Fantendo Heroes is a 2016 beat em' up game developed by Inora along with the entire community. The game's premise revolves around collecting Fantendoverse characters known as Heroes and using them in battle to complete missions. The game is focused equally on collection and missions, having a wide range of things to do and Heroes to collect.

Anyone can sign-up in the comments. Reception has been (TBA).


Dare invents a game he calls Heroes, where he plays with simulations of different Fantendoverse beings, and acting as the narrator, begins to tell an epic story.



The game is a combat-focused top-down action game where players control various Heroes. After selecting missions from a world map, the player selects a team of three Heroes to use for that mission.

From there, they must complete various objectives to complete the mission, with a boss at the end. Although linear, each mission features 3 extra tasks to earn, as well as loot crates. Each Hero can use 3-6 special moves that will reload, as well as a basic attack.

Defeating opponents and finding crates earns the player Hero Coins and Hero Points that act as experience.

There are other side modes, consisting of a Multiplayer Battle, Multiplayer Missions, and Events that are optional missions that can be completed to earn rewards, but only for a temporary time period.

There is also a shop where items and Heroes can be bought. Heroes can be bought by choice or by purchasing mystery gift boxes that are cheaper but have a chance of getting repeats.


Heroes can be:

  • Common
  • Semi-Rare
  • Rare
  • Ultra Rare
Hero Description Moveset
UntenMysteryProject Unten Symbol

"Hardly an un-expected character. Unten is the leader of the bunch usually and seems to get roped into crazy adventures.

Beneath the cheery exterior lies a highly-conflicted Beorn who deals with unrequited love and failing his planet. His life kind of sucks, if you couldn't tell yet.

2014 - Fissure"

Unten is a balanced character who is easy to use.

He is a starter character and Common, being a cheap character to purchase and sell.

He can be found in the Fissure Box or bought for a relatively cheap price.

  • Thunder Bolt: Unten blasts electricity across the stage in front of him. It's easy to avoid but will stun the opponent and do decent damage.
  • Thunder Punch: Unten rushes forward and does an electrically-charged punch. It's quick, powerful, and stuns the opponent but is easy to avoid.
  • Fanti Sling: Unten slings Fanti ahead. If it hits, it'll pull the loot crate/opponent to Unten.
  • Blump: Unten's first unlockable move. When he eats it, his next attack will have double attack power.
  • Glistening Blump: Unten becomes Midas Unten for a few seconds. He's slower, but immobilizes anything he touches. In addition, Hero Coins earned will be doubled. This is his second unlockable move.
LeahVictory SSB LeahNeedlenam

"Everybody knows Leah Needlenam. Despite being from a cancelled movie, she quickly rose to (in)famy as a Chaotic Evil reluctant protagonist.

In the New Fantendoverse, she's more of an anti-hero who is actually in a happy relationship. Something tells me her happiness won't last though...

2014 - It depends..."

Leah Needlenam is a glass cannon who should be handled by more skilled players.

She is a starter character and Common, being pretty cheap to buy and sell.

She can be found in the Skull Box or bought for a relatively cheap price.

  • Poison Needle: Leah slashes forward with her needlefinger. It's fast and weak, and will poison opponents on contact.
  • Defibrillator: Leah presses her Defibrillator on the opponent's chest. It will stop and restart their heart, stunning them for a few seconds.
  • Tranquilizer Gun: Leah blasts a dart at the opponent. They will fall down and instantly be defeated, but is only effective when used on weak enemies.
  • D-E-A-D S-A-G-A: Leah's first unlockable move. Slimey tentacles come out from the ground and drag a single opponent into the depths it came frome.
  • The Ambulance: Leah's second unlockable move. She whistles and an ambulance drives over the stage, running over opponents and doing massive damage.
StrafeVictory SSB Strafe

"A classic Fantendoverse character. After leaving Noah, he has quickly become a good friend of the heroes and assists them in their adventures.

A thief with a tragic past, Strafe left it all behind to come to America where he befriended the gang.

2015 - Fantendo - Genesis"

Strafe is a heavy character who is skilled at up-close combat and ranged combat, but lacks speed and defensive capabilities.

He is a starter character and Common, being pretty cheap to buy and sell.

He can be found in the Warzones Box or bought for a relatively cheap price.

