Fantendo - Misfits: Starsnow is an upcoming Misfits show that begins a little bit after the ending of Victory, bringing the characters into a new Misfits story, one with new enemies, and new friends. There is planned to be either two or three seasons, depending on what happens.

The theme song is The Heavy - This Ain't No Place for No Hero


Major Characters

Characters Description
Aran Leverletto A cocky asshole who turned from angry robo-freak down the street to essentially a less bald Charles Xavier. He is the husband of Melissa, aswell. His temper isn't the best, but he can control it. Sometimes. Not Really. Yeah, he's very hot-headed
Melissa Dust/Leverletto A girl who went from abandoned girl on the streets to insane science creation. She seems to have a sailors mouth, aswell. She is the wife of Aran. Melissa is actually pretty calm, unlike her husband. Though, they get along so well.
Jared Orlevo A phoenix man who used to be a bounty hunter for a living. He is a top-notch marksman and very much an asshole. He also likes coming up with nicknames for people, and they usually aren't the nicest ones.
Topzy An almost-crazy telepathic girl who is the ex-ex girlfriend of Aran, they dont get together very well. Topzy's eye is deformed into a swirl. Oh, she also used to be called the 'Angel of Death'. Topzy is very independent and tries to do everything on her own at most times.
Firball Firball is a super-sonic high-jumping dog hybrid that is literally too cute to deny. His personality is being a dog, and he isn't in a relationship with anyone. Though he's cute, that's all you need to know.
Birnstone A 'female' Magma Sentinel who is skilled in the art of bows and arrows. Birnstone is actually somewhat of a tomboy (even though lava doesn't have a gender, I know, I'm confused too) and tries to be the funny one at a bad moment. Yay, comic relief!
eXcalibyr Assassin turned hero, more TBA
Troy 456 A man who goes by his test subject number for his last name, and seems to be in the same experiment zone as Melissa. He seems to be holding some kind of grudge against Melissa. He is rather stubborn and really puts his heads to things, and doesn't stop unless he has to.
Plasma A sinister girl who is the girlfriend of Spirit. She is able to conduct electricty with her hands. She was scarred at an early age after killing about five people in a matter of a minute, causing her to be a little insane in the membrane. She is still somewhat sane, I think.
Spirit A rather flirty 'spooky girl' who is the girlfriend of Plasma. She is able to summon shadow hands to help her. Spirit is rather sassy at times and likes to anger people. She can also summon tentacles. Kinky.
??? TBA

Minor Characters



Season Zero

Season Zero is a compilation of pilot episodes made to tease people about the upcoming Season One, these were released a little bit after Misfits at War was released.

Episodes Description
Plasma and Spirit

Plasma and Spirit introduce themselves to the world, via a webcam, totally radical.

Into the Other Dimension Part 1 of Who's Troy?
The Voyage Across Limbo Part 2 of Who's Troy?
Expedition Through the Bridge Party 3 of Who's Troy?
Let's Sit Down and Talk Melissa and Aran just chat about life a few days after the wedding.
Brotherly Rivalry Ajax talks about his brother, and expresses a bit too much hatred.
X-Misfits TBA

Season One

Episodes Description


Legend of the Shapeshifter TBA
Ashes to Ashes


The Guardian TBA
Firball in Other Dimensions TBA
High Flyin' TBA
Four Plus Four TBA
Stolen TBA
Firball in the Future TBA
Brotherly Rivalry TBA
Firball in Outer Space TBA
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse TBA
Etanor TBA
Gravity TBA
On Enemy Lines TBA


  • Starsnow is actually the name of the main Misfits group, that Aran, Melissa, and the others reside in. The ranks below (order from highest to lowest) them are Oblivion, Red, Watt, Riot, Bloodeye, Old School and NewBirds
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