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Fantendo - Gaiden: Legacy is a 2016 3D action-adventure video game developed by Inora for the V2. Made as a successor to Fantendo - Gaiden, the game follows the 410 squad and The Operatives from January 2016 to the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory.

Reception for the title has been positive.


Season 1: Infestation

New Beginnings


The game opens with a large office building, as armored soldiers patrol the room, looking for intruders. One soldier hears a noise and splits from his group, walking into a nearby elevator. Suddenly, Blank drops down from the ceiling and silently knocks out the soldier, stealing his key card.

Blank slowly and stealthily sneaks across the room, until she reaches a door and uses the key card to open it, with Hugo Logia coming into the room.

Logia: You couldn't have been any faster?
Blank: Fuck off, Logia.

Logia and Blank defeat the squadron of armored soldiers and head to the elevator which they enter. As it goes up to the top floor, it's shot at and begins to fall at a very quick speed. Logia uses his telekinesis to lift the elevator for a small amount of time, and they exit it, heading for the stairs.

They make their way up the stairs, avoiding gunfire and battling the soldiers until they reach the top floor of the building, where they find Dana and David Johnson.

Logia: Give up now, guys. It's not worth the trouble.
Dana Johnson: Betraying your kind like this. It's disgusting. You deserve to be punished.
David Johnson: Oh, Shy Dude...

Shy Dude comes out, with his eyes looking dazed and confused, flailing his hammer around.

Blank: Oh great, he's being mind-controlled.
Logia: Don't hit him too hard, Blank.
Blank: No promises.


Shy Dude

The duo knock him out, releasing Shy Dude from the mind control. As Logia wakes him up, Blank chases after Dana and David, but they have already escaped in a helicopter.

Blank: We have to get to The Base, now!

Logia and Shy Dude nod, running to The Base, where Zane is starting up the systems.

Zane: Is Shy Dude alright?
Blank: He's fine, just go!

Zane nods and starts up the ship, flying into the air and pursuing the helicopter. He drives around the hazards and blasts missiles at the helicopter, eventually targeting it and shooting it down over the ocean.

Zane: Should we help them out?

The helicopter than proceeds to explode in the water, with the fire quickly burning out and the copter sinking into the water.

Logia: I don't think so.

Going Grey

The Operatives head back to the HQ, where they meet up with Helen Rizzo.

Rizzo: Are they both taken care of?
Zane: M'lady, I...uh...accidentally...
Blank: They're dead.
Rizzo: Good work. You're all dismissed.

The Operatives can then roam around the HQ and take on some side quests if they want, but have to head to The Base to start up the next episode.

As they head back to The Base to train and relax, they hear an alarm coming from the building's entrance, and head over to investigate. Once they do, they find blobs of grey floating into the HQ, ignoring all gunfire or warnings to stop.

Logia: What are those things?

Before the others can answer, the blobs leech onto one guard and swallow him whole, not being affected by his attacks at all.

Blank: Shit. Everyone, get to safety!

The other agents flee from the entrance as the team begins to fight against the blobs. After quite the struggle, they find fragile spots on the blobs and attack their weak points, causing them to explode into grey goo.

Zane: Uh, guys. Look outside.

Zane points out a large squadron of the grey blobs falling from the sky down onto the parking lot. They all head out and begin attacking them, but quickly find that too many are coming at once for them to stop them all.

Logia: Zane, you're a good shot, right?
Zane: I guess.
Logia: That's not very comforting, but it'll have to do. Go to The Base, get the missile launchers ready and destroy them in the air. Shy Dude, go with him.

Shy Dude nods, and the two head over to The Base, battling the grey blobs and solving puzzles to get to The Base. In the meantime, Logia and Blank are stopping any from entering the base. After destroying 20 of them, Logia and Shy Dude reach The Base and Zane gets to the cockpit.

Zane: I hear you back there! It's not helpful!

Zane gets the launchers ready and begins to destroy them in mid-air, stopping anymore from crashing onto the ground. It looks like the assault is over, when a giant blob falls from the sky, with no visible weak spot.

Zane: Oh, no. Oh, no. This is bad. This is so bad.

Logia and Blank see the giant blob and run for cover, but it quickly slams into the ground and attacks them.

Logia: Somehow, this isn't the weirdest day I've had here.
Blank: Now is really not the time for one-liners!


Giga Blob

Without a weak spot, they are eventually defeated by the blob, who crawls into the HQ and begins to assimilate everything around it, including the power cables, leaving them in complete darkness. A flashlight turns on, showing a concerned Rizzo.

Rizzo: I'm locking the HQ down. Get to safety.


Rizzo walks through her office with the flashlight slowly, looking for the blob and for people in need of help. Suddenly, it rolls towards her at high speeds, when it's stopped in it's tracks by an electricity blast and rolls away. James Zabrent walks out from the shadows, illuminated by the sparks and her flashlight.

Zabrent: You're welcome.
Rizzo: Sure I am. Where are the other squad members?
Zabrent: Sinn is somewhere in the HQ last time I checked. Skett and Carter are having a fancy evening out.
Rizzo: Let's get Sinn first and then figure out what the best course of action is.

The duo make their way through the HQ, taking down the security measures and evading the blob. After roaming through the HQ for a while, they eventually come upon Eric Sinn in the lab, who is on the floor, groaning in pain, and clutching a tazer.

Rizzo: Eric, are you alright? Eric?
Sinn: I've...been worse. The blob almost had me. Good thing I had this tazer on hand.
Zabrent: So electricity is it's weakness. If I can find it and put all my energy into it, it'll be done for.
Sinn: You're just one man Zabrent. You can't take on all the blobs, no matter what you think.
Rizzo: What about an amplifier for his range?
Sinn: That could work if we had an engineer on hand.
Zabrent: The other agents are in bunkers. We'll have to bring in Carter.
Rizzo: Let's hope she answers.

The three sit down in the empty lab and call Carter on their communicator, wondering what comes next.

Date Night

Jake Skett and Alena Carter are sitting at a nice restauraunt. Carter enthusiastically eats her pasta, but Skett just nervously nibbles at his club sandwich.

Carter: Babe, what is it?
Skett: Oh, uh, well, I was gonna...

In the middle of their conversation, Carter's communicator rings.

Carter: One second. What is it?
Rizzo: Carter, sorry to interrupt. But we need an engineer, and you're the finest we have.
Carter: I'd say no, but that was such a nice compliment. What is it?
Rizzo: There's a threat inside the HQ, and only electricity can take it down. We need an amplifier for Zabrent's powers. Can you do it?
Carter: Easy. We'll be right over. Come on babe, we gotta go.

Skett, visibly annoyed, clutches a ring and puts it in his pocket. The two exit the building, to find the grey blobs crashing down onto the city and attacking the people.

Skett: I'll take care of you. Let's just get there.

The duo make their way through the city, defeating the blobs and eventually reaching the HQ. Rizzo unlocks the HQ, and they head inside to find the blob rolling toward them.

Skett: Go ahead. I'll deal with this.
Carter: Babe, it can't be-
Skett: Go.

Carter reluctantly leaves and makes her way through the shut down HQ as Skett holds off the big blob. Carter eventually makes her way to the lab after solving puzzles, and meets up with the others. Meanwhile, Skett is losing against the blob, and is in grave danger.

Carter: We were having a really nice dinner.
Sinn: This might be a little more important, Carter.
Carter: I suppose. This lab doesn't have what I need. I have to get my parts.
Zabrent: I can get them.
Rizzo: I'll come with you. Sinn, stay and protect her.
Sinn: Got it.

Zabrent and Rizzo roam across the HQ until they reach the 410 squad's plane and retrieve the parts before Skett is consumed, racing back. Carter takes the parts and quickly makes a makeshift amplifier. The crew all run toward Skett.

Skett: I can't die without her here. I won't.

Skett continues to fight the futile battle, and is eventually knocked to the ground. When things seem grim, Zabrent uses the amplifier, annihlating the blob.

Zabrent: Carter, that was awesome.
Carter: Not my best work. Babe, you alright?
Skett: I'm fine. Thanks, guys. Hey, Alena, can I talk to you for a minute?
Carter: Of course.
Rizzo: Sorry to interrupt again, but look outside.

The agents all look out to see giant blobs all across the city, wreaking havoc.

Carter: We better get a bunch of off-days after this.
Zabrent: If we live, of course.

They all head out, prepared to destroy the blobs.

Perfect Storm

The five find The Operatives battling against the blobs when a giant one crashes into the ground and heads toward them. Zabrent uses the amplifier to turn the blob to mush, and The Operatives sit down and catch their breath for a moment.

Logia: Phew. Thanks a lot guys.
Zane: I'm greatful, fellow agents. Ahem, as is Shy Dude.
Blank: Thanks.
Zabrent: It's no problem. We need strength in numbers.
Logia: You're right, let's go.

Together, the nine make their way through the city while taking on the onslaught of the crashing blobs. After securing 5 groups of people across the city and taking down 20 blobs and 5 giant blobs, they spot a warphole at the top of a nearby skyscraper.

Sinn: What the hell are we dealing with here?
Carter: It could be a tear in reality, a portal to another place, or the source of the blobs.
Zabrent: I can't take down these blobs forever. My hands are getting sore.
Sinn: Then that's where we should go.

The others agree and begin walking to the warphole.

Take Back

After traveling to and through the skyscraper, they reach the warphole. They all wait cautiously before approaching it, but Zabrent runs forward.

Zabrent: I got this guys. Just use the amplifier a-
Sinn: God damn it Zabrent!

The warphole quickly swallows him. Skett runs toward it to save Zabrent, when the warphole spits out grey scalding goo that knocks Skett back.

Carter: Jake, are you okay?
Skett: Ow, fuck...I'm alright.

The goo then forms into a Zabrent-esque form with red glowing eyes.

Skett: Zabrent, are you in there?

The goo creature looks at Skett lifelessly and then attacks him.



The group defeat the creature, who melts back into liquid form. They all cautiously approach it, and find an unconcious, but breathing Zabrent in it. They pull him out of the goo and the warphole closes, with the grey blobs all disappearing in an instant. The group sit down and wait for Zabrent to come to, and relax for a moment.

Scavenger Hunt

Zabrent wakes up and coughs up a little of the goo, breathing heavily and flailing around before calming down.

Sinn: Zabrent, are you okay?
Zabrent: Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. That grey goo tastes like shit, but I'll live. What did I miss?
Skett: You became a monster, attacked me, got knocked out, the warphole closed, and the blob invasion stopped.
Zabrent: Well then. Is our job over?
Rizzo: I'm getting reports that there are invasions, and warpholes, across the world. This was just one of them. I'll tell the agents to prioritize the invasions, and our groups can split up and take care of the biggest jobs.
Blank: Why the hell did I sign up for this?
Logia: To save the world. Let's go.

The two groups say farewell and head back to the HQ, where the two groups can be switched between at any times. After doing some side quests and stocking up on items, they both head to their planes to begin their mission.

The 410 squad heads to London while The Operatives visit New York City to stop the invasions. After navigating the chaotic cities, the two groups eventually reach the large warpholes, one on Big Ben and one on the Statue of Liberty. They both head to close the warpholes, when the warpholes swallow both of the groups.


The groups wake up together in a dark, twisted dimension, where they're all on a hard cold stone floor.

Zane: Are we back in that dreadful wasteland?
Carter: This isn't like the wasteland. There's something....worse about it.
Zabrent: That doesn't sound very scientific.
Carter: I'm an engineer, not an expert on creepy alternate dimensions.

Suddenly, creatures resembling Zabrent's grey form slam onto the ground and head for the heroes. After a tough battle, they defeat the creatures and a bridge spontaneously forms ahead of them. They head across it, and more structures form suddenly, with them battling various grey creatures. After progressing through the structures, they eventually reach a giant bubbling pile of the grey goo.

First Encounter

They all stare at it, staying back cautiously.

Carter: This looks like the source.
Zabrent: I'm not walking toward that shit. Not after last time.
Sinn: Zabrent, just use the amplifier and we'll be fine.
Rizzo: I hope so.

Zabrent uses the amplifier on the grey goo, causing it to not dissipate, but rather bubble up and form into a monster made of sludge.

???: I....I haven't spoken for a long time. I haven't...fought...either. Excuse me if i'm..(cough)...rusty.
Blank: What the hell are you?
???: My creators called me Gray Demon. So I suppose that's what I am.

Gray Demon then forms his arm into a large sword and slashes Zabrent's midsection, knocking him down in pain. The others get their weapons out.

Gray Demon: You know, mortals are more foolish than I thought they'd be. That was just a small show of my power.


Gray Demon

After a tough battle, they realize that his body keeps reforming, and use the amplifier multiple times to tear through the creature and destroy it.

Zabrent: That was one hell of a day.

As Zabrent holds cloth to the cut, they see that without Gray Demon, the ground around them is collapsing.

Rizzo: Shit.

Mass Collapse

The group quickly get up and spot a warphole in the distance, racing to it across the collapsing structures while avoiding getting crushed by falling debris. If they reach the warphole before the time limit reaches 0 seconds, a cutscene begins.

Zabrent is shown on the couch, eating a bag of chips and watching a national adress by President Independence.

President Independence: In this time of terror, we take comfort in each other, and the service provided by F.A.N.T and our military as a whole. We must grieve, and move past this tragedy. We are currently investigating the sources, but for now, the American people are safe.
Zabrent: I was the one who saved everyone! Where's my credit?

Sinn walks in, holding a coffee.

Sinn: I think you had some help.
Zabrent: A little. I guess.
Sinn: You're an asshole.
Zabrent: Only occasionally. So did we ever figure out what that Gray Demon guy was about?
Sinn: Well he and everyone who worked for him are dead. It's a mystery at this point. But maybe innocence is bliss.
Zabrent: As long as that shit doesn't happen again, I'm happy.

Skett and Carter are looking out at The Operatives from their window, training and talking.

Carter: I'm glad Hugo is doing alright. He's helping people, and he's wonderful at it. He likes his teammates.
Skett: Better than I thought. Don't tell him though.

Carter laughs and smiles, laying her head on his chest.

Carter: That giant blob almost killed you. You scared me, babe.

Skett brushes her hair and looks at the wall.

Skett: I'm just trying to protect you. It'd be better to go than to see you get hurt.
Carter: I love you. Sorry our date got interrupted.
Skett: Well, we were helping to save the world, so it's alright.
Carter: Hey, it's a nice ring you picked.

Skett sighs and looks down at her, with a cheeky smile on her face.

Skett: I'm not very good at hiding things for someone with erebokinesis.
Carter: You're an open book Jake. Oh, and by the way, I will marry you.

Skett smiles at her widely, showing just pure happiness in the moment.

Skett: Can I do an official thing at dinner?
Carter: Of course.
Zabrent (distant): What are you guys talking about?

Skett and Carter get up, shaking their heads, and open the door.

Season 2: Invasion

Love and Marriage


Blank and Rizzo are sitting in a small white room, looking impressed.

Blank: Damn.

The camera then shows their perspective, with Carter in a long, ornate crimson dress with a light red veil, and her goggles replaced by black glasses.

Rizzo: You look good, Carter.
Blank: If Skett isn't amazed, I can kick his ass for you.
Carter: That's sweet guys, but hopefully no ass will have to be kicked today.
Rizzo: Hopefully.

They then hear a knock on the door.

Zabrent: Can I see her?
Rizzo: Go away Zabrent.
Zabrent: Damn it.

Zabrent, dressed in black suit and tie, walks away.

Zabrent walks to another room where he finds Shy Dude, Zane, Sinn, Logia, and Skett in black tie attire.

Zane: Did you see the bride?
Sinn: Let me guess, Rizzo told you to go away.
Zabrent: You know her well Sinn. How's our groom?
Skett: I'm alright. Nervous.
Logia: It's a natural feeling. Zabrent, I'm surprised you didn't hold some crazy bachelor party for Skett.
Zabrent: I'm offended! If you knew me at all you'd know I'm a total romantic. They were meant for each other.
Skett: Guys, what if I fuck up?
Zane: Um...Shy Dude wants to tell you something.
Skett: What is it?
Zane: He says that you're engaged to a beautiful, intelligent woman who adores you, that you should stop worrying, go out there and have fun.

They all look at Shy Dude, surprised, who shrugs.

Skett: Thanks. I'll do that.

As The Bridal March plays, Carter's dad walks her down the aisle as we're shown a shot of the entire auditorium, with the Journey team, the Agents of A.S.H.E.S, the 420 squad, Aran and Melissa, and Fera as guests, among others. The groomsman and bridesmaids are standing, with them all looking in awe of Carter, especially Skett.

Officiant: Mr. Skett, do you take this woman to be your lawfully-wedded wife?
Skett: Alena, you've been there for me. I know....I know that I'm not always easy to get along with. I can be a downer. But you make me so, so happy, and everyday I wake up full of joy because you love me for some crazy reason. So, I do.

