Fantendo - New Age is an upcoming game of an unknown genre. It is not known how important it will be to the new Fantendoverse storyline, however it will have multiple smaller, episodic stories. The game is said to be a visual novel with some RPG-Combat elements, and the story takes place after Fandraxono's defeat in Fantendo Smash Bros. Magma.



Character Bio
Unten FantendoNewAge
Unten is the mascot of Fantendo, known for being one of the last few Beorns and accidentally dooming his planet Zeon. He tries to do the best he can to lead the team, constantly being put in that situation by obligation, and he is very self-sacrificing after failing to save Zeon from Doomcorp's Drill. 
MikaSho FantendoNewAge
Mika Sho
A young teenager who likes to live on the edge. She usually takes the most dangerous and reckless route to solving a problem. She is very kind at heart and gets very defensive if her friends are put in danger, however her daredevil-ish attitude can get her into trouble. 
Kiya FantendoNewAge
Kiya is a mysterious girl who barely ever cracks a smile. She has no known past and is always focused on getting a job done, not letting emotions get in the way of anything. She is also known for being able to telepathically control blades and swords.
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