You may be looking for Fantendo Epic Dodgeball.
Fantendo Dodgeball League
Other Names Fantendo Prisonball League
Countries Europe, South America, North America, Asia
Founded 07/05/2011
First Season 2011
Number of Teams 12 in each season.
Cups Fantendo Cup, Royal Cup
Most Successful Team TBA

The Fantendo Dodgeball League is a dodgeball league, featuring Fantendoverse characters, amazing battlefields, and more.

It was established on May 7th 2011. The main sponsor, and also the owner of the league, is Hybrid Co.

The rules it features are pretty similar to Prisonball, one variation of Dodgeball, while it adds new features, like magical balls. It also features Sudden Death dodgeball in extreme cases.

Currently, it's unknown when the first season will begin, due to teams still being accepted.


The Fantendo Dodgeball League features 12 teams per league. Some of the teams may leave in any seasons, or others may enter. Each team also has a battlefield for playing the game, and some even have certain gimmicks in it, such as cannons, machines, springs...

Ask Stelios7 (tbc) or Half-blood2000 (tbc) for a team.

Team Logo Team Name Manager Battlefield First Season Last Season
AtlanticaHockeyLogo Atlantica Royal Knights Half-blood2000 (tbc) Ancient Colliseum 1 Unknown
VinevilleMetalDodgers VineVille Metal Dodgers Stelios7 (tbc) Steel Shot Stadium 1 Unknown
GeronimoLogo Geronimo Maulers SonicWiki (tbc) Eirian Sports Centre 1 Unknown
APIMKnights APIM Knights Arend (tbc) PushoPark Stadium 1 Unknown
TBA Alienta Space Blasters Uil Team (tbc) Gardlia Colloseum 1 Unknown
Nook Marauders Nook Marauders YoshiEgg (tbc) Laser Tagged 1 Unknown
TBA Celtic Fires Clyde1998 (tbc) Flame Stadium 1 Unknown
BlazingGemstones Blazing Gemstones ShadowElise (tbc) Gemstones Base 1 Unknown
Void Banishers Void Banishers Dk64rules (tbc) Shadow Keep 1 Unknown
Dougies Omega Dougies Lemmykoopa24 (tbc) Poparockzee Field 1 Unknown
Twenty-Two Warriors JesseRoo (tbc) Nexus Court 1 Unknown
Mogwai Marauders UltimateMogwai (tbc) 1 Unknown
Winged Killers Alange95 (tbc) Chaos Dome 1 Unknown

Doodleland Angels

Sorastitch (tbc) 1 Unknown
Toucan Team Nintendoofah64 (tbc) 1 Unknown

List of Players

Atlantica Royal Knights

Manager: Half-blood2000 (tbc)

VineVille Metal Dodgers

Manager: Stelios7 (tbc)

Geronimo Maulers

Manager: SonicWiki (tbc)

APIM Knights

Manager: Arend (tbc)

Alienta Space Blasters

Manager: Uil Team (tbc)

Nook Marauders

Manager: YoshiEgg (tbc)

Celtic Fires

Manager: Clyde1998 (tbc)

Blazing Gemstones

Manager: ShadowElise (tbc)

Void Banishers

Manager: Dk64rules (tbc)

Omega Dougies

Manager: Lemmykoopa24 (tbc)

Soaring Ravens

Manager: Waddel Dii (tbc)

Twenty-Second Warriors

Manager JesseRoo (tbc)

Mogwai Maradeurs

Manager: UltimateMogwai (tbc)

Winged Killers

Manager: Alange95 (tbc)

Sora's Team

Manager: Sorastitch (tbc)

  • Zak
  • Melodia
  • Hooly
  • Maion
  • Germoo
  • Zynte
  • Captian Cinderburn
  • Jean Artemis
  • Thumbelina

(must be cut down to 6)

Toucan Team

Nintendoofah64 (tbc)


At the start of each season a heated knockout tourney is contested.

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