Developer(s) The Tris Company, The Fan Corporation
Publisher(s) The Tris Company, The Fan Corporation
Platform(s) Nintendo Silver
Genre(s) Party
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan December 3, 2012

25px-Flag of USA December 7, 2012

25px-Flag of Europe December 8, 2012

25px-Flag of Australia December 12, 2012

Mode(s) See the article
Age Rating(s) ERating
Media Included Neo Disc
Fantendo Christmas Party is a upcoming party game for the Nintendo Silver featuring many characters from many series like Lava Path and TaBooki. The game works like the Mario Party series, with new elements and new boards. A Two-Part Fantendanime episode has been released to promote the game. The game was created and mainly developed by Locky'12 (tbc), but after most of the game had been made, MarioGameChampion (tbc) decided to help Locky and it became a joint project.


Once upon a time the Santa Claus comes to the Fantendoverse, but, The Enemy decided to ruin the christmas by capturing the Santa, he locked him into the Ztar Dimension, a place where only can be open with the Ztar Shards which are in seven boards. The Fan decided to contact all the good guys to get the Ztar Shards, defeat The Enemy and save Santa!


The game works like a Mario Party game. The objective is to have most Stars at the end of a game, the players can move using a dice which can decide how many spaces the player can move. When all the players moves, depending which space the players land, a minigame will start. When the players meet Unten and give to him 20 coins, he will give a star. In the end of a game, who have more stars will won a Ztar Shard. Also, in the Story Mode, before you get a Ztar Shard, you need defeat a Boss. The game has DLC characters, which makes all the board hosters playable characters and also includes new characters.


There's 52 characters in the game. 25 starters and 27 unlockable.


Picture Name Series Description
Yoshter Blargg Lava-Bob Lava Path This shapeshifting Blargg is ready to melt some ice and defeat the enemy!
TaBooki8 TaBooki TaBooki The Tanooki-tailed Boo doesn't want to miss Christmas! The big smile on his face can tell how excited he is.
Tom 3D Tom Varies, none yet. A boy that can control Dark Magic. He joins the big names for the first time, but is more ready than ever before!
Lunes the AMERICAN Lunes the Cat Costume Hero The costume wearing character joins the party! In his town, Christmas is extremely well known.
JohnnyDog-SMB64 Johnny Dog Johnny Dog A lazy dog who loves parties. So, he's glad to be here.
Woofbot3d Woofbot Mighty Willy Universe A robotic puppy who loves Christmas!
Meowbot3d Meowbot Mighty Willy Universe A robotic kitty who loves Santa Claus!
x200px Hayden The Rise of Darkness The fiery hero is ready to save Christmas!
x200px Aiden The Rise of Darkness This electric hero is here to defeat The Enemy!
Temponew Tempo Megaman Tempo Through the miracle of time travel, Tempo has been sent back in time to discover what this 'Christmas' is.
Guidonew Guido Mario Super Mario Always looking for a culinary challenge, Guido hopes to test his edible expertise by using any Ztar Shards left over.
x200px YonenBooe Apples This li'l guy is back with his golden magical powers and his fire abilities!
DawnDE Dawn Dawn & Eliane She's here with her boomerang and her sword to fight The Enemy!
ElianeDE Eliane Dawn & Eliane Eliane and her scepter and bombs are here to defeat The Enemy!
Trixiefarl2 Trixie Farl Cake Girl Riot! A Fantendo newcomer! Arriving with a fresh batch of bread!
MichealCastillobyAlange Micheal Castillo Night of Thieves The Thieve/Gangster hunting hero is here and can us many weapons such as his Knife, Whip, Pistol, and many other weapons.
SwissbyAlange Swiss Cheese Cryptors The yellow thunder is back to party! When fighting The Enemy and other bosses, Swiss is probably a good choice.
Pesh3D Pesh Pusher's Pile The knightly Pouchet will party along with the crew. Swords aren't needed for Christmas, though, but required to beat the Enemy anyway.
Pashie3D Pashie Pusher's Pile Pesh's girlfriend is also in for a party! Whiplash the naughty ones and gather the presents!
Stump3D Stump Pusher's Pile Pesh's Stawmp friend has arrived at the Christmas party. Don't worry, he won't use his trident on the nice guys.
JackJohnson Jack Johnson Jack This boy can't wait for Christmas, so of course he's here. He makes use of every item he can get.
SuzySweetheart Suzy Sweetheart Jack Jack's GF. She comes from a rich family, but is sweeter than candy can get.
DuxFNC Dux Fish 'N' Chips A smart Gillard. Don't question how this cool-headed fish survives without water.
LucasFNC Lucas Fish 'N' Chips Not only he's the small cousin of Amorine, Dux's girlfriend, and also Dux's apprentice, but also the smartest fish among the Gillards.
RoxanneARX Roxanne Agent RX The cool-headed, expert agent of the Agency (of Smilonia). She currently has no other missions, so it's okay to be here.
Meta-FormFOC Meta-Form Meta-Form (Series) The heroic, but, a little polite robot. Meta-Form is well known for hate overrused jokes. Well... he is here because he has nothing to do now.


