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Fantendo Battle (Nintendo Wii)
Developer(s) Nico Corporation
Publisher(s) 250px-Nintendo svg
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii
Genre(s) Battle
Release Date(s) 2012
Age Rating(s) T for Teen

Pegi +12

Fantendo Battle (Working Title) is a new 3D Fantendo Game. It release in 2012. This game is planned for the Nintendo Wii.


Fantendo Battle offers Fantendo characters site, a famous wiki, battles in 3D. In this fighting game, several buttons are for hitting. This game is rated T for Ten and Pegi +12 because this game is violent.

The style of the game is the Super Smash Bros. But thanks to Fantendo, the characters and the land is more fun when it is with them! Lots of new properties and elements of more sets of Fantendo return in this game, although most will come from other games ...

In Fantendo Battle, There are several modes:

  • Story Mode (1 to 4 Players): This mode is the hardest of all modes. You must complete tasks and finish to beat all the bosses to get to finish this mode. For more information, check out the Story Mode.
  • Battle Mode (1 to 4 Players): In battle mode, the player can fight against his friends in duels and fights crazy!
  • Options Mode: In the Options mode, the player can change the music of the land, collecting trophies ...


Default Characters

Image Name Series Description
YEandBloopbyWS YoshiEgg Nook & Bloop YoshiEgg
McBooNvF3D McBoo McBoo's Mansion
Clyde Clyde
EmeraldTheSceptile Emerald the Sceptile Team Gemstones
EllaFOC Ella Metals Ella-Metals
BeardedFOC Bearded Smiley Bearded Smiley
RedtheHood'em3D Red Hood'em
Pesh3D Pesh Pusher's Pile


Image Name Series Description
TheGrooTS The Groo YoshiEgg
Booberry Booberry McBoo's Mansion
GuppyFOC Guppy the Shark Guppy the Shark
Ruby&SapphireNvF3D Ruby & Sapphire Team Gemstones
Pie Guy DREW
AndyByArend Andy Pasta Ella-Metals
JakeFOC Jake Game-Freak
Mr.Sew'n3D Mr. Sewn Hood'ems
Pashie3D Pashie Pusher's Pile


Some items are confirmed for now. But eventually, it could there be fifty items.

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