Fantendo Animated Adventures is an animated TV Series and spiritual succesor to shows such as Fantendo the Animated Series and Fantendo High. It is mostly light hearted, with comedy and character development being the main focus, but has some  more serious storylines later on. 

Plot Synopsis

Unten is an average citizen in the town of Tendoville - except for the fact that he's not. Join him and his friends for crazy adventures all across Tendoville, fighting evil villains, going to new places, or even just sitting around conversing about random topics!
The synopsis posted on the show's official website.

Major Characters

Character Description

Unten FAA

The last of the Beorns, Unten is loyal to his friends,  and tries to make himself a good leader. It doesn't always work, though. 
Data FAA
A snarky robotic warrior who can be easily enraged. Data has robotic limbs which he can transform into weapons to fight enemies with. 
Mika Syo FAA
Mika Syo
A natural daredevil, when Mika is given two or more options, she usually takes the most dangerous out of them. Despite this, however, she is very kind and protective of her friends.
Squav FAA
Squav is the leader of the Squavocado clan, but isn't very good at leading. Despite this, he always tries to help his friends and is very laid-back and friendly, despite being very clumsy. 
General Scotch FAA
General Scotch
A nice young General who trains dogs. However, he spent most of his life in a military training center, so he isn't quite sure how to act around normal people, leading to some awkward moments.
Umbra FAA
Wielder of the legendary Shadow Scythe and Master of the Eclipse, Umbra is a young boy who has umbrakinesis. His parents went missing when he was young, and he has been trying to find out what happened to them for many years. He is friendly and protective of his allies and friends, but can be a bit of a show-off sometimes and has a crush on Mika Syo. 
Alice :3
Alice Harumi
Alice is a perky young girl who has Spring-based powers, but is still learning how to use them. She is usually quite confident in her missions, but can grow quite impatient at times. 
Scratch Kat FAA
Scratch Kat
Scratch Kat is a wacky cat, always cracking jokes and eating marshmallows He always greets people with his famous catchphrase, "HEY HEY HEY!" 


Season 1

  1. The Cat and The Bear: Unten and Scratch are going to buy some supplies for a house party. Shenanigans ensue, and many robberies commence at the shop. Meanwhile, the others get bored out of there minds and decide to start a gladiator tournament in the front yard.
  2. Punten: Unten comes to the conclusion that he is too serious compared to the rest of his friends. To solve this problem, Unten goes to a man known as "The Funny Master" for help. But what does his humor lessons ammount to anyway? 
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