Developer(s) GemGamesCoLogo
Publisher(s) GemGamesCoLogo
Platform(s) HybridDeltaLogo
Nintendo IC Logo
Genre(s) Action/Adventure
Release Date(s) N/A
Mode(s) 1-Player
(4-Player Online)
Age Rating(s) N/A
Media Included N/A

Fantendo - Planetary Implosion is an action/adventure game by GemGames Co. starring some of the most popular Fantendo characters. The game will be released for the Hybrid Δ and Nintendo IC in late 2012.



Prologue: 10,000 Years Ago

10,000 years ago there lived an evil creature named Gray Demon who set out into space seaking to challenge White Goddess and Black God in hopes that he would be able to defeat them, and then be able to break through the fabric of time itself using they're powers to rule over the universe. He traveled through space and eventually reached White Goddess' Palace and challenged White Goddess to a battle, however he was no match for her and was easily defeated. He then set out towards Black God's Temple but again was no match for Black God and was easily defeated. He continued to challenge the two gods time after time in the hopes that he would eventually be able to defeat them and reach his goals, White Goddess and Black God learned of what he had planned however and sealed him away, forever...

Chapter 1: Gray Demon's Return

Chapter 2: The Implosion



Artwork Name Series Description
N/A Unten TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR Unten is the so called last of the Beorns and the mascot of Fantendo. He saved his homeland of Peaceful Plains from the evil Doomulus Grime during his first appearance, Unten was adopted by Chief Dongorio and also has a sidekick named Zerita.
YoshiEggPlanetaryImplosion YoshiEgg Nook YoshiEgg YoshiEgg Nook is a green tanooki who lives in a shack next to McBoo's Mansion. He usually is tasked with defeating The Groo and saving his friends, YoshiEgg has a sidekick named Bloop who after he saved him from The Groo became his best friend. YoshiEgg also has a love interest in Tulip Nook.
N/A Litle P Litle P & Sandslash Litle P is a blue-tailed Pichu who lives in Castle Street. Litle P has a brother named Sandslash P and a sister named Jiggy P along with his mother Mrs. P, Litle P's arch-rival is a Metapod named Billy McBoberson who "stole" Litle P's colouring book when they were little (although it was shown Squirtle actually took it). Litle P has been shown to be wild and adventurous.
N/A Pesh Pusher's Pile Pesh is a brave Pouchet knight from Pushopolis. He has saved his homeland from villains such as Professor E. Vil Oldton on many occasions, Pesh's love interest is a female Pouchet named Pashie and he also has a rival named Besh. Pesh trys to protect Pushopolis from the Hazzies as best he can.
N/A Purple Purple Purple is a powerful Dark Koopa and also a N.I.T. (Ninja In Training). He hails from Newcunner Kingdom where he lives with his friends Ginourm, Koopette and Damien, he also has saved his homeland from the evil Tatan, Ninjagoom and Mister Goom several times.
N/A Ella Metals Ella-Metals Ella "Elle" Mavis Metals is a metal bending girl and the hero of VineVille. She often has to protect VineVille from evil with help from her friends Andy Pasta, Lexi Lexan and Samuel Think, she also has a strong bond with Strafe.
N/A McBoo McBoo's Mansion Murphy Quinton McBoo is a Red Boo who hails from McBoo's Mansion, he is a member of the Boo Troop under the rule of King Boo but left and then later re-joined he also has a wife named Booberry. McBoo is also the leader of the Amighosts which consists of his three closest friends, O'Lantern, Akro Bat and Ghoularry.
N/A Smile Ghost Smile
N/A Zak Doodleland
N/A Emerald the Sceptile Team Gemstones







Playable Characters


Non-Playable Characters



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