Developer(s) Hybrid2
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Hybrid Fusion
Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s) TBA
Media Included Hybrid Delta Disc, Hybrid Delta Data

Fantendo Desperation is a fighting game where characters from a large amount of Fantendo series clash in combat. It features ?? characters fighting in diverse stages, a complex Story Mode, and an innovative battle system.


Playable Characters

Series Artwork Name Description
PeshFDesperation Pesh Pesh is a mighty swordsman and the knight of Pushopolis. With power over light, command of pushies, and a great master of swords, he is a mighty, quick character, who will attack the enemy at an amazing speed. He is best used by experienced players, as he's slightly hard to control.
YENookFDesperation YE Nook YoshiEgg Nook is a mute tanooki, and, in his hearth, a hero. Pickaxe in hand, spade in his bag, this hero is ready to fight everyone who blocks his way.. and has a whole set of strange objects, weapons, and trash to help him. A versatile fighter, and pretty much all-around.
ZakFDesperation Zak TBA
PurpleFDesperation Purple TBA
EllaMetalsFDesperation Ella Metals

A kind, caring and affective girl with the power to manipulate metal. Creating things and transforming her body parts to metal, she is certainly good at everything, but master of nothing. A easy character to begin with, their projectiles mostly consist of metal balls and guns.

ScyploFDesperation Scyplo A next-gen robot, advanced in technology, with a copycat style. He is able to copy every ability he watches from any enemy, and the player is able to choose between what moveset to use. One of the best characters in the game, if you like customization, he'll be your favourite.
EmeraldTheSceptileFDesperation Emerald A sceptile, and also the leader of Team Gemstones, this fast, projectile-dodging character will make most players have one headache or two. Skilled in dodging and dashing through bullets, he has weak health, but manages to give his enemies trouble.
UntenFDesperation Unten One of the last Beorns, and a skilled fighter, Unten is here to give everyone a good duel! With amazing physical skills, try to dodge his punchs and his attacks... or he'll give you a big headache in combat.
TeardropFDesperation Teardrop Teardrop Seaside is the bookworm captain of the Knights of Atlantica, and the Lord of the Loops. With his power to change between the cycles of water and his abilities to control it, he's certainly one of the best characters in the game at projectiles and magic. However, is he ready to physical combat?
McBooFDesperation McBoo

The pink puffball is back to pack a punch! He may look innocent, but he's a true minion of King Boo... be ready for his fast and swift attacks, and to see how he disappears and reappears behind you!

NeoKoopaFDesperation Neo Koopa Neo Koopa, the leader of the New Koopa Troop, the Yellow Fire, the Silver Dragons and the Omega Squad is here; and ready to fight! Neo is a lightweight character, good for beginners, and quite fast, too.
ScoutryFDesperation Scoutry TBA
StrafeFDesperation Strafe TBA
SmileFDesperation Smile TBA
SixtyFourFDesperation Sixty Four TBA
NightwolfFDesperation Nightwolf TBA
JakeFDesperation Jake TBA


Series Artwork Name Description
RoxanneFDesperation Roxanne D'Urre TBA
Bearded3D Bearded Smiley TBA
ChilliFDesperation Mr. Chilli TBA
90px Hooly The lovable rich douchebag squid is here to fight 'em all! Known for his island, Hooly Land, and Hoolyworld, Hooly is a 4th wall breaking lethal joke character. Extremely difficult to play with, if you master him, you will have in your hands one of the most powerful characters of the game.
SinlessFDesperation Sinless Has Sinless occured another mistake again? The so-called devil uses his holy skills to fight... is he really a demon, or is he just a sinless angel asking for forgiveness?
GorgeNew3D Gorge A teenage Goru protector of the Elemental Stones, courageous and friendly, although bossy, he is an all-around character with powerful projectiles. Easy to master, and a good character for beginner, this character is likely to be a favourite.



Series Artwork Name Description
McBooMansion The Mansion The Mansion is a dark, spooky manor where McBoo and his friends live. In front of it, there is a small shop where YoshiEgg lives. However, that doesn't make it any less spooky: with few lights and a lot of ghosts running around, this stage is sure to leave you screaming out of fear... Be fast and try to take their items!
Pushopolis Pushopolis Pushopolis is Pesh's hometown, and this time, we're visiting the Nicey Fountain. Built around a small fountain, this small arena features two Pushies, serving as platforms for the players to use and, sometimes, even ride. This stage has plenty of gimmicks, so be careful!
FalitzziaIslands Falitzzia Islands The Falitzzia Islands are a group of islands of Atlantic territory in which Teardrop and the Knights traveled through during the events of his second game. Starting in two small islands, the Knights of Atlantica's ship soon comes for you to jump in, travel for a while while fighting, and then start back.


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