Everyone is moved by the vows, especially Zabrent, who is stifling tears. Carter is smiling and tearing up.

Officiant: Ms. Carter, do you take this man to be your lawfully-wedded husband?
Carter: Of course. Yes. Totally. I love you so much. I do.
Officiant: You may now kiss the bride.

Skett and Carter engage in a passionate kiss that earns a loud applause from the crowd. Shy Dude hands Zabrent a tissue.

Zabrent: No one must ever know about this.

Shy Dude nods, and the others grin.

At the reception, everyone is talking, laughing, and drinking. Zabrent goes outside to get some air with Logia.

Logia: That was pretty awesome.
Zabrent: I may have shed a few, very manly, tears.

Logia laughs, when he sees a grey bullet headed straight for Zabrent and uses his telekinesis to fling it onto the ground.

Zabrent: Thanks. Wait, shit.

As they realize what's happening, a grey creature resembling Gray Demon teleports by them and begins attacking.

Logia: We can't ever get a break.


Gray Assasin

Logia uses telekinetic waves to amplify Zabrent's powers, wiping out the assasin and turning him into mush.

Zabrent: What the fuck was that? It looked just like....shit. If it's back, we're so fucked.
Logia: Uh...alright. So we have a good reception. Let everything be. We tell Rizzo at the right time, and everything will be fine.
Zabrent: I'm stressing out, man.

Logia hands Zabrent a champagne glass and sits down on a chair, looking at Carter and Skett dancing together inside.

Logia: Today was a good day.
Zabrent: For our line of work, at least.

A group of agents are shown in the desert, looking for something.

Agent #1: Are you sure that report wasn't bullshit?
Agent #2: Look, I'm just following orders.

The agents then hear a loud noise and see sand being blown into the air by a red puff of smoke. They head over to find a pod. They cautiously open it, and a gray creature hops out, killing them all off-screen as they scream for help.

The Big Guns

Zabrent, rubbing his head and yawning, enters Rizzo's office and she looks at him, clearly annoyed.

Rizzo: You're late. I have important business to attend to, and you stumble in here at an inopportune time. I do run a gigantic organization with ties to nearly every country on Earth that saves millions of lives ever week. So, please tell me what you want?
Zabrent: First of all, I'm sorry for showing up late. I couldn't sleep last night. Too much moaning and grunting. And I had a hell of a hangover to deal with this morning. But this is important. Big, huge news.
Rizzo: Get to it, Zabrent.
Zabrent: Yesterday, Logia and I were attacked by an assasin.
Rizzo: You make enemies in this business.
Zabrent:: But it was not of Earth. Humanoid, but not a human at all. And the worst part is that it looked like Gray Demon.
Rizzo: Gray Demon is dead. As well as all of his spawn. I witnessed it, as did you.
Zabrent: I saw it.
Rizzo: How do we know this isn't a coincidence? I'll look into it. Go get a Ginger Ale and get to work, Agent Zabrent.
Zabrent: You didn't get any sleep either?

Rizzo nods and gestures him out.

The Base is docking in Mexico City, with The Operatives meeting up in the center.

Logia: We all ready?
Zane: Shy Dude slept through the debriefing.
Blank: Not surprised.
Logia: A gang here is up to the usual stuff. Murder, assault, thievery, drug trafficking. But they aren't armed with the regular stuff. They have highly advanced and powerful weaponry. We have no idea how they got it.
Blank: So we storm the base, beat up some assholes, and get the stuff back?
Logia: Pretty much.

The Operatives get out of the ship and head inside the large warehouse occupied by the gang, sneaking around hazards, solving puzzles, and fighting the armed thugs. They eventually reach the area where cargo is shipped out, and a thug ambushes them, armed with a glowing green gauntlet on his hand.

Logia: Put it down. There doesn't have to be any trouble.
Thug: Obtener espalda!
Blank: You speak Spanish?

Zane and Shy Dude shake their heads as the thug backs up, clearly nervous.

Logia: Nosotros necesitar el armas.

The nervous thug shakes his head and fiddles with the gauntlet, causing it to blast a green beam of energy that destroys the crates and knocks The Operatives onto the ground.

Blank: He's not letting go of that.


Gauntlet Thug

They defeat the thug and knock him onto the ground. He desperately attempts to use the damaged gauntlet, but it works against him and explodes, killing him. The Operatives look and see the remaining gang members flee, and they call in F.A.N.T to pick up the cargo.

Rizzo paces around the lab as the engineers inside take apart and tamper with the complicated weaponry.

Head Engineer: Director Rizzo, these weapons are insane. They are way beyond our gadgets, and we have a large budget and brilliant minds. These are almost...alien.
Rizzo: So how the hell does a gang get them? Keep working. I have to go to a meeting.

Rizzo walks off, pondering both Zabrent's encounter and the advanced weapons.

In the Dark

The 410 Squad's plane is flying by peacefully, traveling high over the Bermuda Triangle. Suddenly, a pod with a green glow similar to the weaponry falls onto the plane, grappling on with claws.

Skett wakes up with Carter's arm around him and her head on his shoulder. He smiles and slowly gets up, rolling her over, rubbing his chin and putting on his tie. He opens the door and yawns, finding that the plane is completely dark. He uses his erebokinesis to push away the shadows, and a gray alien hops into view.

Skett: Jesus christ. We don't even get a honeymoon.

Skett beats up the gray alien, but finds that it keeps regenerating. The alien slashes Skett with it's claws, knocking him onto the ground and beating Skett up. Suddenly, the alien reels back and crawls back in the shadows. Skett looks back to see Carter in a shirt and shorts with a tazer.

Carter: It's 6 in the morning.
Skett: Tried to let you sleep, but a gray alien attacked me in the dark. Sorry.
Carter: Worse has happened.

The duo make their way through the plane in the dark, with Skett illuminating it as much as he can. After solving puzzles and battling the gray aliens, they reach Zabrent's room. Skett knocks on the door.

Skett: Wake up, Zabrent!
Zabrent: It's not time to get up yet....go away....
Carter: There are gray aliens on the plane.

Zabrent gasps and gets up, throwing on some clothes and heading out with them.

Zabrent: Are we talking an alien that's gray or a gray alien.
Carter: They look like Gray Demon and electricity defeats them.
Zabrent: Great. At least I wasn't wrong when I saw one.
Skett: You saw one? When?

Zabrent turns the two around and they see an army of gray aliens headed straight for them. The three take down the army, but find that they were simply being distracted and see that the aliens ripped out the autopilot function.

Zabrent: We gotta get Sinn up.

The three race to Sinn's room and wake him up.

Sinn: What the hell are you three doing?
Zabrent: Aliens that work for Gray Demon are on board the ship, they took out the power, and now the auto-pilot. We have probably a minute before we die.
Sinn: Well then.

Sinn gets up and the full squad race to the cockpit, with Sinn taking control.

Sinn: We can't make it back in this condition. We're going to have to crash-land in the Bermuda Triangle. Strap in.

The three belt themselves in and Skett and Carter hold hands.

Zabrent: Can you guys get sound-proof walls? I haven't been getting much sleep.
Skett: Is now really the time?
Zabrent: It's always time to joke around.

Skett rolls his eyes and Carter smiles as they brace for impact.

Back in Bermuda

The plane crash lands onto a beach, sliding into several pods and crushing the aliens in their way. They all cautiously unbelt and head forward when a pod crashes through the roof and opens, with a gigantic heavily armed gray alien exiting from it.


Alien Warrior

They defeat the giant alien and exit the plane to find that pods have landed all across the island, and that the aliens are all headed toward them.

Zabrent: We gotta get off of here. Quickly.
Sinn: Our communicators are too damaged to call for help.
Skett: Shouldn't there be Lynxclaw Inc. tech still here?
Sinn: Probably.
Carter: Good idea. I can fix it up and we can send out a signal to Rizzo.

The squad make their way through the beach to a Lynxclaw Inc. tower. After solving puzzles and defeating more aliens, they scale the tower and reach a computer.

Carter: I can fix this up. It'll take me a few minutes but I should be able to get the signal out.
Zabrent: Can you hurry?!

Carter looks back to see the hoard of aliens slowly coming for them.

Sinn: I'll stick with Carter. Zabrent and Skett, hold them off.
Zabrent: Got it.
Skett: Okay.

As Sinn protects Carter, the other two battle through the aliens to stop them from reaching Carter and Sinn. Carter soon sends out the signal and they see a giant airship fly by. The group exit the tower to find The Base in front of them, blasting down the surviving aliens with missiles.

Zabrent: That was so cool.

The squad run into The Base which takes off, leaving the island and aliens behind.

Sky Battle

The Base is flying to New York City as the squad sit down, catching their breath. Logia walks up to them, coffee in hand.

Carter: That was really fast, Hugo.
Logia: We were headed to New York when we got the alert. I'm glad we could pick you guys up. We need all the help we can get.
Sinn: With what?
Logia: Those aliens on the island have invaded New York City and it seems like that might be the beginning. They have weapons that are way advanced.
Zabrent: We only get a year break from our last alien invasion by grey creatures in major cities?
Skett: Sounds like it.

They soon arrive in New York City to find agents battling the gray aliens in the streets. They begin to dock, when battleships fly in and attack The Base.

Zabrent: Please tell me you aren't out of missiles.

They then look out to see a destroyed battleship crashing onto the ground.

Logia: Zane is good at rationing.

Zane flies them through the city, battling through the airships when they spot the massive mothership where the others are coming from, headed straight for them.

Zane: Oh, no, guys. Look at that. Oh no. Oh no.


Alien Mothership

They sink the mothership and then dock down to assist the field agents.

City Under Siege

The groups get out of The Base to find a field agent, alone, fighting against a hoard of approaching aliens. The field agent is the only one there between the aliens and a crowd of unevacuated people. One alien begins to tackle him, when Zabrent blasts the alien off with a electricity bolt. The agent quickly shakes Zabrent's hand.

Zabrent: You okay?
Agent: I've been worse. You're Agent Zabrent, right?
Zabrent: In the flesh.

The others roll their eyes and motion toward Zabrent.

Zabrent: And you?
Agent: The name's Trish.

An alien leaps onto Trish, who responds by pressing her hand against it's face, burning through it.

Zabrent: Nice power.
Trish: I can't throw fireballs or anything, but it comes in handy. Finally, some reinforcements.
Zabrent: Your squad? The others?
Trish: Dealing with that.

Trish points ahead to a gigantic vehicle rolling down the streets and releasing masses of aliens.

Zabrent: How did we not spot that?
Zane: I was a little busy destroying that scary giant airship.
Zabrent: Fair point.

The group alongside Trish take down the giant army of aliens and she guides them through the mess of bodies and wreckage to the backside of the gigantic vehicle.

Trish: From what I can tell, this is where the source is.
Carter: Impressive work of engineering.

The others look at her as she awkwardly scratches her neck and Skett hugs her.

Sinn: We get inside, take down the source of their ground troops. It won't stop them for good but it's progress.
Trish: Smart thinking.

Sinn motions for them to get behind him and he blows the back open with a grenade. They all cautiously head inside to find themselves in a large military-esque landship full of the aliens. The group navigate through the many floors, solve puzzles, and defeat the aliens to reach the core of the ship. They all head inside to find a blue energy sphere.

Skett: Don't touch it, Zabrent.
Zabrent: It's not like I was planning to!

Skett raises an eyebrow and Zabrent looks sheepish. Carter and Trish smile when the door is busted down by one of the large warrior aliens the squad fought before, who knocks a few of them into the sphere. Sinn, finding no other solution, rounds up the groups into the sphere.

Zabrent: I thought we weren't supposed to touch it.
Sinn: Change of plans.

Trish holds the warrior alien back by scalding it's face, but as Zabrent pulls her into the sphere, she's stabbed through the chest by the warrior. She screeches in pain as they all retreat into the sphere. The warrior alien grunts angrily and runs out of the room.

We're Going Down

Meanwhile, Rizzo is alongside every agent we've seen thus far, battling against the aliens on the other side of the massive carrier.

Rizzo: No reports of other attacks?
Agent: No, mam. They're focusing all their forces here.
Rizzo: That's either good or bad. I'm gonna be positive.

An alien leaps toward Rizzo, but is shot down onto the ground. Rizzo quickly does a thank you gesture, and heads off away from the aliens as the agents hold them back.

Rizzo: I'm getting some back-up.

Rizzo runs into a helicopter and flies back to the HQ.

Sinn wakes up inside a prison cell, and looks out the window to see a bleak desert planet, and that they're on an airship. Sinn looks around and sees the 410 squad unconcious, as well as Trish, who is bleeding out.

Sinn: Oh, no.

Sinn rushes over to her and rips off a piece of his clothing to use to cover the wound, but as he sees blood spill out onto the ground, he realizes that she's lost too much and gets up. Sinn turns to the door, and finds that he's stripped of his weapons, and grabs Zabrent, shaking him.

Sinn: Zabrent, you have to get up. Right now.

Zabrent rubs his head as he gets up.

Zabrent: What hap-

Zabrent then spots Trish, bleeding out on the ground. He gasps and Sinn puts his hand on Zabrent's back.

Sinn: You have to break open the door. Zabrent. Zabrent.

Zabrent shakes his head and shaking, turns toward the door and blasts it open with a blast of electricity.

Zabrent: She...

Muttering, Zabrent slowly walks into the hallway as Sinn shakes Skett and Carter up.

Sinn: Come on. Come on!

Skett and Carter both get up and see Trish bleeding out. Skett whinces and Carter gasps.

Carter: Oh no...

Zabrent stands in the hallway, blankly. Sinn sees an alien charging straight for Zabrent, who is in shock, and hops in front of Zabrent, punching the alien in the face and stealing it's gun.

Sinn: I know, Zabrent. We have to go now. We're in danger.

Zabrent nods and the group heads through the hallway into the main section of the ship, where the aliens are flying the ship toward a gigantic metropolis. Suddenly, the ship rocks and the power goes out. Skett illuminates the room and they battle through the aliens. Sinn looks out the window and sees the ship has been hit and is crashing.

Sinn: I've never flyed one of these before.

Sinn takes control of the ship as the others sit down nervously. Carter holds her arm around Zabrent who is looking down sadly.

Sinn: Everyone, please hold on.

Sinn crashes the ship onto a cliff next to a military camp. The group survive the rough landing, but the back of the ship is destroyed and falls off the cliff and explodes, including Trish's body. Skett and Sinn look out at the gigantic metropolis ahead of them and find that they are severly outnumbered. Carter gets up and offers Zabrent her hand.

Zabrent: We're going to beat them. We have to.

Carter smiles and Zabrent takes her hand, getting up. They all exit the ship door and look out over the cliff into the dark abyss.

Back in New York, the agents are fighting against the seemingly un-ending army of aliens attacking, and are tiring, with the aliens pushing back and earning some kills. Suddenly, part of the alien carrier explodes, and the agents look up to see Rizzo in an attack helicopter armed with guns and missiles.

Rizzo: For an expiremental vehicle, the engineers did pretty well.

The alien carrier releases flying drones to attack her, but she dodges them and blasts through them, flying around and targeting the weak spots. As the agents defeat the existing army, she destroys parts of the carrier until all that remains is it's wreckage. Rizzo then lands next to the agents.

Agent: I think it's over. We won.
Rizzo: Thank god.

The agents call in damage control to clean up the mess as Rizzo boards the helicopter to fly back and talk to the government. As she flies off, her smile turns into terror as she realizes something.

Rizzo: Where are the 410 squad? And The Operatives?

Head On

The squad is walking forward in the military camp, when they are ambushed by a group of large warrior aliens. The group take down a few, but are exhausted by the constant fighting.

Sinn: We can't beat all of them.
Skett: There are too many.
Carter: And they're way too strong.

They begin to flee, but find that Zabrent refuses to give up, even though he's losing. Sinn tries to pull him back, but Zabrent keeps fighting and the warriors knock Sinn back.

Sinn: Zabrent, you can't win!

They gang up on Zabrent, when a blast of energy destroys them and knocks Zabrent to the ground. The squad look forward to see Blank holding one of the alien cannons, with the other Operatives standing behind her.

Blank: Here's a tip. Don't fight a bunch of giant alien warriors alone like an idiot.

Zabrent gets up and dusts himself off as The Operatives walk forward.

Logia: I'm glad you guys are safe. We must have gotten split up. Welcome to Biosion.
Carter: What else do you know about this planet? I've been to an alternate dimension, but never an alien planet before. A little disappointing, though.
Zane: We were taken here by the soldiers, m'lady. Presumably to be converted. But we all have unique powers they weren't counting on that let us get out. Shy Dude helped us out with the alien weaponry.

Shy Dude shrugs as he holds up a glowing green shotgun.

Zane: The military base had some interesting information. The aliens here were called Bios. Highly advanced peaceful creatures. They must have been struck by Gray Demon, and now...

The group all shiver in fear.

