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Fantendo - Meltdown is an event that follows the Magma Sentinels during a massive crisis involving Humans and the Sentinels. It takes place a bit after Fantendo - Genesis. It includes some cameos of fantendoverse characters, but it mostly revolves around the Sentinels.

Chapter 1: Escape

Scarred Flames looks up to the thriving community which he betrayed years ago, and begins to approach it slowly. The two guards scanning the area for intruders have not seem him yet, so he begins to walk faster. As he is seen the guards stumble and shout, trying to acquire their weapons from the ground. He swiftly pulls out a glass and lunges it at the two guards, and their screams are stopped by the sound of shattering glass. They were both frozen in place by whatever was in the jar.

"Sir!" A Sentinel shouted to King Ash


"Scarred... he's back, sir!"

"How the hell?! Make sure to keep him away from the city!"

"Too late.." A distorted voice interrupts them, the sentinel that reported to King Ash was now laying on the ground, magma all dried up.

Scarred Flames pulls out a gigantic blade and snickers. King Ash grabs his sword and he leaps down.

"I thought I told you to stay away from here." King Ash readies his blade.

"I thought I'd return to drop by and say hi, and kill a few people." He laughs and lunges at King Ash, slashing at him. King Ash dodges all of the attacks but the final one, he is stricken in the chest and he falls back, trying to let it regenerate. He leaps up and keeps attacking Scarred Flame, but Scarred dodges each attack. He swipes once more and throws King Ash into the wall and sprints into a hallway as King Ash groans and picks himself up, quick to chase after him.

"Come back here!" King Ash swings through the door and slashes at Scarred, but Scarred throws a jar down, the jar breaks and smoke covers the room and as it clears, he's gone. King Ash looked at the Magma Cluster Launch Pods, irreversibly being set to launch. Try as he might, there was no way to stop it now.

"Shit." King Ash looks at the destination:

The United States.

Chapter 2: The Drop

Aran walks around New York City, carrying a grocery bag full of scrap metal in his prosthetic arm. He casually crosses the street and a blue car honks at him, and he replies back with his middle finger. He makes his way to his apartment and slips in, being greeted by a happy golden retriever. He pats the dog’s head and it sits and emits a low whimper.

“Awh Buddy, I didn’t forget about you!” Aran smiles, throwing a fair-sized bone at the dog. The dog catches it in his mouth and runs into the other room. Aran walks into his workshop and spills the scrap all on his table. He slips his goggles on and begins to look through the pile, digging through things and sorting them in all sorts of buckets. He stops at what looks like a futuristic battery. He smirks and begins to dismantle the thing piece by piece. After removing some of the layers he stops and pulls out some tweezers. He pulls something out and a smile spreads wide across his face.

“Well lookie here...” Aran looks at the light blue ore, examining it.

A black van pulls up to an open field and men in black suits exit the car, helping a lady wearing black out of a car. They all walk up to the field and approach two Magma Clusters. The lady lightly touches the Magma Cluster and it vibrates, exploding outwards and sending her flying into the ground. A Magma Sentinel arises from the cluster and looks around. The lady struggles to help herself up and pulls her silenced pistol out, shooting at the Magma Cluster.

“SSSTOP!” The Magma Sentinel growls, sprinting towards her. The Magma Sentinel sprawls into action, and her screams are drowned out by the snapping of bones.

Chapter 3: Touchdown

A small television with cracks around the edge of the screen shows King Ash frantically running through the village, looking for something. A booming cackle emits from the darkness and two eyes appear from the darkness, illuminated by the light of the TV. It pans out and shows a world that seems to be nothingness, just an unknown beast sitting at a television.

King Ash sprints through the maze-like castle, stopping at a closed door. He slams his fist on the door.

“Birnstone! Birnstone!” King Ash calls out.

“What?!” A female Magma Sentinel swings the door open, seemingly angered.

“The Magma Clusters..gone.” King Ash seems frantic.  Birnstone pulls out a bow, made out of molten rock.

“Let’s go get them back, then.”  Birnstone smirks and takes off, King Ash catching up to her.

“They already touched down, we need to contain them before they cause trouble!” King Ash and  Birnstone stop at a door and swing it open.

“Where the hell are they, anyways?”

“Somewhere in North America.”

“Awh, hell.” Birnstone sighs, opening a Magma Cluster and hopping in, King Ash following.

