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Fantendo - Genesis is the first event in the New Fantendoverse timeline. Starting from the very beginning again after the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, Fantendo - Genesis follows some of the characters meeting each other for the first time as two threats begin to appear.

The story was written by Exotoro and sets up the New Fantendoverse. Compared to Days of Shattered, the story is smaller in scale and mostly takes place on Earth.


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A mysterious ship crashes, with it's alien occupant going by the name of Six who works under a powerful deity called The Threat. As she begins to attack Earth, another threat by the name of Flicker also threatens the Earth with her glitching powers. With her origins being A22 Industries, 3.14 feels the need to get involved.

Chapter 1: Mending

It began with a tragedy.

The escape pod blasted off the surface of Zeon, Unten staring down as Spunten waved away. This was the last one. Unten slunk back into the chair. He didn't deserve this. The escape pod bounced off a bunch of other escape pods that had escaped earlier, but remained in it's general direction that it had begun with. The radio was broken, one of it's knobs floating in zero gravity. Unten sank back further, easing his eyes into rest.

On another planet entirely, Rachel's eyes cracked open as her phone blared the sounds of seagulls. She got up and tapped against the screen, shutting it off and getting ready for work. As she brushed her teeth, she noticed her arms looked very different. Her left arm was entangled with ink snakes, a dull crimson color. On the right arm was a bunch of hexagons, a striking blue, decorated around the length of her arm.

She tried to pick at it to see if it were some kind of paint or fake tattoo, but it stayed where it was. She didn't remember getting these.

She entered the gas station like a typical work day. Her co-worker Serah didn't seem to notice, too busy reading whatever was in Underground this week.

Rachel: What is that burning smell?
Serah: Beats me if I know. It's been over by the freezers but when I went to go investigate there wasn't anything.
Rachel: Say, was I really drunk last night or anything like that?
Serah: Nah... why?
Rachel: Tattoos.

Serah puts down Underground to see.

Serah: Aw, that's sick. Where did you get them from?
Rachel: I don't know.
Serah: You want them removed or something?
Rachel: Nah... god, that burning smell is getting worse. I'm gonna go check what it is.

A dark skinned girl with funky goggles walks in as Rachel walks towards the scent.

Serah: What's up with those.
Girl: These?

The girl clicks a button on the goggles and three dots on the right side light up.

Serah: So yeah... what's up with them.
Girl: They're supposed to track alien presences.
Serah: Alien presences? Phh. Sounds like you got scammed.
Girl: Well, I haven't found anything yet but still... hang on a minute.

Rachel pushes around some of the icebags.

Rachel: Oh god, it's getting worse. Ugh.
Girl: Stand back.
Rachel: Look, unless you're my boss, you don't tell me what to do.
Girl: Fine...
Rachel: Something seems to be under these...

Suddenly a bunch of the ice bags fall down, revealing a pale skinned humanoid. It stands up.

Rachel: What the hell?

The humanoid walks out as the girl and Rachel step back, grabbing the fridge door with a open hand and ripping it off, slamming it onto the floor, with it's pieces scattering around the place.

Rachel: Jesus, what the hell is that?
Six: Six.
Rachel: Six of what?
Six: It won't matter in that amount of seconds.

Rachel jumps back and grabs the girl as a energy projectile explodes onto the tile floor, Six clearly disappointed when she doesn't hit them. She charges up another projectile as Serah runs out of the store. Rachel leaps towards the door, dragging the awestruck girl.

Rachel: Jesus fuck... fuck...

Rachel and the girl slide under a pick up truck as Six steps out, looking at the area. She takes off from the ground and heads towards the sky.

Rachel: What the hell was that?
Girl: Well, it seems to be of alien origin.
Rachel: No shit, you don't need those dumb goggles for that.
Girl: I told you to stand back.
Rachel: Alright, I'm gonna call the police... maybe the military about this? Shit... What's your name?
Girl: It's Robyn.
Rachel: Go home or somewhere safe- I'm gonna tackle this on my own.
Robyn: What gives you the right to do that?
Rachel: I just... something feels like I have to. I'm looking at these tattoos on my arms and I'm getting this overwhelming urge to just go after her. I don't have any experience. I don't have any guns or hell, even gun training. But I just feel like I gotta go after her.
Robyn: Well I wanna come.
Rachel: You can't. Where's Serah?

A car pulls out of the parking lot.

Serah: I'm leaving, bye!
Rachel: Okay, I was just telling you that I quit! Tell the big man that! Robin...
Robyn: Robyn.
Rachel: ...whatever, just get somewhere safe.
Robyn: Sure. Fine.

Chapter 2: Conversion


Today's Date: 6/17/15
Name: Scott Robinson
Current Gender: Male
Identified Gender: Female
Phone Number: 555-345-3140
Person to contact in an emergency: Diana Robinson, 555-310-4132

Today was the big day for a lot of people.

A22 Enterprises wanted to prove themselves again after the disaster that was the 3.14 project, who they still have not been able to track down or contact. Juliart Industries was looking to make a sale, one of the biggest purchases valued at eight billion dollars. And for Scott Robinson, she would be able to complete her conversion to what she identified as.

The project was known as Project BASILISK. If successful, the adage of morality would be a myth and DNA could be modified on the fly like code. By injecting a serum into the host, they would become something similar to the 3.14 project; a living computer program.

Dr. Hex: At A22 Enterprises, we seek to innovate, merging the divide between man and technology. For years people have been saying that technology separates us, isolates us. We would like to prove them wrong.
Mr. Juliart: By turning people into computer programs. Look, I'm not here to listen to your speech, I'm here to see if you've actually done what you've said you would.
Dr. Hex: Right. Well, there are two of my top scientists over there... Luna and Grant. They were working on something else but we've put that onto the wayside for full focus on this. And there's the leading man of the project himself Dr. Metal Mario...
Dr. Metal Mario: We should be ready in five minutes.
Dr. Hex: Five minutes? I told you to be ready like a hour ago!
Dr. Metal Mario: It's not really that stable. A lot of the machinery is collapsing on itself.
Dr. Hex: Excuse me for a second, would you Mr. Juliart?

Dr. Metal Mario and Dr. Hex leave as Mr. Juliart is left with Luna and Grant.

Mr. Juliart: So what were you two working on before this?
Dr. Luna: Afraid that's classified, sir.
Mr. Juliart: I am going to buy the company, I'd like to know what I'm purchasing.
Dr. Grant: We can give a hint, right?
Dr. Luna: Eh... alright. It was something ancient.
Mr. Juliart: How ancient are we talking here? What do you mean by that.
Dr. Grant: Dino-
Dr. Luna: -mite!
Mr. Juliart: Bunch of knuckleheads, aren't ya.
Dr. Hex: Alright, back.
Dr. Metal Mario: Send in Scott, would ya?

Scott enters the room.

Dr. Metal Mario: Alright, all you gotta do is sit down in this chair and remain calm.
Scott: Right.
Dr. Metal Mario: We've only tested this a couple times before but I think we have all the kinks worked out.
Scott: Alright, let's go.

Dr. Metal Mario silently mutters to himself as Scott sits in the chair.

Dr. Metal Mario: Please have this work.

Dr. Hex presses a button and chamber walls surround Scott, enclosing her. The walls begin to spin and electricity spins out from the base of the chair.

Dr. Metal Mario: So far, so good...

One of the wall dents inwards before collapsing. The wall spins out of the chamber, just narrowly missing Luna and Grant. Dr. Hex tries to slame the abort button but the control panel is taken out by another wall.

Dr. Metal Mario: Oh lord.

The walls all fly off as people exit the room, putting themselves behind the glass. The smoke clears as something appears in the midst, flickering in the smoke.

Mr. Juliart: What the hell is that?

Everyone is at a loss for words as the figure draws closer, becoming more and more clearer, it's limbs flickering as it looks at the scientists.

Dr. Hex: ...Flicker.

Chapter 3: Rachel Gets a Motorcycle

Rachel steps out of the motorcycle with a red paint job. She doesn’t really know how to drive it or what drove her to buy it, but she seems oddly comfortable with it. She takes it for a quick test drive, gradually getting the hang of it.

Getting off, she realizes that someone has been watching the entire time.

Rachel: Robyn? What are you doing here? Don’t you got school or something?
Robyn: It’s the summer first off.
Rachel: Whatever! Look, the point is what I’m doing is probably too dangerous for a… how old are you even?
Robyn: Sixteen.
Rachel: Yeah, maybe like two years young to be on something like this.
Robyn: I told you that the alien was with the ice bags, remember? Like, I don’t know why you don’t trust me…
Rachel: It could be that you’re someone I just met like a couple hours ago, and two of those hours were at the motorcycle shop? Look, I don’t mean to be a downer but like… even I’m not sure what I’m doing. I think it’s a midlife crisis or something, which is weird considering I’m 21…
Robyn: You feel a compulsion to do this stuff?
Rachel: Kind of, yeah. I can’t explain it. I feel like I need to be prepped for something.
Robyn: It’s not Six, is it?
Rachel: No. Like I said, it’s not really explainable. It’s the cosmic sense of destiny I guess that drives some people to look for it and face it. I don’t know what it is, but I feel it closing in soon. And I guess I need a motorcycle for that.
Robyn: What if it’s another alien?
Rachel: Another alien?
Robyn: Yeah.
Rachel: Well, let’s not get too far out here.
Robyn: I mean, what else could it be? A giant drill that’s threatening to destroy the planet or something?
Rachel: I don’t know what it is but maybe you’re right… maybe the reason I can’t pinpoint it is because it’s not here yet.
Robyn: And that thing is something you don’t know either.
Rachel: Yeah…

Rachel sits for a long while, thinking.

Rachel: I don’t know, maybe I’m going nuts.
Robyn: Well, yeah, I guess that could be it too. What do we do? Sit around and wait?
Rachel: No. Hang on.

Rachel looks at her tattoos. She notices something that she hasn’t before.

Rachel: Do you see that?
Robyn: The blue mickey head?
Rachel: ...I guess I can see that but I don’t think it’s that.
Robyn: Where did you get those anyway?
Rachel: I dunno, I woke up with them on my arms this morning.
Robyn: Maybe aliens put them there. I am getting a weird reading from them.
Rachel: Where do those goggles come from anyway?
Robyn: I dunno, I bought them from a convention.
Rachel: When?
Robyn: Earlier today?
Rachel gets up on and gets on a motorbike.
Rachel: Hop on.

Chapter 4: Corruption

3.14 stands knee deep in swamp water. It gives him a weird sensation that makes him feel at peace, even as insects pile up over the light he gives off. He closes his eyes and then opens them again to see two armed men wading through the swamp water. He attempts to get away from them but he trudges too slowly for the men and is grabbed and dragged up to the armored car.

3.14: Just let me be!
Armed Man 1: We can’t do that, unfortunately, at the moment.
Armed Man 2: A22 requires your services for something.
3.14: Oh, them.
Armed Man 1: We’ve actually know where you’ve been for a long time but we’ve neglected to get you at the request of Dr. Hex.
3.14: Then why do they need me?
Armed Man 1: There’s been a incident.
3.14: I’m already gone though.
Armed Man 1: A different one. Look, it’ll make sense when you arrive.

3.14 walks with the two armed men behind him. 3.14 notices that A22 is on lockdown, much like the time he escaped. The second armed man moves up to scan his retina to open a door, which weirds out 3.14.

Armed Man 2: What? You scan your eye to open the door. It’s pretty standard, isn’t it?
3.14: It’s not happy.
Armed Man 2: What?
Armed Man 2: laughs as 3.14 hears audible screaming coming from the retina scanner. The three walk inside the room.
3.14: What’s the deal?
Armed Man 1: Well, there was a… actually I probably shouldn’t tell you.
3.14: I don’t see why you need to bring me into this, then.
Armed Man 2: Okay, there’s another living program on the loose.
3.14: Why would you do that? Didn’t you “learn” from me?
Armed Man 1: Dr. Hex is not exactly what I would call sane.
3.14: That’s why you brought me here?
Armed Man 2: I’m guessing they want you to talk to the program or something, seeing as you’re both the sam-
3.14: You know, for a bunch of people that managed to bring a program to life, they aren’t very smart.
Armed Man 1: Yeah, that’s pretty true.

The three continue into the lab, which has been locked down almost entirely. 3.14 covers his ears as the Armed Man scans his eye and proceeds in, only to have door almost immediately shut behind the three as they enter.

3.14: Where is this program you guys were talking about?
3.14: glances over to the computer screens, which have all have a flickering pattern displayed over them. In a corner of the wall, something entirely alien is happening; a mess of pixels and numbers.
3.14: What did you guys create?

Chapter 5: Rachel Crashes a Science Fiction Convention

Rachel parks the motorcycle and heads inside the science fiction convention with Robyn following closely behind.

Rachel: Alright, where did you get these from?

Rachel points to Robyn’s goggles.

Robyn: Uh…
Rachel: God damn it, did you use this as an excuse to get in here?
Robyn: Give me a minute, will you?
Rachel: You’re right, sorry.
Robyn: Let’s see here… maybe I went this way…
Rachel: Heh, look, someone already made cosplay of that alien we saw.
Robyn: ...Rachel, that’s not cosplay.

