Fantendo Fanon Feature 2017, abbreviated as F3 2017, is one of several showcases dedicated to the wide variety of content Fantendo has to offer, from fan games to original projects. It will be hosted by MeGa eXal (tbc) and StarfyBlenda (tbc), with presentations lasting from July 3 to July 7. Previews can be written from June 24.

Presentations and Previews

Lone Planet Productions ¤ Previews
Blender Maximum ¤ Previews
Pyro Enterprizes ¤ Previews
Flaming Games ¤ Previews
Stardust Citadel ¤ Previews
Nitty Games Inc. ¤ Previews
Phazonworks Engineering Division ¤ Previews
Revelation Heroes Entertainment ¤ Previews
Phinix ¤ Previews
PlayRight Games Inc. ¤ Previews
EnderLegends ¤ Previews
Amity ¤ Previews
Iceboys12 ¤ Previews
Poisonshot ¤ Previews
Super Studios ¤ Previews
SuyoGames ¤ Previews
WesternSkies ¤ Previews
Toroko ¤ Previews
Cassadony ¤ Previews
SpookSounds ¤ Previews
Ninkancho ¤ Previews
Bleak Industries ¤ Previews
Dark Heart Games ¤ Previews
Ghostrealm Studios ¤ Previews
Cryobyte ¤ Previews
Crash Co. ¤ Previews
Andrewtheking ¤ Previews
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