Aran places the shining ore in a container and puts it in a cupboard, closing the cupboard and walking over to his dog and smiling.

“Hey Blue, wanna eat?” The dog’s ears perk up instantly and his tail starts swinging back and forth. Aran pours dog food into his bowl and smiles, watching Blue devour the food for a few seconds.

“Hey buddy, I gotta do something, I’ll be back soon!” Aran pats Blue’s head and walks out the door. He begins to make his way down a sidewalk and is hit by something too fast for the human eye to spot, he is thrown onto a top of a parked car and slips off onto the sidewalk. Aran groans and stands up, coming face to face with a Magma Sentinel.

“HOLY SHIT!” Aran reacts quickly, pressing a button on his bionic arm and pulling up a shield, blocking the Magma Sentinel’s first attack. Aran switches out from shield to sawblade and takes one big slice across the Magma Sentinels face, seemingly doing nothing. Aran rolls away from the Magma Sentinel and leaps upwards, beginning to charge up the energy cannon.

“STOP TRYING!” The Magma Sentinel leaps at Aran, and he fires the cannon, sending the Sentinel into the parked car’s window and blowing up the vehicle, sending volcanic rocks flying.

“Well, that was some fuckin’ crazy shi-” He turns around, looking at three more angered Magma Sentinels.

Chapter 4: The Visitation

Aran leaps back as the three sentinels swipe their swords at Aran. One charges at Aran before he can pull his shield up, and swipes at him. Aran brings his mechanical arm up for cover and blocks the hit, though heavily damaging his arm. He trips backwards and pulls out a Glock. The sentinels just laugh and pull out things that resemble a blunderbuss. They load the weapon and aim. Aran fumbles through his pocket and pulls out a syringe filled with light blue liquid. He takes a deep breath and stabs himself in the leg with it an his eyes turn from a dark blue to an unnatural light blue color. He springs upwards and blasts a shot of energy as the sentinels fire, the shots explode in midair and the shot of energy hits the middle Sentinel, the shot spreading to the other two and throwing them back. Aran's eyes go back to normal, and the Magma Sentinels are even more angry.

"Shit... I'm out." He throws the empty syringe on the ground, shattering it. Aran braces for the worst as the three sentinels leap at him, he closes his eyes waiting for his last moments.

"You can open your eyes now." Birnstone is standing infront of Aran, the three mischevious Magma Sentinels are all tied up in a rope.

"Y-your one of those beasts!" Aran swings his arm at Birnstone, leaping backwards, he stumbles backwards into King Ash.

"We aren't bad, they aren't either" King Ash points to the three dazed sentinels.

"Huh?" Aran shakes his head.

"They are just confused, they have just been created and have no idea what to do." King Ash leans on his sword.

"So we are here to gather them up and take them back" Birnstone pulls her arrow out.

"And we might need some help from humans." King Ash nods.

"Oh! I'll just call the police, they'll help you u-" Aran is interrupted.

"We'd be shot on sight." Birnstone sighs, sharpening an arrow head.

"True, maybe I can help?" A smirk spreads across Aran's face.

"Sure!" King Ash claps his hands together

"But I want one thing.. I want some Sentelenium." Aran's smirk grows wider.

"Oh... Okay I guess." Birnstone sighs, rolling a good-sized chunk of the ore towards him. Aran looks down at it, surprised.

"Well, that was easy." Aran stuffs the chunk in a mini backpack on his back.

Scarred leaps into the deserted castle, smirking.

"They thought I was gone, those fools." Scarred smiles and walks into a room, staring at the vast piles of weaponry.

"Oh, where to start, maybe here?" He laughs, pulling the sword down, it seems to act like a lever and a door opens up and a wall is pushed out, revealing a gigantic blade.

"Great! My favorite, a big blade!" Scarred claps his hands together and pulls the sword out.

"Now to check on the beast." He drags the sword out of the room, his cackle echoing throughout the castle.

The creatures eyes still peer into the television, it lets out another laughter and places a robot hand on the television, changing the channel. It shows Scarred walking throughout the castle with the giant blade.

"Well, this got interesting." A deep voice echoes throughout the empty world.

Chapter 5: Overload

Aran swings open the garage door as two old lights, suspended from the ceiling, flicker on. The two televisions flicker on, one on the news and the other on a cheesy Kung-Fu movie.