Six turns to the two and identifies them, bolting towards them. Rachel and Robyn run, with Rachel grabbing Robyn and sliding under a convention table. Six scans the area but can’t find anything. Rachel sighs in relief before hearing an explosion. Six begins to blow up stuff, and Rachel and Robyn dart out amidst the chaos.

Rachel: Get in the elevator!

Rachel keeps slamming the elevator button, frantically muttering curses under her breath until it opens. She and Robyn run in and press the button to close the door, of which Six sees out of the corner of her eye. Amidst the burning carnage, she swoops over there only to see it close. She focuses energy into her palms and blasts it.

Rachel: Please tell me you remembered where you got it from?
Robyn: I think it was from the upper floor?
Rachel: God, I hope she didn’t see or hear us.
Robyn: Yeah…

Something scrapes against the concrete. Under the elevator is Six, climbing up the walls. The elevator stops and opens, with Rachel and Robyn rushing out. Rachel hits one of the floor buttons on her way out and the elevator heads down, pushing Six down with it.

Robyn: Oh wow, I see it!
Rachel: Alright!

Rachel and Robyn head to a table with a man in a hood packing up his stuff.

Rachel: Hi, I was wondering if you were selling these gizmos?

Rachel points to Robyn’s goggles.

Man: The Galvan reader? ...No.
Rachel: Galvan Reader?
Man: I do not have time to explain this to you! The building is on fire!
Rachel: Yeah, that’s not really important now. I wanna know what these are.
Man: Sigh… help me get my stuff out of here and I’ll tell you.

Suddenly, the elevator doors slowly open, revealing Six.

Rachel: God damn it!
Man: Alright, there’s not gonna be enough time to get my stuff out of here either.

The man takes out a orange colored gauntlet and activates a shield that encompasses the three. They begin to run down the steps as Six blasts behind and in front of them.

Man: You got a car or something?
Rachel: Motorcycle.
Man: Sigh, I guess I got to ditch the transformation too?

The man transforms into a purple colored glossy creature with orange eyes and mouth, losing his arms and legs in place of floating hands. Rachel is visibly weirded out. They slam the convention doors open, pummeling anyone in their way. The former man puts away the shield.

Rachel: What are you?
Former Man: That’s a question for another time. GO!

Rachel, Robyn, and the former man leave. Six exits the building unscathed and unsure where they went. She stares at the burning building, admiring the heat and just stands there in awe.

Chapter 6: Six

The Threat was getting anxious. Six had landed but so far she didn’t seem to find any intel on anything beyond the species of human, which were laughably weak. She didn’t seem to know why the Fan and the Enemy focused so much effort on getting it right, but she intended to find out sooner or later.

The Threat asked Querius for a drink a while ago, but he sure was taking his time with it.

The Threat: Avirl!
Avirl: Yes mam?
The Threat: Find out what’s taking Querius so damn long, yeez.

Six scouted a neighborhood while in the air, with a group of three children laughing and playing tag. She floated down in front of the children.

Boy: What is that?

The boy snickers.

Girl 1: Are you an angel?
Six: I am Six.
Girl 1: Like the number?
Girl 2: One, two, three, four, five, six!
Six: How do you know of One, Two, Three, Four, and Five?
Girl 2: My math teacher taught me it!
Boy: It looks weird!
Girl 1: Are you a boy or a girl?
Six: Girl.
Girl 1: You’re very pretty.
Six: Other girl, what else do you know about One, Two, Three, Four, and Five? How does this math teacher know about us?
Girl 2: Well, there’s more to that. She said it was numbers. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine…

Six begins to stagger back and holds her head.

Girl 2: Are you okay? Anyway, seven, eight, nine…

Tears start coming out of Six’s eyes. Brief glimpses of bloody bodies can be seen, along with Seven devouring the carcasses. The Threat merely watches him, not stopping him as Six begs for him to stop.

Girl 1: I think she needs to see a doctor!
Boy: Mom!

The boy begins running away and crying as Six is laying on the ground, in agony.

Girl 2: Seven, eight, nine?

The screen goes black and then cuts to Six standing in front of the same neighborhood in flames. As the last tear goes out of her eye, she is once again in awe of the fire’s warmth and display.

Chapter 7: A Light in the Smoke

A chamber opens and liquid spills out onto the floor, a murky dark green color. A lifeless critter hangs crudely from the chamber, connected through wires in it’s back. Suddenly, it’s heart beats and it’s eyes flash open.

The creature snaps off from the wires as it steps down to the stairs of the chamber. Suddenly, something screeches and the creature covers its ears as a message broadcasts on speakers hidden out of sight.

Loud Speaker: Presumably, you're awake. Good. I don't know if you can understand me or not, or if you're even there, but if you are, welcome. It's been a long time coming. I understand you might have some questions. Questions are good. How about you make your way down here so we can talk? Go south until you reach the storage corridors, then go left and take the left path. But before you do that, you've gotta turn on the lights. There should be four generators nearby, each with white plugs in or near them. If any need to be plugged back in, do so. The door should open after that. Remember, south, storage corridors, left, left path. Hopefully you could comprehend all of that. Good luck.

The creature says nothing. It looks to the south, suddenly “understanding” basic cardinal directions. It notes a unplugged generator and plugs it back in, like the nice man on the loud speaker asked. It doesn’t ask questions and soon enough the red light turns green. Loud mechanical echoing sounds within the room and then a door noisily opened with a sputter and wheeze.

Welcome to the new age.

It was given a task but it did not stop it from asking itself questions. How did the machines work? How big is the lab? It asked a lot but didn’t bother stick around for answers, as the task at hand had more of his curiosity.

It kept walking in this new world far beyond the expanse of his dead mind could ever possibly imagine, eventually getting to a corridor of doors. Left. The lights strobed as he went left again into the left path. In the room where it ended was a screen that roared to life. Fuzzy videos and images were projected onto the screen as a young man with blond hair and glasses appeared.

Loud Speaker Man: Good job.

The creature is excited.

Loud Speaker Man: Now, I want you to listen to me very carefully. Your name is YE. You are a male member of the species Procyon lotor, or a "raccoon", as we refer to it. I am a human, and I'm your friend. I'm here to help you out. This lab, this whole facility really, I work here. It's basically mine.

YE looks at his hands for the first time.

Loud Speaker Man: You've been, um, developing in that machine for a while. Now that I think about it, that technically makes today your birthday as far as science goes.

Confetti sprinkles down from the ceiling.

Loud Speaker Man: I apologize for the awkward silence there if the confetti didn't fall. Like you understand the concept of confetti.

The man laughs as YE picks at the confetti with strange and unfamiliar colors.

Loud Speaker Man: Anyway, right now, above us is... well, I honestly don't really know what's up there. I haven't been up there in quite some time. It won't seem bad to you, probably. But to me, and others like me, up there is... it's bad. I know for certain that it will absolutely not be good. That was the world I lived in, up there. Now it's down here, for the time being at least. And by the time you've woken up, it'll be a very different world up there. A broken world. You don't understand that now; you have no reference point. But it's bad, YE.

YE begins to “understand” more and more of the concepts that the man talks about, but they also confuse him as new knowledge continues to flow in his brain.

Loud Speaker Man: I know this is confusing. I know you have a lot of questions. If I could tell you more right now, I would. But there's too much at stake and not enough time. I know you, YE. Better than you think. Bottom line is that you're special. World hasn't seen anything like you before. Most of it never will. But the part of it that's left, its desperate. Hanging on one fleeting, fucking stupid thread. And at this point, I don't even know if they still are. I don't know anything. But they need you, and they need you now. And that's all there is to it. Do you understand, YE?

YE nods.

Loud Speaker Man: God, I hope you do. Otherwise I’m gonna look real silly.

Chapter 8: Conversation 1

3.14 asked the room a question.

3.14: Hello?

No response.

3.14: Please talk to me. I’m not here to hurt you. I’m probably considered your ancestor or something to these people, but in reality we’re both people.

The screens stop flickering.

3.14: My name is 3.14 and I was created by A22 industries in a failed attempt to create a super solider. In actuality, they created a being that couldn’t harm a fly and named it stupid and tried to throw away their results. I don’t like them either.
???: oh… hi…
3.14: What’s your name?
???: Flic- Flicker.
3.14: Hi, Flicker.
Flicker: Hi, 3.14.

A woman appears, her image coming from the computers which now look their normal state.

3.14: How about we get out of here, okay?
Dr. Hex: Hold up, you can’t just do that!
Dr. Luna: Dr. Hex…

Flicker grits her teeth and runs towards Dr. Hex, punching him in the chest. It turns to rainbow colored noise and he sputters in agony. 3.14 looks horrified. Flicker looks at 3.14 and begins crying.

Flicker: It’s my fault!
3.14: No!

Two officers arrive in the building and attack Flicker with shock sticks, which seem to knock her out. As they grab her unconscious body, 3.14 attempts to run towards her before being grabbed by two officers.

3.14: She doesn’t understand anything! You can’t do this to her! She’s a living thing!
Dr. Hex: It’s best she’s shut down, 3.14.
3.14: No!

3.14 is shocked by the shock sticks and falls unconscious. Dr. Hex groans as he gets up, his torso still affected by the glitching effect that Flicker’s attack had on him.

Dr. Hex: Best to put him out of commision too. Luna would you do that for me please?

Luna is agape with shock herself but closes her mouth and nods.

Chapter 9: Runes on Your Arms

Rachel, Robyn, and the former man speed down the highway. Robyn clings tight to Rachel as Rachel grits her teeth. Eventually they get onto a exit and slow down for a minute.

Rachel: So who are you? Or better question actually... what are you anyway?
Former Man: Name’s Logi. I’m a Sparkling.
Rachel: What? You lost me with Logi.
Logi: Sigh… I knew you wouldn’t have the patience for this.
Rachel: Well, you’re an alien too right?
Logi: I certainly didn’t come from here, no.
Robyn: So you’re a “Sparkling”?
Logi: Yes. Turn left here.
Robyn: So do you have electric powers or?
Logi: No. That’s silly. My latent powers are pyrokinesis.
Rachel: How were you a human just a couple minutes ago though?
Logi: This appearance modulator from Alienta. See?

Logi switches between a variety of different appearances, first the human form seen previously, then an Oceanian, then a Magma Sentinel.

Rachel: Oh wow, that’s weird…
Logi: Ah, I forgot this primitive planet hasn’t been introduced to other alien species yet. However this Sparkling form is my true appearance. Turn right.
Robyn: Wait, where are we going?
Logi: We’re going to the hotel where me and my good friend are staying at. I’ll tell you about those tattoos.
Rachel: Oh… yeah. That’s what we were doing.

As they enter the elevator of the hotel, Logi further inquires them.

Logi: So these tattoos got weird readings on that primitive Galvan Reader?
Rachel: Yeah… is that bad or?
Robyn: Primitive?
Logi: Well, for the tattoo readings, I’m not sure. As for the Galvan Reader, I sold you it becuase it was old.
Robyn: Hmm.
Logi: Has she had them on the whole time?
Rachel: Never seen her take them off.

The elevator door opens.

Logi: Right this way…

The three stop in front of room 2009. Logi swipes the card and enters in.

Rachel: Oh god, what’s wrong with his face?
Denos: Oh my eye? It’s nothing.
Logi: What, you’re spooked by that?
Rachel: No…
Robyn: That seriously doesn’t look healthy but I guess it’s just a alien biology thing…
Denos: Are we here to talk about my eye or other matters?
Logi: Other matters. The human woman here has strange readings on her arm.

Denos frowns.

Denos: Those are tattoos.
Robyn: No, on the Galvan Reader, I detected something about it similar to when I saw that alien named Six.
Denos: Six?
Logi: Yes, Six. I can confirm she’s here and tried to kill us.
Denos: Well, we can’t be here much longer.
Rachel: Wait are you guys fugitives or something? Is Six after you?
Denos: I doubt that she’s after us… she’s after something a lot bigger. We’re just tourists.
Logi: Here, let me see your arms with this Galvan Reader here…

Logi mounts a giant Galvan Reader to his head, much larger than Robyn’s own Galvan Reader.

Rachel: Aren’t advancements in technology supposed to get smaller?
Logi: You guys use condensed circuit boards. We use something a little less unorthodox and can’t be condensed. As for your arms… there are definitely some rune underline here… not sure what language it is, but it’s old. About as old as the universe itself.
Rachel: Can you translate it?
Logi: No, but Denos probably can.

A sheet of blue paper with red markings prints out of Logi’s Galvan Reader. He hands it to Denos who examines it for a moment.

Denos: Well, it’s not really a message. Rather more of a set of abstract set of instructions that would be best down as “Turn my life around” and “Find Unten”.
Rachel: Who the fuck is Unten and why would I wanna turn my life around? I can’t do that. I work at a gas station which was the only job I could get after I graduated from High School and couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.
Denos: Seems like somebody put them there. They don’t sound like bad instructions.
Logi: As for Unten… we know where he’s going to be.
Robyn: Oh cool, are we going to another planet for that?

