Fantendo Fighters is a massive crossover fighting game, featuring several characters created by a total of 27(?) Fantendo users.





Playable Characters


Image Name Series Description
UNinTENded Unten TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR Unten is the mascot of Fantendo, so its pretty much required for him to be in crossovers like these. Unten is a very balanced character with a wide array of melee attacks and projectiles, making him perfect for beginners.
Fyre2 Fyre Fyre Fyre is the main character in his titular series. Fyre has several devastating fire attacks up his sleeve, and he is also quite swift as well. However, his defenses aren't something to brag about...
Uggallade Blade Blade's Quest The defender of Dragon's Peak Village and a honored warrior, Blade joins the fight! Blade is a pure melee fighter, having absolutely no projectiles at all, greatly limiting his attack range. He makes up for this in power and defense, though.
303px-Bowie by Tom Bowie BowieQuest Bowie is a teddy bear. Doesn't sound so intimidating, does it? Bowie is a powerful teddy bear who uses rocks to attack. Scared now? Bowie is a great physical attacker, with poor defenses. Almost all of his moves involve his bow or his elemental abilities.
Ashe - BowieQuest RPG Ashe BowieQuest unten's long lost twin brother Ashe is Bowie's son, and for whatever reason, in this game, they can fight. Unlike his father, Ashe has poor physical power but makes up for it with his great defense. He uses his hydrokinesis to attack as well as is Ashe Arrow.
Sketchforthe4thtime Sketch Paintverse A character who wields a paintbrush. Not the most efficient weapon, but at least it can get the job done. He can slash opponents with Pincelle (his paintbrush), and she can shoot paint. Sketch also has various melee attacks he can use without Pincelle.
Crappy Jake Pose2 Jake HACKED Jake is a hacker and a writer, however he isn't that great at fighting on his own, so he tends to summon various things he's encountered during his hacking to help him. He also has some melee attacks involving a pen, which makes sense considering he's also a writer.
KidKiba Kid Kiba Kid Kiba Kid Kiba is a vampire with ridiculous mobility. He can glide using his cape, and can even fly around the battlefield by transforming into a bat. All of Kid Kiba's attacks involving biting drain his opponents' health and gives it to him.
Bombell Bombell Bombell Bombell is a bomb boo who comes from-surprisingly, a puzzle game. Considering his origins, he doesn't have too many powers of his own, however he can attack using Bomblobs. Being a bomb, Bombell can explode in some of his attacks as well. Although they are usually quite powerful, Bombell will get damaged when these are used.
110px Alice Harumi Master of Four Seasons Alice is the master of the Spring season. She is a fairly balanced character who generally uses abilities related to the season of Spring as her method of attacking.
TITAN Reptflux Fighters of Lapis A beast who rarely ever gets awakened from his slumber. Due to his amazing power, his abilities have been nerfed quite a bit in this game to keep him balanced in comparison to all the other fighters. He doesn't vaporize foes on contact, although they do take damage if they do touch him. His eye is his weak spot.
Super smash bros wii u lucario render by rosacelestia-d74igu7 Lucario Lucario (series) Although he does appear to be a generic Pokémon, he is the main hero of his own series. Lucario is a warrior training in the arts of the Aura, which is the basis for several of his attacks. He has a variety of melee and long-range attacks, and even an attack that temporarily raises his power.
Hawlucha by mblock-d6oiyzh Hawla Lucario (series) A mysterious wrestler who is also good in the arts of the Aura. Despite this, he doesn't use this as much as Lucario does, as he prefers powerful melee and aerial attacks. They do share the Aura Sphere move, though. Hawla is very fast and powerful, however he is terrible on the ground, but he excels in aerial combat.
Fafpesh Pesh Pusher's Pile Pesh is the protagonist of the Pusher's Pile series, a series of puzzle games. Pesh is a balanced character who mainly uses moves based off of Pushies and Niceys. Pesh can walk on Pushies, and they can also be used as a method of attack as well. Some can even trap fighters inside of them!
FroloLabyrinth Frolo Labyrinth A cute lil' hamstar (yes, that's what they are called) who hails from the Labyrinth series. He is a very quick fighter with a good aerial game, however his melee attacks are quite weak and he isn't good defensively. His electric attacks are good for slowing opponents down or even immobilizing them for a short period of time.