Carter: This is what would happen to humans if he won. We'd all be mindless warriors of a gigantic hivemind. There'd be no recovering from THAT.
Logia: Not a very light mood.
Blank: What happened to Agent Trish?

The 410 squad sadly shake their heads.

Blank: Damn.
Logia: We have a war on our hands. And we're severely outnumbered. Last time we dealt with Gray Demon, it seemed like taking down the head cleaned up the others. So that's what we have to do.
Skett: Where is the head?
Zane: I believe the file I read said the capital is in Nyon City.
Carter: That giant city to the north.
Zane: It would seem so.
Sinn: We need some transportation.
Blank: Well...

Blank points to the large military fortress past the camp.

Sinn: Looks like it's our best hope. Agreed?

The group all nod and they head off toward the fortress. After taking down a few alien soldiers, they bust through the doors and storm the fortress, taking down traps, solving puzzles, and defeating the guards. The two groups eventually reach a gigantic  flying warship.

Carter: Wow.
Logia: Can you fly it, Zane?
Zane:...I can try.

They all board and blast off from the base, headed toward the capital to destroy the source.

Fleet on Fire

The warship quickly crosses the desolate planet and reaches Nyon City, where a large fortress looms in front of them.

Logia: Zane, you okay?
Zane: It's a big ship but I think I get how everything works.
Sinn: With the speed of this ship, we should be docking quickly.
Blank: Maybe things will be easy for once.

Right as they finish, the warship shakes and creaks, throwing most of the group to the floor.

Logia: Zane, that doesn't sound easy.
Zane: We've been hit!

Skett puts aside the window covering to see a gigantic turret aimed at the side of the ship.

Skett: There's a turret aimed toward us.
Carter: I've never seen a turret like that.

The turret blasts again, as they see that it's shooting powerful laser blasts.

Blank: Zane, fly around it.
Zane: Uh, this is one big ship...
Logia: Can you at least try?

Zane mumbles to himself and nervously fiddles with the controls until Shy Dude whispers something to Zane. Zane smiles and looks empowered, quickly figuring out the attack controls.

Sinn: It's a warship, it has to have some counterattack.

Zane fires a gigantic laser blast at the turret and destroys it in one shot.

Logia: Damn.

Zane heads toward the fortress garage, but finds that the turrets aren't the only hazard at work, and sees alien ships flying toward their warship.

Zane: This is gonna be tough, but I think I can manage.
Skett: I'd like to make it past our first anniversary.

Carter smiles and Zane focuses, taking down the ships, when two Motherships advance. The warship dodges their attacks and in a close battle, destroys both of them, significantly reducing their manpower. The ship then docks inside the fortress and they all relax for a moment.

Logia: Zane, we owe you.
Zane: Just doing my duty.
Sinn: I'd love to celebrate, but we still have a leader to take down.

They all nod and cautiously exit the warship, entering the gigantic capital fortress.


The team quietly advance through the garage when a small army confronts them in front of the door to the first floor, having them severly outnumbered and overpowered.

Skett: Can't even make it through a single floor without this stuff happening...

Sinn motions to the others and they all put their hands up as the army eerily slinks toward them. Skett covers Zane in shadows and he flies over to a vehicle.

Blank: Surrender won't work on these assholes! They want to eat us!
Sinn: Trust me.

Blank begins to put her hands down when gunfire tears through the army, leaving them all dead. The teams look around in awe to see Zane smiling, manning a small combat plane.

Logia: I'm so glad we gave him some self-confidence.
Blank: And a little scared.

The teams allow themselves a brief moment to catch their breath and smile at Zane before heading through the doors to ascend the large fortress.

The teams enter the first floor to find that the fortress is completely massive, being occupied by nearly all of the remaining Bios. They all try and avoid combat, heading for the elevator, but see that there is a shield around it to prevent them from accessing it.

Sinn: Carter, can you take this down?
Carter: If I had a full lab of tools and other scientists, easily. But we're in a hurry, we have no supplies, and I'm the only engineer here.
Skett:....That's not good.
Blank: There has to be some sort of a switch.
Carter: Most likely, yes.
Zane: Could it be that?

Zane uses his claw to point to a small generator being swarmed by alien warriors.

Logia: Seems like it to me.

The squad make their way to the generator and fight their way into it, destroying it. They look to see that the shield has not been turned off, but is flickering.

Blank: What the hell does flickering do for us?

They then look and see 4 other generators: one at the bridge, one at the dining hall, one at the armory, and one at the leisure room. After taking down all 4 generators, they head up to the elevator and send it up to the top floor.

They all walk forward down a narrow hall to reach the door to the throneroom, which they find is already unlocked. Sinn takes the lead and opens it, gun out and ready. They all see Gray Demon, sitting back in the throne room, next to the corpse of the old king.

Sinn: Put your hands up and surrender. We outnumber you. We've beaten you before. We will take you into our custody. Do you agree to these terms?
Gray Demon: No.

Gray Demon then hurls a green glowing grenade at them, causing an explosion that seemingly encompasses them all and releases a cloud of bright green smoke. When it clears, the teams are both shown lying on the floor, groaning in pain.

Gray Demon: I love this planet's weaponry. I can make any weapon I like, but there's something very stylistic about how it looks. Leaves the target stunned and in terrible, aching pain.

All Sinn can say in response is an agonized moan.

Gray Demon: You're a fool. You and all of your friends. You do not outnumber me, because I am everywhere. You do not outpower me, because I am everything. I was created as the manifestation of rage. Even the gods were afraid of me. Had to lock me away.
Sinn: F-for good reason.
Gray Demon: You're managing to speak through the pain. Admirable. Doesn't matter, anyways. Wait, my count must be wrong.

Gray Demon looks over the groups to see Logia, Zane, Shy Dude, Sinn, Zabrent, Skett, and Carter.

Gray Demon: I remember another.

Sinn weakly smiles as Blank falls down from the ceiling and kicks Gray Demon in the head, knocking him off guard.

Blank: Too busy gloating to notice me slip away.
Gray Demon: So you're going to put up a fight? I always enjoy a good one, though I doubt that'll be the case this time.


Gray Demon

Although Gray Demon is significantly more powerful, Blank uses his own ego against him by using the alien weapons he stole, namely a high powered tazer, slowly melting Gray Demon, and the corrupted Bios with him.

Blank: Why the hell did you bring something that could defeat you? For an ancient death god, you're pretty stupid.
Gray Demon: Hilarious. Doesn't matter anyways. This is just a single planet in my reach. A small show of my true pow-

Blank smashes his weak slimey face with her foot.

Blank: Douchebag.

Blank then turns around to see the squad writhing in pain.

Blank: Not good.

Logia wakes up in a bed and slowly moves his arm to change the channel.

Logia: Never been a big fan of the Super Pokedude Show.

Rizzo spots him waking up and heads into the infirmary room.

Rizzo: You're up!
Logia: Seems like I'm here pretty often.
Rizzo: Indeed. Blank found a portal to Earth in the fortress and dragged you guys through, then called for some help. We got you all here. It's taken a while but everyone can move again. You all get the week off.
Logia:  Finally, some leisure time.

Rizzo rolls her eyes.

Logia: Think of how dangerous that grenade can be.
Rizzo: And how useful it could be on our enemies...
Logia: I think that breaks several laws.

They both smile as Rizzo heads to leave.

Logia: Hey, Rizzo?
Rizzo: Yeah?
Logia: Gray Demon isn't gone for good. Apparently, he has so many bodies he could keep doing this forever.
Rizzo: So being invaded is going to be some annual event? Great.
Logia: Doesn't that scare you?
Rizzo: No. We're agents. We've handled worse and when the time comes to stop him, we'll do it together.

Logia smiles and lays his head back to rest.

As it snows heavily, Zabrent sits on a bench in front of Trish's grave. Sinn walks by him and sits down next to him.

Sinn: I was in the neighborhood.
Zabrent: Yeah, sure.

Zabrent sighs and looks down, rubbing his head.

Zabrent: Can I just talk?
Sinn: Sure.
Zabrent: I didn't even know her that well. For less than an hour, in fact. I feel stupid for getting so down.
Sinn: Zabrent, you shouldn't.
Zabrent: I've seen death before. I know that agents die for the cause.
Sinn: Yes. But you've never seen death on a personal scale. We forget that anyone can die. It's not a show. It's real life, and a very dangerous job. It's different to see someone really die.
Sinn: First time I saw someone die I was the same. It's tough. It weighs down on you. It's hard to be the bubbly cheery one when that happens.
Zabrent: Exactly.
Sinn: But we need you, Zabrent. We can't have you all cold and broken. Who's gonna annoy us? Who's gonna turn innocent statements into dirty jokes?

Zabrent smirks and shakes Sinn's hand, slowly getting up.

Sinn: Still a little stiff from that grenade.
Zabrent: A little stiff did you say...

Sinn punches Zabrent's shoulder and they walk away.

Season 3: Immolation

Death of a Hero


The episode begins with pure black, as the black is illuminated by a blast of electricity.

Zabrent: Proof that electrokinesis is better th-

As Zabrent talks, a punch is thrown at his midsection, knocking him down on the ground.

Skett: Don't get cocky.

Zabrent gets up and shakes his head, putting up his fists.

Zabrent: I'm gonna kick your ass for that.


Jake Skett

Zabrent beats down Skett, who raises a claw in surrender and takes a deep breath, grabbing a water bottle and taking a sip from it.

Skett: You're damn good, Zabrent. Better than you were when I met you.
Zabrent: Close to three years ago. Time flies.
Skett: I guess so.

Carter comes into the room and puts her arms around Skett, kissing his head.

Zabrent: Hey, I was the winner!
Skett: Fuck off.
Carter: Don't be rude to your friend, honey.

Skett nuzzles up against Carter as Zabrent smirks.

Rizzo is sitting in her chair, typing on her computer, when an agent knocks on her door. She sighs and closes the computer.

Rizzo: Come in.

The agent grins at her as she looks decidedly unimpressed.

Agent: I'm here to talk about an interesting case.
Rizzo: What is it?
Agent: The Gray Demon case.

Rizzo sighs and rubs her head, motioning for the young agent to sit down in front of her.

Rizzo: It was rather simple. A recurring enemy of F.A.N.T it seems. It's only goal seems to be absorbing everything it can into it's hivemind. At any cost. It's succeeded in the past, but it's repeat attacks on Earth were nothing.
Agent: Nothing? I take offense to that, Rizzo.

Rizzo raises her eyebrows as the agent morphs into a gray humanoid. Rizzo reaches for her gun, but finds it's been unloaded. The gray humanoid smiles.

Rizzo: I heard that you promised a comeback. Can't say I was hoping for it.
Gray Demon: Ah yes, a year ago. For me, it's felt rather short. But I have made a few accomplishments. One of which is infiltrating the building. I've built up a better disguise in recent times. I look just how I want to.
Rizzo: No sign of you here.
Gray Demon: Earth has been an oddity for me. Such a small insignificant planet, but the only one I can't seem to get a grip on. I've converted many planets to my hivemind.
Rizzo: So why are you here if Earth is so insignificant?
Gray Demon: It's become a personal aspiration of mine. I've grown quite the grudge toward humans. Especially F.A.N.T and it's agents.
Rizzo: Glad we could've caused you some trouble.

Gray Demon shows a toothy grin.

Rizzo: And what do you want from me?
Gray Demon: Morale is an important thing. For your people, at least. My soldiers follow my every thought perfectly. But your people rely on will. I figure that breaking their will do wonders for my conquest of Earth.
Rizzo: You won't break my people. I know them more then I know myself. They have will. They'll fight on. Because they have to.

Gray Demon shakes his head and laughs, then turning his arm into a blade and plunging it deep into Rizzo's chest.

Gray Demon: They might be a bit busy with your funeral.

Rizzo gasps and falls off from the blade onto the floor. An agent walks in and pulls out his gun, but Gray Demon simply blasts a glob of gray goo at him, knocking him out and converting him to the hivemind.

Gray Demon: And the collapse begins.

The two gray humanoids walk through the center of the HQ and pull out their guns, beginning to fire on the agents, ambushing them.

Agent: What the hell?

The agent quickly dives for cover behind a desk, but looks around and quickly finds that the surviving agents are getting converted into the hivemind.

Agent: My god.

The agent goes all out and fires her last bullets as she dashes toward Rizzo's office and ducks behind her desk, and quickly pokes her head up to grab the intercom.

Agent: There are invaders inside F.A.N.T. All available agents come for back-up.

The agent looks around and sees Rizzo, dead, and gasps.

Agent: Oh my god.

The squad is all walking down the hallway when the HQ lights flash red.

Agent: There are invaders inside F.A.N.T. All available agents come for back-up.

The squad look around, confused.

Sinn: That wasn't Rizzo.
Zabrent: Definitely not.
Skett: We better go, then.

The squad run through the hallway and are suddenly attacked by a gray humanoid who leaps onto them. Zabrent blows it up with electricity and the others look shocked.

Carter: He's back.

They all look worried and quickly advance through the HQ, solving puzzles and fighting through the converted agents, until they reach the center, where the main Gray Demon is sitting there in a chair.

Gray Demon: Your move.

Zabrent blasts electricity at the smiling Gray Demon and destroys it. They all look around to see everyone has become converted or is dead.

Sinn: Helen?!

They hear no response, so the squad rush up the stairs and bust into her office, with the door open.

Carter: Oh my god.

They all look around to see two dead bodies, one being the agent on the intercom, and the other being Rizzo.

Sinn: H-Helen. Oh god. Oh no.

All of the squad members see her dead body and gasp, backing up, except for Sinn who cradles her dead body.

Sinn: Get the doctors!

Skett walks away slowly and gets out his phone.

The Last Remnants

The squad are pacing around a waiting room as they see a doctor walking into another room and talking to Sinn.

Skett: She was....dead. No doubt about it.
Zabrent: How will he deal with that?
Carter: How will we?

Zabrent and Skett sadly nod and continue walking, too stressed to sit down. Carter sees Sinn nod as the doctor talks to him, and then the doctor walking away. She then sees Sinn sitting down and silently sobbing.

Carter: He knew her the best.
Zabrent: They were friends from the beginning.
Skett: He loved her.

Carter hugs Skett tightly as Zabrent looks on at Sinn, having never seen him so sad before.

The camera shows Shy Dude and Zane who are both sitting in silence. Logia walks over to Blank's room and sees her writing in a file.

Logia: Hey.
Blank: Hey.
Logia: What are you doing?
Blank: Writing my resignation. This shit will take forever to fucking write.
Logia:....Wow. Really?
Blank: I'll stay to finish this case. Kill that fucker for real.
Logia: Thank you.
Blank: I'm not doing it for you or for them. I'm doing it for Rizzo. She brought me in, herself, alone, when I was in a really dark place. I don't think I'm meant to be a hero like you, Logia. You're meant for great things. I'm just a woman with clear skin. Without place isn't here anymore. It's in my shitty New York apartment.
Logia: You better tell Zane and Shy Dude yourself. They really like you. They'll miss you.
Blank: What about you?
Logia: Fuck off, Blank.
Blank: You too, Logia.

Logia shows a small smile to her and leaves the room.

A birds-eye view shows Rizzo's funeral which is a large event that many people attend, including the President and a number of F.A.N.T's assets, including The Operatives and the 410 squad, who are all shown standing there somberly.

Priest: Here we mourn and celebrate the life of Helen Rizzo, daughter and friend.

Sometime later, the funeral ends and Sinn walks alone, seperate from his squad, to his car. Richard Independence approaches him there.

Sinn:....Mr. President.
Richard Independence: It's a pleasure to meet you, Agent Sinn. I wish it could've been under different circumstances.
Sinn: The same to you.
Richard Independence: Rizzo was a good agent. She served her country and America's allies loyally and bravely. Never backed down, even in the face of death. She needs justice.
Sinn: I agree, sir.
Richard Independence: The 410 squad, she singled out as the best. She told me about the Lynxclaw Inc. case that you cleared up. I want someone who knew and respected her to lead F.A.N.T. As does it's other investors.
Sinn: So you're nominating me?
Richard Independence: If you want the position, you can have it.
Sinn: I'll take it while we clear up the Gray Demon case. After that, I'm gone.
Richard Independence: Understood. I'll inform my friends.
Sinn: Thank you, sir.
Richard Independence: Thank you, Agent.

Sinn is walking down the HQ halls when an engineer approaches him.

Sinn: Yes?
Engineer: Director!
Sinn: Call me agent, please.
Engineer: Agent Sinn, something requires your attention. We've made a breakthrough.
Sinn: What is it?
Engineer: You'll need to see it.
Sinn: Let's go.

The engineer leads him to the lab, where various scientists and engineers are gathered.

Sinn: This must be big.
Engineer: Immense.

They all move out of the way at the sight of Sinn, who sees a jar of gray goo with a portal above it.

