Welcome! This is a fan-fic made by Metroidfan01 (tbc), YoshiEgg (tbc), and many others. It tells the story of Sam, a lowly servant. Who becomes Fantendo's last hope. So, without further adieu, here's the story.


King Plumber stood on one of Fantendo Castle's numerous balconies, looking over the city below. A strange wind whipped through his beard, and the air seemed to ring with a piercing whistle. He turned to his companion, whom he addressed in a somber tone. "I fear this universe's days are numbered, my friend." His companion remained silent. "These dreams I have been having... tell me, my dear friend, what could they mean?" he asked. "The dark man riding the black horse, the faceless figures, this castle being engulfed in red smoke...". He trailed off, staring at the lights of Fan City, thinking of all it's inhabitants, unaware of his fears.

"I fear for the Users of this world, and for all the others who dwell here. Tell me, my friend, what does it mean?" His companion, robed in a dark blue hood, remained silent.

"I just hope I am wrong."


Chapters 1-30

Chapters 31-60

Chapters 61-62



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