  • Desert Eagles: Strafe gets out his Desert Eagle pistols and fires a bullet from each of them in separate directions. It's a fast and powerful move that takes a while to recharge.
  • Light Blast: Strafe fires a blast of light magic from his fingertips. It does no damage but weakens the opponent for a period of time.
  • Grenade Toss: Strafe tosses a grenade. After 5 seconds, it explodes, doing massive damage. It has a small range though, and can be evaded.
  • Mother's Blessing: Strafe's first unlockable move. A light aura surrounds Strafe, and his stats will be boosted for a small period.
  • Light Healing: Strafe's second unlockable move. Strafe glows and begins to heal. He will be immobilized during this time, but will heal a large amount. If it's interrupted, Strafe will not be able to finish healing.
RachelVictory FSB SportsResort

"A young woman who has an alright life, but is struck working at a gas station and isn't really going anywhere in life.

That is, until she met Unten and got caught up in an adventure, ending up befriending many odd creatures and adopting a bright young woman.

2015 - Fantendo - Genesis"

Rachel is an easy to use character who focuses on defense and close ranged attacks.

She is Common and can be bought and sold for a small price.

She can be found in the Victory Box or bought for a cheap price.

  • Shield Gauntlets: Rachel creates a shield in front of her, that will absorb all attacks directed toward it for a few seconds.
  • Gauntlet Punch: Rachel punches the opponent with a lot of power, using her gauntlets. It's slow and has little range, but does high damage.
  • Shield Blast: Rachel blasts a shield out that will push back the opponents to the edge of the screen, and off nearby ledges.
  • Motorcycle Dash: Rachel's unlockable move. She hops on her motorcycle and runs into the opponent quickly. It's weak but very fast and homing.
  • Mega Shield: Rachel's other unlockable move. A shield surrounds her entire body, absorbing all attacks for 30 seconds.



"A fairly new character. Aran was an odd child with a tragic upbringing that left him jaded, hot-headed, and very intelligent.

Lately, he's mellowed out and battles Former Four alongside a team called the Misfits. He also has one of the more healthy relationships in the Fantendoverse.

2015 - Fantendo - Meltdown"

Aran is a strong and slow character who is skilled at laying down punishment.

He is Semi-Rare and can be sold for a decent price.

He is exclusive to the Misfits Box.

  • Saw Blade: Aran gets out a saw blade on his arm and quickly slashes the opponent with it. It has little range but is fast and powerful.
  • Energy Gauntlet: Aran blasts three energy beams from his arm. They are fast and homing, but do low damage.
  • Stun Gun: Aran blasts a dart from his arm. It does no damage, but immobilizes the opponent for a long time.
  • Grappling Hook: Aran's first unlockable move. He shoots a Grappling Hook from his arm that will help him traverse and draw things to him.
  • Mini-Clone: Aran's second unlockable move. He summons a mini-clone of a random character who does a random special move that that character has.
PalmManVictory FSB SportsResort

"A government weapon who lived on an alien planet and rebelled against his master, MineMan, to assist DragonMan, who he loves.

PalmMan now lives as a peaceful robot alongside the crew, but finds himself in adventures a lot of the time.

2015 - Fantendo Now"

PalmMan has a lot of attack power and speed, but can only take 5 hits before dying.

He is Common and can be sold and bought for a low price.

He can be found in the Victory Box or bought for a cheap price.

  • Explosive Punch: PalmMan does an explosively charged punch that will blast the opponent away and do high damage, but is slow.
  • Napalm Blast: PalmMan blasts sticky napalm at the opponent that will explode after three seconds. It's pretty powerful and can attack a lot of enemies, but is small and easy to dodge.
  • Leaf Growth: PalmMan calms down and regrows one of his palm leaves. It leaves him immobilized though.
  • Nature Healing: PalmMan's first unlockable move. He regrows all five of his palm leaves, but is immobilized for 2 minutes.
  • Multi Blast: PalmMan's other unlockable move. He blasts three pieces of napalm at the ground and can trigger them at any time to set off a giant and powerful explosion.
Amy Jackson Exo SSB TayshaunandAmy

"A cyborg from the 31st century who traveled back in time and has been stuck in our time since. She's pretty satisfied with her life here.

Amy frequently travels between her home universe and the Fantendoverse to fight evil alongside her friends.