"Welcome to my special place" Aran pulls out a large table, taking his robotic arm off and setting it on the table.

"I have to fix my gadgets and refill." Aran pulls out a screwdriver and pops a compartment open, pulling out a damaged piece of equipment, then pulling out a new one.

"So, what about the police?" Aran looks up at King Ash

"Hm? What's that?" King Ash sets down a mini robot, shrugging.

"Ugh, we'll handle them later, I guess." Aran screws the compartment back in, looking over to the news.

"Holy Jesus on a Unicycle." Aran drops his wrench,the television shows people running as a blue portal-like object sucks in a whole building, throwing pieces of cars around.

"We need to go, now." Birnstone pulls out her bow and runs, the other two running after her.

"Yes! Run, you puny humans!" Scarred pulls out his blade, swinging at an oncoming car and slicing it in half, the two pieces flying into the portal behind him.

"Soon, I will claim this land!" Scarred turns around and the portal dissapears, and explodes, forming a massive tower made out of Sentilenium

"Time to attack!" Scarred laughs as mini ships take off into the sky, covering the sky above and consuming the city in darkness.

Birnstone looks at the ships covering the sky, sighing.

"What has he done?!" Birnstone shoots at some of the oncoming spaceships, the surviving few dive at her. She leaps over them and the remaining ones crash into the ground.

"What the hell?!" Aran looks at the sky, gasping.

"We need to find the core of where these are coming from!" King Ash yells, swiping at the oncoming ships.

"WATCH OUT!" Aran screams, as a massive ship slams into all three of them.

The creature watches the TV and yells, flipping the TV, cracking it even more. He peers into the light, revealing his robotic face. A number is also etched into his chest.


Chapter 6:Meltdown

"C'mon get a fucking move on, people!" Aran guides people out of the city, shooting ships made out of Molten Rock. After most people were evacuated Aran leaps away as two Molten ships collide, exploding. He runs and turns a corner and looks forward.

"What the.." He looks at the fog that seems to cover the rest of the alleyway, he approaches it cautiously. 

"Fog, only in one spot?" He ponders, reaching his hand in, nothing happened. He takes a step in and feels like he had been thrown, he goes flying backward and lands on the ground. He stands up and runs in the direction he entered, but the fog seemed neverending. A blur had passed him and in a matter of a few seconds he was kicked hard in the elbow, seemingly shattering it, flipped backwards and thrown into the ground. He looks as the blur dissapears in the fog, groaning.

"Birnstone.. King Ash." He tries to yell, but his voice seems tiny, the fog seeming to prevent it from escaping. He then looks at a needle in his shoulder, putting a black liquid into his veins


Aran pulls the needle out and throws it, and his hand begins to distort into a monstrous black arm.

"Augh!" Aran pulls his arm back, staring at it as it spreads to his chest, seemingly consuming it. He screams as it reaches his neck, and then his mouth, turning his mouth into a jagged, distorted, beastlike mouth. Everything then goes black.

"Aran! Wake up!" An unfamiliar, yet familiar, voice calls for him, he opens up his eyes to see a brunette shaking his arm.

"Who are you?" He asks, looking around. He is in a crumpled city, seemingly being destroyed.

"Aran! No time to play tricks, just come on!" She pulls his arm and they both run into a jeep, the girl driving into what was once a street.

"Watch out!" A flying car slams into the Jeep as the Jeep soars across the sky, landing on its side and flipping a few times, landing on its back. Aran looks around frantically, seeing the girl had gone unconcious, he then hears the clanking of metallic boots. He turns around to see a gun to his head.


Chapter 7: No More Playing Games

"Aran! Aran! C'mon wake your ass up!" Birnstone screams at Aran, shaking him violently.

"Wha? I'm up, god damn calm yourself!" Aran pushes Birnstone back and stands up and brushes himself off, groaning at the pain of his elbow, then looking at his shoulder. Where the needle was contained a tattoo, a vulture sitting on a sword. He rubs his elbow and sighs


"Lets go, before this city is nothing but a flaming shithole." Birnstone tugs Aran forward, hurting his elbow once again.

King Ash swings at a ship, slicing it in half and yelling out "C'mon!" as he slices yet another one in half. All three of them rush past the building as more ships fly inward, shooting down buildings and cracking the street open.

