Fantendo Dare: Episode 1 is the first episode of Fantendo Dare, developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Novaya.


The first piece of the World Bore which Jirea is seeking to collect, the Blight Battery, is located on the heavily forested planet of Einskogr in the Trivellare System.

Dare sends Unten, Zerita, Maion, David, Scyplo and Aingeru to the planet to collect the Battery before Jirea's minions. Upon arrival, however, they are attacked by Aphotic, Jirea's first general, who easily defeats them.

Unten awakes later in a treehouse belonging to one of the Repolys, a race of small, anthropomorphic reptilians who live on the planet. They explain that they found him alone, unconscious in the forest and brought him back to their treehouse village. He thanks them, and returns to the spot they found him to begin his search for the other heroes to defeat Aphotic and find the Blight Battery.


Party Members

  • Unten
  • Zerita: Zerita waits until Unten has left the Repolys' care to reveal that she managed to escape from Aphotic during their fight.
  • Maion
  • David
  • Scyplo: Scyplo was kidnapped by Aphotic during the initial fight.
  • Aingeru: Aingeru was the only one who was not knocked unconscious during the initial fight with Aphotic, and began chasing after him to try and rescue Scyplo. He is the last party member recovered, as while chasing Aphotic he also managed to ascertain the location of the Blight Battery.

Non-Playable Characters

  • Dare
  • The Enemy: The Enemy appears to help the group in various ways throughout the game, as apparently he made a bet with the Black God on which teams would be most successful and isn't above cheating by offering assistance to the teams he bet on.


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