Denos laughs.

Denos: Another planet? Why do you think we’re here? He’s arriving here.

Chapter 10: Tennu

In the depths of space a being with four eyes stares at the shuttle with the Beorn inside. The being opens it’s mouth as the shuttle flies inside. Unten’s eyes open as the ship enters into complete and total blackness.

Unten stands up, no longer in the ship apparently. He begins walking, then running. The darkness has seemingly no end and only two stars dot the sky. Unten stares at the stars and notices that they blink, with the being returning into focus. It looks exactly like him except a lot fatter and double the eyes and arms.

As the figure comes into focus, it also comes closer, eventually crashing on the dark ground, turning into mush. A bunch of Untens, none alike, crawl out of the mush. Some have arms missing, some are younger and older than the others, but one stands out. One with two pink scars over his right eye. He stares directly at Unten.

Unten: Hey! Who are you?

The other Unten doesn’t answer, instead turning away. Unten runs towards this other Unten, but the ground between them gets much farther and farther away until Unten is alone again. A island with light shining on it appears in the distance and Unten walks towards it, eventually being able to see Doomulus Grime’s skeleton.

He’s dead.

Unten sighs in relief. Maybe Zeon didn’t die for nothing.

The skeleton suddenly picks itself up from the ground, walking towards Unten. Unten attempts to walk away but only gets closer to the dead Doomulus Grime. Doomulus Grime’s skeleton mouth utters words.

Doomulus Grime: What’s it like knowing your race is slipping away like grains of sand in a hourglass? More importantly, what was it like slamming your hand again the top of the hourglass?

Sand spills out of his eyes and he crumbles into nothing, the grains of sand blinding Unten. As Unten opens his eyes again, he comes across effigies of Zerita and Mioda. They have thousands of pins stuck in them.

Unten attempts to pick out the pins, but they leak sand out of the holes, and soon Unten is drowning in sand as he attempts to pick out the pins. He hits a ceiling as the sand overflows a room without walls or ceiling, yet those are still somehow defined. His vision goes black.

He awakens to find himself hurling towards a planet he hasn’t seen before but “understands” that it’s Earth. He awakens to find himself in sand but is slowly being pulled under. He resigns himself to his fate, accepting he will die.

An arm grabs him and pulls him out. The sand stops pulling him under but he is alone again. He lays on the desert ground as sweat spills off him, eventually turning him into a skeleton. Doomulus Grime’s skeleton grabs a hammer and begins to slam it into his ribcage, with enough force to begin cracking it. Soon the fragments of his skeleton sink into the sand.

Suddenly he is whole and falling into the infinite dark. He lands one last time in front of two beings he understands to be “The Fan” and “The Enemy”. They laugh at him and he gets angry, lunging towards The Fan and The Enemy and everything goes white.

Unten wakes up. He is in the infinite recesses of space but as he looks down, he notices he’s been caught in Earth’s gravity. He jams on the buttons, trying to get out but the ship is dragged down. He hits himself to make sure this isn’t a dream and it’s not. The ship is falling to Earth.

Chapter 11: Artificial Intelligence

3.14 hazily wakes up with Flicker in a tight space. 3.14 opens the door, and sees Dr. Luna who frantically runs over.

3.14: Where am I?
Dr. Luna: You’re still at A22 Industries but… well… I’m basically hiding you out until night for you to escape.
3.14: You’re not going to shut us down?
Dr. Luna: You guys are people too. I wouldn’t do that.
Flicker: ...thank you…

Dr. Luna smiles faintly but hears footsteps and closes the door. She runs over to the front of her lab and welcomes in Dr. Hex.

Dr. Hex: I trust you’ve taken care of 3.14 and Flicker, then?
Dr. Luna: That’s correct.
Dr. Hex: Well, we screwed that up again. We got one more shot at this whole living programs thing.
Dr. Luna: I don’t think we really should be focusing on that right now…
Dr. Hex: And why not? Too afraid to change the world, Luna?
Dr. Luna: I just don’t think…
Dr. Hex: Oh sure, the process hasn’t worked very well when transferring it over to humans. And using Rain’s research for 3.14 didn’t work out very well either...
Dr. Luna: Dr. Hex, shouldn’t you get that wound checked out or something?
Dr. Hex: The glitch wound?
Dr. Luna: Yeah. I think you should get that checked out before deciding to press forward with anything, you know? Wouldn’t want to die before you finish your grand creation, right?
Dr Hex: Eh, you’re probably right.

Dr. Hex leaves the room. Dr. Luna checks on the two. She discovers that 3.14 is scooted far away from Flicker as the room fills up with glitchy material.

Dr. Luna: You… alright in there?
Flicker: I’m sorry…
3.14: No, it’s okay. Look, we just need to get out of here quick. I don’t think she likes it here.
Dr. Luna: Yeah, I can understand that… Flicker can transfer to other devices right?
Flicker: Y...yeah…
Dr. Luna: You can just hang on my laptop for a bit, okay?
Flicker: Thanks…
Dr. Luna: 3.14, you’re good, right?
3.14: Yes.
Dr. Luna: Alright, I gotta eat lunch. I’ll be right back.

Dr. Luna leaves the room as 3.14 scans the room.

Chapter 12: Rachel Heads To Another Country

Robyn: He’s coming here?
Logi: Well, not here here. Probably somewhere out in Noah, if you know that place.
Rachel’: Well, great, can you get us there?
Demos: We came here to sell some of these artifacts… which got destroyed so if you wanna hitch a free ride you kind of exploded your chances there.
Rachel: Great, guess I’m paying out of my own pocket then.
Logi: I mean I appreciate the save and all, but I just don’t have any money to give you guys and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to spend money on four airline tickets.
Rachel: Wait, you guys landed here by spaceship right? Can’t you just take us there?
Logi: Phh, and be a target for Six again? Not a chance. We need that ship to get to our next destination. Huxxabu it was, right?
Demos: Correct.
Logi: So yeah.
Rachel: Guess we’re taking the airplane then. Come on, Robyn.
Robyn: Alright… wait, do you guys not want to see Unten or something?
Logi: You guys are like a day ahead of schedule. We’re planning to go much later.
Rachel: Well then why not just wait here?
Logi: And then get killed by Six? Rachel, Six has it out for you and her, probably. I’m not risking that.
Rachel: Great…

Rachel leaves the apartment with Robyn and heads to the airport.

Jump cut to a couple hours later as Rachel and Robyn exits the plane.

Rachel: Couple of stingy bastards.
Robyn: I just realized I forgot to ask where Unten was gonna be.
Rachel: Outskirts of Noah, right? Can’t be that far out. I mean, what is it, a desert?
Noah Tourist: Uh, yeah?
Rachel: Oh.
Robyn: Come on, we don’t have much time. Probably.
Rachel: Alright, alright…

The scene zooms out in front of the airport, showing that yes, it is located rather close to a desert.

Rachel: We’re coming, Unten.

Chapter 13: Fate

YE scampered back as something churned. Something whooshed out from the corner of the room, a pod. YE tried to get it open but it refused to open.

Loud Speaker Man: It's a new age up there. Might as well be the only age. It's your age now, as unfortunate as it is. I'm gonna send you up there, YE. Into the new world. I know it seems so incredibly unclear now, and it is, but you have to trust me, now and forever. On the surface is the ruins of a city. There's not going to be much there, hopefully at least. If there's anything, anyone that tries to hurt you, you run. If things need to get messy, I'm giving you this.

The pod opened finally and a pillar extended from the pod’s hatches, clenched in its arm was a medical syringe. Huge, menacing and insanely sharp at its tip, with a dark red liquid filled inside. A leather strap hung off it. YE poked it, it’s transparent qualities alien to him.

Loud Speaker Man: These usually come smaller. But we made one for, um, purposes. So it's yours.

YE lifted the syringe and felt around for the leather strap. He eased it over his body and it hung tightly over his shoulder. He secured it for comfort.

Loud Speaker Man: I need you to go to the other side of the city to an old lab building. It's probably mostly abandoned except for, god willing, a friend of mine. He'll know who you are when he sees you. He's also going to explain things. I don't have too much time left. He'll tell you where to go from there. The lab will be marked with this green logo; I'm sure you'll know what I mean when you see it, since it's all around the city. It's not too far away, but this is still a big city. There's probably a lot still here, good and bad. Try to lay as low as possible.

The empty pillar retracted and came back up with torn blue jeans and a tiny device with a screen that glowed a radioactive green. YE examined it.

Loud Speaker Man: This is a navigation device of sorts. It’s got little maps of, well, basically everywhere. You can hook it up to any other piece of technology and it'll mark your map so you can find anywhere you need to go. Amazing technology. I marked it for you. Oh, and these are just pants. Kinda small, but y'know. They have lots of pockets, so lots of storage.

YE picked up the device and the jeans. He wasn’t sure what to do with the pants but it came to him, slowly putting them on, one little leg at a time. They were torn, but they would have to do. He examined the device, it’s bright glow grabbing his curiosity. He put it over his chest and then stashed it away in the pockets of his torn jeans.

Loud Speaker Man: You're going to help a lot of people, YE. I'm going to help you do that as much as I can. Go to the place I marked on your map, and be careful. God knows the kind of shit it's turned to up there... I'm sorry to put you through this. Oh, and don't look for me, OK? I'm just fine. I know you don't fully understand, but just make your way to my friend. They're counting on you. Good luck.

The screen went black. The room was dark now, illuminated only by the green light in his jeans. YE stood, looking at the open pod in front of him. As he began to understand where it would take him, he examined his purpose. He was about to become something much larger than what he had been previously, whatever it was. He didn’t know much, and what he did know what purposely fed to give him as little information as possible. He stepped forward.

He was ready.

The pod took him up through the tube, lights guiding up. Minutes passed of momentum up and then a shaft opened up. The light shone through, It blinded his eyes a bit and then he came out of the tube.

YE closed his hopeful eyes.

Chapter 14: Prodigy

Rachel and Robyn slid down the sand sides of the outskirts of Noah. Not because they wanted to, but the hills that been formed by the winds (said to be the work of the wrathful White Goddess) were just so steep. Rachel and Robyn’s face slicked with sweat as they carried on.

Rachel: Isn’t Noah supposed to be at war or something?
Robyn: Yeah… hmm.
Rachel: Jesus christ, it’s so hot. Did we bring a canteen or anything like that?
Robyn: You didn’t even know Noah was near a desert, so probably not.
Rachel: Great…

Gunshots can be heard in the distance, along with cackling.

Rachel: Are there raiders out here?
Robyn: Why are you asking me? I don’t know!

Rachel buries herself in sand with Robyn following her cue. A jeep comes in from the distance.

Rachel: (whispering) Here they come.

The jeep stops in front of Rachel and Robyn. A purple haired woman steps out.

Purple Haired Woman: Two more corpses. I guess we can raid what’s left on their bodies. Let’s see here...

The purple haired woman brushes off some of the sand off Rachel as she lays perfectly still. The purple haired woman pats her down.

Purple Haired Woman: We got a wallet… motorcycle keys… not much else! Bah.

She glares at Robyn.

Purple Haired Woman: Hmm…

The purple haired woman goes to grab Robyn’s Galvan Reader, but is grabbed. All three scream.


Purple Haired Woman loads gun as Rachel gets up and tackles her. A greenish-blue haired man comes out along with a dark blue haired woman with hair long enough to cover one half of her face. They all wear military jackets.

Purple Haired Woman: Get off me, you fucker!
Rachel: Give me back my stuff!
Purple Haired Woman: NO!
Man: What’s going on?
Robyn: My uh… huh… friend thought you guys were bandits.
Man: Well, yeah, it’s kind of easy to see Leah being that.
Robyn: You guys aren’t bandits?
Man: Frankly, I’m not sure what we are.

Rachel and Leah roll down a hill. Leah spits on Rachel’s face and Rachel loses her grip, letting Leah roll to the bottom of the hill. She gets up and loads her gun.

Leah: Time for you to get back into your sandy grave.
Blue Haired Woman: Leah, stop!

Leah puts down her gun as she looks up at the blue haired woman. The blue haired woman looks kind of angry at her. Leah puts away her gun away in shame.

Leah: Alright, X-Ray.

X-Ray smiles as Rachel gets her stuff back from Leah. Rachel shoots a cross look at Leah, who plays victim.

Robyn: So uh, what’s your name?
Man: It’s Strafe.
Rachel: Strafe?
Strafe: What? What’s so weird about Strafe?
Rachel: Nothing…
Strafe: Let’s hear your name, then.
Rachel: It’s… Rachel?
Strafe: What kind of name is Rachel?
Rachel: A good one?
Rachel: Hey, can we ask you guys to do a favor for us?
Leah: (sarcastic) Oh sure! What is it?
Rachel: Well, apparently this alien named Unten is going to land somewhere out here so I was just thinking that maybe you could lend us some help with finding him or…
Leah: Slow the fuck down. What?
Rachel: I don’t really have time to explain this. An alien spacecraft is going to crash land somewhere out here and we need to get over there.

The jeep drives off as Rachel and Robyn run after it.