"This can't just be Scarred's doings." Birnstone looks upward at a castle-like object floating in the sky.

"You are correct, what prize will you win?" A voice from the darkness laughed, and when he came out of the darkness, Aran instantly knew who he was.

"Your the one who attacked me in the fog!" Aran points a robotic hand at him, grumbling.

"You stupid bucket of fuckin' bolts!" His anger boils, his hands begin to tremble with rage.

The beast laughs and claps his hands together sarcastically "I prefer being called Four, thank you very much." He chuckles and stares at the three.

"Now let us see what prize you get!" He laughs once again, each time getting louder and louder.

He stops laughing and stares at them, his eyes turning dark red. "You get front-row seats to the beginning of the end!" He turns into a blur, and all of them are tied up against a ship in seconds.

"See you in the end!" He waves as the ship takes off into the floating castle, the three struggling, rattling the ship violently.

Chapter 8: Welcome to the End

The ship docks at the top of the castle, revealing a portal in the middle of it, Scarred is sitting in a smaller throne beside a bigger throne, clapping happily. The ship cuts the rope and flies away, and Aran runs to the edge, trying to jump, but he seems to hit a forcefield that sends him back, he screams and bangs his hands on the forcefield, trying to break through it. Scarred snaps his fingers and Magma Sentinels drag Aran over to Scarred, Brinstone and King Ash casually walking over.

"Stop fussing, you stupid human!" Scarred yells, and the two Magma Sentinels throw Aran on the ground, walking away. Aran stands up and brushes himself off.

"Oh my! Look! You decided to attend!" Four leaps down onto the larger throne, pointing to the portal in the middle, now surging with even more energy.

"What the hell are you guys doing?!" King Ash looks at the portal, pointing at it.

"Oh, just a little revival of some good ol' friends." Scarred smirks, throwing a potion into the portal.

"Darkness, Awake!" Four screams, and the portal shoots out a big blob of darkness, landing right beside Aran. An eye pops out of the darkness, looking at Aran, it makes a beeping sound and the eye pops back in, and it begins to form into something. It then forms into what looks like Aran, but this is not Aran. He has the same mechanical arm, though a quarter of his head is robotic, and both legs are mechanical too. He has dark red eyes, filled with more anger then even Aran could contain. It walks over to Four and places its arm on Four's throne, smirking. Another blob shoots out, but larger this time, it begins to form into what looks like a wolf and begins to bark, charging at King Ash.

"Oh shit!" King Ash leaps out of the way as the dark being tumbles into where King Ash was last. The wolf then spits out black goo that seems to be acidic, and charges straight at Aran.

"Wait, guys! I have an id-AHH!" Aran slides under the Wolf as it pounces toward him, missing it by an inch.

"What is it?" King Ash yells out, slashing at the wolf, he hits its nose and it becomes even more angry, shooting out even more goo.

"Just distract it for now!" Aran yells out, running towards a column. While the two hold the being off, Aran leans against the forcefield, taking a couple deep breaths, he nods his head and smirks.

"Hey look over here, you stupid mutt!" Aran screams, and the beast's attention shifts to him, he begins to charge at Aran, and Aran leaps out of the way at the last second, the beast slams into the forcefield, and shoots backward straight towards the portal, the wolf lets out one final screech as it is consumed by the portal.

"Well done!" Four claps, laughing, and then looking towards the evil Aran.

"Aran, attack!" Four yells, Aran looks up as the evil Aran puts his boot straight into Aran's face.

Chapter 9: Aran vs. Aran

Aran falls to the ground, clenching his jaw, as Dark Aran smirks at him. Aran pulls himself upward and swings one big punch at Dark Aran, hitting him in the chest. The copy flies backwards and smirks, a sword shooting out of his mechanic arm, and a sawblade shooting out of Aran's mechanical hand. The both block eachothers attacks for awhile, but then Aran swings his sawblade directly at his clone, but he leaps back and pulls up his mechanical leg, continuosly kicking Aran, the final kick throwing Aran into a collumn.

"Argh." Aran stumbles upward, and groans in pain.

"Hey, you filthy clone, take this!" Aran pulls a grenade out of his pocket and lunges it at Dark Aran, it explodes in midair, sending Dark Aran backwards, but he recovers quickly. Dark Aran begins to whack Aran quickly, causing him to start bleeding. He stands up and leaps backwards, growling.