Picture Name Series Description How to Unlock
SLMitchell Mitchell Safari League A nature-loving teenager who participated in the Safari League contest organized by the PAMI. Buy him at the shop.
Morris Morris Shifton Black Morrefus A Morrefus (a blob-like extraterrestrial being) with strange quirks. Seven "limbs", a darker shade and no gloss. Rescue him in the Story Mode.
AFTTilly Tilly A Fairy's Tale A super-nervous fairy that doesn't take actions directly, contrast to her sister Minnie. Find Minnie at the Fairy's Land.
Douglas 2 Douglas Cursed Enigma This aura wielding hero is here to make everyone's Christmas happy. Buy his dagger at the shop.
Zenn 2 Zenn Ninja Scripts Zenn, the ninja Panda, is ready to celebrate Christmas. Buy and give a torch to him at Fantendo City.
Rare 2 Rare Element Warriors The Warrior of Lighting, Rare is here to celebrate Christmas, with fireworks? Don't ask. Find his weapon in Fantendo City.
Lucazs Lucazs Eternal Dusk With his magical sceptre, Lucazs is here to party with his friends. Win 1000 coins.
Cubey 3D Cubey Meta-Form Cubey, the helpful partner, he is Meta-Form's best friend. Like Meta-Form he is here because he has nothing to do. Win a match with Meta-Form.
Sketchel Sketchl Sketchl He may be small, but he deserves to party just like everyone else. Buy a picture of him at the shop.
KageGONNAWRECKYOUUP Kage Colossal Tribes Kage, the psychic, is ready to party. Lets hope he doesn't think of anything bad, becuase they might just happen. Win 100 times on the same minigame.
Myleina Myleina Colossal Tribes Myleina is also here to party! Armed with her shadow sword, everyone is sure in for a fun Christmas. Unlock Kage.
UntenArend Unten That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember Unten, the Fantendo Mascot, he has been transformed by The Enemy into a space. Now, he wants revenge! Land 250 times on Unten's space.
NetnuNew Netnu That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember Netnu, the Unten evil form, after collect the Ztar Shards, he comes back and wants be better than Unten by... saving Santa Claus? Play as Unten 50 times.
ZeritaNvF3D Zerita That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember Zerita, Unten's mysterious partner. She wants to help him by collecting the Ztar Shards and giving to him. Land on her space 100 times.
3.14NvF3D 3.14 3.14 3.14, the Coal Algebric, he wants save Santa Claus, because, he wants pie on the Christmas Eve! Play his minigame 25 times.
Mcbooreal McBoo McBoo McBoo, the little cute Boo, he wants save the Santa Claus to him re-build his mansion. Play "Boo Hunt" minigame 25 times.
Booberry Booberry McBoo Booberry, the McBoo's girlfriend, she wants help McBoo to re-build his mansion. Won 10 minigames as McBoo
Clyde Clyde Flame/Clyde Clyde, the orange Yoshi, he seems a nice Yoshi, but he likes guns and wants a cannon launcher from Santa Claus! Won 10 times as McBoo.
Yurei3 Yurei The Mystery The mysterious ghost boy, Yurei before dying, was a fan of christmas, and now after dying, he will use his ghost powers to save Santa. Won 25 times as McBoo or other ghost character.
King Plumber King Plumber None, yet. King Plumber, the creator and king of Fantendo, he looks like Waluigi, but, he likez Waluigiz. He wants save Santa Claus to come back. Won 25 times as Unten.
Dragonman Redesign DragonMan PalmMan DragonMan, the PalmMan's best friend, he is very powerful with Dragon abilites. He wants save Santa Claus to meet PalmMan once again. Get all the minigames.
JakeFOC Jake Game Freak Jake, the Textured Hero, he is a gamer who entered in the gaming world and become a minor hacker. It's currently unknown why he wants save Santa Claus. Play with friends for the first time.
BOOVISHELL Boovishell Mario Party fanon Boovishell, the Boo with a shell, he has been created by Locky to protect the Boo Woods, he wants save Santa Claus to won a crystal shell. See the extras of the game.
ACL-Bit2 Bit Retro. This Blik likes Christmas as much as he loves his sister Byt. Complete the game once.
TheFanFvC The Fan Fantendoverse The Fan, also known as Aktoz, the Fantendoverse Ruler, he wants save Santa Claus from your evil twin brother. Unlock all the other secret characters (excluding The Enemy).
TheEnemyFvC The Enemy Fantendoverse The Enemy, also known as Ektaz, the Fantendoverse evil God, he captured the Santa Claus to everybody of the Fantendoverse doens't have a good christmas. Complete the game with all the characters.


