Fantendo Fighterz is a 3D-Fighting crossover game. It is for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. It includes 43 playable characters. (46 counting Duos).


Image Character Description
Unten FF Unten Unten stars in TSWTLUNTIDNWTR.
Gorge FF2 Gorge The hero of Dark Fungi is also in this game. Go Gorge!
TBA Emerald Emerald uses his speed alot in this game. Fire hardly damages him, and he appeared in Team Gemstones.
TBA Ruby and Sapphire Ruby the Charizard is a charred Charizard. He uses fire attacks. He has a NPC assistant, Sapphire.
TBA Hooly Hooly, the rich squid, he is not perfect. He has good attacks, but is slow.
TBA Rhino Rhino is the dino who is really, really, really fast.
TBA Pesh riding a Pushy Pesh rides a Pushy into combat like a horse.
TBA Besh riding an Evil Pushy Besh rides an Evil Pushy in battle, hoping Pesh will be there as the enemy.
Usernamer2 FF Usernamer2 Usernamer2 is the star of the game and series of the same name. He uses mainly fire and power attacks. He is the fastest default charcter.
TBA Usernamer/The Heat Usernamer2's clone father can transform into his alter-ego very fast, with the click of a button. Like Zelda and Sheik.
TBA Mii Miis allow youi to vs Usernamer, McBoo, and other heroes and villains!
TBA McBoo McBoo is the star of the McBoo's mansion series. He uses his McBoo's Mansion powers.
TBA O'Lantern O' Lantern is the only other default McBoo charcter. He uses his claws alot to win the round.
TBA Dudle Dudle uses drawing power to furqure out how to win! His sister Dudlette is in this game, too!
TBA Dudlette Dudlette is the other Doodmen character that's default. She loves to draw, and who knew doodles could fight?
TBA Teardrop The only starter in the series, Tear uses his forms to bea up baddies!
Beared Smiley FF Bearded Smiley He is annoying. His move 'Taunt' is like the sound of a little kid screaming...
TBA DREW DREW uses fire attacks.
TBA Clyde Clyde appears as a Yoshi-like charcter. Wait, he is a Yoshi!
TBA Flame Flame resides as the dark charcter in this game.
TBA Ella Metals Ella Metals uses her metal powers to make the stages appearence alter. She also attracts items.
TBA Andy Pasta His main attacks are pasta. He is unlocked by beating Tourney mode a Ella Metals.
TBA Banana Jr. Banana Jr. is a banana. 'Nuff said.He is unlocked by beating Tourney mode as Clyde.
TBA Fire Master Fire Master is the main boss of the Flame series. He is unlocked by beating Tourney mode as Banana Jr., Flame, and Clyde.
TBA Pashie on a Pushy Pahie rides a Pushy in combat, hoping Pesh is not the enemy.
TBA Booberry Booberry comes to visit! She is unlocked by beating Tourney Mode as McBoo.
TBA Akro Bat Ol' Akro Bat uses his power to fly well. He is unlocked by beating Tourney Mode with O'Latern and Booberry.
TBA Ghoularry Ghoularry is a mute ghost with breathtaking abbilities. He is unlocked by beating Tourney Mode as Akro Bat.
TBA Haunty Mole Haunty Mole is an odd choice for playable. Noneless, he is unlocked by beating Tourney mode with Ghoularry.
TBA McOober The last of the McBoo series playable is unlocked by beating Tourney Mode as all other McBoo characters.
TBA Scribboy Scribboy uses his powers to bring it all to the battlefeild. He is unlocked by beating Tourney Mode with all other players.
TBA Netnu Nutnu can be unlocked by beating Tourney mode as Unten and McBoo.
TBA Zerita Zerita is unlocked by beating Tourney mode as Netnu and McOober.
TBA Cheif Dongorio The Cheif is unlocked by beating Tourney mode as Zerita and O' Lantern.
TBA Zak Zak is good at using combos. He is unlocked by completing Tourney mode with Hooly and Ruby.
TBA Darkclaw Darkclaw is a something with antlers. He is unlocked by beating Tourney mode as Zak.
TBA Inferadness The main boss in Teardrop, his is unlocked by beating Turny mode as Teardrop.
TBA Jester Jetser uses fire to wipe out things. It is unlocked by beating Tourney Mode as Inferadness.
TBA Tim J. Koopa Tim throws rocks at opponents. He is unlocked by beating Tourney mode as Jester and Zak.
TBA Iron Goomba Although not invincible, Iron Goomba is pretty tough. He is unlocked by beating Turny mode with Tim J. Koopa.
TBA John Jerome JJ appears as an unlockable. He is unlocked by beating Turny mode as Iron Goomba.
TBA Joey McBoo Joey McBoo is unlocked by beating Turny mode as Darkclaw and JJ.
TBA Baby Clyde Baby Clyde is secret and does not count to unlock All-Star Melee.
TBA Rufus Rufus is the final charcter. He is unlocked by beating Turny mode as everybody and All Star Melee by Teardrop. He is not counted as needed for unlocking All-Star Melee.


1-P Fight

1-P Fight is a mode where you can do quick battles with a COP. It is fairly simple.


Melee is a mode divided into submodes- V.S. Melee, Multiplayer, Multi-Man Melee, and Assist Melee.


It includes the Data of the game.

Tournement (Tourny)

Tournement is a 1P tournement with 10-30 people. After unlocking all the charcters, you have a submode- All-Star Melee.


Items appear out of the sky or the blue. They are rare to find, so use wisely. In this game there is a total of 8 diffrent items, and a 9th is unlocked when you unlock McOober or Haunty Mole.

Image Item Description
TBA Whack 'Em Club Whack 'Em Clubs are rare items that are used to whack other players with. It lasts for about 30 seconds, so use it quickly.
TBA Maxim Tomato Maxim Tomato appears as the only canon item. It heals 75% of HP, and on rare occasions 100%.
TBA Dark Matter Ball Dark Matter Balls are very, very rare and allow you to make dark matter balls (It takes two seconds) and shoot the for two minutes.
TBA Good 'Ol Cabbage Bomb Good 'Ol Cabbage Bombs are common, but inflict little damage. It is best to use when your opponent is near a dagerous object.
TBA MySheild MySheilds are not limited, and on certain stages, you can uses them to avoid hazards (Such as floating on a sheild to avoid damaging water).
TBA Bit O' Money Bit O' Money restore one HP point.They fall from the sky every two seconds.
TBA Radar Radars detect when an item is about to appear, and make the controller rumble. They are somewhat common, but disappear after one item.
TBA Summon Ball Summon Balls are very rare and summon an Assist Character to help you fight.
TBA Doom Punch of Doom Gloves The Doom Punch of Doom Gloves allow the player to pound one match-ending punch. It is the rarest item.

Assist Charcters

Not many assist characters are known yet, exept these below: Assist Charcters have a quarter of their master's HP. If their master dies, the player may take control of the assist.

Image Assist Description
TBA Maria Maria, Mario's counterpart brings fire to the extremes.
TBA Luise Luise takes iron to the stage with her 'Metal Luise' move!
TBA Pie Guy Pie Guy is in DREW's series, and uses his PSI abilities, very well.
TBA Spybot Spybots use thier moves to switch from one model to the next.
TBA Mr. Chilli Mr. Chilli takes it to the stage with his lawyer-ness.
TBA Witch Gypsy Witch Gypsy takes a break from evil to assist John and his friends!
TBA David Though David never made it as a fighter, he made it as an Assister!

Also see: controls.


Only a few stages are confirmed such as:

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