Rachel: God damn it.
Robyn: Great, we’re stuck out here in a desert and the sun is already starting to set. We don’t know where Unten is gonna land, or if he even exists. Adding onto that, an alien named Six is probably looking for us to finally finish the job and press forward on her attack on the rest of the world.
Rachel: Well… could be worse.

The jeep backs up in the distance and starts heading back.

Robyn: Leah’s coming to finish the job!
Rachel: Run!

They’re not fast enough. The jeep catches up with them fairly quickly and Leah grabs the two.

Rachel: Can’t you leave us alone?
Leah: Well, I would have left you to die but X-Ray said to go back. So get in the jeep and I guess we’ll find your alien… supposing this isn’t some elaborate set up to rob us.
Rachel: Well, tell X-Ray I said thanks.
Leah: This better be a good alien. I don’t want any of that greys shit. You know, the stupid aliens with the big eyes and big stupid heads? Fuck those guys. They’re the worst. Everyone thinks “oh man, that shit’s an alien”. You wanna know what really looks like an alien?
Rachel: Not really.
Leah: Eh… you’ll probably see it anyway. Warning, it’s in the back of the jeep.

Rachel and Robyn enter the jeep and go in the back seat. Out of curiosity, Robyn looks at the back of the jeep and finds a dead squid. She sits in her seat noticeably disturbed.

Chapter 15: The City of Concrete and Bones

YE took his first step outside of the tube. The sun shone as he stepped on a rusted metal plate, nailed in place and then torn by rain and sand. This is what he meant by the world changing.

The sun’s ray sparked off the concrete buildings as YE set foot on the hot asphalt. The tube was behind him, getting smaller and smaller as YE looked back. He took one last look back and focused on the mission, grabbing the pocket map device. A red dot showed on the screen, moving as he did.

He heard scuttling of some unknown creature. YE took cautious steps as he passed by rubble of concrete and human bone. A bus, flipped onto it’s side, bore the number 108. Skeletons hung outside of the broken windows.

He encountered a small robot soon enough, what was likely the cause of the scuttling sound. It looked at him with its camera eyes before humming a little tune and continued on it’s way. YE, curious about the robot, followed it as it entered a tiny glass tube that was built into a worn down building. YE stepped back to realize the small tube was heading somewhere far away.

He had no time for that now, though. He snapped back to attention and headed north into the distance of a warehouse with the green logo he saw earlier. The road become more rural. He roughed his feet against the rocks as he walked, but the pain didn't bother him.

He finally made his way to the warehouse. The big steel door in front of him was his only obstacle now. He scratched on it, trying to bludgeon it open, only to feel searing iron hot pain. He fell to the ground in defeat. Then to his surprise, the door opened.

A man was behind the door.

Man: Hey, you must be YE. Guess you finally got activated, huh.

YE nodded.

Man: Aw, you’re so cute. Sit down on that chair over there.

YE jumped onto the chair, which was a well worn formerly comfy chair with it’s cotton spilling out of it’s wounds. The springs barely worked anymore.

Man: Let me introduce myself. My name is Jeremy Coarson. Some people know me by Vincent, maybe even Ramona… but just call me Jeremy.

YE nodded. He understood what Jeremy was trying to tell him.

Jeremy: I guess you got the mission, right? Ah, who am I kidding, of course you did. Anyway… uh… jeez, where do I even begin.

Jeremy scratches the back of his head.

Jeremy: Well, as you can see out there… it’s pretty fucking terrible out there. Died a couple times. There’s robots roaming around, looking for anything alive out there… looking for souls. Anyway… uh… me and Tuck out there… we were working on a couple things. Genetically engineered super soldiers. That got sidetracked a bit but we got the first prototypes working with raccoons. Then Overman Corp came in and killed us all.

Jeremy coughs.

Jeremy: There’s only so many people left. It’s basically just you… me… Tulip… Rhoades... and those fucks at Overman Corp. You’re gonna meet all those guys, including the pieces of shit over at Overman Corp. But enough said… it’s time to meet your brother and sister.

YE follows Jeremy as he heads down the warehouse.

Jeremy: This is the lab, at least what’s left of it anyway. We don’t really do much out here anymore.

Jeremy flicks on the light.

Jeremy: And here you go bud, this is your family.

YE stares at a orange and pink pair of raccoons. They blink.

Chapter 16: Artificial Light

Dr. Hex finishes his examination of his glitch wound given to him by Flicker. Dr. Metal Mario has a look of worry across his face.

Dr. Hex: Well, what’s it look like doctor?
Dr. Metal Mario: Not good. It’s completely foreign to me and I have no idea how to treat it.
Dr. Hex: Surely you’re not going to let me die?
Dr. Metal Mario: No, I’m contractually not supposed to do that. I suppose there’s one treatment in mind.
Dr. Hex: And what’s that?
Dr. Metal Mario: We convert you.
Dr. Hex: Into what? Religion?
Dr. Metal Mario: The machine may have collapsed but I can get up into working order fairly quickly. We’re going to turn you into a living program and delete all the bad dna.
Dr. Hex: And turn into one of those monsters?
Dr. Metal Mario: It may be the only shot I have at healing you.
Dr. Hex: Very well then. Get that machine working.

Dr. Luna returns to her lab. It’s about time for everyone to leave.

Dr. Luna: I’m back.
3.14: Are we leaving yet?
Dr. Luna: Yes. You can transfer into other devices, right?
3.14: Yeah.
Dr. Luna: Alright then. I need you to get on my laptop.

3.14 touches the laptop screen, morphing into it. Dr. Luna shuts it and heads out.

Security Guard: Leaving so soon, Luna? Usually you do some extra hours.
Dr. Luna: Not today!
Security Guard: Well, let’s see your laptop.
Dr. Luna: Oh come on, you do this every time. You know I don’t have anything on it that violates company policy.
Security Guard: Just doing my job.

Dr. Luna begrudgingly hands the guard her laptop as he scans it with some hard drive checker. It stops scanning about five seconds in. The guard is confused.

Security Guard: Corrupted?
Dr. Luna: Huh, I guess we have a virus on the network.
Security Guard: Guess I’ll have to talk to IT. See ya.

Dr. Luna walks briskly out and heads to her car where she opens the laptop. Flicker and 3.14 tumble out of it.

Dr. Luna: Okay, you’re free now.
Flicker: Thank you so much.
3.14: Yes, thank you so much.
Flicker: Where do I go now, though?
3.14: You can go wherever you want! It’s the world! Isn’t it great?
Flicker: It’s beautiful.
Dr. Luna: I’ve got a home to go to but… I wish you guys the best.

Dr. Luna hugs the two as they exit the car. As it drives away, Flicker stares at the sunset in awe.

Flicker: I’ve seen sunsets before but this is… something else.
3.14: Why do you say that?
Flicker: You notice that? The comet?
3.14: Yeah, it looks like it’s coming in close. Come on, let’s find some place where we belong!

Dr. Metal Mario: Systems are operational, Hex.
Dr. Hex: Good. We don’t have much time to waste.

Dr. Metal Mario presses a button and chamber walls surround Dr. Hex, enclosing him. The walls begin to spin and electricity spins out from the base of the chair.

Dr. Metal Mario: Alright, alright…

Suddenly a sudden scream comes from inside the chamber. Before Dr. Metal Mario can even process what’s happening, his arm is hit by a piece of flying shrapnel which lodges his shoulder. He painfully tries to abort, but it’s too late. The lights flicker on and off. The walls fly off again and the smoke clears.

Dr. Metal Mario: Hex?

Dr. Metal Mario stumbles in the dark as something green glows in front of him. It turns.

Dr. Hex?: Hex? I don’t know that name.

We now see the face of this green glowing being.

Master Binary: My name is Master Binary.

Chapter 17: Beorn in the Desert

Rachel: So what are you guys doing out here anyway?
Strafe: It’s a long story… I was getting out of Noah, wasn’t really sure where I was going exactly but Noah’s kind of been under unrest and what not. They haven’t closed off airlines yet but I imagine they will sooner or not. The image of my father killing my mother crossed my mind a lot recently and I just… I needed to get away.
Rachel: What are Leah and X-Ray doing out here?
Strafe: I’m not sure about them.
Leah: It’s none of your concern, miss.
Strafe: We met at like where a bunch of kids wearing gas masks and pig masks were. Lord of the Flies type shit. I was tied up to a chair and about to be strapped into some kind of machine but then they burst through the wall and kidnapped me.
Leah: God, shut up. It wasn’t kidnapping.
Strafe: I mean, I was pretty happy to get out either way… what about you?
Rachel: Me? Uh… well I find these tattoos on my arms one morning and I don’t know where they come from but I go into work and this alien starts attacking once it wakes up from the ice cooler… everything's a blur really. I’ve been just getting these impulses and me and Robyn have been just trying to figure out what they mean.
Strafe: And what do they mean?
Rachel: One was like “turn your life around” and the other was “Find Unten”. I guess we’re kind of doing both.

A bright blue streak crosses the night sky and lands in the distance of Noah’s outskirts.

Rachel: I think that’s Unten!
Strafe: Huh…

Unten tried to press anything that could slow his fall. He slammed the red button, the green button, the blue button, the one with the red triangle… nothing. Systems were down and done for. He closed his eyes as the ship got closer and closer to the surface.


He fell out onto the coarse sand, the lid of the ship dented and open, swaying ever so slightly. He gave up. His body just lay there as he laid against the ground, in defeat. He was done with all of this. He wanted a retirement. A break.

Zeon exploded on his watch. Fanti went into UNT3N and fell off a cliff. Zerita and Mioda were surely dead, and anyone he had any kind of connection with… probably all gone.

Lights came in the distance along with hollering about wanting to poke the grey.

The jeep speeds in the sand, reaching the impact site. Leah ran out of the driver’s seat and felt the dented metal of the ship with her hands. She was so busy looking at this ship that she ignored Rachel and Robyn, who came running over almost as quickly as she did.

Rachel: Is that him?
Robyn: The blue thing?
Rachel: Looks kind of… sad.
Robyn: Are you Unten?
Unten: Does it matter?
Rachel: Kind of!

Unten sighs.

Unten: Why would it? Isn’t my own personal misery enough punishment?
Rachel: Hang on, Unten, we’re coming in there!
Rachel: Alright, you go get him because you’re the only one small enough to grab him.
Robyn: Me?
Rachel: Yeah. Go.

Robyn rolls her eyes and ducks under the wreckage and grabs Unten’s body.

Robyn: Come on, buddy.

Unten just lays there as Robyn pulls on him endlessly. Robyn hears metal snap off as Leah comes in, only to look incredibly disappointed.

Leah: Well, it’s not a grey at least… fuck this.
Robyn: Hey, aren’t you gonna help me out?
Leah: What? Why would I help you?

Leah leaves the scene utterly confused as Robyn pulls Unten out. Rachel grabs his other arm.

Rachel: You know, you could stand up a bit or something…
Robyn: Where did the jeep go?

Rachel looks up to see that the jeep is gone.

Rachel: Ugh, great.

A new pair of lights illuminates the scene. It’s a helicopter with the words “C.I.A” emblazoned onto the side. It touches down and a red haired woman with sunglasses jumps off.

Unknown Woman: Afraid you’re gonna have to come with us.
Rachel: Us? Why?
Unknown Woman: All three of you, yes.

Chapter 18: The Rhodes to Nowhere

YE looked at his new family for a while as they came up to him. This concept was entirely foreign to him and didn’t make a ton of sense until the concept slowly cooked in his mind.

Jeremy: That’s Rhodes, the orange one over there. The pink one’s Tulip.

YE nodded to tell the man he understood. The two siblings followed YE as Jeremy went back upstairs. Jeremy opened a ice box, filled to the brim with guns and other weapons. He handed two guns to Rhodes, and gave Tulip a bat. He looked at YE.

Jeremy: You already have something to fight with, you little scamp.

He brushed the top of YE’s head as he looked around for anything else he might need to address to YE. He paused for a long time and then opened his mouth.

Jeremy: This is it. This is the final battle. It’s us against the Overman Corp. I suppose we could dream of a better future… one without all this chaos and bleakness but maybe… God forgive… we can turn this around for the better.

Jeremy opened the warehouse door and grabbed another gun. These weren’t the typical guns, as YE began to understand. They were guns based off heat clips instead of ammo, not needing to be reloaded… only cooled down.

Jeremy: I’ll be right here outside the warehouse. But you three… you have to go.

YE looked on his map. He was headed right to Overman Corp, as he understood. He nodded and Rhodes and Tulip clicked as they followed the silent YE. He understood it to mean that they would be by his side through this entire thing.

From the ground came a robotic finger, soon joined by more. The giant hand was about as big as YE himself, and soon another hand joined it’s left and then it pulled up. The face of a robot with sleek finishes and the Overman Corp sign.

It emitted a loud sound as it jumped out from the ground, showing it’s true but fierce size. Utterly massive, the size of 4 Bus 108s. In the center of it’s chest was a green glowing gate, the hatches of it flinging from side to side as the robot’s engines breathed through its exhaust.

