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Fantendo - Turning Point is a 2D Animated Drama/Action show created by Inora. The show focuses on a cast of characters living in the turbulent year of 1949 and onward in New York City, and unlike it's sister show Fantendo - Gaiden airs on ABC rather than Netflix.

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Season 1

Private Investigator and WW2 veteran Vincent Lewis fights crime in New York City in 1949 and 1950 while encountering a secret organization known as Revolution.




Main Characters

Character Description
Vincent Lewis

A private investigator and WW2 veteran. While delivering justice in New York City as somewhat of a vigilante, he ends up learning about Revolution.

Vincent was scarred by WW2, and as such is anti-social, a heavy drinker, and pretty abrasive. He has a strong sense of justice and morals though.

Lewis has no powers, but is skilled at brawling and knows how to use a gun effectively.

Robert the Moose

A Canadian immigrant and the founder of Revolution, Robert the Moose was a hero in his day who uses his fortune and rewards from those days to fund Revolution.

Robert is kind, understanding, and patient, a counterpart to Vincent in every way. He has some secrets though and definitely has a dark side.

Robert is a skilled fighter from his days of adventuring, but mostly stays in a managerial position.

Henry Carter

An Italian immigrant and member of Revolution, Henry Carter is a skilled engineer who joined to escape prosecution and put his skills to use.

Henry is egotistical, and a bit of a womanizer, but he really does have a good heart and can be brilliant when he puts himself to it.

Henry is no fighter, preferring to assist from the sidelines. He'll help if things get desperate though.

Mary Hone

A Gardevoir and member of Revolution, Mary Hone is a skilled chemist and scientist who joined the organization to have a job in the industry without having to deal with sexism.

Mary is a pacifist who believes in non-violence, but understands that it's how the world works. She's crafty and kind, but a bit arrogant and smug.

Mary doesn't fight, but rather assists the fighters in a supporting role.

Barbara Jackson

A British woman and one of the field agents for Revolution, Barbara Jackson joined the organization to actually help the world in an active way.

Barbara is outgoing, headstrong, and doesn't let anyone get in her way. She also shoots first and asks questions later

Barbara is a skilled marksman and fighter in hand-to-hand combat.

Secondary Characters

Character Description
Betty Logia The mother of Thomas Logia and grandmother of Hugo Logia. A kind Ursaring woman who is a friend of Vincent, her husband was a soldier and old friend of Vincent, who was murdered after the war by a mysterious killer.
Rick A nice guy who ends up taking lots of hits. He works as the manager for the small clothing shop that is also a front for the Revolution HQ. It's revealed that he is a mole for The Saviors, and is killed by Mr. Crane for his failure.
Ella Harel The great grand-mother of Rachel Harel. A war widow who Vincent swore to protect, she gives him a case related to stopping a mysterious man around her neighborhood.
Mavis The new security guard for the Revolution HQ's front. She acts like a sweet, absent-minded old lady, but she's good at her job and kicks ass.
Donnie A former agent of the Saviors who was recruited after the war and given X-Ray Vision by a serum. He's quiet, shy, and conflicted, but Mary's friendliness ends up recruiting him as an advisor.


Character Description
The Saviors

The main antagonists of Season 1, a mysterious organization that hates Revolution and wishes to destroy them and their agents.

Their members include a terrakinetic named Sam Evans, Rick, the Shadow Man, and their leader, Mr. Crane.

The Hunter

A psychotic man who believes Pokémon are animals to be hunted, and uses his Pyrokinetic abilities to execute them. He was restrained by Vincent Lewis, and then taken back into holding by Revolution.

The Singer

A beautiful woman who sings at various nightclubs. She has limited Sound Manipulation, when she sings A Night in Tunisia everyone around will either die or be stunned if it's muffled or interrupted. She does so due to a misfounded belief that she is delivering justice this way, but is eventually brought in by Revolution.

Luigi Sanitas A gang-leader who owns Sin Abrazos Niña. He worked with the Saviors to move an explosive chemical called Ignitris, at the cost that he would get to use some. Barbara and Vincent stole the chemical from him and knocked him out.


No. in
No. in
Episode Description
001 1 I'll Never Smile Again PI Vincent Lewis investigates the death of a wartime friend, and crosses paths with Revolution.
002 2 Only Forever

Vincent is hired by Robert to investigate a Revolution agent gone missing.

003 3 All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth It's Christmas time, and Robert invites Vincent to a Christmas party at the Revolution HQ. Things go south fast though.
004 4 GUEST EPISODE Guest written by Exotoro.
005 5 A String of Pearls Vincent is sent along with Henry to infiltrate an United States Navy Ship after the possibility of a member of The Saviours being in it shows up. Guest written by CSketch
006 6 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Vincent reluctantly joins Revolution in the investigation of mysterious disappearances, all tied to missile research. Guest written by PabloDePablo.
007 7 The Old Lamp-Lighter Vincent has to turn to Revolution when someone he swore to protect comes to him for help.
008 8 A Night in Tunisia The team investigates a series of suspicious deaths, all near and relating to nightclubs.
009 9 I Love You For Sentimental Reasons Vincent and Barbara go undercover as a couple to get close to a suspicious rich man.
010 10 In the Blue of Evening The team work with a Spirit Council member to track down a villainous gangster ghost from Little Earth.
011 11 Mule Train The team infiltrate their enemies' base to stop them and their villainous plan that threatens Earth.





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