2015 - Amy vs The Future"

Amy Jackson is a balanced character who is okay all around.

She is Semi-Rare and can be bought or sold for a decent price.

She can be found in the Other Side Box or bought for a decent price.

  • Sword Slash: Amy does three fast slashes with her sword. They are strong and fast but easy to dodge.
  • Psychic Counter: Amy predicts the next attack done by the enemy and counter-attacks.
  • Mind Control: Amy controls one enemy, and they will fight with her until they die.
  • Beat the Beast: Amy's first unlockable move. She hops in Beat the Beast and can drive around in it, absorbing attacks and running over opponents until it runs out of power.
  • Techno Overload: Amy's second unlockable move. She summons various pieces of technology and blasts them at all on-screen opponents to do massive damage.

My baby

SSB OldFantendo

"A pure child who can do no wrong. Well, it's actually a bit more complicated than that, but this is just a summary so that's what we're going with.

Unipon may look like a cute lil' guy but he packs some serious power, watch out for that horn!

1989 - UNiPON"

Unipon is cute and small but packs some serious power. He can't take too many hits though.

He is Semi-Rare and can be sold for a decent price.

He is exclusive to the Heroes Box.

  • Horn Tackle: Unipon charges into the opponent at high speeds, horn-first. It's very quick and powerful but easy to dodge.
  • Sol Charge: Unipon surrounds himself with various fireballs that will absorb attacks and burn enemies.
  • Floss Cushion: Unipon throws a ball of cotton candy at the opponent. If it hits them, they'll be turned into cotton candy and eaten to restore health.
  • Achoo!: Unipon's first unlockable move. Unipon becomes sick and lets out a sneeze that will poison enemies who come into contact with it.
  • Boom Ball: Unipon's other unlockable move. Unipon throws a giant capsule. When opponents touch it, it'll set off a giant explosion that will damage all on-screen enemies.
Nizzle and Zorp by Nano SSB OldFantendo

"A duo of heroes. Nizzle is on the bottom, Zorp is on top. Nizzle's a depressed pessimist of an unknown species, and Zorp is an odd Zorlorp.

Nizzle can control electricity, and Zorp can use Lunarkinesis and Toxikinesis.

2015 - Nizzle and Zorp"

Nizzle is slow and tough, Zorp is fast and weak. They rely on each other, and if one is out, the other will be pretty useless.

They are Semi-Rare and can be bought or sold for a decent price.

They can be bought for a reasonable price or be found in the Heroes Box.

  • Electro Blast: A move exclusive to Nizzle. Nizzle blasts a bolt of electricity across the screen, similar to Unten's Thunder Bolt.
  • Poison Blast: A move exclusive to Zorp. Zorp creates a poison cloud nearby him that will follow him. If any enemy hits it, they'll be poisoned.
  • Lunar Blast: A move exclusive to Zorp. Zorp summons a shining moon rock that slams into the ground. If it hits the opponent, they'll be stunned.
  • Time Rod: The first unlockable move, exclusive to the both of them together. They wind back 20 seconds in time.
  • Duo Drill: The second unlockable move, exclusive to the both of them together. They drill into the ground and pop up all across the screen, doing lots of damage if they hit the opponents.
FeraSportsResortAlt3 HEROFORCE

"The original hero. She was sent by her superiors to conquer Coronite, and acted as their representative, against her will.

She's a model soldier who has been in many adventures, including one involving a sports resort.

2014 - Heroforce"

Fera is a slow fighter who packs a lot of power.

She is Semi-Rare and can be sold for a decent price.

Fera is exclusive to the Heroforce Box.

  • Spear Charge: Fera charges forward, spear-first towards the opponent. It's fast and powerful, and can pierce defenses, but is easy to avoid.
  • Spear Toss: Fera aims up and throws her spear at something. It's powerful, fast, and precise, but her spear has to be retrieved before it can be used again.
  • Spear Beam: Fera blasts a beam of light from her spear that will stun the opponent. It's fast and large, but does no damage.
  • Adrenaline Pulse: Fera's first unlockable move. She sends adrenaline throughout a small radius with her armor. It'll heal her a small amount, and also heal her allies a small amount.
  • Shield Rush: Fera's second unlockable move. She charges toward the opponent, shield-first, and then stabs them multiple times, doing massive damage.
Fatpikachu ACFAquestionmark

"What the fuck is this? A grotesque creature that is probably a Pikachu, but might be something far worse. Or a joke. Who knows?