Every character added as a "Board Hoster" will be a DLC Character too.

Character Name Series Description
Alexlockystyle Alex Ember Koopa Super Mario Bros. The electric Koopaling wanted to enjoy christmas and wanted powerful electric weapons from Santa Claus. Is he ready for saving christmas or will he rather causes trouble?
Yoshter Bro. Yoshter Bro. Hammer Egg House The Hammer Bro. Yoshi is ready to celebrate!
Waddle Don Waddle Don Waddle Don A Waddle Doo in the Pop Star police force.
Jugrim Jugrim Koopa! The Grim Reaper of Mario's world, this creepy Lakitu makes sure every stomped Goomba gets a proper burial. He flies around in a creepy cloud that brings about instant death to anyone that dares touch it.
Bombell New Bombell Bombell series The explosive ghost, Bombell is the hero of the bom-boos, he is a fan of christams and why not?



Image Name Series Host Boss (in Story Mode)
Woppin' Woods Woppin' Woods Apples x150px
x125px Fantendo City The Rise of Darkness Shine
The Darkness
The Woods Boo Woods TaBooki TaBella
TaBooki- GheroBoo
SweetStreetMWF Sweet Streets Mighty Willy Universe Bobmw3d
Master Coloura
(image coming soon) Lava Cave Lava Path Blargg SMW3D
Cosmic Clone
Fake Mario
Pintihouse Pinti Land Pinti Land (series) Pinti3d
Devilish dude image
Devilish Dude
Yenne Creek Yenne's Creek Woofbot Yenne3d


Madz Heartz


Image Name Series Host Boss (in Story Mode) How to unlock
(image coming soon) Dentsville Hamster Havoc RockyHH
(image coming soon)
Play as Frolo 20 times and complete A-mazing in less than 30 seconds.
(image coming soon) Cloud Valley Propeloor Propeloo
Play 20 times in 2 boards and defeat 2 bosses.
(image coming soon) Paint Plains Dawn & Eliane StareezaDE
(image coming soon)
Play as Dawn or Eliane 7 times.
(image coming soon) Peppermint Planes Gumball the Dog


Gumball the Dog



Complete the game once.
(image coming soon) Gingerbread Grounds Gumball the Dog


Candy Sugar Sweetheart

(image coming soon)


Won 10 times on Peppermint Planes
(image coming soon) Chirstmas Land Real World




The Enemy

Unlock The Fan.


There's 15 type of spaces on the game:

Picture Name Effect
UntenFCP-Plz Unten's Gift Give 3 coins to the player who land on that space.
NetnuFCP-Plz Netnu's Trap Steal 3 coins from the player who land on that space.
ZeritaSpace Zerita's Steal Time Give 10 coins to Zerita, Zerita will steal all of the coins of the opponent who the player chooses.
MondoSpace Mondo's Question Mondo will ask a question to you, if you answer correct, he will give a item, if you answer wrong, he will steal 5 coins from you.
DongorioSpace Chief Dongorio's Shop When the player land on this space, he (or she) will trigger Dongorio's Shop. Click here to see more about the Chief Donogorio's Shop.
Petespace Pete's Party When a player lands on this space, the players will enter a duel game where they can collect presents. At the end, Pete will decide what the presents are worth. Click here for minigames he will use and here for what a present could be worth.
KingKubeBotSpace Kube's Karnage When a player lands on this space, King Kube Bot appears and will randominze all the spaces.
Hhspace Hamster Havoc

When the player lands on this space, a rolletes appears showing four characters from Hamster Havoc: Frolo, Aidic, Ali and Coble. Depending which character lands a different thing will happen:

  • Frolo: A thunder bolt will strike on the player, making he (or she) loses half of his/her coins.
  • Aidic: He will ask if you want ride on his airplane, if the player chooses yes he will get the player and moves him to a random location, if you say no, he will fly away and he will give you some coins and a gift.
  • Ali: He will make spiky crystalls falls from the sky, blocking other players passages and making the player loses 3 coins.
  • Colbe: Colbe will stay with the player for 5 turns stealings 3 coins from any other player who passerbys and protecting the player from hazards.
8bitspace Retro Space When you land on it it turns your character becomes 8-bit for the next 3 turns. An 8-bit character gets double the amount of coins they are given usually.
Christmasspace Christmas Land A space which only appears on the Christmas Land, when you land on this space, Santa Claus will appear and ask you if you want ride with him. If you say yes, you will give 20 coins and he will leave you to the star, if you say no, he simply will fly away, rarely, he will give a gift.


The game have various minigames, in total, 120 minigames.

You can see all clicking on the link above:

See the minigames here!



  • Mario is the only non-fanon character who appears on this game.
    • He appears twice, as a host of Christmas Land and as a cameo on the Retro Space.
  • Also, Santa Claus is the only non-gaming character who appears on this game.
  • When Unten/Netnu land on their space, they break the fourth wall by talking directly to the player.


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