Sinn: What the hell is this?
Engineer: We captured this material from Gray Demon during the fight. When contained and shocked slightly, it creates these portals.
Sinn: To where? And why?
Engineer: We have no clue where. But considering Gray Demon is a hivemind, it's probably acting as a tether between the various Gray Demons when electric pressure is put onto it.
Sinn: This is our lead. You.

Sinn points to an intern taking notes.

Intern: Yes, director?
Sinn: First off, don't call me director. Second....get the 410 squad. And the Operatives.

The intern nods and runs off.

The Deep Freeze

The 410 squad and the Operatives are inside the lab, which by now has been cleared out.

Logia: Sinn-
Sinn: No time for pleasantries. We have serious business.

Everyone looks uncomfortable, especially Logia, who just wanted to talk to Sinn.

Sinn: After the......attack on the HQ, the scientists retrieved some gray goo from Gray Demon.
Blank: Keeping that shit doesn't seem smart.
Sinn: I would usually agree, Melini. But they did expiriments on it and when slightly shocked, the gray goo causes portals to appear.

All of them are shocked at this revelation.

Carter: This is quite the marvel...
Zabrent: Where do they go?
Sinn: I have no idea, and I wasn't going to send just an average agent to find out. Everyone here knew her.

They all nod sadly.

Sinn: Everyone here has fought Gray Demon. I'm not planning on being director here for long. But we can't let innocent lives be lost due to this war any longer. I'm going into those portals and I'm killing every last one of them.

Sinn loads a gun.

Sinn: None of you owe me anything. You can say no and go on with your life. But I.....have to avenge her. And there's no one else I would want to help me but you all.

Silence fills the room as they all think for a moment.

Logia: Of course I'm in.
Zane: You have my services.
Blank: Fuck yeah.

Shy Dude nods.

Zabrent: Let's do this.
Carter: Alright.
Skett:....Count me in.

Sinn nods and lets out a sigh of relief.

Sinn: Then let's begin.

A desolate, snowy planet is shown. Suddenly, in a flash of light, the Operatives appear and crash onto the icy ground.

Logia: Jesus christ. It's cold on....wherever we are. I wonder which planet the others are dealing with.
Blank: Probably better than this shithole. Wish they sent some asshole through here so he could at least tell us to bring a jacket...

Shy Dude shivers as Zane looks scared.

Zane: I'm more terrified by how desolate it is.

They get up and look back and see the gray portal behind them.

Zane: At least we can go back any time...
Blank: Not until we find that fucker.
Logia: Well said.

Shy Dude nods, when they see a light flashing. Everyone gathers at the top of the hill and sees a squadron of large furry aliens that have clearly been taken over by Gray Demon headed toward them.

Zane: Oh dear....we're not alone.

Logia begins to talk, when Blank jumps off the hill and charges toward their opponents.

Logia: Damn it!

The trio hop down alongside her and they ambush the squadron, but the squadron outnumbers them, is more powerful, and is larger, resulting in them being defeated.

Logia: Great job, Blank!
Blank: Fuck you!

Shy Dude and Zane roll their eyes as the squadron heads forward to absorb them into the hivemind. Shy Dude sighs and gets up, slamming his hammer down, causing a chunk of it to break off and seperating the Operatives from that squadron as everything goes black.

Blank wakes up against a rock, rolled in red cloth.

Blank: What the hell?

She then sees Shy Dude frozen up opposite of her, without his cloak on.

Blank: Oh fuck.

Blank takes the cloth off and walks up to Shy Dude, shaking him.

Blank: I have no fuckin' clue about Shy Guy anatomy.

Ice chunks fall out of Shy Dude's body and he wakes up.

Shy Dude:..........Hi.
Blank: You're okay. Thank god.

Blank hands the cloak back to Shy Dude who quickly slips it on.

Blank: Shy Guys don't get frostbite?

Shy Dude shakes his head.

Blank: Thanks for the cloak, though....

Shy Dude nods and Blank sighs.

Blank: So you destroyed the ice.....remember anything after that?

Shy Dude looks down and shakes his head.

Blank: Well fuck.

Shy Dude nods once more and Blank looks forward.

Blank: Let's do this.

The duo begin their trek through the cave, heading through the labyrinth and solving puzzles on the way.

After advancing through the cave, the two come upon a cave painting that illustrates the aliens before Gray Demon converted them.

Blank: Poor bastards. They were only just beginning.

Shy Dude solemnly nods.

Blank: Even if we stop that gray asshole forever, we can't change what's happened to all these species...

Shy Dude clears his "throat".

Shy Dude: That's true, but you can't live in the past.....I think about my past sometimes....I'm not proud of it but, you can't let it rule you.

Blank is shocked that Shy Dude spoke an entire paragraph, when they hear someone approaching.

Blank: I'll respond to that later....for now we've got some company.

Shy Dude nods and readies his hammer as they see the aliens coming for them.

Blank: Might have to do this the smart way...

Blank and Shy Dude hide, using the labyrinth like structure to gain some extra stealth. Upon sneaking around for a while, they eventually take out the search team and regroup at the end of the cave.

Blank: Looks like I might have jumped off the hill a bit too soon.

Shy Dude nods and looks up toward Blank.

Blank: I'm not a fucking idiot. I get what you were saying before...about me. I know you overheard me and Logia.

Shy Dude sadly nods.

Blank: And...a part of me agrees. A part of me thinks that the other parts of me are being so goddamn stupid. But it's hard to move on.
Shy Dude: Hard....but not impossible.
Blank: Maybe not for you! But I have no clue what to do but run away! My previous relationships have all been terrible....but they were simple. Easy.
Shy Dude: B-
Blank: Rizzo kept everything in line. Beat up bad guys. Steal something. Spar. Now it's all falling apart. Right now, I just need simple. Simple and easy.

Shy Dude sighs and Blank walks forward, heading through the cave exit.

The duo walk back into the open and find that, unsurprisingly, it's snowing heavily. In the distance, both of them see a dull light and trek through the heavy snow to eventually reach the dull light, which is coming from a military base. They then find a steel door blocking their way forward.

Blank: Finally.....shelter.....

Shy Dude grunts and uses his hammer to break down the door, the two entering quickly to find a large group of the aliens waiting for them.

Blank: Shit.

Both of them get ready to fight but slowly back up, when someone begins to shuffle through the crowd of the large furry aliens.

???: Wait a minute...don't leave now!
Blank: I'd recognize that voice anywhere.

They then see one of the Gray Demons exit from the crowd, this one surrounded by ice crystals.

Gray Demon: Like the look?
Blank: Fuck you.
Gray Demon: Nice little species. Barely invented society yet. I call them Glacies.
Blank: How did you know we were coming?
Gray Demon: I know where all of my parts are. You're in possesion of a small bit of me, which means I knew you were going to be coming here. Or at another one of my fortresses. Called being prepared. If you tried it, maybe Rizzo wouldn't have died.

Shy Dude slams his hammer into the ground angrily.

Gray Demon: You don't intimidate me.

The Glacies back up as Gray Demon walks toward them.

Gray Demon: Kill one demon, the other comes for you.

Blank and Shy Dude cautiously approach him.

Gray Demon: You can't beat a god.


Frozen Demon

Blank and Shy Dude destroy the Gray Demon, instantly wiping out the Glacies.

Shy Dude: An entire species. Gone.
Blank: And Earth is next unless we hurry the fuck up.

Shy Dude sighs and nods as the two run through the abandoned base and find the back door open.

Blank: Who the fuck l-

Shy Dude points forward and the two see Logia and Zane, crashed onto the snowy ground.

Blank: Oh god.

The two rush toward Logia and Zane, who are unconcious but safe from frostbite due to their fur.

Blank: Lucky pricks.

Shy Dude picks Zane up and Blank throws Logia over her shoulder. Shy Dude points back to the portal in the distance.

Blank: It'll be a long fucking walk.

He nods and they begin to head back.

Shy Dude and Blank are looking at Zane and Logia at the HQ infirmary.

Blank: Sinn and the squad are off somewhere else now. Hopefully not as bad as that place.

Shy Dude nods.

Blank: Hey.....I need a favor.

Shy Dude looks up at her, curious.

Blank: Will you tell Zane about me leaving?

Shy Dude considers it.

Blank: You owe me nothing. But I'm shit with words. You get people. It'll be easier for him that way. Easier for the both of us.

Shy Dude sighs and nods.

Blank: Thanks.

Blank then walks away as Shy Dude silently looks at his partners, sleeping.

The Fire Fortress

We see the lab, which is currently under wraps, as the portal to Glacia closes, it's connection to Gray Demon lost forever. The camera then goes into another one of the portals as we see a massive volcanic planet interspersed with abandoned technology.


The 410 squad are all together as they exit the portal in a flash of light. They all look around, surveying the dangerous enviorment.

Zabrent: Feels like a while since we just had a miss-
Sinn: A lava planet.
Zabrent: Might be a bit difficult.
Sinn: Never thought it was going to be easy.

Zabrent backs up, Sinn walking forward to the top of a cliff and looking out for possible leads. In the distance, he spots a gigantic steel fortress built into a volcano, and spots some activity.

Sinn: Still in motion. Let's go.

Sinn climbs down the cliff quickly and the others cautiously follow.

Zabrent (whispering): He won't stop for anything.

Skett and Carter nod sadly, heading to the cliff. Zabrent hops off, and Skett assists Carter with his claws. On the path to the firey fortress, they soon see firey aliens headed for them, covered in gray goo. The squad quickly defeat them, and their theory is proven.

Skett: He's here.

Sinn runs past the others, wrecklessly approaching the base of the volcano, where they find a shield surrounding the fortress.

Zabrent: He really doesn't want anyone to get in his spooky evil base.

Sinn angrily slams his fist into the energy shield.

Carter: Calm down. It's just technology. All technology has an on and off button, in one way or another.
Sinn: You can get it off?
Carter: If I can fi-
Sinn: Zabrent, go with Carter. Find the shield generator and destroy it.
Zabrent: You su-
Sinn: Go!

Zabrent follows behind Carter as they go down another path, Skett and Sinn waiting there in silence.

Carter is looking around as they make their way down the path, a gadget in hand that she's frantically tapping at.

Zabrent: I could never be an engineer.
Carter: Hmm?
Zabrent: Too much complicated stuff. Makes my brain hurt. The school I went learned how to punch and fry things.

Carter looks away from her tablet and grins at Zabrent.

Zabrent: Finally a smile around here. Nearly suffocating on all the misery.
Carter: Well, Jake is usually like that.
Zabrent: Eh...I've learned that about him over the years. But everyone is down. Sinn especially.

Carter nods slowly, looking back at the gadget.

Carter: You can't blame him, really.
Zabrent: No! I have no clue what that'd feel like. But Sinn is being self destructive at this point. He's letting his anger blind him. That's something an idiot like me does....not a leader like him. He's gotta open up to his friends right now before it's too late.
Carter: You're not an idiot, James. But....I agree about Eric. I'm worried he'll get himself killed. I....couldn't take that. Can't take any more death.
Zabrent: F.A.N.T is going to need a leader. Sinn's gotta accept that and get ready fo-
Carter: I'm getting a signal!

Zabrent looks confused.

Carter: This machine detects electric activity and machinery nearby....there's a large set of it in a cave further down. We might be in the right direction.
Zabrent: Let's take that shield down then!

Carter and Zabrent high five and run down the path to the cave, where they find that, inside, a large amount of machinery is there, including a mastercomputer.

Zabrent: What the hell is this?
Carter: Keeping the scale in mind, I'd say it runs the power and security for the fortress.
Zabrent: That was easier than I thought it'd be.
Carter: Don't get ahead of yourself, James. I still need to break down the system, which is both alien and rather'll take a bit.
Zabrent: I'm surprisingly patient.

Carter smiles and heads to the computer, finding a log-in screen.

Zabrent: A password? Try "I'M A DOUCHEBAG" or "GRAY IS THE BEST COLOR".
Carter: Passwords are a rather outdated form of security to an experienced hacker.
Zabrent: Guess Gray Demon didn't pay attention in computer class.

Carter hacks into the system, but triggers an alarm that causes the entire cave to flash red and a loud horn to play.


Zabrent looks out of the cave and sees various vehicles loaded with the aliens headed for them.

Carter: They must have installed a failsafe....breaching the system directly notifies security.
Zabrent: You didn't know that?!
Carter: I'll take care of them.

Zabrent groans and charges his hands with electricity, trying to fend off the aliens as much as he can while Carter hacks into the system and goes past firewall after firewall. Eventually, after enough puzzles are solved and the aliens don't reach Carter, she takes down the shield, causing a rather loud sizzle.

Carter: You alright?
Zabrent: I've been worse. Was that the shield?

Carter shrugs and Zabrent looks out of the cave to see the shield down and Sinn and Skett headed inside of the fortress.

Carter: We did it!
Zabrent: You did it, Alena. I just punched and fried things.

Carter smiles and hugs Zabrent, the two anxiously waiting for Skett and Sinn to return.

Skett and Sinn see the shield go down and Skett lets out a sigh of relief, Sinn rushing inside and Skett following behind, the two entering the gigantic fortress.

Sinn: As we saw...this place is heavily armed. We need to get to the top floor as soon as possible.
Skett: Yes, sir.

They then hear the intercom start up.

Gray Demon: I was thinking about killing you quickly. But having you work for it is more fun. I have so many fortresses like this, I better make this last.

The intercom then goes silent, Sinn looking enraged and running toward the elevator which he finds is broken down and bangs on it.

Sinn: Piece of shit!
Skett:'s like Alena said. Everything has an on and off switch.

Skett looks at Sinn, who sighs deeply.

Sinn:.....Thank you, Skett. Let's turn this back on and kill that bastard.

Skett nods and the two split up, destroying the aliens, solving puzzles, and turning back on the switches that eventually allow for the entire elevator to be reactivated, the two boarding it and heading up to the top floor.

Sinn: Nice to have some quiet for once.
Skett: Truthfully, sir, I miss the noise.

Sinn begins thinking about that statement when the elevator arrives and the two are both focused on taking down the Gray Demon, entering the top room.

Gray Demon: You two made quick work of that. Although, honestly, I didn't leave anything too difficult for you all.

Sinn irrationally fires a number of rounds through Gray Demon, which have no effect.

Gray Demon: I knew you'd be angry.

Sinn charges toward Gray Demon, but Skett uses his claws to hold him back.

Gray Demon: And I love it.


Flaming Demon

They defeat the flaming Gray Demon and his tech deactivates, fire melting down his goopy body, laughing as he dies.

Gray Demon: Empty....victory?
Sinn: Shut your mouth!
Gray Demon: You're the want to kill me.....feel better. But I'm not dead......and even if you kill me.....she'll still be dead.

Sinn storms away, Skett following closely behind, from the Gray Demon who melts away slowly, still cackling even in his last moment, his hivemind on the planet fading away.

Skett: Sir...are you alright?

Sinn doesn't answer, running off to the portal before it too closes. Skett follows behind and they dash away from the fortress, headed to retrieve Zabrent and Carter.

Carter walks into Logia's room in the infirmary to find him watching TV and twiddling his stubby fingers.

Carter: Oh.....I don't wanna intrude.

Logia turns off the TV after grabbing the remote from his bedside.

Logia: Nah....this show sucks anyways.

Carter smiles and sits down in the chair next to him.

Carter: You okay, Hugo?
Logia: After all this time....I've been worse. Just got trapped in snow for a while, they wanted to take some tests on me. This fur is pretty useful.
Carter: Ice planet? We got fire.
Logia: Was Gray Demon wearing some dumb shit?
Carter: Neither Jake or Eric are very eager to talk about it. Jake is getting some rest and Eric is just sitting in the lab.
Logia: Oh.

Logia bites his lip.

Logia: You need a break from all the sadness?
Carter: God yes.

Logia laughs.

Logia: Yeah, me too. Blank is leaving.
Carter: Olivia? Why?
Logia: Ugh....I don't exactly know. Something about simplicity and emotions and.....yeah.
Carter: Oh.

Carter runs her hands through her hair.

Carter: So we both had a bad day?
Logia:....Yeah. Kind of wanna go back to day one.
Carter: When I asked to do tests on you? That was pretty funny.

They both smile and Carter squeezes Logia's hand.

Carter: Can I tell you something happy? I'd tell Zabrent but....
Logia: He's awful at keeping secrets.
Carter: Yeah.
Logia: Sure. I need something to keep me fighting.
Carter: Jake and I are thinking about adopting.
Logia: Oh my god!

Logia reaches over to hug her but can't reach over the bed, the two laughing.

Logia: There's so much to ask! I mean like....
Carter: We want a girl. To name her Helen.

Logia has no reply but grinning.

Carter: Is that what you needed?
Logia: Yeah it is. God, I feel sappy. Get out of here before you see me cry.

Carter smiles and laughs, leaving the room as Logia sits there, content for a moment, and inspired to keep fighting.