The air was filled with grass blades and carbon exhaust. The robot began its first attack, slamming it’s giant fist on it’s side, nearly taking YE with it. The first dodge was easy but the second one blindsided him as it swung from his right, blasting him into the air.

YE struggled to get up, his body in pain as Rhodes and Tulip screeched at it, crawling up it’s massive body and clawing towards its head. The robot’s head began to spin around as Rhodes grabbed the bottom of it, taking him for a spin. Tulip managed to grab something as it spun around. YE broke into a running sprint, only to be blindsided once again, getting a look from behind the robot.

The robot broke into a running pace towards YE, it’s arms wildly flailing as it came towards him. Rhodes tried to shoot, but his blaster shots merely deflected off, the green plasma dispatching as it soared in the blue sky. Tulip slammed it with a bat but there wasn’t so much as a dent from her hits.

The robot grabbed YE and began to drag him into the center of his chest. YE stared inside, sensing evil within. He grabbed the needle without really thinking it and pulled it back with his arms and then let go. It fell straight down onto the robot’s right arm, collapsing it.

The robot dropped YE as it looked at it’s detached arm. YE grabbed the needle again, hoisting it above his head. The robot attempted to blindside him again.

The robot’s arm shot off, sparks flying as it slid across the grass. Tulip finally dented the damn thing and it’s head’s came to clacking speed as it attempted to turn it’s distorted head. Then with a snap, it popped off and the rest of the body fell to the ground.

YE grabbed his mapping device. Overman Corp was about to get their shit wrecked.

Chapter 19: Lionhearted

3.14 and Flicker caught the bus, entering into a drowsy sitting crowd who could care less about what they looked like or where they were from.

3.14: Are you alright, Flicker?
Flicker: I’m fine. Look, the glitchy stuff stopped appearing!
3.14': That’s good!
Flicker: I couldn’t do it without you.
3.14: It wasn’t anything really… I mean I was basically escorted over there to help.
Flicker: Who cares though? You were the only one in there who didn’t think I was a monster.
3.14: You aren’t.
Flicker: Thanks.

3.14 looks out the window, his reflection staring back at him.

Flicker: What’s wrong, 3.14?
3.14: Where do we go now?
Flicker: I dunno… we’ll figure something out, right?
3.14: Yeah, I guess so.
Master Binary: Goddamn it.
Dr. Metal Mario: What?
Master Binary: Both 3.14 and Flicker are still alive according to the tracking system. Heading downtown. I guess Luna didn’t shut them down after all, but how did they escape…?
Dr. Metal Mario: I dunno.
Master Binary: No matter then… I’ll just get after them myself. You provide back up.
Dr. Metal Mario: With what?

Master Binary tosses Dr. Metal Mario some keys.

Master Binary: I trust you know what to do with these?
Dr. Metal Mario: ...yes...

Master Binary walks at a furious pace towards the entrance of A22 Industries. The security guard attempts to press the alarm, but Master Binary opens his palm, piercing the man with glowing green ones like needles. He slams the door out.

Master Binary: Interesting… seems I’m made out of living binary.

Master Binary opens up his palm to create a binary blade, 0s and 1s wrapping around the blade as it forms. He clenches the grip of the sword and heads forward, cutting at the ground as he drags the blade. The ground turns black and 0s and 1s float from the blackness, drifting towards Master Binary, who absorbs it.

Master Binary: Where are those…

Suddenly, sidewalk pavements flip around as four robots jump out of the ground, as Louie Louie by The Kingsmen begins to play. Master Binary watches as the Battle Droids roll out

link =
Louie Louie, oh no
Sayin' we gotta go, yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah
Said Louie Louie, oh baby
Said we gotta go

3.14 thinks he hears something from afar...

A fine little girl, she waits for me
Catch a ship across the sea
Sail that ship about, all alone
Never know if I make it home
Louie Louie, oh no no no
Sayin' we gotta go, oh no
Said Louie Louie, oh baby
Said we gotta go
3.14: Do you hear that?
Flicker: Yeah… what is that?
Three nights and days I sail the sea
Think of girl, all constantly
On that ship I dream she's there
I smell the rose in her hair
3.14: It’s… a bunch of robots and a glowing guy with a sword...
Louie Louie, oh no
Sayin' we gotta go, yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah
Said Louie Louie, oh baby
Said we gotta go
Okay, let's give it to 'em, right now!

The robots begin attacking the bus as everyone begins screaming. 3.14 keeps his ground as Flicker begins to severely glitch out, spreading onto the seat and floor.

Master Binary: Get them, X-OLLY!
See, see Jamaica, the moon above
It won't be long, me see me love
Take her in my arms again
I'll tell her I'll never leave again

X-OLLY climbs into the bus as 3.14 swats him down. He grabs Flicker’s hand and jumps out the left side of the bus through an open window. Flicker stops glitching for a moment.

Louie Louie, oh no
Sayin' we gotta go, yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah
Said Louie Louie, oh baby
Said we gotta go

The bus tips over as the four Battle Droids, X-OLLY, Y-TROY, Z-DOLPH, B-ZAK climb over to the other side. Master Binary jumps onto the top of the bus.

I said we gotta go now
Let's take this on outta here
Let's go!

3.14 heads onto the street as the Battle Droids chase them. Master Binary strikes 3.14 in the back as Flicker continues to run. 3.14 limply continues to try running, but is caught by the robots.

Master Binary: Time to shut you down, like I should have a long time ago.
3.14: What’s your problem? I’m not here to fight you.
Master Binary: I don’t think you realize the threat you two pose to society. Maybe less for you, but Flicker there nearly killed me. All we’re asking for is a little… cooperation.

3.14 transfers his consciousness into X-OLLY and spins around, taking out the other Battle Droids. He jumps out and stands in front of Master Binary.

3.14: I’m not scared of you.
Master Binary: I know you’re not. She is.

3.14 turns around to see Flicker standing as the world distorts around, the buildings turning into multi-colored disasters.

Chapter 20: Land of the Free

Rachel, Unten, and Robyn are thrown into a cell by two men in suits. The red haired woman with sunglasses walks up to the cell.

Rachel: What’s the deal?
Unknown Woman: Welcome back to America, Rachel Harel.
Rachel: Why are we in a cell then?
Unknown Woman: You suppose you can just blow up a convention center with your alien allies, Rachel?
Rachel: Alien allies? Listen, Six is not an ally!
Unknown Woman: Not to the states, obviously. We don’t know much about this “Six”, but we do know that you, Robyn Sephora, and Logi Applebyte left the building shortly after the fire created by “Six” was created.
Rachel: Are you saying we planned this?
Unknown Woman: Guilty until proven innocent, Rachel.
Rachel: I can’t believe this.
Robyn: Rachel, what’s going on?
Rachel: I don’t really know… what are you gonna do to us?
Unknown Woman: Nothing to you. We will need your furry blue friend though.
Unten: Me? What do you want with me?
Unknown Woman: Well, isn’t the answer obvious? We need to study you.
Unten: Study me?
Unknown Woman: Take a couple of blood shots, do some tests, you know…
Unten: Absolutely not.
Unknown Woman: Funny how you think you get a choice in this. Guards?

Two guards enter the cell and shock Unten, knocking him out. Unten is dragged out as the woman steps out of the cell. Rachel looks on with contempt.

Rachel: Hey, what’s your name?
Unknown Woman: Can’t imagine why you would want to know but since you asked so nicely, it’s Helen.
Rachel: Thank you. It’ll be the first name I’ve ever felt complete and utter hate towards. Congratulations.
Helen: You’re welcome.

Unten was strapped onto a chair, shackling his hands in the rests of the chair. Helen shined a bright light at his head.

Helen: Where would you say you come from?
Unten: I’d rather not… think about that.
Helen: Tell us where you’re from. This is important.
Unten: I just said that’s not something I wanted to think about!

Helen leans in close to his face.

Helen: We can either get the answer now or five hours later, when you’re missing both of your hands.
Unten: ...Zeon. Are we done?
Helen: Far from it.
Unten: Gah!
Helen: Species name?
Unten: ...Beorn.
Helen: What was society like on “Zeon”, “Beorn”?
Unten: Not really that great, if we’re gonna be honest. I was a resistance leader against Doomulus Corp.. ouch!

Two doctors come in and insert syringes into Unten’s arm as he talks. They drain out some blood.

Helen: Continue.

Robyn: You think Unten’s gonna be okay?
Rachel: I dunno. I dunno if we’ll be okay, even. Do you understand what we are now?
Robyn: What?
Rachel: We’re considered terrorists by the people that matter.
Robyn: Oh god…

Robyn pulls herself into the fetal position. Rachel looks out somberly out the cell bars, tapping her fingers as she tries to keep herself together. She’s the adult here. Suddenly a thought crosses her mind.

Rachel: Robyn… where are your parents…?

She watches as Robyn stops sobbing for a second and then begins crying even more than before. She regrets asking almost right away.

Rachel: Come here.

Robyn doesn’t move.

Rachel: Fine.

Rachel crawls over to Robyn and puts her arms around her, attempting to soothe her as her own eyes begin to water.

Unten: Are we done with this nonsense yet?
Helen: Far from it. Can you bring out the tools, Laura? I want to see a skin sample.
Unten: That’s it!

Unten blasts Helen with electricity. Helen falls to the ground, knocking a table over as she receives the blast from the shock. Unten watches as horror as she fails to get up and as her assistant Laura runs out of the room.

Unten: Oh jeez...

Unten tries to feel for a heart beat and is somewhat calmed by the sound of a thump in her chest. He steps back from the scene as he hears footsteps in the distance. He holds his hands up with his face lowered to the ground.

Soldier: Stay right there.
Unten: ...yes sir.

Chapter 21: Overman Supreme

YE, Rhodes, and Tulip step forward towards a path forged by Overman Corp to the front door of the sinister corporation. Skeletons and destroyed weapons of war litter the path as YE blazes forward, his needle shining in the wasteland sun. Rhodes and Tulip gallop closely behind, their weapons clenched in their teeth.

YE kicks the door open and his muddy footprints soil the nice white tiled flooring of the Overman Corp building. There’s nobody home. YE scuttles about, the building seeming extremely alien to him due to it’s near perfect conditions. There isn’t a speck of dirt or grime that YE and the others didn’t track in themselves.

Something is off.

A camera adjusts its focus. It identifies the intruders as YE, Tulip, and Rhodes. A man behind the camera clicks a button and the stairwell railing opens a hidden hatch to blow a paralyzing dart. YE and the other intruders fall to the ground.

A crude smile etched across the man’s face. His face draws back as he gets up from the rolling chair. His name is Mr. Overman, and he is the self proclaimed supreme.

Three men grab the paralyzed raccoons, their multicolored bodies being strapped into chains. Mr. Overman comes out from the corner, a device in his hands. YE watches as Mr. Overman crudely gestures towards a concave projection in the wall, with iron plating strapped against the sunken section with flashing lights of various colors.

Mr. Overman: Well, well. I suppose you came from Jeremy to try and stop me?

YE says nothing. He couldn’t anyway.

Mr. Overman: It’s been tricky trying to get Jeremy’s soul free from his body. It kept reappearing in a new one. But we were finally able to pry it open and now he’s dead and the portal…

Mr. Overman clicked a button on the device. The recessed section of the wall became filled with a green light, which swirled as YE and the other raccoons watched.

Mr. Overman: ...that’s finally alive. Souls are a good generator when all the uranium was used up for the bombs.

Mr. Overman realized now that he was talking to a bunch of mute raccoons, who weren’t going to say anything anytime soon.

Mr. Overman: You’re not a fun bunch, are you? Anyway, I just need to get the right universal coordinates to open the portal to the eldritch being Bloop’s dimension. When released, I sacrifice you three to him and in return we recreate this universe in my image. I tell you this because I know you understand but… you can’t do anything about it.

YE’s senses began to reactivate themselves slowly, which came to him as a sandy feeling. He inched his tail to his syringe, just out of his reach. Overman seemed to notice his body was awake again, coming over to grab his needle and taunt him. He dropped the device, sending the universal coordinates spiraling into a random flurry of numbers.

YE grabbed the device and Overman came over to him, which turned out to be a mistake. YE’s tail grabbed the syringe, which he used the tip to loosen the chains and slip out. Overman wrestled with the green racoon as he attempted to destroy the device but he was sent flying by one of Overman’s hits. The device and the giant syringe still in his hands, he flew into the portal.

On the other side, a yellow colored portal opened into an American prison cell. YE slammed into the iron bars of the prison, shocking two girls inside. His syringe rolled onto the ground along with the device.

YE picked himself up, clawing up the wall to try and get back but the portal closed far out of his reach. A girl with tattoos on her arms eyed the giant syringe.

Chapter 22: Flicker's Home

3.14 started to walk slowly towards Flicker, who began to back away.

3.14: I’m not here to hurt you!
Flicker: Stop!

3.14 stops as Flicker continues to back away.

