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Fantendo - Journey is a 2D animated action/drama TV show. The show focuses on a ragtag team of new heroes who journey to the Fantendoverse through a portal. It was created by Inora and airs on Cartoon Network for their Adult Swim block. The show is also now on Netflix.

Reception has been pretty positive, in spite of lack of ratings. The show ran from January 2016 (with a special premiere) to April of that year (with a special long episode). Although not renewed for another season for creative reasons, the characters are NOT gone and will continue to appear in the Fantendoverse and the RTAverse.


Season 1

A team of rookie heroes from another universe go through a portal and end up in the Fantendoverse, where they embark on adventures. The episode The Other Side of the Journey from Journey's sister show, Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side isn't considered an episode but takes place around the same time.


Main Protagonists

Character Description
Tommy Djekovic

The leader of sorts. A young man from the island of Greenland, he was left an orphan who had to fend for himself, and went through the portal to see if there was a new life there for him.

Tommy is street smart and doesn't mess around, coming up with plans on the fly and rallying the team together. He has a dry snarky sense of humor and occasionally shows his soft side.

Being a teenager from the streets, Tommy knows a thing or two about brawling, despite not having professional training.

Matt Bosh

The team-clown. A young man who's always found himself in odd and complex situations, he learned that he had magical powers and tried to control them, using the portal opening as a test.

Matt is all over the place, noisy, wild, and egotistical, pulling pranks and joking all the time. He can get annoying, but he really does mean well and has a good heart.

Matt was born with powerful magic that he doesn't know the extent of. It can come in handy in odd situations, but is also uncontrollable.

Donnie Fox

A gentle giant who would probably rather stay home than save the world, but heads through the portal to try and become a real hero. We'll see about that.

Donnie is shy and a bit of a doormat, but also very gentle and polite. He's a gentleman to everyone and dislikes violence, but will use it if push come to shove.

Donnie has training from a "hero camp" of sorts, being a good strategist, athletic, and skilled in melee combat.

Ashlee Murphy

A young woman who has always idolized Amy and Tayshaun, and heads through the portal to be a hero like them.

Ashlee is a bit naive and clumsy, but she's also very peppy and full of energy, always keeping the others up in times of sadness.

Ashlee was born with telekinetic powers that are very powerful, but she lacks technique.

Danielle Parker

A young woman who was planning on being a politician, but instead opted to go on a different course and try to be a superhero.

Danielle is smart, serious, and doesn't have much time for jokes and messing around, as well as being stubborn. She is very sympathetic though.

Danielle was born with telekinetic powers that are well-trained.

Kenji Yamamoto

Brother of Hitomi Yamamoto, Kenji is a martial artist who was inspired by his sister and decided to go through the portal to learn more and hone his skills.

Kenji is wise beyond his years and wishes to become calm and peaceful, but has anger issues and can hardly be controlled if he flies into a fury.

Kenji is a skilled martial artist who is both agile and strong, but can get clumsy.

Supporting Characters

Character Description
Helen Rizzo

The director of F.A.N.T. Although she's usually stuck managing things and signing documents, she will often take a hands on approach to various missions.

Rizzo is a woman of many sides. She can be dry, friendly, intimidating, and occasionally cold and focused if need be, whatever the mission requires.

Rizzo has no superpowers but is a precise weapon user and a skilled hand-to-hand fighter, in addition to her intelligence and micro-managing skills.

Other Side Heroes A group of heroes from the alternate universe that ended up helping them battle D'Angelo & Sons. Although the full group is rather large, the group seen in Journey consists of Jess Pierce, Blaze Zednik, Skye Caballero, and Jerry Sankovic.
410 Squad F.A.N.T's best squad, consisting of squad leader Eric Sinn, agent Jake Skett, engineer Alena Carter, and agent James Zabrent. They're rather close knit (especially Skett and Carter) but they get results.
001 Squad The original F.A.N.T squad, consisting of Ian Hernandez, Harold Johnson, and Cole Dylan. They act as Rizzo's personal guard/reinforcements for specialty missions that she takes place in.

A cosmic deity who's gone on many adventures and saved EVERYTHING before. Now roaming the multiverse alone, she encounters the Special Ops when D'Angelo & Sons shoot down her spaceship.

Ciriesta is always polite, to friends and enemies alike. However, she can come off as cold due to her long life in which she has witnessed much tragedy that she could not stop.

She has enhanced strength and durability as well as control over STARS, powerful flaming remains of stars gone by.