"Enough!" Aran yells and a massive blade, made of darkness, shoots out from his hand, stabbing straight into Dark Aran's mechanical arm and taking it off. Aran's eyes are pure black and he begins to swing his sword around and sideswipes Dark Aran, taking his mechanical legs off, Aran kicks his clone upwards and impales it, hanging it over the portal, Dark Aran's eyes roll into the back of his head, and blood spurts from his mouth, he falls off the blade and into the portal, dissapearing. The sword dissapears and Aran's eyes go back to normal, but he then drops unconcious.

"Well, that was a twist to the story." Four looks down at Aran, surprised.

Chapter 10: Apocalyptic Measures

Four taps his fingers on the throne, and then looks to Scarred.

"Thank you for your help, Scarred." He nods, a demented smile across his face.

"Awh,no problem, a villain has to help other villains out." Scarred looks down at the unconcious Aran, laughing.

"But one villain has to rise to the top, and that will be me, Four!" Four shouts, pulling a switch and sending Scarred's throne flying into the portal, dissapearing with him in it. Four pulls out a weapon resembling a gun and aims at King Ash and Birnstone, he fires and the two leap away. The shot hits a pillar and freezes it, Four smiles and claps. King Ash runs behind him and brings his sword upward but Four whips around and shoots at his arms, freezing them in place. He kicks King Ash to the ground and freezes him into the ground, turning him into an ice block. King Ash begins to heat up, trying to get out of the ice.

"Oh, this is no normal ice!" Four smirks, shooting at Birnstone. She swiftly dodges them and misses one shot by an inch, dodging it with a flip.

"Oh, stop fussing!" Four chuckles as he shoots at her, but stops as a flaming arrow slams into his shoulder and ricochets off, leaving a dent.

"You shouldn't have done that!" He says in a singsongy voice while waggling his finger. She begins to run but stops as Four appears infront of her, she turns backwards but a clone of Four is behind her aswell, a whole army of Fours.

"They aren't real, They aren't real." Birnstone mutters as she charges through the group, walking straight through them. She cannot see anything but hands trying to attack her and passing through her, like a ghost.

"Agh!" Birnstone cries out as a shot hits her in the foot, freezing her foot. She stumbles through the group of illusions, getting slower. Another shot pierces into her arm, freezing her whole arm. The real Four then slams into her, sending her flying into a pillar, she smashes into it and lays on the ground in a slump.

Aran stumbles upward, looking up as the Four illusions begin to fade. He looks at Four with anger and begins to sprint towards Four. He plants his robotic hand straight into Four's face.

Chapter 11: Four Plus Death

Four falls backward and laughs, clapping his robotic fingers sarcastically.

"Well done, but let us see if you can handle this!" Four screams as he charges into Aran and slams into him, Aran is thrown backwards but still lands on his feet, running towards Four. He swipes a punch at Four and hits him in the chest, but Four sweeps him from his feet, sending him upward and back onto the ground. Four places his foot on Aran's chest, laughing.

"You thought you could beat me?" He snickers, but Aran throws his robotic arm upwards, firing an energy shot straight into Four's face, Four yelps and leaps backwards, and Aran leaps upward, running up to Four. He kicks Four in the chest and punches him a couple times, but Four leaps backwards and kicks Aran straight in the face, sending him stumbling backwards. Four begins to rapidly punch Aran at fast speeds, finishing him off with one final kick to the jaw. Aran drops to the ground, blood forming inside his mouth. Aran brings out the sword that he used in the fight with Dark Aran. Four acts quickly and pulls out a sword from behind his back, countering the other sword.

"I see you wield the Vulture Blade." Four examines the blade as he counters it once more, leaping backwards as the sword slams down an inch away from him. Four brings his blade and Aran blocks it aswell. Four flips over Aran and slices down once more, Aran tries to block it but it grazes his arm, causing a massive gash to appear. Aran covers it but falls backwards as Four's sword swipes right in Aran's face.

"You shouldn't have done that." Four smirks. Starting to go super fast. Aran leaps upwards and dodges the attacks quickly, bringing one sword down onto Four, it slams into his head and Four falls, groaning. Aran brings his sword upward, readying to slam it down onto Four. As he brings it down something surges into him and he falls backwards, spazzing on the ground, it is messing with him, causing him to flail uncontrollably, as the thing leaves his body his eyes droop and he goes unconcious, passing out on the floor once again.