Master Binary: Do you not see what she’s doing? She’s a mistake, 3.14. She turned me into one and you’re going turn into a bigger one if you don’t let me shut her down.
3.14: And why should I let you?
Master Binary: Stop being naive, 3.14. You’ve seen what she can do. There is nowhere on Earth where she can call home. She can only cause harm.
3.14: What makes you say that?
Master Binary: I suppose you don’t recognize the scientist she wounded when he’s in this form?
3.14: She’s scared and she needs to calm down. Flicker!

Flicker turns to 3.14 and begins sobbing, her tears transforming the road into data-bended garbage.

Master Binary: Thus begins the breakdown that ends the world.

3.14 eyes X-OLLY and transfers inside. X-OLLY awakens and begins to scale an office building in order to get closer to a floating Flicker.

3.14!X-OLLY: Flicker!
Flicker: Leave me alone!

The building corrodes even further. 3.14!X-OLLY jumps over some of the glitching, trying to get closer.

Flicker: Why won’t you leave me alone?

A spherical shock wave echoes, spreading her glitching effects further. Master Binary attempts to depart but realizes he is trapped.

3.14!X-OLLY: Just talk to me!
Flicker: Haven’t you done that enough? I’m just an error.

Flicker curls herself up as she floats higher.

Flicker: That’s all I’ll ever be.

3.14!X-OLLY looses his grip on the building, falling to the ground. We get an outside shot of the city, with it’s glitching effects beginning to spill out into the more rural areas outside of it.

Chapter 23: The Great Escape

Rachel pressed her fingers against the glass needle. The tip was pretty sharp, the red liquid inside was restless. She looked at the green raccoon curiously.

Rachel: What’s your name, little guy?

The raccoon didn’t respond. Robyn was still curled in the corner.

Rachel: Robyn.

Robyn doesn’t respond. She hasn’t talked since Rachel asked about her parents. Rachel takes a deep breath.

Rachel: Come on.

Robyn looks at Rachel with red eyes. Rachel points at the giant needle and the green raccoon. Robyn collects herself, taking a deep breath.

Robyn: What?
Rachel: This stuff just fell in. Think you can figure something out with it?
Robyn: How would I be able to figure anything out? It’s my damn fault for… everything really…
Rachel: How so?

She stoops down to Robyn, who stretches her legs out against the cell floor. The green raccoon crawls around for a bit, trying to get it’s bearings.

Robyn: I just… I dunno. My parents they… died in a car wreck.
Rachel: Both of them? Were you there?
Robyn: Yeah. I just… I didn’t know what to do.
Rachel: Nobody tried to help you out?
Robyn: Nobody knew. I was too scared to ask for help. I didn’t want to be trapped at an orphanage.
Rachel: Why would you be afraid of that?
Robyn: Are you kidding? Nobody would want me.
Rachel: That’s not true.
Robyn: It is! You refused my help when we started, remember? I…
Rachel: Robyn, listen to me.
Robyn: Yeah?
Rachel: I didn’t want to get you involved because I knew it would be dangerous, whatever it was. It had nothing to do with not wanting you around.
Robyn: I guess.
Rachel: This entire journey has been kind of you proving me wrong, I guess.
Robyn: I guess so.
Rachel: I know you’re a smart kid, probably even smarter than me. I know we need to get out of here and we need to stop Six.
Robyn: That’s impossible though! She can’t be stopped.
Rachel: I believe Unten can. We just need to convince him he can.

Rachel peers out the cell doors.

Rachel: We just need to get out of here first.

Robyn looks at the giant syringe and notices the guard leaning against the wall next to the cell, sleeping on the job. He’s well out of their reach but maybe…

Robyn: I think I have an idea.

Unten sits in a restraining chair as two government officials talk amongst themselves about him, but he doesn’t seem to really care what they’re discussing. Out of the corner of his eye, a green raccoon scuttles to the loading dock door pad.

Helen walks towards the two government officials, telling them to leave with a hand gesture. As the two depart, she walks towards the Beorn, who struggles in his seat.

Helen: So, I take it that you can harness electricity then?
Unten: What do you want?
Helen: Not much that we haven’t already taken. I just want to know how you found Earth.
Unten: I’m guessing you’re not buying the crash land story.
Helen: Who sent you here, Unten? Surely you could have washed up some other inhospitable planet, of which our solar system has plenty of. Or maybe somewhere closer to “Zeon”?
Unten: I only tell the truth about where I come from, as much as I’d like to forget it.

Helen takes a deep sigh.

Helen: I suppose then, we’ll just have to force it out of you.

She opens a bag full of torture instruments, pulling out a pair of shock sticks that are already charged.

Helen: Sorry to do this, but I’m not taking any further chances after Six. We don’t need two of you nuts out there.
Unten: You should probably look behind you…
Helen: You’ve already delayed this enough.

Helen closes into Unten with the shock sticks but suddenly a metal chair slams into her head from the left. Helen falls to ground and is bleeding from the top of her head. Rachel drops the metal chair and unshackles Unten from the chair.

Rachel: Let’s go, let’s go!
Unten: Alright, alright, jeez!

Unten and Rachel run off towards the exit of the military base as the green raccoon presses a green button, causing the door to open upwards. Armed forces begin to pop out as Robyn with a giant needle joins the two runners. Rachel darts to the left as Unten attempts to follow but Robyn grabs him.

Unten: Is she crazy? Why is she going LEFT?
Robyn: Don’t worry about it! Just keep running!
Unten: What’s going on? Who’s the green raccoon?
Robyn: Run boy, run!

Unten and Robyn rush out of the base, making it out to a road surrounded by long grass. Unten hears a roar as a motorcycle speeds past him, swerving to it’s side so that it faces Unten and Robyn.

Rachel: Hop on!

Unten, Robyn, and the green raccoon hop on. The green raccoon readjusts the giant needle onto it’s back as Robyn gives it back to him. Rachel looks back to see a city being engulfed in a rainbow colored mess.

Rachel: Oh jeez, good thing we’re not there.
Unten: What is that?
Robyn: I dunno. Where are we heading?
Rachel: Work. Need to grab something.

Chapter 24: Conversation 2

3.14 falls to the ground as X-OLLY’s body shatters. He attempts to get up, but finds that the glitching is attempting to get inside of his body.

3.14: FLICKER!

Flicker is still curled up in the fetal position as 3.14 attempts to try and get her attention. Master Binary’s voice can be heard but he is not seen.

Master Binary: I told you.
3.14: I guess you did.
Master Binary: You’ve finally given up, haven’t you?
3.14: No.
Master Binary: What?
3.14: I don’t believe she’s a mistake. I haven’t ever thought that and I’m not now.
Master Binary: She’s engulfing the city in error. Every second her heart crumbles, so does everything around her.
3.14: It’s not her fault though.
Master Binary: Her fragile emotions are her own, are they not? Do you suggest she has no control over them?
3.14: She doesn’t. You did.
Master Binary: Are you suggesting I’m doing this?
3.14: You’ve been trying to convince her that she’s a mistake for so long. She felt like a mistake prior to this. Even though it’s the popular opinion… it’s wrong.
Master Binary: I suppose you have one of your own, then?
3.14: I don’t know her very well. But when she was happy, I felt something I have not felt for a long time.
Master Binary: Love?
3.14: Some of that, yeah. Not in a romantic sense, but a compassionate sense. But I also felt something else. The feeling of being alive.
Master Binary: Even as she causes death.
3.14 Trapped under all that sorrow is a person in there. Scared. Hiding.

3.14 gets up, his body distorted by the glitching.

3.14: She’s not under control. But you can’t stop what’s not in your control.
Master Binary: I can control whether she lives or dies.
3.14: That’s not control.

3.14 transfers his body into an electrical cable that runs through the office building. The lights in the building go off and on, as we see that 3.14 is not controlling the cable’s current. He is simply going where it has to go. He soon lands on the top floor. His eyes are closed.

3.14: I’m ready to talk.
Flicker: I told you to leave me alone.
3.14: I’m not asking you to talk. I’m asking you to talk to me. If you don’t want to do that, it’s fine.
Flicker: 3.14.
3.14: Yes?
Flicker: I’m scared.
3.14: Grab my hand.
Flicker: But you’re already messed up. I don’t want you to be more messed up than I already am.
3.14: It’s okay.

Flicker floats over to 3.14 and grabs his hand.

3.14: Close your eyes.
Flicker: Okay.

Flicker and 3.14 close their eyes. 3.14 transfers a memory of his over to Flicker. Her face grins and the world returns to it’s natural state.

3.14: Open your eyes.

Flicker opens her eyes to see the world back to it’s natural state. She looks to 3.14.

Flicker: Who was that?
3.14: It was Rain, she created me and left me behind.
Flicker: Doesn’t that make you sad or angry?
3.14: She left me behind not because she didn’t love me, but because she had to. She knew her research wasn’t going to do any good at A22.
Flicker: Weren’t you left at A22?
3.14: I escaped. She knows that. She knows she doesn’t need to help me. She was simply here to bring me out of the system.
Flicker: So why does that make you happy?
3.14: She told me my purpose.

The two float in the air as the sun rises.

Chapter 25: Back to the Gas Station

Rachel’s motorbike stops at the gas station. Rachel releases her hand off the clutch and hops off, with the other three following closely behind. As she reaches for the keys in her pocket, someone comes from behind the wrecked car with a gun. Rachel recognizes the figure. It’s Serah.

Rachel: Oh hey, Serah! It’s just me!
Serah: No it’s not. Who are those things?
Rachel: What things?

Rachel looks back at her group, looking at Unten and the green raccoon that’s been following them.

Serah: Answer… motherfucker!
Rachel: That’s Unten and… well I’m not sure what his name is but he’s been a helpful little raccoon…
Serah: Unten’s the blue bear alien right?
Unten: Yeah… why?

Serah jumps back in shock as Unten speaks, resting her hand on the trigger finger. Her eye twitches a bit.

Rachel: Serah...?
Serah: I’m not afraid to shoot, Rachel! Those aliens better get away from you right now.
Rachel: Serah, they’re friends!
Serah: They’ve brainwashed you, huh?
Rachel: Serah, stop!
Serah: I’m just doing what needs to be done!

Robyn runs from behind her and kicks her in the back. Serah falls to the ground as the gun goes off, missing everyone around but still causes everyone to jump. Serah drops the gun as she hits the asphalt.

Robyn: Grab the gun!
Rachel: I dunno, looks like you knocked her out cold.
Robyn: Oh jeez, is she still breathing?
Rachel:, let me check.

Rachel lifts up Serah’s arm, sensing a pulse. She lifts her up. Aside from a couple scrapes, she seems fine.

Rachel: She’s going to be fine. I’ll just…

Rachel props Serah against the wall of the gas station store. She opens up the gas station store shortly after. Unten, Robyn, and the green raccoon follow her in shortly after.

Unten: What did you need from here, anyway?
Rachel: Just something to eat.
Robyn: We couldn’t eat somewhere for that?
Rachel: Yeah, but I would have had to pay for that.
Robyn: Good point I guess. I suppose the gas station was closer than your house right…
Rachel: ...right. Just get something to eat.

Unten sits alone as he looks at a sub sandwich in his hands. Robyn helped make it for him but he wasn’t sure about eating it. He looked at the sun rising in the distance. Rachel walked over to him and sat down, with a sub sandwich of her own. She bit into it as Unten silently watched.

Rachel: So, what’s up?
Unten: The sun, I guess.
Rachel: Well, I mean how are you feeling about things, I guess.
Unten: Well, I don’t know if you heard it or not, but I come from a planet called Zeon. And things are… complicated to say the least.
Rachel: Can’t be more complicated than me and my parents.
Unten: It blew up.

Rachel stops chewing for a second.

Rachel: Huh.
Unten: It’s kinda my fault too. I mean… it was the drill Doomulus Grime was using for that kind of specific purpose but I mean… all of my friends are dead because of me. I had a chance, a slim one to stop it and I didn’t take it. I didn’t want to die.
Rachel: Well, that’s not really your fault.
Unten: You wouldn’t understand, I guess. I’m not sure why you wanted to find me.
Rachel: I guess we never really got around to that I guess.

Rachel points to her tattoos on her arms.

Rachel: You see these?
Unten: Yeah, they look pretty good on you. What’s the point?
Rachel: They were encrypted with a message to find you.
Unten: Who would write that? Why would anyone want to find me? I fucked up this hero thing already. People want to give me another shot?
Rachel: I don’t think it’s really a second chance. Maybe it’s destiny.
Unten: Can we not talk about that? I’ve had enough of this “destiny” bullshit. All I got out of it was a tearful leave from the planet I was born on as I knew my friends were dying.
Rachel: Yeah, I understand why you’re not really excited about this. But Unten…
Unten: What?
Rachel: I don’t know much about you. I think you have electricity powers? I know some of your backstory. I know your name. But I don’t know much else. Despite that, I believe in you because otherwise this whole crazy journey was for nothing. And I know it can’t be. Maybe you crashed here because of fate or just coincidence but Six is out there and she needs to be stopped.

Unten sits quietly as Rachel finishes her sandwich. She takes one last look at him and then heads to find Robyn. Unten watches her as she goes.

Unten: Maybe she’s got a point.

Unten notices that the green raccoon has been sitting behind since he got here, shoving crackers into his mouth. Unten bites into the sandwich.

