The Fantendo 10th Anniversary Showcase will be held from April 12th all the way to the 14th, and will coincide with the site's tenth anniversary. Sign-ups can be found here. If you feel the urge to participate, please make sure that you can get in a showcase page (if you can't, I'll sign you out).

Previews can be shown beginning on March 10th.

Presentations & Previews

These are the presentations and previews of the showcase.  Names crossed out are no longer contributing to the showcase, but can rejoin any time they wish.  This is to stop editing from being a pain in the ass.

scorpistar⭐ · Preview
by Athena Hawkins
Darklight Studios · Preview
by Shadow Inferno
Illusion Works · Preview
by Solarrion
Toroko · Preview
by Exotoro
Poisonshot · Preview
by Poisonshot
IncarnateParanoia · Preview
by IncarnateParanoia
Flaming Games · Preview
by TheFireDragoon
Pyro Enterprises · Preview
by Pyrostar
.lennongrad · Preview
by .lennongrad
Phinix · Preview
by .arcticbreath
Existence Software · Preview
by Mirai Moon
SuyoGames · Preview
by Renardy
Electric Enterprises · Preview
by Dragon of Steel
Inora · Preview
by Sr.Wario
TheFoxyRiolu · Preview
by TheFoxyRiolu
Shooting Star Studios · Preview
by Ziegs
Scratch Kat · Preview
by SkyboundScratchkat
Ninkancho · Preview
by AgentMuffin
Lone Planet Productions · Preview
by MeGa eXal
Blender Maximum · Preview
by StarfyBlenda
EnderLegends · Preview
by EnderLegends
Stardust Citadel · Preview
by .vectorDestiny
Phazonworks · Preview
by Darth Phazon
Simple Studios · Preview
by CrunchTime420
Andrewtheking · Preview
by Andrewtheking
PlayRight Games Inc. · Preview
by LegendaryHero1023
OtherWorld Studios · Preview
by AngryLittleYoshi
Transparent Interactive · Preview
by StarYoshi
Kirby X-NEO · Preview
by Kirby X-NEO
Cryobyte · Preview
by .etherealknight
FlameKing Enterprises · Preview
by FlameKing6789
Vision Studio · Preview
by Lunaticthegame
Iceboys12co. · Preview
by Iceboys12
RTA fan · Preview
by RTA fan
Somebody495 · Preview
by Somebody495
Nano Studios · Preview
by Nanopower
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