Character Description
Mr. Cross

The main antagonist (after Journey for Honor, he's defeated and captured, and following Journey to Insanity, he commits suicide). A commander of D'Angelo & Sons. He runs the combat division, and his goal seems to be capturing the team, but he has other motives.

Cross is cold but not un-feeling. He follows orders, no matter how despicable, but only does so to accomplish what D'Angelo promised him.

Cross is a veteran soldier trained in strategy and combat, being an expert marksman and brawler.

Mr. D'Angelo

A secondary antagonist (after Journey to Insanity he becomes the main antagonist, replacing Cross). He's the bad guy behind the scenes, running D'Angelo & Sons and using his power and money to hunt down Amy. He has other goals, though, viewing himself as a visionary who brings peace and class to the worlds he takes over.

D'Angelo is both intelligent and merciless, but comes off as professional and warm, despite his tendency to burst into tantrums and his obsession with revenge on those who have "wronged" him. He's an expert at manipulation.

Upon building the superblood powered DAS-001 android, he can use it to enforce his goals, the body having peak strength and durability as well as a number of superpowers. Although it ends up being destroyed, he continually replaces it with more advanced and threatening DASs

Combat Division

An undercover division of D'Angelo & Sons managed by Mr. Cross. It's a rather scattered group made mostly of mercenaries.

Despite the name, the division also includes various engineers and scientists who experiment on superhumans and their blood in order to use it as a biological weapon, the lines blurring between the science and combat divisions.

Notable members include Arin Neil, a woman who can bring out the worst memories in a person, a squadron of superhumans, and various enhanced soldiers.

Dr. Menoit

An elderly scientist who runs a sub division of D'Angelo & Sons that creates super soldiers out of the very best mercenaries, using a cocktail of superpowered blood that makes them incredibly powerful and also insane and blood thirsty.

Menoit has absolutely no ethics, believing morality to be a distraction. His one goal is to advance science as far as he can in this brand new field.

Menoit is an elderly defenseless man who is incredibly intelligent and has an army at his beck and call.

Gerald Maguire

An assassin hired by D'Angelo to simply dispose of the Special Ops, Gerald "Jerry" Maguire is a sadistic and psychotic murderer who views killing as an art form, something that results in his death at the hands of Rizzo.

Jerry acts almost as if he is a child, taking great joy out of the terrible things he does and believing himself to be the only logical one in a world of fools, loathing people who view him as "evil" even though he clearly is.

Jerry has no supernatural skills except a large arsenal of advanced and classic weapons and no moral restraints, which make him very dangerous.

Dr. Lesticia

A district manager less interested in combat and more intrigued with science and engineering, Lesticia is a pupil of Menoit who is given the position of the manager of a new division.

Lesticia is a slimey and unlikable man who bullies his underlings and only really wants power, masking his envy and ambition with a need for scientific "progression".

Lesticia is both wildly intelligent and incredibly weak, but is a decent threat, if inexperienced, with the blood of Ciriesta injected into him.


No. in
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Episode Description
001 1 Journey to the Portal Six people travel to a portal in California that leads into an alternate dimension, and get caught up into some trouble which leads to them becoming a team. This shorter premiere debuted before the other episodes.
002 2 Journey into the Mind The mysterious villains employ someone who can get into the minds of others, exposing deep details about the heroes.
003 3 Journey to Our Idols Amy Jackson is kidnapped, and it's up the team to save her. While Ashlee is sick.
004 4 Journey into Darkness The mysterious villains reveal themselves and invade F.A.N.T HQ, ending in new meetings and a tough battle.
005 5 Journey to the Other Side The heroes encounter another team of heroes and are forced to team up with them to battle the villains.
006 6 Journey into Danger The team get a lead on the villain's HQ, but it turns out to be too good to be true.
007 7 Journey to Corruption While raiding bases to find the villain's true whereabouts, the team discover an entire squadron of super soldiers.
008 8 Journey to the Heroes A day in the life of Mr. Cross as he deals with inner demons and attempts to capture the group.
009 9 Journey for Honor The group is captured while Kenji is away, and it's up to him to rescue them, overcome his issues, and battle a superior opponent.
010 10 Journey to Insanity Danielle must use her communication skills to save her teammate's lives from a psychotic assassin. Meanwhile, we see into Danielle and Donnie's past.
011 11 Journey into the Stars A cosmic deity named Ciriesta ends up in the team's backyard. They attempt to help her out, but she recognizes them for some reason.
012 12 Journey to the End The team finally get to face the villains head-on, but they have some tricks up their sleeve. Then, a group of freedom fighters work together to save a grim future. Meanwhile, the team find themselves in a different time. This season finale is longer than all the other episodes.





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