Fantendo Bowling League is an upcoming game for the Nintendo DS and the WiiWare. It is created by Icey Inc.


Although Fantendo Bowling League is a popular Fantendo game with bowling pins. It is similar gameplay to the Wii sports bowling except the pins are black. Although the ball can be changed into black, brown, white, and pink.


Each character has their own teams in story mode, with the following teams.

Mariofan45 Series

3.14 Series

McBoo Series

Ella Metals Series

YoshiEgg/Tucker Series

Nugg Series

Clyde Series

Pusher's Pile Series

Mick Series

Timer Series

Micool Series

Other Series

Game Modes

  • Bowling Challenge (1-4 Players)
  • Mission Mode (1-2 Players)
  • Bowling Card (See a list of records)
  • World Tournament (1-4 players)
  • Ball Color Customization (Customize your ball color)


  • This will be released in Fall 2010 in Europe, Winter 2010 in America, and 2011 in Japan.
  • The ball color is shiny and bright while playing.