Chapter 12: Throne Room

Birnstone wakes up, and tries to move, but her body seems to be tied up against a chair, she faces her left to see King Ash and Aran beside her, both of them are both awake, staring infront of them. She looks where they are looking and sees Four sitting in his throne, tapping his fingers against the metallic chair.

"Finally, you are awake" He smiles, his voice sounding even more demonic then before. He taps a button on his seat and it begins to glide, slowly moving over toward the portal. It stops, hovering over the middle of the portal.

"Now to show you The Throne Room." He smirks, pressing a button. The throne's thrusters stop and it falls straight into the portal. They all gasp as Four dissapears out of sight, but then something is inching out of the portal. The massive machine rises from the portal, it resembles a massive gun, with Four's throne stuck smack dab in the middle of it. He cackles as it rises even more, the ceiling over it begins to crumble and falls to the right, allowing the machinery to rise even higher, by the time it stops, Four has to look straight down to see the three. He begins charging it up and begins to talk to the three.

"This, is The Throne Room, the superweapon that will allow me to leave my mark on this pathetic planet. This weapon will get rid of New York City, which will cause the whole world to be afraid of me, they will do what I want them to do, which will help The Threat destroy this world. Once this world is gone I will be noticed as a very good warrior and will reign over the other Top 10. I just have to find a way to contact her.." Four taps his finger against his chin.

"Who is The Threat?" Aran is still trying to get out of the chair, and failing at doing so.

"Oh, you'll know soon enough." A smirk spreads across Four's face.

Chapter 13: The Vulture Blade

"Hey Four." Aran says to Four, who turns around and looks at Aran.


"What is under this floor?"

"Oh just some empty rooms, why?"

"Oh, no reason." Aran smirks, and the sword once again springs out from his hands, bashing the chair behind him, he falls backwards and leaps back upwards, chopping Birnstone and King Ash from the chair. They all stand up.

"Brace for impact!" Aran screams as he brings the sword down, smashing through the floor, they descend down a few floors, dissapearing.

Four tries to keep a straight face, but his eyes glow a dark red, a ringing sound coming from him.

"SEIZE THEM!" Four screams, his voice distorting. Black blobs arise from the portal and glide down the hole, chasing after them.

As the smoke clears out Aran runs out from it, Birnstone and King Ash behind him. They stop and look back as the blobs drop down onto the floor, beginning to form into something. The middle blobs form into Dark Aran, and the rest form into skinny, humanoid-like creatures, with jagged, outstretched mouths. They charge at the three and single them out, half of the skinny humanoids corner Birnstone, while the other half corners King Ash. Dark Aran walks up to Aran, laughing. Aran smirks but is knocked to the ground by Dark Aran's foot. Aran grabs Dark Aran by the head and leaps back as blurry images leap into his face.

"Who the hell are you?" Aran looks up at him.

Dark Aran laughs and kicks Aran back down to the ground.

"Oh, just call me Torment." Torment smiles and kicks Aran once again in the neck, causing him to tense up, being unable to move.

'I've been waiting to be freed for years, and after that idiotic robot let me out I took form of the first strong thing I saw, and made it stronger, and here I am, about to kill you." Torment pulls out a gun and puts it to Aran's head. He is quickly sent flying backwards by a metallic fist.

"Leave, I'm finishing him off myself." Four is standing there, laughing.

"Fine, you sick bitch" Torment sticks his tongue out at him, revealing an abnormally long tongue, he takes off into the sky and dissapears into the distance. Four then stares at Aran.

"Be ready for immense pain." The dark blobs form around Four into massive gauntlets, he grabs onto them and they slide onto his arm.

"These are Imelobians." Four pats his right gauntlet, and a big, bloodshot eye pops out.

"They are strong as all hell, and I get to test them out on you." Four smirks, readying to fight.

"You'll have to fight us, aswell." Birnstone says proudly, King Ash walking up beside her.

"Very well, enjoy your final fight." Four creates an Arena around all four of them, encasing them in.

Chapter 14: Four Plus Death Times Two

Aran smirks, pressing a button on his mechanical hand and a hole, big enough for a disk, opens up. He pulls out a disk and places it in, smirking. They all look towards him with a weird look on their faces.

"Just setting the mood." He smirks, clicking the play button (Listen to song here)

"Whatever, lets just fight!" Four yells, and they all begin to charge at eachother.