White by Doh White The Adventures of White White is the main character of the Adventures of White series. He is a Popopo who is skilled at the use of any weapon and has fire powers. Due to this, White can use most weapon-based items better than pretty much every character on the entire roster.
AlyssaNew Alyssa Investigator Alyssa A female who lives in Poland who is an expert investigator. Alyssa doesn't have many special abilities, so a majority of her attacks are generic punches and kicks. However, she can grow wings, based off of her dropped predecessor, S. Alyssa is a very quick thinker, making her a great character for dodging attacks.
King Plumber King Plumber Classic The apparent "king" of Fantendo, which makes sense as he is based off of the wiki's founder. Like Alyssa, most of his attacks are generic punches and kicks, but he does have some "Fan" based powers, similar to Fantendo Smash Bros. Contrive, and he can use various characters and items from TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR that aren't represented in the game otherwise.
SpeedyRPG Speedy iPenguin Speedy is a 13-year-old agent who stars as the main protagonist in the iPenguin series. Most of his attacks involve pecks and belly sliding, but he does have some good shield and grab-based attacks. He can also transform into Star Speedy if he lands enough good hits on opponents.
Mika Sho FJR Mika Sho Mika Sho A young mutant girl with fire powers. Almost all of her attacks involve this ability. She can create, absorb, and shoot fire, making her totally immune to fire-based attacks. Mika Sho is a fairly balanced character.
DataYE Data KODE KID A boy who got cyber enhancements, making him much stronger than a regular human. Data is a powerful character who can attack using several different weapons such as an axe, a flamethrower, a blade, etc. He can also hack into the coding of other robotic/cyber characters, weakening them.
DarkClimbersFantendoFighters Dark Climbers The Adventures of the Dark Climbers The dark clones of the Ice Climbers, who eventually gave up their evil ways and become much nicer. Almost all of their attacks involve their dark magic or their hammers. The Dark Climbers are a very strategic character to use, since there are two of them.
Evadopt01 January Phantom Delights January is a 16-year old girl who lives in Greensward Magic. She is an Apple Soul, as her main companion is well-an apple. January mainly attacks by throwing apples, and her apple companion, Granny Smith, can also help her in combat.
Naluigiartwork2 Naluigi Super Mario Bros. (fanon) He may look like Luigi, but he isn't scared of-well, everything. Naluigi is the long lost third Mario Bro. After years of him living on Yoshi's Island, Luigi eventually encountered and remembered him. Naluigi is a balanced character who can throw green fireballs and use various power ups that appear in the games he has appeared in. He also uses a hammer.
YonenBooeApplesTown YonenBooe Apples YonenBooe is the main character of the Apples series. He can meditate, which can summon various types curly lines (gold, silver, and bronze) that can attack YonenBooe's foes. YonenBooe can also use a variety of fire-based attacks as well.


Image Name Series Description
Zerita FRL Zerita TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR Unten's sidekick who has mastered using her claws as an offensive weapon. Due to her using her claws almost exclusively, Zerita has no projectiles at all, greatly limiting her range. Zerita is a slightly speedy character who is quite balanced other than that.
NetnuNew Netnu TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR Unten backwards...PURE ORIGINALITY, GUYS. Netnu's abilities greatly differ from Unten's. He can levitate, increasing his aerial mobility, and he has several elemental attacks using fire, ice, and many more elements. He can also teleport, making him harder to hit.
Matthew Matthew Skyward Matthew is a boy with ice powers, which a majority of his moves are based around. He can freeze enemies, create icy tornadoes, and more. Matthew is a somewhat fast character, although other than that he's quite balanced.
Uyespurr Espurr Blade's Quest A psychotic Espurr who despises his weak Espurr body. He's weak (in terms of melee attacks), slow, and bad defensively. What's to like about his playstyle? Espurr has ultra powerful ranged attacks, better than any character in the entire game's. Espurr is truly a beast to watch out for.
Fyre Fyre (Fox) Fyre Fyre from back when his series was terrible. Fortunately, those days have ended. Fyre is a semi-clone of his human self, but he is faster, weaker, and better defensively. Fyre also uses various items and powers from the original Fyre games to attack.
Jake Bananas Endal BowieQuest The main antagonist of the BowieQuest series. Endal is a powerful but slow character who mainly uses psychic powers to attack. He also throws bananas as projectiles in some of his attacks, possibly referencing his old name, Bananas.