The Jungle Labyrinth

We see the Operatives and the 410 squad together in the lab, a clearly sleep deprivated Sinn pacing around.

Sinn: We know that the portals lead to the remaining places where there are Gray Demons. There are 5 left.
Blank: So let's get this done with already.

Logia mutters something to himself as everyone else looks pretty uncomfortable.

Sinn: How do we distribute these? What's the quickest w-
Skett: Sir, we have the Operatives tackle 2 of them, the squad tackle 2 of them, and both groups together for the last one. He must have some kind of stronghold that's harder to break than the others.

Carter squeezes Skett's hand, looking proud.

Sinn:.....You're right. I should've thought of that. Operatives, take the two portals to the left. We'll take the ones on the right, and then meet up for the middle portal.
Zabrent: Seems a bit stupid of him to put the obviously hardest one in the middle. You'd think he'd wanna switch us aro-
Sinn: Let's get this done. Now.

Zabrent nods and the two groups part, the Operatives walking to the portal on the far left...


Inthum is shown to be a green and lush jungle planet that clearly gets a fair amount of rain. We then see the portal appear in the heart of the jungle with a flash of light, the Operatives stepping out.

Zane: A jungle planet. That could be nice.
Blank: Or terrible. Think of all the animals that live here. We're clearly food.
Logia: Hate to say it, but she's right. We need to cut down as much as possible, that'll attract attention from Gray Demon and make our job easier.

Shy Dude grins and holds up his hammer, spinning it around.

Logia: That should work.
Zane: Uh....I think we already have their attention.

Zane, with a shakey claw, points forward towards large ape-like aliens that have clearly been converted to the hivemind, approaching them.

Blank: Pieces of shit knew we were coming!
Logia: We can't take those down. At least, not now. Uh....
Zane: How about we split up?

Shy Dude high fives Zane.

Logia: Good idea. Zane is with Blank, I'm with Shy Dude. Get some distance and look for some leads....head back to the portal to regroup.

Zane sighs but nods and the two groups split up, running in opposite directions of the planet.

Logia and Shy Dude flee from the aliens and eventually get caught deep inside a jungle maze which they can't find the exit to.

Logia: Everything's gonna be okay. Do Shy Guys have enhanced senses to help us out of this?

Shy Dude looks at him, bewildered.

Logia: I know it's stupid, I'm just getting desperate. Starting to think that this was a bad plan.

Shy Dude nods and Logia groans, rubbing his head.

Logia: It's hard to be leader. We don't have anyone to take orders from!

Shy Dude shrugs and the two attempt to escape the maze, coming upon puzzles and enemies, when they eventually reach a dead end, a barrier of stone blocking their way. They sit down on tree stumps.

Shy Dude: I'm sorry about Blank leaving.
Logia: I've only heard you before.
Shy Dude: Some things are worth talking about.

Logia scoffs and looks up at the sky.

Logia: I'm a little angry, maybe. There's a lot to be thankful for, I know, and it seems stupid. She's just going. She has a life to live, and she doesn't owe us anything.
Shy Dude: It's not stupid.
Logia: It is! She's my friend, and I should be supportive!
Shy Dude: Maybe that's not how you viewed your relationship.

Logia lets out a deep breath.

Logia: What? Do you just want me to snap!

Shy Dude nods and Logia groans, standing up.

Logia: I'm pissed that she's leaving!

Logia paces around, shaking as Shy Dude watches on.

Logia: F.A.N.T is fucked! Sinn has no interest in becoming a leader, we're losing a team member, and I have no idea if I even want to fight this fight anymore!

Logia clutches his fists and Shy Dude remains silent.

Logia: I just wish we were friends again! If she doesn't feel anything for me, then fine! But this is bullshit that she has to leave! And no matter how much we argue I can barely see my fucking life without her in it!

Logia gets so mad he inadverdently uses his telekinesis to blast down the wall, revealing a fortress behind it.

Shy Dude:.....Wow.
Logia: T-thanks for that.....phew. Don't tell anyone about this.

Shy Dude makes a motion of sealing his lips.

Logia: Now then....looks like we have a lead.

Shy Dude nods and smiles, the two heading inside.

We see Blank and Zane, who have disappeared into the jungle away from the others. As the two make their way through the dangerous mess of vines, Blank realizes Zane is shooting daggers at her.

Blank: I never knew a bird could look so fuckin' pissed.
Zane: I'm....not angry, m'lady.
Blank: You're a bad liar, Avem. That's why people like you.

Zane tries to think of an appropriate response as the two advance through the jungle.

Zane: Okay..............maybe I'm a little mad.
Blank: Finally you admit it, jesus christ. Yeah, I know you all fucking hate me.
Zane: I never hated you. That's why I'm mad, mam. The entire team is on your side. We know you. We like you. We don't want to lose one of our own, 'specially for no good reason.
Blank: Don't try to spew garbage about growing past shit like Shy Dude did. Please.
Zane: I don't think it's garbage! I think it's something you need to hear.
Blank: Well I don't!

As they're arguing, they come upon a back entrance to a large stone fortress, a locked steel door with two windows beside it.

Zane: This isn't done with.

Blank rolls her eyes at Zane's attempt to be commanding, as he flies through the windows into the base and opens the door for her from the inside. She swiftly enters the base.

Blank: Thank you, sir higher than thou.
Zane: I am n-

Before they can continue, one of the simian aliens spots them while patrolling.

Blank: This IS done with.
Zane: Well, at the very least, we know we're in the right place.

The possessed guard grunts and the two quickly battle the alien, taking him out and then moving deeper inside the fortress, solving puzzles and navigating traps and guards. Eventually, they reach the center of the stone fortress, where they spot a Gray Demon with vines and vegatation attached to his body.

Blank: Alright, douchebag! Once we kick your ass, it's only 4 left.
Gray Demon: Yet, I'm not scared. I'm joyous, in fact.

The duo look confused and Gray Demon steps out of the way to reveal Logia and Shy Dude, who are tied up in a mix of vine and gray goo.

Gray Demon: How about this?

Blank and Zane both get in fighting stance.

Zane shows his claws at the Gray Demon, who has a shit-eating grin on his face.

Zane: Let them go or I'll make your execution painful.
Blank: Yeah we fucking will!

Gray Demon chuckles and the two dash toward him, but he hurls vines at them that knock them to the ground.

Gray Demon: Patience, patience. The fight will come. But I need to gloat a little more first. Should make some more delicious rage.

Blank tries to get up, but the vine's grip only tightens.

Gray Demon: Zane and Shy Dude, best of friends. Inseperable. Helped each other move past their issues. Heartwarming.

Gray Demon sneers as Zane presses his claws deep into the vine.

Gray Demon: And of course, the bearman and the invisible woman. That situation......I don't even need to speak of. Maybe I kill them now. Just to see the suffering. The sadness. The anger. The fact that I took away an entire lifetime for this team in one fell swoop.
Blank: Don't you dare!
Gray Demon: But this game is only in it's infancy. I'll let you all have your victory talks and smiles. Then, when I crush it, you'll know true suffering. Finally, a group I can relate to.

The vines then swiftly slither away from the two and they get up.

Blank: Kick his ass?
Zane: We shall.


Jungle Demon

The two defeat the Gray Demon which collapses underneath the wait of the vines attached to it, Logia and Shy Dude falling from their constraints.

Gray Demon: I.....I laugh at you people. You're fools. I was born this way. Locked away for being who I am. I would use a life so well. You all....bicker over emotions and cry. Sometimes I wonder why I even deal with mortals. But to see that rage in you two.....that's satisfaction.

They try their best to ignore Gray Demon and walk around him, shaking the two to jolt them from their unconciousness. The two quickly wake up.

Zane: Are you two alright?

Shy Dude rubs his head but does a thumbs up.

Logia: Unfortunately, I've had worse.

Blank helps Logia up and the two quickly try to look away, Zane and Shy Dude whispering to each other. Logia attempts to break the awkward silence.

Logia: We found a wall to the fortress and I uh.....destroyed it.
Zane: Impressive deed.
Logia: Thanks. Soon as we got in though, the monkey aliens cornered us and smacked us around a bit. Next thing I know, I'm here.
Shy Dude: He was trying to taunt us....
Blank: And I guess it worked.

Logia shows a brief, small smile, and the Operatives, all together, leave to head back to the portal before it closes.

The Epic Ruins

As the Operatives manage the situation on Inthum, we pan to the far right portal, where a portal is shown revealing a large desert with scattered structures and abandoned temples interspersed there. The camera then goes inside to the next planet under Gray Demon's control....


In a flash of light, we see the 410 squad spontaneously exit a portal in a southern area of the planet, the sweltering heat coming from a giant bright red son combined with a dry and sandy ecosystem.

Carter: Well, better than a volcanic planet!
Sinn: Hardly. The machinery on the volcanic planet made our target obvious, a contrast to the multiple structures we see here. And while sand won't burn us to death, the sun here might, and the sand only adds to our discomfort.

Carter doesn't reply and instead looks down at one of her gadgets, both Zabrent and Skett biting their lips to stop themselves from saying anything.

Zabrent: Well, at the very least, Gray Demon has good choice in planets to take over. Bleak, firey, annoying, and painful. And the abandoned structures? Just sad. It's his perfect vacation home, really.

Sinn has already left, walking forward, but Carter and even Skett show small smiles at Zabrent's attempt to lighten the mood. They quickly follow behind and head with Sinn to a small temple with symbols encsribed on the walls, where are they ambushed by spear wielding mummified aliens that are covered in gray goo.

Zabrent: On the bright side, we're closer!

They quickly defeat the aliens, who melt into the goo, and Sinn begins to continue on with Skett and Carter following closely behind. Zabrent, however, lightly zaps the goo which creates a gray line in the ground that leads forward out of the temple. The entire squad looks to see the line leading forward toward a temple in the distance.

Zabrent: Figured that tether-thingy still applied.
Carter: That was brilliant. How did we not think of that before?

Skett gives Zabrent a nod of approval.

Sinn: Good work, Zabrent. Now let's get back to this.

Zabrent has a smug look of satisfaction on his face, and the group continue on, following the line past puzzles and more of the aliens to reach the temple.

Carter: Now we just need to take him down. With the 4 of us, it'll be easy. Do it and don't let him get to you.

Skett and Zabrent both nod, but they find Sinn already inside the temple and hear an annoyed grunt. Everyone goes inside to find that the inside of the temple is completely empty.

Zabrent: What the hell?
Skett: Alena, can you-
Carter: There's not really a gadget to track the material. But it makes no sense. The tether has to be leading us here. The goo can't lie.

Sinn pounds his fists into the stone wall when the ground beneath them begins to shake.

Zabrent: I'm pretty sure Sinn isn't that strong....

They look to the center of the room and see a gray tentacle rising out of the sandy ground as cracks spread. Zabrent instinctively blasts electricity at it, the tentacle falling back and causing the fragile ground to break, the squad falling into the underground below it.

We see pure black when a faint sound can be heard, the volume of it slowly increasing until it's audible.

Sinn: Wake up, Carter!

The pure black then turns into blurred sight as the camera shakes. We then see Carter waking up, laying in a soft bed of sand above the hard ground.

Carter: How long was I out, sir?
Sinn: An hour and 2 minutes.
Carter: How do you know that?

Sinn points to her tablet, the time shown in big numbers on the front screen.

Carter: Oh.

Carter giggles, Sinn clearly unimpressed. She gets up, groaning, and looks around. The underground cave is much dimmer than the sun-soaked desert above them, but torches light things up, showing an alien language enscribed carefully upon the walls. Her intrigued expression then turns to a pale white.

Carter: Oh god.
Sinn: What is it?
Carter: Jake and James!

Sinn grunts and motions for her to pick up the gadgets, walking deeper into the caves. Carter is clearly agitated as she gathers her things, running up to Sinn as the two explore the underground.

Carter: Do you care so little about your agents that you can only provide a grunt?!

Sinn looks at her, shocked that she's angry.

Sinn: Stop while you're ahead, Agent Carter.

Carter is apalled by his cold attitude as he walks forward.

Carter: No!

He then stops in his tracks, annoyed.

Sinn: That's an order.
Carter: Like that matters to me! You're not sticking around anyways!
Sinn: Don't say something you'll regret.
Carter: Maybe I should! I've been trying to keep my mouth shut, because I know how hard her death has been on you.
Sinn: Stop talking.
Carter: But you can't shut us out like this! You helped me out when I was getting started at F.A.N.T. You were at my wedding, for god's sake! James is just trying to help! You're not a bubbly person, and that's fine. You call us by our last names, and that's okay. But we just want something! This squad is your family!
Sinn: This squad are my subordinates!

Carter has no response but looks hurt. Sinn looks down, disappointed in himself. Before any more can happen, they hear screaming.

Carter: We need to go, Director Sinn.

Sinn sighs but nods and the two continue on, battling the aliens and exploring the caves. They eventually reach a staircase built out of sand and stone that they ascend to enter a coliseum.

Sinn: My god.

We then see the spear aliens gathered in a circle viewing a battle between Zabrent and Skett, back to back, and an army of the aliens. From an isolated room, they see a Gray Demon surrounded by stone and sand viewing the battle and seeing the duo enter the coliseum, a devilish smile showing on his face.

Gray Demon: Welcome! We've been expecting you.

Sinn and Carter look amazed and terrified.


Skett wakes up in pure darkness. He feels warmth next to him and slashes it at from his reflexes, hearing a yelp of pain.

Zabrent: What the hell, Skett?
Skett: Oh. Sorry.

Zabrent creates electricity that lights the cave up a little. Skett then uses his erebokinesis to clear away all the darkness, seeing that they're both tied up in a narrow cave, a stone door blocking the entrance.

Zabrent: Always have to one-up me?
Skett: That's the nature of our friendship, Zabrent.

Zabrent grins, Skett showing a small smile.

Zabrent: Stop being so sappy, man. I might cry.

Skett rolls his eyes when he realizes Carter and Sinn are gone.

Skett: Oh god.
Zabrent: Oh god, what?
Skett: Alena and Sinn.
Zabrent: Oh god.

They look at each other when the stone door is slid out of the way, the two being pulled out by the spear wielding aliens into the coliseum.

Zabrent: You ever notice how eerily similar these planets are to aspects of Earth?
Skett: A little busy being un-tied in this arena!

Zabrent shrugs and the two are freed, quickly going back to back to avoid getting destroyed. From another entrance, a number of the aliens flood out, and the two look up to see Gray Demon watching down on them.

Gray Demon: Welcome to the practice round!
Zabrent: Practice round?!
Skett: Shut up and let's do this.

Zabrent gulps and nods, the duo fighting through wave after wave of alien warriors, slowly becoming exhausted. After a while, they wait to fight more, when they look over and see Carter and Sinn arrive, both relieved but terrified.

Gray Demon: Welcome! We've been expecting you.

Sinn and Carter look amazed and terrified, while Zabrent and Skett anticipate what's to come.

Carter runs toward Zabrent and Skett, Sinn quickly following behind. Skett and Carter hug and kiss, while Zabrent and Sinn face Gray Demon, who looks satisifed.

Gray Demon: I'm surprised my plan went this well. You find the temple, it's a trap, the two pairs are seperated, then they reunite.
Zabrent: Look, douchebag, this seems a bit convoluted.
Gray Demon: I needed some time to prepare, and nothing works as well as diabolical plans. Your advances have been faster then ever. The Operatives are taking down my other fortress confidence is admittedly fading. The fun is over. Now comes my victory.
Carter: Statistically, putting us all together isn't the best move.

Zabrent high fives Carter.

Gray Demon: Oh, dear, you're still outnumbered.

Gray Demon jumps down from his seat, shaking the ground as the sand and stone fall to the ground. This signals the audience, who flood into the stadium and surround the group, all in a circle.

Gray Demon: And outmanned.


Stone Demon

Through a tough battle, the four defeat the onslaught of aliens and the Gray Demon, who is crushed under the weight of his stone and sand armor.

Gray Demon: Y-you've not won yet! I can still show you pain! I'll take this entire world away from you! All your happiness!

Zabrent blasts a final bolt at him, vaporizing him and the aliens in a single blow.

Skett: Are you alright, Alena?
Carter: I'm fine, Jake. You?
Skett: I've been worse.

Carter pecks Skett on the cheek, Zabrent watching and smiling as Sinn walks out of the coliseum silently.

Zabrent: Is he okay?
Carter: I don't think so.

The three frown and follow behind him, heading back to the portal.

We see Sinn in his office, the clock showing it to be midnight. He rubs his head and yawns, but picks up the phone rather than getting some sleep.

Sinn: President Indepence?
President Independence: What is it, Eric? And why is it at midnight?
Sinn: I'm sorry sir....haven't been keeping track of the time for.....since she died.

We hear Independence cough on the phone.

President Independence: Well then, go ahead.
Sinn: Have you and the council discussed a replacement for.....her?
President Independence: We have a few people lined up. But the job is still yours if you want it.

