Fantendo - Test After Test is a Fantendo story created by CSketch as an experiment, basically everything is kinda made up on the go, however there are many base concepts created before hand to keep the story coherent at all times.


Several Fantendo characters wake up in rooms paired up with another Fantendo character, and are given the strict order of playing "a little game" with a strange masked woman with gray skin and what seems to be her accomplice, a mime with the same cold expression all the time.

If they do not play the masked woman's game, which consists on them having to work together with their partner to survive life-threatening tests, the masked woman threatens to kill someone very close to them and leave them trapped wheverer they are for the rest of their lives.

However, apart from the life-threatening games the masked woman forces them to play, some of the pairs start finding what looks like another Unten, another Zerita and a surviving Doomulus Grime!?!

Why are there clones of Unten and Zerita? How did Doomulus survive Zeon's explosion? Who is this strange gray-skinned masked woman and who is her mime accomplice? All secrets will be revealed....if you read the story.


NOTE: Since this is kinda on the go some chapters might be super long while others may be shorter, though I'll try to keep a consistent length.

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