Fantendo Hearts Past Odyssey
Developer(s) Hybrid2
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) HybridDeltaLogo
Genre(s) Action RPG
Release Date(s)  ???
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) ERating7Rating
Media Included Hybrid Delta Data, Hybrid Delta Disk

Fantendo Hearts Past Odyssey is the first game in the rebooted Fantendo Hearts series, and revolves around Unten, the last of the Beorns, and a Keyblade wielder who flies away from his home world in a traveling spaceship after the Heartless' attack. After so, he starts a journey to save the universes and try to find another Beorn survivor. During the proccess, he meets with various Fantendo characters and their worlds.



Nexus Habitat
Castle Street



Artwork Name Description
UntenFHPO Unten Unten is the last of the Beorns and one of the few Keyblade wielders. Courageous and strong, he wields the Zeon's Heir, and has a great sense of justice. However, he can also be quite impulsive.
YEFHPO YoshiEgg Nook YoshiEgg Nook is one of the royal knights of his world, and, before, a simple merchant and shopkeeper. However, now that his world has been taken into complete darkness by the Heartless, he seeks to warn the other worlds about this threat and try to save the universe.
HenryFHPO Henry the Moose Henry is a harmless and quite friendly moose, and sometimes a quite innocent hero. However, he is too incredibly brave, casting various spells and attacking enemies with his magic without any doubt, and showing courage even against the most feared foes.
DemiFHPO Demi Demi is a builder and architect, and a quite clever Gummi Ship mechanic. However, she can be overconfident and quite impatient, and does most things in a rush. After her home world was attacked by the Heartless, she fabricated a Gummi Ship to flee, and escaped along with Henry, YoshiEgg and Unten. As so, she became their mechanic.

World Companions




Artwork Name Description Companion
ZeonFHPO Zeon Zeon is a world located far away, a world where once Beorns lived. However, after years of prosperity and happiness, the world was corrupted by darkness and the Heartless. Unten, the heir to the throne and the secret prince of the lands, was the last Beorn, and the only one who was saved... NoneFHPO
NexusHabitatFHPO Nexus Habitat The Nexus Habitat is beautiful artificial world created around the Winged Nexus in which fairies and vampires live. However, those two are in constant war, and cannot look at each other without fighting. The Heartless seem to have this world targeted... NoneFHPO
CastleStreetFHPO Castle Street Castle Street is a friendly street belonging to a small city, next to Princess Cleffa's castle. Castle Street is a friendly and peaceful town filled with illusions and hope: however, what will it's citizens do when the Heartless attack? File:SandslashPCompFHPO.png
VineVilleFHPO VineVille VineVille is a small world where Ella Metals and her friends, Andy Pasta and Lexi Lexan live. A city where each person's surname is their special power, this is truly a magical world since the impact of The Meteor thousands of years ago. NoneFHPO
AethrFHPO Aethr Aethr is a earth-like world far-away in the In-Between. It's the homeland to DREW, Lance, Pie Guy and his parents, and is a paradise-like world in which there are little worries. However, though, sometimes, Specrious can attack... File:DREWCompFHPO.png
SylphiuFHPO Sylphiu Sylphiu is a far-away world where species such as Oceanians, Flashes, Glacies and Jesters live in harmony. However, sometimes, attacks from other kingdoms happen, and trouble arises between it's inhabitants... TearCompFHPO
PushopolisFHPO Pushopolis Pushopolis is a friendly city where Pouchetts and their Pushies live. This is the home of Pesh, a knight and hero to them, and his girlfriend, Pashie. File:PeshCompFHPO.png


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