Sinn thinks about the day, and then looks down to see the plaque with Rizzo's name on it in the desk.

Sinn:.....Thank you, sir.

Sinn hangs up and sighs, looking down at his desk.

The Island Warriors

Carter is shown next to a vending machine in the HQ, when Logia walks up to her.

Logia: You never struck me as much of a vending machine woman. Rich parents, and all.
Carter: Rich or poor, everyone likes a bag of potato chips.
Logia: That's fair.
Carter: What brings you to our local vending machine, Hugo?
Logia: I eat when I'm sad. Maybe a bag of stale cookies will make my mood a little better.
Carter: Still down about Olivia?
Logia: Well....not entirely, I mean....yeah.
Carter: That's what I thought.

Carter grabs her bag of chips and moves out of the way, Logia walking up to it.

Carter: I kind of yelled at Eric.

Logia turns toward her, surprised.

Logia: You? Angry?
Carter: I'm just so worried about him. Once this whole Gray Demon thing is over....he's going to retire. Rot in some dark apartment, miserable and pining for his glory days.
Logia: Or get killed first.
Carter: Aren't therapists supposed to make people feel better?
Logia: Oh, sorry about that. Haven't exactly been one for three years now.
Carter: It's fine. I might have no clue how to help Eric but I think I have some advice that could help you.
Logia: I could use some guidance, especially from a friend like you.

Carter smiles as Logia gets his bag of cookies, the two eating their cheap snacks together in the hallway.

Carter: You're the only person who can convince Olivia to stay. You have to try.

Logia bites his lip and sighs, but nods, walking away with an empty wrapper.

We're shown a planet with a light blue sky, white fluffy clouds scattered across it, with the yellow sun beating down onto the surface. The camera then pans down to show that a deep blue ocean covers everything except a somewhat large island near the center.


The next shot shows the beach of the island, a low tide washing up and down. In a flash of bright light, the Operatives all fall down into the sand. Shy Dude whispers something to Zane.

Zane: Oh, I quite dislike sand, too.
Logia: I dunno.....brings back memories of the days when I was normal. Somewhat normal, at least.
Blank: Never been to a real beach.

They all look at her, surprised.

Blank: I grew up in the ghetto to someone with less money then the homeless guy who lived next to us. Shouldn't surprise you guys.
Logia: Well, we'll have to take you someti-

Logia then realizes what he's saying and everyone looks uncomfortable.

Zane: Well then, we've got a mission to accomplish! Nearly done with this dreadful Gray Demon business anyways.

All relieved that the silence is over, they nod and begin to walk up the beach, looking for their next lead. Eventually, they come upon the gray aliens of this planet, which look rather feline. After fighting them off, they reach the jungle inside of the island and navigate until they reach a tied-up feline alien who has NOT been corrupted.

Alien: Help!
Zane: He speaks English! He's not corrupted!

All of them look shocked and Zane and Shy Dude hastily run toward the tied-up alien, triggering a trap that suspends them in mid-air with a net.

Alien: We got them!
Blank: This is what we get for being fuckin' nice!

Blank and Logia back up, not wanting to get trapped, when a large army of the tied-up aliens surround them, wielding weapons and pushing the two toward near the net.

Logia: We have the same goal. We want to take down Gr-
Alien Chief: Shut up and back up!

Blank groans and Logia sighs.

Logia: Sorry guys.

Logia then blasts out a wave of telekinetic energy that stuns the aliens and knocks them back, the two using this opportunity to flee.

Logia: We'll be back for you guys!

Shy Dude nods and Zane looks terrified, talons shivering as the aliens cut the net down and pick it up, surrounding them to prevent escape.

Alien #1: Chief, do we need to go trail the two that escaped?
Alien Chief: Later. Let's deal with what we have for now.

They cut down the bait alien while Logia and Blank run deeper into the heart of the island.

Shy Dude and Zane are cut out of the net by an alien, who locks them in a cell. Shy Dude whispers to Zane.

Zane: I'm not going to tell them that! I'd like to live, you know.

The alien scoffs and heads out of the room, bringing the chief of the feline aliens in.

Alien Chief: I'm going to be as civil as possible.
Zane: It's nice to meet you, ch-
Alien Chief: Don't try to soften me up.

Zane sheepishly nods.

Alien Chief: My name is Chief Tsume. This planet is Mizushima.
Zane: I believe that's Japanese! How interesting.
Alien Chief: Earthlings stole the language from us.

Zane looks surprised and Shy Dude shrugs.

Chief Tsume: My species are called the Nineku. We've lived on this planet in a peaceful society for years, using advanced technology to explore the cosmos and build up good relations. That was until Gray Demon invaded.

Shy Dude whispers to Zane.

Zane: My friend here says that we've experienced the same thing. That's why we arrived here. My name is Sir Zane Avem, and this is Shy Dude.
Chief Tsume: I'd like to believe that, but the things I've witnessed.....I don't trust outsiders any longer. He's taken over and murdered half of our population. The survivers.....we inhabit this fortress and attempt to save the species. Any threat must be taken down. No mercy.
Zane: I-is there any way we could convince you to show some mercy toward us?
Chief Tsume: The only reason you're alive is because you attempted to rescue the bait. I was expecting you to try and convert him.....but no.
Zane: We haven't seen many survivors, chief. It was....a surprise, to say the least.
Chief Tsume: My advisors say we kill you to destroy any possibility of a threat. But I think you two can be valuable assets. As well as the two who fled from us. Fight alongside us and we let you go, no questions asked.

Zane considers it, but Shy Dude quickly nods, affirming Tsume.

Chief Tsume: Good then, there's no time to waste.

Tsume walks over and uses a key to free them from their cell.

Chief Tsume: We recovered a hammer.

Shy Dude jumps up and down, waving.

Zane: Shy Dude is an expert at combat. That hammer can be used to tear through the aliens, swiftly.

Tsume nods and hands the hammer to Shy Dude.

Chief Tsume: What about you, Avem?
Zane: My talons are a useful weapon. I can also fly, spy on the enemy, fit into tight spaces...

Shy Dude lightly punches Zane in the shoulder.

Zane: Oh, and I can fly aerial vehicles.
Chief Tsume: Now that's an asset! We lost most of our pilots to Gray Demon, another one will be helpful.

Zane looks nervous but Shy Dude whispers to Zane and then he nods. We then cut to Shy Dude and an army of Nineku battling through the Gray Demon's corrupted force, while Zane pilots a ship and takes down Gray Demon's seaside fleet. Upon completing both sequences, the duo meet up again at Gray Demon's headship.

Chief Tsume: We've destroyed most of their fleet, and it's thanks to you two. I apologize for our hostility.
Zane: Oh, it's fine!

Shy Dude whispers to Zane, who jolts in reply.

Zane: Have you seen our friends?!
Chief Tsume: It's a big island. I'll send out a squadron to look for them. But for now, we have a battle with Gray Demon.

The two nod and alongside the army, enter the ship and fight through Gray Demon's guards, and eventually reach the top of the ship, where they see a Gray Demon surrounded by metal who looks worried.

Zane: Don't make this difficult.
Gray Demon: I don't understand! I have advanced technology at my disposal....but I couldn't corrupt them all. And then you fools show up! This makes no sense!
Zane: You're getting desperate and sloppy, Gray Demon. This is over.
Gray Demon: No!

Gray Demon hurls metal toward the army with his goopy tentacles, knocking them off the ship, including Tsume.

Gray Demon: I'll kill you both. I'll kill you all!

He then traps Zane and Shy Dude underneath pieces of metal which slowly push down onto their bodies and crush them.

Gray Demon: This is what you get! This is how I END THINGS! I'm in contr-

Before Gray Demon can finish, he's blasted away by telekinesis, releasing the hold on Zane and Shy Dude. The friends get up and look over to see Logia and Blank burst out of the door. Shy Dude whispers to Zane.

Zane: Me too!


Logia wakes up in a cold, metal room, seeing Blank pace around.

Blank: Finally you decide to stop getting beauty sleep.
Logia: Hilarious, Blank.

Logia gets up and sees heavy plates of metal blocking the door outside, a window showing the outside of the room they're in. Logia looks inside the window to see Gray Demon nervously pacing.

Logia: What happened?
Blank: We ran, got ourselves beat up by a patrol and then we were thrown in here.
Logia: Doesn't Gray Demon want us dead?
Blank: Seems like he's a little too busy shitting his pants.
Logia: That means something bad is happening to him. That's good!
Blank: But Shy Dude and Zane got kidnapped by those crazy alien assholes!
Logia: Just trying to be positive!
Blank: That's the problem!

Logia grunts and Blank continues pacing.

Logia: I move the plates out of the way, we take down Gray Demon, get out friends back, and run to the portal. If we're fast and careful, it'll work.
Blank: If moving these stupid plates was so easy they would've been gone already!

Logia sighs and sits down, Blank rubbing her head when they hear a loud noise.

Logia: What the hell?!

Logia jolts up and the two head to the window and see Gray Demon having a fit.

Logia: He's angry.
Blank: No shit.

They then see Gray Demon flailing his metal coated tentacles all around, and see one heading toward their door. The two both step back and the tentacle slams into the door, inadverdently crushing the plate and knocking it off.

Logia: This is going to be difficult.
Blank: That's pretty obvious!
Logia: I just don't want you to get over your head and get killed! I care about you, no matter how much shit you give me and everyone else!

Blank then grabs Logia and kisses him roughly before pulling away. He looks shocked but happy and she bites her lip.

Blank: This doesn't change anything.
Logia:.....Okay then.

They swing open the door and Logia blasts Gray Demon out of the way. The two then look to see Zane and Shy Dude getting up from metal set upon them, with Shy Dude whispering to Zane.

Zane: Me too!

Gray Demon gets up, clearly enraged beyond the point of reason. Logia and Blank run toward the other duo, the team regrouping.

Shy Dude:.....This is nice.

Everyone sighs and gets in combat position.


Metal Demon

The Operatives defeat the Gray Demon.

Gray Demon: I'm not scared! I'm a g-

Logia uses a wave of telekinesis to push the Gray Demon off the ship into the water as he dissipates, the other aliens fading away as the surviving Nineku rest.

Blank: How the hell are we getting back?
Zane: I have an idea, let's run.

The Operatives rush off from the ship to the recovering army who are counting their losses. They approach Tsume, who looks happy.

Chief Tsume: Thank you.
Blank: We need to go! Fast!

Tsume nods and quickly gets them a vehicle. The Operatives board and ride off, Tsume sharing one last look of gratitude towards his allies, having a chance to rebuild his world that the other species didn't.

Shy Dude and Zane are sitting in The Base alone, looking exhausted.

Zane: We just arrived on an alien planet, felt awkward, got captured, escaped, destroyed an entire fleet, got saved, and rushed back on a spaceship.
Shy Dude: Eh. Nothing new.
Zane: Life is going too fast! Don't you think this was all a bit larger than life?!
Shy Dude: Eh.

Zane sighs and Shy Dude whispers to Zane.

Zane: No, I don't think anything happened in that room!

Shy Dude continues whispering.

Zane: There wasn't any epic kiss! You're just a romantic, Shy Dude.

Shy Dude shrugs and they sit back, relaxing for a moment.

The Mountain Pass

Skett and Carter are lying in bed together, her head against his chest.

Skett: This is nice.
Carter: Yeah it is.

Carter gets up and kisses Skett deeply, holding his chin.

Skett: Can you believe we've been fighting Gray Demon for three years? And now we're down to his last 2 portals. It's hard to believe.
Carter: It really is. When we started this fight to now....there are so many differences.
Skett: Like Rizzo?

Carter somberly nods, nuzzling her face against him.

Carter: And we're married now.
Skett: Well that, I'm happy about. So happy, Alena.

Carter giggles and holds one of his clawed hands tightly.

Carter: Me too, Jake. By the way....

Carter bites her lip and runs her hands through her hair.

Skett: What did you do?
Carter: Hey!

Skett chuckles and Carter playfully whacks him with her pillow.

Carter: I let it spill....about us adopting.
Skett: Alena!
Carter: Hey, I don't want anything from Mr. Can't-Hide-A-Ring!

Skett laughs and kisses her forehead, squeezing her.

Skett: I love you so damn much, Alena Carter. With your goggles, and your outfit, and your intelligence, and your positivity, and your lack of skill at hiding things.
Carter: And I love you, Jake Skett. You and your strength, and your anti-social demeanor, and when you mumble about how you love me, and that tie you always wear. Everything about you.

Carter hops on top of him and pins him down, their noses touching. She then passionately kisses Skett.

Skett: Wait....who did you tell?
Carter: Hugo.
Skett: Oh thank god. If you told Zabrent, the entire world would know by now. Including Gray Demon.

Carter rolls off him but still stays close.

Skett: When are you going to tell Sinn?
Carter: I have no clue.....I yelled at him and now I feel awful.
Skett: Don't, darling. He's going to come around. Just let Zabrent get some time with him. That man can get to anyone, smug bastard he is.
Carter: Oh, I know you like him.
Skett: Sure, but he's still a smug bastard. You can quote me on that.

Carter laughs and Skett swirls his finger, darkening the bedroom again.

We're shown the contents of the second-to-last portal, a grey cloudy sky where the sun barely shines through. As the camera pans down, we find a planet made primarily of rock, jagged cliffs and wide canyons interspersed with a few lakes and rivers.


That familiar flash of light happens one more time, the 410 squad coming out onto the cold stone ground.

Zabrent: After all these weird video game-y planets.....big rock world seems pretty boring.
Skett: I like boring.
Zabrent: Oh, really?

Carter giggles while Sinn silently walks ahead, surveying the planet as he did before.

Zabrent: You see any big, dumb castle to destroy?
Sinn: Hmm....yes. Seems like Gray Demon is fond of that type of architecture.

They all walk up to Sinn and he points forward, a gray stone fortress in the distance, past a rather large mountain.

Zabrent: I've never been a big hiker.
Skett: Good thing I have claws.
Zabrent: Lucky bastard.

Skett shrugs and Carter sits down on a smooth rock, thinking for a moment.

Carter: I think I can help out a bit. You see, I have a machine called the Amplifier. It'll send out high sound waves.....use them at the right place and we could level the mountain.
Sinn: Why the hell haven't we been using it the whole time?
Carter: Machines don't work like that. It takes a LOT of energy. But I think this might be a good use of that energy...
Zabrent: Unless Skett plans on holding me while we hike up...
Skett: No.
Zabrent:....Then I say we use it.
Skett: Alena knows what she's talking about. I support it.

Carter blushes and pecks Skett on the cheek.

Sinn: It's settled. Whatever you need.
Carter: I need to find a structurally weak part....a place where the sound waves will be enough to cause a chain reaction. I'll have to search for it.
Sinn: You're not going alone. I refuse to lose anyone, especially so close to one of HIS fortresses. You go with her, Zabrent.
Skett: All due respect, sir, I'd like to spend some time with my wife.

Zabrent smirks and Carter nuzzles into Skett.

Sinn: Ugh........fine. Go do that and stay back near the portal. Zabrent and I will deal with Gray Demon.

Skett nods and Carter grins, the two heading off.

Sinn: Hurry it up!

The two nod and run off, Sinn and Zabrent sitting opposite of each other on smooth rocks.

Zabrent: So...
Sinn: Not now.

Zabrent sighs but nods, fully intending to do it when the opportunity comes...

We see the two sitting in EXTREMELY awkward silence when they hear a loud crash.

Zabrent: Finally!
Sinn: That's our cue.

They look over to see the mountain, destroyed, and Carter happily waving toward them in the distance, Skett right next to her.

Zabrent: She rocks.
Sinn:......Yeah. She really does.

Sinn looks sad but Zabrent starts running off toward the castle, Sinn following closely behind.

Zabrent: Hurry up! We're almost done with this stuff, anyways!

They make their way through the mountain path and eventually reach the entrance to the fortress, where they battle crystallized aliens who are guarding the fortress and blocking their path. Upon defeating them, they reach inside the fortress.

Zabrent: Y'know, I'm really tired of solving puzzles and running around to beat up aliens. I never thought I'd say it, but this is getting boring.
Sinn: Hmph.

Zabrent sighs, wanting to get something from Sinn after Skett gave him the opportunity to. The two ascend the castle, disabling Gray Demon's hazards and heading toward him. As they move along, Zabrent decides to finally make his move.

Zabrent: I know you're not looking for a lecture. You've gotten that from Alena already.

Sinn chuckles as they walk and talk.

Zabrent: The first time I met Helen....I tried to hit on her.

Sinn shows a small smile at that.

Zabrent: I quickly learned that she wasn't the kind of woman you hit on. She was a leader. She didn't follow, she juggled so many things that I get dizzy at the thought of it. I'm a punch and zap kind of guy. She was the real hero.
Sinn: Yeah.....I know.
Zabrent: And I know that she cared about all of us. Every single agent. She never thought of herself as anything special, even though we knew she was. To her, she was just a gear in the machine. She wanted the machine to keep chugging along. For us to keep fighting. And you were her best friend.