Kan S-Lunar Kan Seuomto Fractal A character from the Fractal series. Kan is a fairly balanced character who uses a sword for most of his attacks, limiting his range.
Yuki Silverfield MoFS Yuki Silverfield Master of Four Seasons Yuki is the master of Winter. She can manipulate cold air and use a variety of other ice-related powers. Yuki is quite a balanced character, as no stat is better than any other.
LeahNeedlenam Colored Leah Needlenam Exoverse An insane doctor who appears in several games. A powerful character who attacks using several tools doctors use, Leah is a force to be reckoned with. She is a bit on the slow side, though.
Capsuo--??? Capsuo Pokémon (fanon) A very powerful Pokémon that doesn't care about constraining its power. Like it's counterpart in Pokémon Garnet/Amethyst, Capsuo excels in attack power and speed, although it's defense isn't that great.
InfernoTheMonfernoArt Blaze Legends of the Indigo Knights A shiny Monferno who has an odd power that lets him use Dark-type attacks. He is a fast and powerful fighter, using several moves based around his three types (Fire, Fighting, and Dark.)
Riolu Dream Riolu Lucario (series) Riolu is a semi-clone of his brother, sharing most of the same moves, however almost all of them are the same. Riolu is faster and has better aerial game than his brother, although he is weaker and not as defensive.
200px Crimson Crimson el Roserade A skilled Roserade swordsman. Crimson mainly attacks using his sword, although he has various poison-based attacks as well. Crimson is also a very fast character who is good at dodging attacks, mainly because of how athletic he is.
Crimson el Frozerade Frozerade Crimson el Roserade Crimson's girlfriend and the creator of her series' waifu . Frozerade is a semi-clone of Crimson, having all of the same poison attacks, however all of the sword-based attacks are replaced by attacks involving her ice element.
Koloro1 Koloro ColorLoad A girl sent by the God of Color to restore color to the world. Koloro has a variety of projectiles and melee attacks, almost all of which involve color in some way.
Zario - smash Zario Zuper Zario Zrothers Zario is the best character ever made. Seriously, this character is pure genius. Zario attacks using rabid cows, his touch powers, and his many more amazing powers. Who wouldn't like playing as Zario? zario for top tier
ArshalloCP2 Arshallo Cloud Patrol Arshallo is a the main protagonist of the Cloud Patrol series. He doesn't have many abilities, most of his attacks revolve around various items, except for his various items. Arshallo is a slow, floaty character with a good air game.
Rosa Yorkwich GD Rosa Yorkwich Darklight Rosa is a secondary character in the Darklight series (the main character doesn't appear for whatever reason). She is skilled in the use of a blade, making her have only melee attacks, although they are quite powerful. Rosa is also very balanced.
Danni (TLoC) Danni The Legend of Cielo An angel with great recovery (look at those thingies on his back, they are called wings). He generally attacks using the Flarebringer and his paintbrush, as well as using the Forces of Nature.
TBA Ace Ace of Spades She looks like a normal human, but she can create playing cards out of thin air. Most of her attacks involve this ability, as she is powerless otherwise. She does have a few generic punches and kicks, but she doesn't use anything else.
100px The Author Zontieg An introverted, depressed author with awful physical attack and defense. Although this makes him sound like a fairly weak character, he has great range and defends himself against ranged attacks well. He can use various moves of his appearing in the games he appears in, such as Ink Slash and Blank Page.
KingPolar King Polar The Adventures of the Dark Climbers A character who is unique for being one of the few villains on the roster. He is a heavy and powerful fighter with a variety of physical and ranged attacks. He lacks in mobility, though.
Sockop Artwork Kuribo Forest of the Sockop A fast but fragile character with a variety of different quirks. For one, he is totally immune to poison-based attacks, making it hard for some fighters to even damage him. Fire attacks deal 2x more damage on him, though.
Magic Shyguy Magic Shy Guy Magic Shy Guy Magic Shy Guy specializes in projectiles and elemental attacks. He can shoot beams, throw fire, freeze opponents, and even create mini black holes. His varied attack style is very efficient in battles due to his unpredictability.
BlackAngel Heather Black Angel Heather is an angel with the ability to control darkness. Most of her attacks involve these abilities. She has a few melee attacks involving her wings and also can jump multiple times because of them.

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