Rachel notices that Robyn is sitting alone, eating a donut. She sits down next to her.

Robyn: Hey.
Rachel: You okay?
Robyn: Me?
Rachel: Yeah.
Robyn: Yeah, I’m fine. Why do you ask?
Rachel: I’m just asking because of what happened at the military base.
Robyn: Oh yeah… that.

She silently eats the donut for a bit.

Rachel: You’re a good kid and I just want you to know that. I dunno what will happen after this but I will make sure it’s something you want, something you’re happy with.
Robyn: Thanks. Actually… I think I know what that is.
Rachel: Yeah?
Robyn: Maybe you could adopt me?

Rachel seems a bit surprised but intrigued.

Rachel: Me?
Robyn: Yeah. I know. But… I trust you and that’s all I can really ask for.
Rachel: I’ll try and make that happen. It’s just… these things aren’t easy to pull off.
Robyn: I know.
Rachel: I’ll do everything in my power to make it happen but I just don’t want you to be mad if it doesn’t.
Robyn: Okay.

The two hug as Unten walks over with the green raccoon.

Unten: I finally figured out what his name is. It’s YE.
Rachel: Oh, neat. You ready to go?
Unten: Go where?
Rachel: We’ve got to lure Six into fighting you, not her getting the upper hand. I’m going to a good friend of mine to talk some stuff out.

Chapter 26: Somewhere We Belong

3.14 and Flicker walked down the concrete of the city. Flicker smiled, knowing she wasn’t a mistake.

3.14: Where do you suppose we go now?
Flicker: I dunno if there is a place for people like us.
3.14: There has to be.
Flicker: People hate what they can’t understand.
3.14: We can’t just go nowhere though.
Flicker: Maybe we could live with Luna at A22?
3.14: She seems nice but…

3.14 looks at the A22 Incorporated building.

3.14: I feel sad for anyone trapped there still. I doubt Luna has a choice about it either.
Flicker: I guess you have a point.
3.14: Say…
Flicker: What?
3.14: Who said it had to be on this planet?
Flicker: What do you mean, 3.14?
3.14: Maybe we don’t belong on Earth. Maybe we need to expand our horizons a bit.
Flicker: Another planet?
3.14: Right.
Flicker: I mean… that seems somewhat… hard to do.
3.14: Yeah, but I imagine it wouldn’t be too hard to get a rocket from A22, right?
Flicker: Do they even have one?
3.14: I’m willing to bet they do. When I was created in the confines of A22, they were working on an engine for interstellar travel. Unless they utterly scrapped it, it might still be feasible.
Flicker: Then let’s go, then!

The board meeting was stuffed with businessmen as Dr. Grant attempted to quiet down the room.

Dr. Grant: Nobody knows what happened to Dr. Hex, but until he returns we are not electing a new chairman in his place!
Businessman 1: Is A22 supposed to run on it’s own then?
Businessman 2: You cannot seriously expect the company to work when there is no man at charge!
Dr. Grant: I’m not, jesus christ!

There is a knocking at the door. Dr. Grant glances at it and then walks over to open it. To his surprise, he sees Master Binary.

Dr. Grant: Who the hell are you?
Master Binary: I was Dr. Hex, but you can call me Master Binary now.
Dr. Grant: Get out of here. Not putting up with jokers.

Master Binary flings Dr. Grant across the room, pinning his arms with a pair of green glowing 1s. He sits at the end of the table.

Master Binary: If you need a witness, you can ask Dr. Metal Mario, who’s currently busy with the machine. I don’t think we really need further clarification, do we?
Businessman 1: I suppose not.

Businessman 1 and 2 sit down. Master Binary creates a blackboard, manually typing in the words in binary himself.

Master Binary: We have a new focus here at A22, although it’s not a direction you didn’t expect. We’re putting full focus in the super-solider program.
Businessman 2: I’m not one to usually question bad business decisions but are you not aware of the amount of negativity towards the “Flicker” incident?
Master Binary: She was merely an error. We will ensure it never happens again.

The room goes silent as Master Binary begins outlining the new plan for the super-soldier project.

Chapter 27: Love Letters

Rachel pulls the motorbike up into a bar. Unten groans.

Unten: A bar?
Rachel: My friend Trip's in here. Just gonna ask him what to do.
Unten: Are they even gonna let Robyn or me in? Or YE?
Rachel: They're pretty lax with the rules.
Unten: Whatever…

The four enter the bar. Rachel heads to the counter as Unten sits at a table with Robyn and YE.

Unten: So… Six.
Robyn: Well, I admit, I don't know much about your abilities.
Unten: Right… my abilities…
Robyn: You've got electricity, right?
Unten: Yeah. I mean, I can't use it too often otherwise I just get tired out… uh… hmm.
Robyn: I mean, you gotta have something right?
Unten: I mean at the end of the day… I was fighting with friends. I'm not really a super-powered alien. I don't have a bunch of cool abilities.

Robyn sighs.

Robyn: We're not utterly hopeless right?

Rachel lays against the counter as the bartender cleans a mug. Rachel sighs.

Rachel: How did I even get myself into this mess, Trip?
Trip: Ah jeez, what's the problem this time?
Rachel: You see that blue bear thing?
Trip: Yeah. He's real?
Rachel: Yeah. I suppose you know Six and all that shit, right?
Trip: Oh yeah, it's quite terrifying.
Rachel: Guess what? Apparently we're supposed to stop her with…

Rachel sighs again.

Rachel: Honestly maybe this would be a good place to stop.
Trip: Rachel, what is this nonsense?
Rachel: What now, Trip?
Trip: I mean sure, he doesn't look like much but I suppose if you know he's supposed to stop Six then you may as well show some faith about it. Negativity isn't your strong suit.
Rachel: I'm not trying to be negative, it's just… I can't see it. It's not like he's weak or anything but Six is practically a goddess of destruction, you know?

Unten: So you don't think I can do it?
Robyn: Well. it's more like I can't really see how…

Four people walk onto the stage at the right end of the bar in the background. One is a blond haired boy, another is a darker skinned girl with black hair and red glasses, one is a girl who seems to have rainbow hair, and one person isn't really a person so much as a robot with a spike on top of it. Robyn looks at them as they get on stage, the mic screeching.

Robyn: ...who are they?
Unten: How am I supposed to know?
Blond Haired Man: Name's Reese, that's Rhyse…

Reese points to the girl with black hair and red sunglasses. She keeps her same blank expression.

Reese: That's Aurora…

Reese points to the girl with rainbow hair. She flashes a quick smile as she tinkers with her guitar.

Reese: And that's Spikebot. I would pet him if he didn't have the spike on top.

Spikebot beeps.

Reese: We're gonna play a song in 3… 2… 1!

As the song's instrumental intro plays, Rachel groans.

Rachel: God damn it, why do you have somebody playing right now?

Trip laughs a little.

Trip: A little music never hurt anyone.

Aurora: Love letters
Aurora: Love letters
Aurora: Love letters
Aurora: Love letters

Robyn bops her head to the left and right as Unten looks on with concern. She laughs a bit.

Reese: Love letters' all I see
Reese: On every day I read
Reese: The bits of yellow paper
Reese: Addressed from you to me
Reese: And every day a chance
Reese: Inside a book of stamps
Reese: To tell you what I'm up to
Reese: And say just how I feel

Robyn gets up from the table to dance a bit. She invites Unten, who hesitatingly does so.

Reese: You've got me writing
Aurora: Love letters
Reese: I'm always writing
Aurora: Love letters
Reese: You've got me writing
Aurora: Love letters
Reese:I'm always writing
Aurora: Love letters

Rachel gets up from her bar stool to join in.

Reese:From far across the see
Reese:They fly from you to me
Reese:But still I get no sleep
Reese:Oh my Love, don't be mad

Unten looks at Rachel as everything slows.

Reese:'Cause I'll keep on writing
Aurora: Love letters
Reese:Yeah, I'll keep on writing
Aurora: Love letters
Reese:Yeah, I'll keep on writing
Aurora: Love letters
Reese:Yeah, I'll keep on writing
Aurora: Love letters
Aurora: Love letters
Aurora: Love letters
Aurora: Love letters
Aurora: Love letters
Aurora: Love letters
Aurora: Love letters

Aurora pauses as she continues to sing, her voice trailing as the song ends.

Aurora: Love letters
Aurora: Love letters
Aurora: Love letters
Aurora: Love letters
Aurora: Love letters
Aurora: Love letters

Rachel: Well, I still have no idea how we're going to lure Six.
Robyn: She's probably still looking for us… I have an idea.
Rachel: No, we're not going as bait!
Robyn: You didn't even hear what I was going to say.
Rachel: ...Oh, then tell me.
Robyn: We gotta make a big ruckus in a spot we wanna bring the fight to. Somewhere fairly rural, even ground… and we need a band.
Rachel: Why the hel- heck do we need a band?
Robyn: You can say “hell”.
Rachel: Why do we need a band?
Robyn: To make a big ruckus, you know? I think these guys can do it.

Reese and his band perk up in interest.

Rachel: Oh jeez, she's not serious guys.

Reese and the band hang their heads in disappointment.

Robyn: No, I am! Let's get a gig out there, make it a big thing that she can't possibly miss. Who the hell doesn't want to see two aliens fight?
Rachel: Would probably be a good way to recoup the money I spent on the motorcycle too…

Unten looks at her with a confused look.

Rachel: I think I can probably make some money off you, yes.
Robyn: What do you say, Reese?
Reese: Shit yeah, let's do it! Come on, sisters!

Rachel realizes the band members are related and her smile slowly ceases.

Chapter 28: Let's Go

3.14 unscrews a ventilation panel outside of A22, in area with no cameras. 3.14 and Flicker sneak inside and look for the rocket. During this, they see and hear scenes.

Master Binary: Is there a reason why we have such huge vents? It’s just now bothering me.
Dr. Metal Mario: Well, supposedly the architect wanted to crawl around. He said it would be really cool. The thing is, he disappeared into those vents a couple years ago and hasn’t been seen since so…
Master Binary: You’d have to be a real idiot to crawl in them.
Dr. Metal Mario:Yeah, you would.

3.14 and Flicker crawl past the lab as they find Dr. Luna’s office.

3.14: (whispering) Hey!

Dr. Luna spins in her chair.

Dr. Luna: Who’s there? I’ll have you know the carpet is soaked in turpentine and I’m getting a match! Don’t think I won’t drop that shi-
3.14: Dr. Luna, it’s us. 3.14 and Flicker.
Dr. Luna: Shi-Hello! How are you guys doing?

Dr. Luna places the match back into the drawer.

3.14: Just crawling in the vents.
Dr. Luna: Oh yeah, I never know why they made them so damn big,

She laughs a bit.

Dr. Luna: ...what are you guys doing back here? They’ll shut you down if they catch you!
3.14: It’s fine. We’re just looking for a rocket.
Dr. Luna: Oh yeah… that project. Ah jeez… It should be like… outside actually. We were gonna launch it this week as soon as training for everyone was done. But that’s okay! You can just use it. I don’t think we were really gonna do anything beyond Earth’s orbit this time.
3.14: Thanks!

3.14 and Flicker head further into the vents as Dr. Luna sighs and heads back to work.

Dr. Luna: If I was only as free as them…

Flicker: Whoa, what the?

3.14 crawls over to Flicker as she glances down. They see a bunch of sleeping ambients just… like… them…

3.14: Who are these guys…?
Flicker: I dunno. You don’t think…?

3.14 materializes outside the vent. He comes across a blond girl and a pair of smaller girls with a giant skull and a diver’s helmet as faces, respectively. One boy stands out from the rest, as he’s considerably brighter than the others.

Flicker: Oh jeez...
3.14: What is this place?

3.14 pokes the face of the brightest one. The boy’s face flashes open and he becomes much brighter than before, waking the other ambients up with the exception of the blond girl.

Boy: Who are you?
3.14: Name’s 3.14. Who are you guys?
Boy: Well, I dunno if I should trust you…
Diver Helmet Girl: I’m Qhua, the girl with the skeleton head is Synda…
Synda: Hello!
Qhua: That’s Light, he’s kind of a downer.
Light: Hey! What are you doing?
Qhua: He asked me.
3.14: Who’s the girl with the blond hair that’s still asleep?
Light: That’s… Katie.

Katie wakes up. Her left eye distorts as she looks at 3.14.

3.14: Well, we’re looking for a rocket. You guys have any idea where it is?
Light: A rocket?
Flicker: (distant) I found it, 3.14!
3.14: We’re going to find somewhere we feel like we belong. You want to come along?
Qhua: Yes!
Light: Hang on Qhua, are you sure this is a good idea to trust him?
3.14: What’s wrong with me?
Light: ...Nothing.
Synda: What’s the worst that could happen, Light? We’re already trapped down here.
Light: Fine then…

Chapter 29: Broken Jaw

Unten stands in the middle of a fairly flat dirt area. The three foot high walls around him suggest this is a rather unnatural ditch. Unten watches as Reese’s band sets up close to the edge of the walls and as Robyn pets YE.