Sinn starts to cry, slowing down his speed.

Zabrent: There are so many people who could run F.A.N.T. But she really understood why we work so well. It's not government funding. It's not superpowers. It's our reliance on each other. It's how we'll stop at nothing to help each other. There's only one man alive who gets that. No matter what you say, I'll always know that you're the only person she wanted to be director. And if you ask this blonde-haired asshole, you're the only person I want to be director.

Sinn stops in his tracks, tears pouring down his face as he falls to his knees, finally letting out his emotions.

Sinn: Ahem....I....
Zabrent: Let it out, Sinn.

Sinn nods and sobs, Zabrent silently watching on. After a while, Sinn wipes his face and gets up.

Sinn:.....Thank you, Zabrent.
Zabrent: No problem, boss. Now let's show this asshole what we're made of.

Sinn nods and they barge through the doors, rushing toward a crystallized Gray Demon.

Gray Demon: Prepare to d-

Zabrent punches him in the face, his fist pulsing with electricity.


Crystal Demon

After defeating him, the crystals crush his goo, leaving just one Gray Demon left.

Gray Demon: I'm not done! I still remain! You'll never beat the final Gray Demon!

Sinn and Zabrent, however, ignore him and rush out of the castle to get back to Skett and Carter, the villain looking on desperately.

Gray Demon: C-come back!

They rush back to Skett and Carter, waiting back at the portal. Both Skett and Carter look shocked to see Sinn's face, showing that he had clearly been crying.

Skett: Sir....
Sinn: I'll explain. All of it. Everything. Let's just get through the portal.

They all smile and nod, heading through the portal back to the lab as it quickly closes behind them. Back at the lab, Skett and Carter are anxious to hear what Sinn has to say while Zabrent paces around near the final portal.

Sinn: I'm sorry, Carter. For what I said. I'm sorry to all of you, for how I've been.
Carter:'s fine. You were sad.

Carter hugs Sinn, who awkwardly squeezes her back.

Sinn: No, it wasn't fine. I felt dead after....after Helen died. Dead inside. Like my only purpose in life was to kill Gray Demon and then die. But Zabrent.....he made me realize something. She never wanted me to sob and wallow in self-pity. She wanted the world to keep fighting. And it'd be selfish to leave all of you, the only family I have, like this. F.A.N.T is going to have a lot more fights after we defeat Gray Demon. And I want to fight them with you all. I want to try my best and be the director Helen would've been proud of.
Carter: Yay!

Carter grins while Skett sits back, a small smile on his face. He gives a nod of approval to Zabrent, who looks satisifed as he lays against the lab wall. While Sinn and Carter talk, the two rest, their efforts having finally prevailed.

We see assistants remodeling Sinn's new office, adding a picture of Rizzo alongside a plaque to the wall and installing a new plaque on the desk, adressing him as Director Eric Sinn. As they get to work, he talks to someone on the phone in his chair.

President Independence: You're taking the job? Great!
Sinn: Yes, sir. I realized that Helen would've wanted that.
President Independence: You made the right decision, son. I'll tell the council.
Sinn: Thank you, sir.

Sinn hangs up, taking a deep breath as everything overloads his senses. An assistant, holding a CD, walks up to him.

Assistant: Umm, sir?
Sinn: Yes?

The assistant hands him the disc, a sticky note attached to it that reads "TO THE NEXT DIRECTOR" in black marker.

Sinn: Thanks.

The assistant nods as Sinn looks down at the disc.

Sinn: I'm going to watch this, Helen. But I need to finish something first. Something you started.

Setting the disc in a cabinet, he gets on the intercom.

Sinn: I need the 410 squad and the Operatives to come to the lab. It's time to end this mission.

The Final Fight

We see the 410 squad and Operatives gathered in the lab, a single portal remaining in the very middle of the room. Sinn stands tall in front of the portal.

Sinn: We started this fight 3 years ago. It took many lives, lives of good agents and the best agents. It's hurt all of us, one way or another.

Everyone nods.

Sinn: So I'm giving everyone a final exit. I have no damn clue what's beyond here, but I sure as hell am going to figure it out. If you want to leave now.......there will be no hard feelings.

He looks across everyone.

Zabrent: No way.
Skett: Of course not, sir.
Carter: We're ready to do this!
Logia: I'll put all I have into it.
Blank: Fuck yeah.
Zane: I'll never back down to help my allies.

Shy Dude holds his hammer high.

Sinn: Then let's finish this.

One by one, Sinn first and Shy Dude last, they enter the final portal....


We see an eerie and otherworldly world that somewhat resembles where they first fought Gray Demon, but much larger. Instead of bridges and fortresses of stone, everything seems to be made of the gray goo EXCEPT for the sky, a dark purple with silver clouds and no sun. With one last flash of light, they all exit the portal.

Zabrent:......Well this place is creepy.
Blank: Creepy as fuck.
Sinn: Our suspicions were correct, at least. This seems to be his stronghold.
Logia: How do we do this?
Sinn: We keep splitting up.....let's finish this one together.

They all nod and make their way through the alternate dimension, battling a variety of the different aliens they've already beaten and using everyone's different skills to solve puzzles. After eventually trekking across the various bridges and fortresses, they reach the final fortress, a plain looking Gray Demon waiting for them.

Sinn: It's over, Gray Demon. My best agents are here and unless you turn yourself in, we'll be forced to take you down.
Gray Demon: Turn myself in? You're a fool! I refuse to be trapped in a prison, like I was all those years! Before any of you were even born! Now you'll see my tr-

Zabrent blasts a giant bolt of electricity at the Gray Demon, causing it to splatter into the gray goo that falls into the bottomless pit beneath them.

Zabrent: He talks WAYYYY too much. And that's coming from me.

Sinn gets out his gun and slowly goes into the final fortress ahead of them, motioning for the others to cautiously follow him. They all come inside to see that the fortress is completely empty except for one thing: a giant, bubbling sphere of gray goo with red eyes all across of it, before they hear a booming voice.

Gray Sphere: I didn't think it'd come to this! But you've destroyed everything! All I've worked for!
Blank: What the fuck?
Gray Sphere: Those Gray Demons you destroyed......merely small parts of my power! This is my true form!
Zabrent: Dude, you sound like such a video game villain right now.
Gray Demon: Joke all you want! First I kill you! Then I slaughter your world! Just like I killed her!

They all gather together in combat position, ready for the final battle against Gray Demon's true form.



In a climactic battle, they defeat the true form of Gray Demon and it slowly starts to collapse, gray goo dripping from it as it slowly sinks to the ground.

Gray Demon: Impossible! How could I lose to you filthy humans?!
Sinn: You were right about one thing, Gray Demon. Killing you doesn't make me feel better. She'll always be gone. But now I know what will make me feel better. To lead these extraordinary people forward and save the world from monsters like you. How could you lose to us? Because we're agents of F.A.N.T.

Zabrent riddles it with electricity, causing the gray goo to vaporize and ending the battle for real. They all begin to cheer, when Sinn recalls something.

Sinn: We need to get back before this portal closes!

They all run away from the fortress, the last remains of Gray Demon screaming in anger even as they melt away.

Birth from the Ashes

It's reccommended you listen to this song while reading this section. Or you can do it in silence. Or to another cheesy ending song from the 90s. Maybe Closing Time.

We see the two teams together, getting drinks inside the 410 squad plane.

Skett: A-ahem....

Everyone looks toward Skett, including Carter.

Carter: You wanna tell them?
Skett: If you do.

Carter nods and kisses Skett's cheek.

Skett: Alena and I have decided we want to adopt.

Everyone cheers, Zabrent cheering the loudest.

Logia: I'm so happy for you two!
Zane: That's joyous news, my friends.
Sinn: I'm glad for you two.
Skett: I knew he'd react like that...
Carter: Can I tell them about the other part?

Skett nods and Carter clears her throat.

Carter: We want to name her Helen.

Everyone says "aww", including Shy Dude and Sinn. Sinn gets up, a few manly tears falling from his face.

Sinn: Thank you two. You're two of my best agents and she would've been so happy to hear the news. Here's to Skett and Carter.

The group all erupts in various words of support.

Zabrent: I get to be the godfather?
Skett: God no.

Zabrent does an exaggerated frown towards Skett.

Skett: Alright, maybe.
Zabrent: Yeah!

Carter giggles and they all continue to talk.

We see Shy Dude, Zane, and Blank all crashed on the couch of The Base. Logia quietly slips into Blank's room and turns the light on, where he finds that she's packing. He takes out a paper and black marker and sets it on her bedside table and writes a note:

Don't leave.

He grabs the marker and puts it in his pocket, stuffing the note inside her purse, and then sneaking out quietly, turning the light off.

We see Sinn, settled in his chair in his office, a small old TV on his desk next to a DVD player. He takes the disc the assistant gave him, and puts it into the TV. We see blackness until we're shown Rizzo, sitting at her desk.

Rizzo: My name is Helen Rizzo, current director of F.A.N.T and former FBI and CIA agent. Many people know me, and a good number of those people would like to see me dead. That's why I decided to make this video.

Sinn smiles to himself.

Rizzo: When you dedicate your life to a job like this, you know that you might have to die for it as well.

He bites his lip and tries to stifle some tears.

Rizzo: There are many sick, evil people out there. But I've seen potential for peace. For extraordinary people to thrive and be happy. That's why I fight, no matter the cost.

As a few tears slide down his face, he grins.

Rizzo: If I end up dying for this job, I want my legacy to be what I contributed to the world. I want my agents, each and every one of them, to keep fighting, even in hopeless situations. For whoever succeeds me as director, remember that it's always darkest before the dawn.

The video then ends, going back to complete blackness.

Sinn: Thank you, Helen. For everything.


Mid-Credits Scene

We see Sinn, reading through paperwork when an agent comes into his room.

Agent: Director Sinn?
Sinn: Yes?
Agent: Our agents have been investigating a certain remember the alien who tried to destroy Earth?
Sinn: There have been multiple.
Agent: I'm talking about the one Unten defeated.
Sinn: Oh, then of course I remember. It's why F.A.N.T was created.
Agent: It seems like that battle isn't over. There have been reports of other activities related to that might be a small part of a bigger conspiracy.
Sinn: I'll leave that to the cosmic heroes, agent. F.A.N.T has it's own threats to deal with.
Agent: Yes, sir.

Sinn sighs and closes a file.

Sinn: Can't stand these new agents. Babbling on about aliens and much could it affect us anyways?

F.A.N.T will return in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory.

Post-Credits Scene

We see a man with black hair talking to a man in a lab coat.

Dark-Haired Man: Doctor Unix, it seems like we might have a new issue to deal with.
Dr. Unix: What is it now, Sable?
Sable: A vigilante named Blank saved Dr. Dames from our little attempt on her life.
Dr. Unix: Some vigilante? I'm not worried, Sable. Take care of it quickly so we can return to our operation.
Sable: Of course, sir.

Sable then leaves the room, calling someone on his phone.

Blank will return in Blank Out.


Legacy is a 3D action-adventure game where 1-2 players take control of various characters and use them to progress through a semi-linear level while solving puzzles with unique abilities and fighting enemies and bosses in a beat em' up style, each character having a basic attack and dodge as well as other skills that can be unlocked (and used by filling a Gaiden Bar with successful combos). Although a CPU can be used, teamwork is strongly encouraged and it allows them to unlock secrets across the level. Even though the level follows a structure, it can be explored to find secrets.

Besides the main game, there are open-world hubs (Adventure Bases) where levels, shops, and NPCs can be accessed, as well as a variety of side quests to earn rewards. For more stuff, there's also a section where the unlockables can be viewed. As the player progresses, new things open up in it. In addition, there are on-rails vehicle sections that act similarly to an arcade game where players steer around and fire at their enemies with targets.

The game features two different currencies, your F.A.N.T budget and your Gaiden Points. F.A.N.T budget is how much cash you're allotted, which increases with the episodes/side quests you complete as well as pick-ups you can find hidden across the Adventures Bases and levels. This currency allows you to buy items from Moneymounds. Gaiden Points are earned, on the other hand, by defeating enemies. These will allow you to buy upgrades to your stats as well as three extra moves for each character.


  • Health
  • Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Speed
  • Jump
  • Physical Defense
  • Ranged Defense
  • Luck (The higher your luck, the higher the chance you'll do more damage/completely dodge an attack.)
  • Prestige (The higher your prestige, the more money you'll earn.)


To find more information on these extras, go to the collectibles section.

  • Artwork
  • Gaiden Season 1
  • Hard Mode
  • Alternate Costumes



Character Description


A 30-something Beorn who crash landed on Earth as a child and was raised to be a normal person, becoming a professor in psychology.

However, he was also in possesion of telekinetic powers which caught the attention of F.A.N.T. Now, he's an ally of the 410 squad and an Operative.

He's a default character. More information on Logia can be found here.

Logia's ability is Telekinesis.

  • Punch: Logia punches the enemy. This is his default attack.
  • Telekinetic Fling: Logia's first unlockable attack. He picks up an opponent with his mind and can use them as a projectile or fling them off into a pit.
  • Telekinetic Reflection: Logia's second unlockable attack. He uses telekinesis to counter an opponent's attack, damaging them rather than himself.
  • Psionic Explosion: Logia's final unlockable attack. He focuses and causes a single opponent to explode with his mind.

  • Victory: This costume gives Logia his more agitated/detailed appearance from Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory.
  • Unten: This costume gives Logia the color scheme and eyes of Unten.
  • Xerra: This costume gives Logia the color scheme and eyes of Xerra.


A young woman with a mysterious past. She became part of an experiment that gave her clear skin that she can utilize.

Despite being abrasive and cynical, Blank does want to save innocent lives, and joined The Operatives to do so.

Blank is a default character. More info about her can be found here.

Blank's ability is Camoflauge.

  • Martial Arts: Blank's default attacks. These are fast and powerful, but have little range.
  • Pinball Attack: Blank's first unlockable attack. She leaps towards the opponent, foot-forward, and bounces off of them and the nearby enemies to do damage to a crowd.
  • Quick Charge: Blank's second unlockable attack. She dashes forward to strike the enemy with a lot of force. It can also be used to get around.
  • Ceiling Strike: Blank's final unlockable attack. She leaps on the ceiling and then falls down to smash into the ground, doing lots of damage to anyone directly beneath her.

  • Wii Fit Trainer: This costume gives Blank the clothing of Wii Fit Trainer and removes her boots.
  • Blue Eyes: This costume gives Blank the blue eyes she had in her very first art.
  • Decorative Tank Top: This costume gives Blank a unique faint blue sigil on her tank top from one of her alternate alts.


A former criminal who wanted to turn his life around and redeem himself, Shy Dude was born with weapon enhancement powers, but prefers his signature hammer.

Shy Dude is, as his name states, shy and doesn't talk much. He is surprisingly soft-spoken and kind though.

Shy Dude is unlocked after defeating him in New Beginnings. More info about him can be found here.

Shy Dude's ability is Smashing, which can destroy weak structures and hit switches.

  • Hammer Smash: Shy Dude's default attack, where he slams his hammer down. It's slow, but does a lot of damage.
  • Shy Steal: Shy Dude's first unlockable attack. He steals the nearby enemy's weapon and can use it until it breaks/runs out.
  • Hammer Spin: Shy Dude's second unlockable attack. He spins the hammer around. It's quick and very powerful, but has little range.
  • Hammer Quake: Shy Dude's final unlockable attack. He slams the hammer onto the ground with great force, sending out shockwaves to damage all enemies hit by them.

  • Shy Dude Yellow: This costume gives Shy Dude the color scheme of a certain house of bikini girls owner.
  • General Dude: This costume gives Shy Dude the color scheme and hat of General Guy from Paper Mario.
  • Golden Mask: This costume gives Shy Dude a golden mask, as he had in his original mask.


A knight from an alternate dimension where birds are the main force on Earth rather than humans. He's trying to get back to his world.

Zane is brave and honorable, but will freak out under pressure and in bad situations. He joined The Operatives to try and train some more in the meantime.

Zane is unlocked after completing New Beginnings. More info about him can be found here.

Zane's ability is Flight.

  • Claw Slash: Zane claws the enemy. It's fast but weak.
  • Carry Off: Zane's first unlockable move. He picks up a single opponent with his claws and carries them off-stage to instantly defeat them. It has a chance of failing though.
  • Claw Storm: Zane's second unlockable attack. He slashes the enemy multiple times to do a lot of damage in no time at all.
  • Dive Bomb: Zane's final unlockable attack. He flies into the air and drills down, beak-first to do damage to all on-screen enemies.

  • Miley: This costume gives Zane pink feathers just like his original love interest in Another World.
  • Rooster: This costume gives Zane the appearance of Rooster Hedwon from his original game Another World.
  • Another World: This costume inverts Zane's colors, giving him black feathers and a light blue beak and talons.