Listen up, strap in, notify your next of kin.
You're about to take a ride a little on the blazing side.

Four swings out his sword and Aran counters it, throwing Four backwards as the three advance on him.

Guzzle down your Red Bell, you're gonna need a bucket full.
You're watching me accelerate and tear apart the interstate.

King Ash and Birnstone are cornered by copies of Four while Aran focuses on the real one. He counters his attack once again and knocks Four's sword away, beginning to bring down his sword. Four goes superspeed and dodges it, ending up behind him.

A certified monster I'm an absolute trip.
Like Otis Redding hard to handle so you better get a grip
A super-fast super fly bonafide wise guy.
Call the morque and say goodbye write your will its time to die.
Caffeine! x4

Four kicks him in the hip and pushes him back up against a pillar, pinning him. Aran dodges his attack and slashes at his hand, hitting Four, though not breaking his arm off. Aran tries to attack once more but in milliseconds Four has him in the ground, his foot on his chest.

I'm a bad dream..

Aran smirks and looks up to Four.

I'm a rad scene

"Ever feel how sentilenium shots feel?"

I'm a tad mean

Aran aims his fist right at Four's face.

But I'm not...
Afraid to take you out. x5

Aran fires a shot at Four and hits him right in the face, knocking the covering of his forehead off, he falls backwards and yowls, going super fast and knocking Aran backwards, sending him flying. He begins to laugh but stops as Birnstone rams straight into him.

I'm the cheetah on the plains, I'm the highway star.
A supersonic princess in a million dollar car.
Blood on fire pumping through my veins.
Weaving in and out while I'm bolting through the lanes

"Sucker!" Birnstone laughs as King Ash charges in aswell, stabbing Four right in the chest, Four growling in pain.

I'm hyperdrive overdrive hit the gas at fifty five.

Four leaps upwards, kicking Four in the face and arching backwards, kicking Birnstone back.

Breakneck trainwreck in my presence genuflect
Track roundin' speed-a-sounding electrifying pulse pounding
Heart-thumping brain-thumping Watch me get the party jumping
Caffeine! x4

Birnstone shoots an arrow into Four's head, making sparks fly outward.

I'm a bad dream..

Birnstone shoots an arrow into his shoulder, making Four stumble back once again.

I'm a rad scene

"Guess who is the weak one now?"

I'm a tad mean

Birnstone ducks.

But I'm not...
Afraid to take you out. x5

King Ash leaps over her and slices Four's right arm off, slamming right into him. Four throws him backwards and stands up, but is hit with a final blow from Aran, sending Four flying through a wall. Aran tampers with the music and makes it play in the background, they all look at eachother and smirk, walking back to Four.

Chapter 15: The Control Room

Aran, Birnstone, and King Ash walk into the room, revealing a massive door, Four is laying on the ground, powered off. They all walk through the door and find themselves in complete darkness.

"Well, where the hell are we?" Aran asks, looking around.

"Follow me." Birnstone says.

"How can you, I can't see yo-Oh." Aran looks up at Birnstone and King Ash illuminating the room. He follows them as they approached a nearly-broken TV with a very dimmed light.

"Give me a second." Aran kneels down and hits something and lights flicker on in the room, revealing a dragon seemingly made out of crystals.

"Oh my god." Birnstone gasps as the dragon struggles as wires attached to it seeps energy from it's body.

Aran walks up and feels its legs, eyes wide open.

"Is this.. Sentilenium?" Aran asks, looking at the dragon who is in pain. He shoots at the wires, disconnecting the dragon from the technology's grasp. It falls and sits down, staring at the three.

"Buddy!" King Ash pats the dragon's head, the dragon purring.

"Listen, I need you to capture the rogue Sentinels and take them back, do you think you can do that?" King Ash smiles at him, and the dragon smiles back, he nudges King Ash and flies, hitting the wall and dissapearing as ripples are created in the wall.

"That is the Sentilenium Dragon, he was kidnapped awhile ago." King Ash looks at the ripples in the wall, which are now dissapearing.

"Anyways, we have to find a way ou-" Aran is interrupted as the place shakes.

"We need to get out now." Birnstone says, worried. They all rush to the door and open, looking out as they hear a large explosion as the door shuts.

"Yeah, lets go." Aran sprints away through a hole in the wall.

