Fantendo Dare is an episodic crossover RPG developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Novaya.


Jirea, a deity, hears about the Beast Between, a creature that lies beyond the Fantendoverse and observes all universes, acquiring infinite knowledge. Seeking this knowledge, Jirea enacts a plan to cut a hole through the Fantendoverse using the World Bore, the pieces of which are scattered throughout the Trivellare System.

Dare, a demi-deity under the employ of The Fan, hears of Jirea's plan and, understanding the power of Jirea (both in combat and politically), opens portals and calls heroes from across the universe to the Risk Sanctuary.

Jirea sends his minions to each of the planets in the Trivellare System to gather the pieces of the World Bore, and Dare sends groups of the heroes he has gathered after them.


Each episode has six playable characters and one new area with a variety of new quests. Save files are shared between episodes, allowing decisions made in earlier episodes to be carried over to later ones.



Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Major NPCs



The game and all it's episodes are set in the Trivellare System.

  • Einskogr: A forest world, and home of the first piece of the World Bore.
  • Zweiraj: A mostly desert world full of various different tribes, and home of the second piece of the World Bore.
  • Ustaznar: A mysterious derelict spaceship drifting throughout the system.
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