Fantendo - The Secret

Fantendo: The Secret is a Fantendo: story written by Dk64rules, the creator of the somewhat popular Voidverse series of fan-fics. F:TS revolves around a person who ends up in a mysterious situation that intertwines him with the fate of the Fantendoverse.

Writing Styles

There are three sub-storylines that make up F:TS, and they are told in different ways, see below.

Thomas Kaldeen: Told in a recapping-event first-person style, as though the writer is The Boy.

Elena Hawling: Thomas' girlfriend. Her chapters are told in a regular first-person style.

Unten: Some of the Fantendoverse-centric chapters are told through Unten's eyes. Same style as Elena.


  1. The Station
  2. The Gloomdark Gate
  3. The First
  4. The Fantendo Castle
  5. The Tower of Sins
  6. The Attack on Fantendo Castle
  7. The Joywell Gate
  8. The Meet Up
  9. The Secret


  • This is the first Dk64rules story/fan-fic not planned to have artwork for any of the characters.
  • This is the first Dk64rules fan-fic to have two planned chapters at once, namely the titles "The Fantendo Castle" and "The Tower of Sins" were created at the same time. This was then followed by the revealing of 4 chapters at the same time, the last 4.
  • This is the first well-received Fantendo crossover by Dk64rules.
  • This is the first Dk64rules fan-fic to go over 6 chapters.
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