex, and I'm considering having some sort of story that may involve elves going extinct. Would that be interesting???



Well, coming from what I have so far, in my head, for August Blade 1, possibly. But I may not use that idea. All I know for certain is that Dex is an elf, and he will be in the game. The Shadow Tribe, the main villains for AB1 that I just created yesterday, will also return.

Some characters may not appear, however, due to possible circumstances in August Blade. Not sure who, but there most likely will be a few absences. There will definitely be more characters that the original. I don't think the user characters (Andrew, Elise, Coco, Tuck, and Stelly) will return, which leaves a lot of openings for brand new characters to join the fray.

I really have nothing more to say about this. The name, August Blade 2, is tentative, and I will change it eventually. I'm thinking "August Blade: Devastation", but I really don't know.

So, once again, a short presentation. Hope you enjoy the info. Ciao.

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