Chapter 16: Clumsy Stumbles

They all begin to run up the spiraling stairs as the tower begins to tilt, nearly throwing Aran backwards. They approach the top floor and look down as the tower begins to tilt down, seemingly getting lower to the ground. It begins to tilt as unanchored items fall out of the tower down to their concrete demise. The three jump on the side of the building and begin running down it as it begins to slowly fall down.

"Just keep running, and don't look back!" King Ash screams as black blobs retreat from the tower, flying into the sky. The keep running and finally reach halfway down. The tower begins to crumble and pieces begin to fall, making them leap through and past weak or broken spaces. A giant monitor flies toward the three and Aran jumps forward, hitting it with a shot and causing it to split into two. The Sentilenium Dragon approaches as the three run to it. King Ash and Birnstone hop on, but Aran is far behind, they keep screaming at him to speed up. He jumps to the dragon, as he reaches out his hand to KIng Ash. But something pulls him back and throws him back into the tower, and he lands on a wall, standing up.

"I'm not done yet!" Torment smirks, landing down beside Aran. Torment fires shots at Aran as he dodges them, but also has to shoot the falling debris so it doesn't hit him. He nearly is hit by a big piece of rock, and is then shot by Torment. He falls back and groans in pain. Torment puts his mechanical arm to Aran's head, but Aran then presses a button and his arm ejects from his body and flies upwards, hitting Torment in the face and exploding. He is left with a bare robotic hand. Everything begins to crumble as Aran brings his fist up, ready to punch Torment.

But the walls then collapse. Crushing the two, they both let out one final scream as the building collapses on them.



"Aran, are you in there?" The sound of King Ash's voice rattles in Aran's ear. He looks to see himself incased in rubble, but protected by a shield. He looks over to his brittle arm that had been holding up the forcefield. A bright light flashes up into Aran's view and he sees King Ash and Birnstone. He turns his forcefield off and jumps up.

"Did you win the fight?" Birnstone asks, pulling Aran out from the rubble.

"Well, I mean I think I did." Aran smiles.

"Well here you go then." Birnstone hands him the chunk of sentilenium he had gotten previously.

"Thanks.." Aran smiles.

"You dropped it." Birnstone smiles, patting King Ash's shoulder.

"Now, we must get going, but I assure you we will cross paths again." King Ash flashes a smile at Aran as Birnstone and King Ash hop on the Sentelenium Dragon.

"Bye!" Aran waves his nonexistent mechanic hand, then noticing it is gone.

"Well, time to get to work." Aran jokes, waving bye to them as they fly away.

Chapter 17:Goodnight, Tower

Aran sits on his couch with his dog as he eats a bowl of Mana Loops, mesmerized by the television, it shows a video of the collapsed tower.

"A few days ago a war had begun in New York City and many people had evacuated. Even before matters were settled the tower had began to fall in a matter of a day. It had collapsed to the ground and all of the invaders were gone. The culprit has yet to be discovered. People of New York have now been given permission to return back, but the impact spot where the tower was will be disclosed to the public for awhile." The news lady reports with a faked upbeat tone. Aran pats his dog as he sets his bowl down and walks into his room filled with scraps. He pulls a mechanical arm out from a box and places it on, smiling.

"Well, back to normal, nothing like good ol' Mana Loops in the morning." Aran smiles, getting used to his new arm.

"He assumes everything is back to normal? That will change oh-so-soon." Dark Aran is sitting on a throne, surrounded by thousands of Imelobians.

Post Credits Scene 1

Four is seen dragging himself from the rubble, he lost one arm and both of his legs.

"Time... for phase two." His voice is very weak as he speaks. A few Imelobians incase him and implode, Four then dissapearing.

Be ready for Phase Two, Filthy Planet Earth.

Post Credits Scene 2

Two woman are sitting at a large screen filled with monitors of Aran in action. The one in the front desk is an older lady, but she and the other girl is cascaded in shadows. The girl on her right is spinning around in her chair, seemingly bored.

"Well, he seems like a good fit for the group." The older woman smiles, pressing a few buttons.

"He is also kinda cute." The girl behind her says, giggling.


"Okay.." The young girl stops spinning around, looking towards the older one.

"When will he get him?"

"Don't worry, we will ease him into the position." The older one smirks, pressing a final button as the monitors shut down.