Various theories exist to what the backstory of Fat Pikachu is, but no one knows for sure.

2015 - ???"

Fat Pikachu is a slow and powerful fighter.

He is Rare and can be bought and sold for a high price.

He can be bought for a high price or found in the What Box.

  • Zap Slam: Fat Pikachu body slams the opponent, shocking them. It's slow but strong.
  • Electro Shield: Fat Pikachu surrounds himself with an electric shield that will zap anyone who touches it.
  • Muffin Munch: Fat Pikachu eats Muffin, causing him to heal a good amount, but it takes a while to digest.
  • Group Hug: Fat Pikachu's unlockable move. He opens his arm and hugs his allies, healing them a decent amount over a slow period.
  • Big Zap: Fat Pikachu's second unlockable move. He blasts thunderbolts across the stage to damage all on-screen enemies.


SSB OldFantendo

"A young murder victim turned scarecrow who gets caught up in creepy quests to save her friends. She also loves butts. I'm just the description writer, don't ask me.

Syi speaks more like an anime character than a real person, but she has a good heart. It's easy to feel bad for the poor girl.

2015 - Lurking in the Dark"

Syi has pretty good agility and defense, but lacks raw power.

She is Semi-Rare and can be bought and sold for a decent price.

She can either be bought for a decent price or found in the Heroes Box.

  • Root Whip: Syi whips an enemy with a root. It's fast and powerful, but has little range.
  • Root Toss: Syi picks up one enemy with a root and tosses that enemy at another enemy to damage them both. It's fast but weak.
  • Scare Glare: Syi glares for a few seconds. It's easy to dodge, but anyone in her sights will be paralyzed for a few seconds.
  • Nature Connection: Syi's first unlockable move. She connects her roots to her allies to heal them. It heals a large amount, but leaves Syi immobile for a long period.
  • Root Rip: Syi's second unlockable move. She sends out her roots under the ground and they all pop out to grab any near opponent. Opponents who are grabbed will be dragged into the ground and be instantly defeated. This doesn't work on bosses.


SSB OldFantendo

"An 8-year old Jackalope who is currently saving the entire universe with the power of mana and his awesome antlers.

Jack Rabbit is a task oriented badass who rarely stops his adventures. He might not be that special, but he'll do all he can to help out.

2015 - JACK"

Jack Rabbit is a glass cannon who relies on distance.

He's Rare and can be sold for a high price.

Jack is exclusive to the Heroes Box.

  • Antler Charge: Jack charges toward the opponent, antlers-first. It's fast but not very powerful.
  • Attack Card: Jack takes out a random card. He'll either burn the opponent, blast them away with water, freeze them, or electrocute them.
  • Support Crystal: Jack takes out a random crystal. His attack, special attack, defense, or special defense will be boosted temporarily.
  • Team Work: Jack's first unlockable move. He summons Olivia and Chelsi, who will attack the opponents with their various weapons until they are defeated.
  • Scythe Charge: Jack's second unlockable move. He replaces his antlers with two scythes and charges forward, doing massive and fast damage to one enemy.
VoltSportsResort FSB SportsResort

"A sparkling from the planet Chargio. After an un-seen ordeal in a labyrinth, he followed the crew back to Earth and has befriended them.

Volt's a nice guy who can be a bit naive sometimes. Don't mention The Threat around him, by the way.

2015 - It depends."

Volt is a balanced character who is reliable for basic missions.

He is Common and can be bought and sold for a low price.

He can be bought for a low price or found in the Victory Box.

  • Sword Spin: Volt spins in a circle with his electrically charged sword. It's fast and weak, and will electrocute the opponent.
  • Triple Slash: Volt slashes forward with his sword three times. It's slow but powerful.
  • Electro Sphere: Volt blasts a sphere of electricity forward. It's slow, but powerful and will shock the opponent on impact.
  • Electro Waves: Volt's first unlockable move. He slams his sword into the ground, and uses it as a conduit to release electric shockwaves that will shock anyone who is hit by them.
  • Thunder Storm: Volt's second unlockable move. Volt causes thunder bolts to fall to the ground at high speeds, doing massive damage to all on-screen enemies.













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