Unten: Rachel?
Rachel: Yeah?
Unten’: Do you honestly think I can do this?
Rachel: Do what?
Unten: Don’t lie to me, you know what I’m talking about. Just give it to me straight.
Rachel: Truth is, I don’t really know. I want to believe you can. I really do.
Unten: Well, I guess that’s better than nothing.
Robyn: Oh wow, someone’s already selling T-Shirts.
Rachel: Who the heck would try and sell t-shirts…?

Rachel glances and sees the t-shirt stand. She walks over to there to see two men behind the stand.

Rachel: Alright, what’s the big deal here?
Man 1: It’s us, Rachel.

The men turn into Logi and Denos. Rachel stands back in shock for a second and then walks towards the stand.

Rachel: What t-shirts are you guys even selling anyway?

She picks up two t-shirts with “Team Unten” and “Team Six” emblazoned on them. She rolls her eyes.

Rachel: Can I get three of these “Team Unten” shirts?

Six is seen walking through a cityscape, cutting down telephone wires and watching them drop and create sparks. She notices a piece of paper stapled haphazardly onto the pole.

Six: Odd… seems to be talking about me…

Six takes flight as the scene transitions to The Threat.

The Threat: Someone, honest to god has the gall to challenge me?
Avirl: You’d have to be pretty stupid to do that, right?
The Threat: It’s not something you’re exempt from, Avirl.
Avirl: Ha…

Six lands in the center of the crater, the ground leaving cracks as she looks up. Unten is a bit unnerved but he assumes a fighting stance as people begin to flock over. Unten looks up to Rachel, who’s wearing a “Team Unten” shirt. She simply smiles nervously as Unten looks back to Six.

Six: Interesting. A Beorn? I thought they all had died out rather recently…
Unten: Honestly, I don’t even know what you are…

Six punches Unten in the face at a incredibly fast speed. She floats behind him as he slams to the ground.

Six: It’s Six.

She picks up Unten who weakly smiles at her. Blood is running down his head.

Six: I’ll let you know that you’re the one who picked this fight.

Six throws Unten towards the edge of the ditch. She is about to take off and when she hears Unten weakly get up.

Reese: Jeez, how are you still even alive?
Unten: Play the song, Reese.
Reese: Um, alright…

The song begins as Unten weakly stands up.

Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah

Six turns around to see Unten who walks toward her. Rachel is clearly closing her eyes while Robyn has her Galvan Reader on.

I've broken every law
All the words come out my broken jaw
I don't know anything
But then I act like I know everything

Six attempts to punch Unten but he manages to dodge the swipe. The crowd collectively gasps as Rachel slowly uncovers her eyes.

Don't want to talk about it
What do you see when you dream about it?
I had been broke down from my enemies
I'm drifting farther from my memories

Six does a back flip and hits Unten with her tail, which makes him stumble a bit but still presses forward.

And then you take it away

Six kicks Unten with her two legs causing him to fall to the ground. Rachel covers her eyes again as The Threat has the biggest shit eating grin.

Everyday I'm fighting 'cause I can't read you
Lost in the moment, then I come back down
Lost in the sight I try to reach out
Just a little bit closer, then I come back down

Unten pushes himself up even as Six hits him. His arms become charged with electricity and he manages to briefly shock her long enough to stand back up.

You tell me, "What's my name?"
I'm the same I've just been rearranged
Smile through a joke inside
Yeah, I've been hiding with nothing to hide

Six kicks Unten again and again, further and further. The Threat is practically laughing at this point.

Don't want to talk about it
What do you see when you dream about it?
I had been broke down from my enemies
Just holding a piece of what's been left of me

Unten stands up one last time.

Unten: No matter what happens, don’t stop playing Reese, you got that?

Reese nods.

And then you take it away

Six punches Unten and he slams into the walls of the ditch. This time he doesn’t get up.

Everyday I'm fighting 'cause I can't read you
Lost in the moment, then I come back down
Lost in the sight I try to reach out
Just a little bit closer, then I come back down

Rachel is waiting for Unten to get back up. He isn’t getting up.

Pushing me, pushing me, I can feel it, yeah
Just a little bit higher, then I come back down
Climbing over people 'cause I've nothing
I'm waiting, I'm waiting around

Six gets ready to leave. The Threat relaxes back on her chair as Rachel watches with worry on her face.

Six: See you around, prodigal savior.

Suddenly something grabs her tail.

Sometimes you find yourself waiting,
Waiting for someone to come around
And it's hopeless, hoping to be found
Then it arrives and says, "You're perfect, my love"
And I,
I know why
I know why
I know why

Unten grabs her tail and then slams her into the ground. She lays on the ground, confused.

But you said, "I don't know"

Unten slams his fist onto her face. Rachel finally uncovers her face fully as she watches with curiosity.

You said, "I don't know"
You said, "I don't know"
You said, "I don't know, you don't know" [x3]

Unten breaks off her armor and begins hitting and kicking wherever he can. Six can’t seem to get up much to the Threat’s frustration.

You said, "I don't know"
You said, "I don't know"
You said, "I don't know"

Unten rests his palm on the center of Six’s chest as he looks exhausted. Then, his palm starts glowing white. Nobody knows what’s going on.

So take it away, yeah
When you find and heal my broken jaw, yeah
Lyin' near where I slayed my hero, yeah
What you need is hiding in yourself, yeah

Something transfers into Unten from Six. The song ends as Unten drops the ground as Six can’t seem to get up.

Six: What did you do to me?

She gets up and attempts to fly off… but nothing happens. She tries to heat up her claws but nothing happens. She tries to create an energy blast but it fizzles out in her hands.

Six: YOU!

She attempts to hit the exhausted Unten but he grabs her hand mid-punch.

Unten: I’ll have you know something.

He snaps Six’s wrist.

Unten: You picked this fight.

Two government helicopters circle the area. In the distance, a rocket takes off but no one pays it any attention as two portals, one blue and one red, open up in the ditch. Two figures step out.

Unten: Wait a second…
The Fan: Well, well, seems we’ve got one of The Threat’s own top 10 right here.
The Enemy: Stripped of her godhood too…
Unten: What’s- what’s going on?
The Fan: I am the Fan, he is the Enemy. That’s all you really need to know for right now.
The Enemy: We’ll get in touch later.

The scene cuts to The Threat destroying the viewing monitor in anger. We see Avirl begin stitching up a Unten doll with a look of anger on his face.

Unten staggers towards Rachel and Robyn. Most of the crowd has left by now.

Rachel: You did it!
Unten: I guess I did, huh…
Robyn: Guess I was wrong about you. What was that thing you did at the end there?
Unten: I don’t know… I know as much as you guys.
Rachel: And who were those guys? The Fan and The Enemy?
Unten: I dunno… can’t we just go home?

The three laugh as they hug each.

Chapter 30: Aftermath

Six is seen with red and blue metal handcuffs tied behind her back. She is pushed into a white colored cell with glass walls. She looks at her neighbor, White Goddess and sighs in frustration.

The Fan and The Enemy walk away.

The Fan: Well, what do we do now?
The Enemy: Kill her?
The Fan: No need to be so rash, brother. There’s possibly some stuff to get out of this before hand.
The Enemy: Fine…

The Enemy rolls his eyes as Six presses against the unbreakable glass of the prison cell with a look of anger on her face.

Unten sits on a chair in Rachel’s apartment on the island bar. YE scurries around, looking for something. Rachel and Robyn are making a smoothie.

Unten: What is that?

Robyn holds up a pear.

”Robyn': This?
Unten: Yeah. It doesn’t look like a blump…
Robyn: Blump? This is a pear.
Unten: Oh. Are they any good?

Robyn smiles. Suddenly, there’s a hard knock at the door. Rachel drops the pear and walks over.

Rachel: Hello?

Helen walks in. Rachel steps back as Helen walks in a circle and then stops.

Helen: How are you all doing today?
Rachel: Fairly good… what are you doing here?
Helen: Relax, I’m not here to arrest you. Although by all accounts I would be in my rights to do so. But… you guys did stop Six. That’s a lot more than I can ask for some of my men.
Rachel: Oh, thank god.

Rachel drops a baseball bat onto the floor.

Helen: I’m also going to ignore that…
Rachel: Well, what did you come here for?
Helen: I’m here to talk about a couple things. All fairly good, mind you. Except maybe one thing.
Rachel: Oh?
Helen: Truth is, we’ve been watching you since you left the military base. We decided not to go after you since we figured dealing with Six would be a bad idea, but… we saw and heard everything.
Rachel: Oh…
Helen: Don’t oh, Rachel. I mean, we did invade your privacy hardcore but…

Helen hands Rachel some papers.

Rachel: What are these?

Rachel reads them. They’re adoption papers.

Helen: You’re a mother now. To a very smart young girl.

Robyn comes over to hug Rachel. Rachel’s eyes well up.

Helen: We’re going to stop wire-tapping you as well, including Unten. No more tests for him. We’ve kind of realized we messed up on that front.
Unten: What about my blood that you guys took?
Helen: You’re not going to believe it, but someone took it.
Unten: Aw.
Helen: Anyway, have a good day. Oh, almost forgot, we’ve decided to pay you for getting rid of Six. About a billion dollars each for the three of you? I know it’s not a lot but… we had a national crisis on our hands after all.
Rachel: Is this real?
Helen: Don’t ask me.

Helen exits the room as Rachel and Robyn go back to work on the smoothie.

3.14 and the others floated in the cabin of the ship. Earth was barely visible. He looked to Flicker, who simply smiled.

In the dead of night, YE walked outside of Rachel’s apartment with the device in his hands. He hammered on it a bit… and then it opened. He needed to get back to Overman Corp. Who knows what happened while he was gone? He was going to miss the the others but… he had more pressing matters.

Rachel noticed YE was missing the next morning. She couldn’t help but feel disappointed that he left, but at the same time, understood. She checked the mail and brought it in. Robyn was up eating cereal while Unten was still fast asleep on the couch.

Rachel: Lotta junk and oddly… fan mail. Huh.
Robyn: Oh yeah, the fanfictions are already starting. Somebody by the name of KamikazeBlaxe008 wrote a shipping fic with you and Unten.
Rachel: Wow, really? ...that’s weird.

Rachel sorts through more of the mail. She comes across what seems to be a college invite.

Rachel: Boltzmann…?

Rachel rips it open and reads it before putting it back and throwing it in the trash.

Robyn: What was that?
Rachel: Nothing.

Robyn gets up and grabs the letter.

Robyn: Boltzmann?
Rachel: You understand why I don’t want you to go right?
Robyn: But it sounds so great! I mean, it’s a school with a bunch of aliens in it and… oh.
Rachel: Look, I understand education is important but… I mean I just became your mom and… I’m kind of selfish, I know.
Robyn: Well, I mean, I don’t have to enroll for summer. I could just enroll for fall.
Rachel: I know… just promise me you’ll visit, okay?

The Threat gazes out a window of Svarga. She’s somewhat upset by her loss.

The Threat: I hope they understand that this is just the start.
Vorplazz: Hopefully the start of my lunch break.
The Threat: They think this is a major blow to me. But Six is easy to replace. Seven’s already taken her place. There’s already a new Ten too.
Vorplazz: Who do you talk to when you do this stuff? It’s not me, because I get really bored 5 minutes in.
The Threat: Vorplazz, shut up. Jeez. Someday I’m going to remove your mouth.

And with those final words, the next phase of The Threat’s attack began.


Post Credits Scene 1

Helen walks into the Oval Office. The chair spins to reveal a man there. The president of the United States.

Helen: You need me, President Independence?
President Independence: Well, I have become aware that you were the one that sent Unten to stop Six...
Helen: Yeah, that's kind of true...
President Independence: I have a great offer for you that I think you'll like. See, now that extraterrestial threats are a thing, I think we need a whole new department. I would like you to be the head of it.
Helen: Really?
President Independence: I'm serious. Unlike my rival Snaily Joe.
Helen: What do you want to call it?
President Independence: How about Forces Against National Threats?
Helen: F.A.N.T?
President Independence: Is that what it spells out? Oh well, makes just as much sense as FBI, am I right?

Helen forcibly laughs as she leaves the Oval Office.

Helen will return as the head of F.A.N.T in Fantendo - Gaiden

Post Credits Scene 2

YE stands outside with a portal open. He needed to stop Overman Corp. It might be a little late considering how much time he had been away, but he knew that Rhodes and Tulip could hold their own. He ran and jumped inside.

Iron Mask noticed the portal open up in the Wasteland and then something flew out of it. It tumbled down the mountain and the device it was carrying shattered into a couple of pieces. It was a green raccoon as he could see now.

Iron Mask: Hey, woah. A green raccoon? Scarlet, PAIN-T, Whitney, and Sydney come look at this!

The racoon gets up on it's feet and brandishes it's giant syringe.

Iron Mask: Easy buddy, we're not here to fight you.

The racoon sets down it's weapon.

Sydney: Looks like he's far from home... like dimensions away from it.
Iron Mask: Hey, we can fix the device and get him home. How about that, little buddy?

The racoon holds out his hand as Iron Mask shakes it.

YE will return in Wasteland Warriors.