A former FBI agent who encountered Unten when he first landed on Earth. After a bad encounter with him, she saw how he and his friends helped out, and became the director of F.A.N.T after Richard Independence elected her for the position.

Rizzo isn't always the nicest person and can sometimes go too far, but her goal is to save innocent lives, and manages F.A.N.T to do so. When it comes down to it, she's also a skilled field agent.

Rizzo is unlocked after completing Going Grey. More info about her can be found here.

After Death of a Hero she is non-playable due to her death.

Rizzo's ability is Clearance, which allows her to get into classified places others can't.

  • Punch: Rizzo punches the enemy. It's balanced and is her default attack.
  • Tranquilizer Gun: Rizzo's first unlockable move. She shoots the opponent with a dart that will knock them out, leaving them open to attack for a few seconds.
  • Agent Squad: Rizzo's second unlockable move. She summons a group of agents that will guard her and fire at the opponent with their guns.
  • Air Strike: Rizzo's final unlockable attack. She summons a drone plane that flies over the stage and blasts homing missiles at a single target to do massive damage.

  • FBI Agent: This costume gives Rizzo her original FBI outfit in addition to an intimidating scowl like she had in Fantendo - Genesis.
  • Agent Carter: This costume gives Rizzo orange hair and Carter's goggles.
  • Britt Hizaro: This costume gives Rizzo bright blue eyes, wire frame glasses, and blonde hair, causing her to resemble Britt Hizaro from Fantendo the Animated Series.


A Boltzmann University graduate born with electrokinetic powers. He joined F.A.N.T to save lives and make a difference with his training.

Zabrent is a bit snarky and can be obnoxious in how far he goes, but is a genuinely nice guy who is supportive and kind to his friends.

Zabrent is unlocked in Lockdown. More info about him can be found here.

Zabrent's ability is Electrokinesis.

  • Punch: Zabrent punches the enemy. It's balanced and is his default attack.
  • Electro Blast: Zabrent's first unlockable move. He blasts electricity at the opponent. It's fast and powerful, but takes a while to charge up.
  • Shock Wave: Zabrent's second unlockable move. He releases a wave of electric energy to do small damage to all on-screen enemies.
  • Electro Storm: Zabrent's final unlockable attack. He summons a storm of electricity that will do massive damage to all on-screen opponents.

  • Shadows: This costume gives Zabrent black hair, a black shirt, and black eyeliner. Most likely from his edgy teenage years.
  • 90s Kid: This costume gives Zabrent a mohawk, black sunglasses, and a shirt that says "THIS IS WHAT AWESOME LOOKS LIKE". Yeah, he's a total dork.
  • True Blue: This costume gives Zabrent dark blue hair and a neon blue shirt, the F.A.N.T icon on it becoming white.


A government agent who retired into a normal life after a tramatic incident. He was brought out of it to join F.A.N.T by his old friend Rizzo.

Sinn is a bit abrasive and doesn't make friends easily, but is immensely loyal to his job and to the friends he has made.

Sinn is unlocked in Lockdown. More info about him can be found here.

Sinn's ability is his Pistol.

  • Punch: Sinn punches the enemy. It's balanced and is his default attack.
  • Gun Blast: Sinn's first unlockable move. He fires three bullets at a single opponent. It's slow but powerful.
  • Multi Blast: Sinn's second unlockable move. He fires three bullets at three opponents. It's slow but powerful.
  • Grenade Toss: Sinn's final unlockable attack. He throws a grenade forward that will explode after 10 seconds and do fatal damage to anyone in it's radius.

  • Bright White: This costume gives Sinn white pants, white gloves, white shoes, and a white suit.
  • FBI Agent: This costume gives Sinn a red FBI outfit resembling Rizzo's outfit. He doesn't like to talk about those days, tragic backstory and all.
  • Good Old Days: This costume gets rid of Sinn's wrinkles and gives him a full head of curly dark hair. Ah, the 80s.

Helena Cartre

A brilliant engineer who joined F.A.N.T due to her want to do good and her interest in superpowered people and objects.

She's a bit of a dork but she has a good heart and is in love with Skett. Daww.

Carter is unlocked in Date Night. More info about her can be found here.

Carter's ability is Engineering.

  • Pistol: Carter shoots the enemy. It's fast but weak and is her default attack.
  • Weapon Jam: Carter's first unlockable move. She jams the opponent's weapon, making them useless. It has no effect on melee fighters though.
  • Amplifier: Carter's second unlockable move. Her attack power will temporarily be doubled.
  • Stun Wave: Carter's final unlockable attack. She uses a machine to create a loud frequency that will knock out all on-screen opponents for a while.

  • Sports Resort: This costume gives Carter her outfit from Fantendo Sports Resort. It doesn't look very professional, but Skett doesn't mind.
  • Classic Colors: An alt of an alt. This costume resembles the Sports Resort alt Classic Colors, blending her two costumes together.
  • Skarter Forever: This costume gives Carter a green and yellow outfit and a greenish yellow pair of goggles. Aww.

Jake Skett

A Boltzmann University drop out who was absolutely brilliant, but left cold and angry by his abusive childhood. He joined F.A.N.T to dish out his form of justice.

Skett is pretty cold usually, but has grown to warm up to his friends, especially his girlfriend Carter.

Skett is unlocked in Date Night. More info about him can be found here.

Skett's ability is Erebokinesis.

  • Claw Slash: Skett slashes the opponent. It's fast and strong but lacks range, and is his default attack.
  • Claw Fury: Skett's first unlockable move. He slashes the opponent multiple times to do massive damage quickly, but has no range.
  • Shadow Shield: Skett's second unlockable move. He covers himself in shadows, making him immune to attack for a period of time.
  • Total Darkness: Skett's final unlockable move. He covers the entire stage in shadows for a time, and is the only one who can see. He can then attack them as they trip around in terror.

  • Sports Resort: This costume gives Skett his appearance from Fantendo Sports Resort. If you ask Zabrent, the idea of Skett playing sports is pretty funny. Skett's not amused.
  • Shiny Catch: This costume gives Skett a water themed tie as well as his "Shiny" colors, ala Fantendo Sports Resort.
  • Skarter Forever: This costume gives Skett a red and orange color scheme with a mechanical themed tie. Aww.


Character Description


President Independence

The first and only president of the United States of America, Richard Independence is responsible for the forming of F.A.N.T and the head of the council that funds the organization. Having put Rizzo in the seat of director in the beginning, his opinion holds much weight in F.A.N.T.

Always polite and friendly, President Independence seems to represent the very best of American values, offering hospitality to all he meets and being rather popular among the American people.

Independence appears as a recurring character, appearing once in Season 1 and multiple times in Season 3.

Agent Trish

A female agent of Squad 472, Trish is best known for being part of the squad that stopped a vigilante who got a hold of a Galvan Artifact. Seperated from the rest of her squad, she assisted our heroes in battling Gray Demon, but was killed in the fight.

Following City Under Siege, her death makes a heavy impact on Zabrent, who had never really experienced the death of an ally up-close.


An alien from a planet where anthromorphic animals rule, Moneymounds is an odd creature that is seemingly a talking Irish bag of money. He has a business relationship with F.A.N.T, who offer him money in exchange for items.

Utilizing his spaceship, he can be found in the F.A.N.T HQ and occasionally in levels. Ya want yer items? He wants yer cash!


Character Description
Gray Demon

The primary antagonist of the game. The god of rage and destruction, Gray Demon was imprisoned thousands of years ago, as the other gods viewed his power as too dangerous for the good of the entire universe. Having escaped from his prison, he takes up the goal of consuming every planet in his way to get revenge on the other gods.

Gray Demon is deadset on his goal, having no concepts of kindness or mercy. Representing anger, he frequently switches between cold and calculated as well as red hot rage.

Gray Demon is made of a malleable gray goo that can be shifted into weapons or new forms, or be used to induct creatures into his hivemind. After a climactic battle, his true form is killed in The Final Battle.

David and Dana Johnson Twins with mind control power who have the goal of destroying F.A.N.T, which they view as a fascist organization who want to wipe out superpowered people. After escaping and wreaking havoc, Zane shot them down in the very first episode: New Beginnings.
Emerald Gang A violent and large gang in Mexico. Although they're nothing special, their thugs recover crashed alien weaponry that they use to cause more havoc. The Operatives quickly put a stop to their operations in The Big Guns.
Sable & Dr. Unix A dark-haired man employed by a middle-aged doctor in a lab coat. They appear in the post-credits scene, intending to do away with Blank, who is meddling with their mysterious operations. Their appearance here sets up them as the main antagonists in the follow-up, Blank Out.

Adventure Bases

The game features three adventure bases, each of which has it's own features. Each of the bases are connected, but they can't always be accessed and content inside them is dynamic, changing as you advance.

Adventure Base Description

A large building in Washington, DC that stands both tall above ground and far beneath it, the F.A.N.T HQ is a high-tech and sprawling complex that holds most of the levels and important events in the game, being the first Adventure Base you can enter and constantly changing.

You'll often begin in the open and clear white top floor, where various agents roam around, and from there an elevator will take you to many areas (the infirmary, the runway that connects it to the other two Adventure Bases, Moneymound's giant shop, and the underground prison, among smaller areas).


A giant metal airship built both to hold a group of powered people and to assist them in aerial combat, The Base is both an admirable machine and the home of The Operatives and their means of transportation.

The entrance is a sleek and octogonal steel room where every member's room can be found, one on the top, bottom, left, and right. An elevator in the center of the room will take you to the kitchen and sparring room.


A sleek white Airbus EXSR-012 that belongs to the 410 squad. Despite looking like a regular plane, it has a large interior that holds various luxurious features as well as being perfect for maneuvering through tough situations.

You'll enter in a hatch near the bottom floor, an open living room with a staircase that leads to the upper floor with everyone's rooms, a small gym, and a mini-bar.

Side Quests


  • Washing DC: This mission is unlocked after Season 1 is completed. Following Gray Demon's invasion, the city is left wrecked, crime is at a head, and people are still searching for survivors. It's up to the duo you choose to go through the area and rescue 5 survivors while dealing with hazards in your way. A pretty easy side mission with a decent cash reward.
  • New York Clean-Up: This mission is unlocked after Season 2 is complete. New York City is left in a worse state due to the sheer size and power of that attack, and you'll need to rescue 10 survivors. However, the hazards are a bit tougher this time, ending in a larger money reward.
  • Ganged Up: This mission is unlocked after The Big Guns is completed. Though the Emerald Gang has been defeated, a number of thugs escaped with the alien weaponry and are still causing trouble. You'll need to track down the 10 thugs across the area and retrieve their weapons to earn a decent bounty of Gaiden Points.
  • Tropical Blues: This mission is unlocked after Back in Bermuda is completed. Still realizing the Lynxclaw Inc. tech remains, you're assigned to taking it down and restoring the island to normal. Once you arrive though, you accidentally trigger an explosive that'll explode unless you destroy everything in the time limit. Do so to succeed and earn money and Gaiden Points.
  • Supply Run: This mission is unlocked upon Season 1's completion. Gray Demon's attack has left F.A.N.T depleted, and given their agents a number of injuries. You'll need to retrieve the supplies from a truck in the parking lot and get it back to the infirmary before time runs out. You'll earn a Health Pack+ if your efforts are successful.
  • Small Enemy, Big Bombs: This mission is unlocked upon completing the main game. You quickly learn that someone has planted bombs all through the HQ and set them to explode. You'll have to recover and dismantle every bomb before they go off, when you'll learn that the culprit is The Ant Man, who sent out armies of ants who climbed into his cell to do so. He's taken to the deeper levels of isolation and you'll recieve 5 grenades.
  • Machine Mash: This mission is unlocked upon completing the main game. Among the engineers in F.A.N.T, an annual contest is held to determine which is the most skilled. Utilizing Carter, you'll need to pass the various puzzles in order to earn the Film Reel #1.
  • The Exam: This mission is unlocked upon completing the main game. Logia, wanting to see how he's progressed, decides to take up the physical exam once more and must overcome the obstacles in his way before the time runs out to recieve the Film Reel #2.

The Base

  • Psychic Showdown: This mission is unlocked from default. Simply head to the sparring room and talk to Logia as one of the other characters, and you can fight against him. Beat him to unlock the Logia Sketchbook.
  • Hammer Slammer: This mission is unlocked from default. Simply head to the sparring room and talk to Shy Dude as one of the other characters, and you can fight against him. Beat him to unlock the Shy Dude Sketchbook.
  • Blank Out: This mission is unlocked from default. Simply head to the sparring room and talk to Blank as one of the other characters, and you can fight against her. Beat her to unlock the Blank Sketchbook.
  • Flight Fight: This mission is unlocked from default. Simply head to the sparring room and talk to Zane as one of the other characters, and you can fight against him. Beat him to unlock the Zane Sketchbook.
  • Camoflauge Comedy: This mission is unlocked from default. While playing as Blank, talk to Shy Dude and Zane in The Base at night, where they're planning to play a prank on Logia. You can offer to help, which will trigger this side mission. You'll need to carefuly sneak around Logia's room and blend in in order to not wake him up. Do this successfully to write permanent marker on his face and earn the Rizzo Sketchbook.

Squad Plane

  • Sceptile Sparring: This mission is unlocked from default. Simply head to the gym and talk to Skett as one of the other characters, and you can fight against him. Beat him to unlock the Skett Sketchbook.
  • Sinn Scrap: This mission is unlocked from default. Simply head to the gym and talk to Sinn as one of the other characters, and you can fight against him. Beat him to unlock the Sinn Sketchbook.
  • Shock & Awe: This mission is unlocked from default. Simply head to the gym and talk to Zabrent as one of the other characters, and you can fight against him. Beat him to unlock the Zabrent Sketchbook.
  • Claws of Fury: This mission is unlocked from default. Head to the gym as Skett and talk to Zabrent, who challenges you to tear through the punching bag and fast as possible. Attack the bags fast enough and hard enough to break them before the time runs out to unlock the Carter Sketchbook.
  • Gray Remanants: This mission is unlocked after completing the main game. Talk to Sinn as Carter to learn that the engine of the plane is messing up. Head into the engine room with Skett to find that a bit of gray goo from the attack on the plane has stuck around and is gumming it up. Catch and defeat the blob and repair the engine to earn the Gray Demon Sketchbook.



  • Health Packs: These care packages somehow heal the player. How? Science! The regular varieties aren't that useful but are pretty common/cheap, while Health Packs+ are more rare/expensive but can be super useful in dangerous situations.
  • Adrenaline Needles: Needles crafted by the F.A.N.T engineers that trigger the player's adrenaline, making them faster and stronger for a small period of time.
  • Grenades: Everyone knows what grenades are. Regular ones will simply cause damaging explosions, while smoke grenades can stun, fire grenades can burn, poison grenades can poison, and lightning grenades can shock opponents and do more damage to the gray aliens.
  • Barricade: Makeshift shields usually left behind by fallen enemies. Grab one in order to absorb a few attacks and avoid some damage. Some attacks will completely ignore barricades though, so be careful.
  • Energy Guns: These carefully crafted weapons will only last as long as they have some power, so don't rely on them. But they can be invaluable in tough battles due to how they tear through opponents with precision and speed using pure energy blasts.
  • Dart Guns: These weapons are used when the intent is capture and not execution, but they can also be used, as they are here, to stun opponents and leave them open for attack temporarily.
  • Status Pills: These magic pills will cure any status effect you've been dealt, which means it's wise to collect these.
  • Brass Knuckles': Find these from fallen foes to increase your attack power ONLY if the attack is physical.
  • Heavy Bullets: Find these from fallen foes to increase your attack power ONLY if the attack is ranged.


  • F.A.N.T Badges: There are three of these scattered in every level except Mass Collapse, Love and Marriage, Sky Battle, Death of a Hero, The Last Remnants and Birth from the Ashes, along with three in every Adventure Base, making for a total of 81 badges to collect. Collecting 3 of these earns you one of the 27 alternate costumes that can be equipped in the extras section.
  • Medals of Excellence: Unlock these by completing levels while taking no damage. Upon collecting the medal for every level, you'll unlock hard mode in the extras section which ramps up the strength of the enemies as well as the rarity of Gaiden Points and money, in addition to healing items, making the game much more difficult.
  • Film Reels: Unlock both of these from the side quests Machine Mash and The Exam. Once both are collected, Season 1 of Fantendo - Gaiden will be unlocked in the extras section for you to watch freely.
  • Sketchbooks: Viewable in the extras section, these collectibles earned from side quests reveal concept and official artwork for each charater as you earn them. Once you've earned an alternate costume, more pages from that character's sketchbook will be added showing the sketches for that costume as well, except for Gray Demon, who has sketches of his alternate forms from his various battles.

Enemies & Bosses


  • Armored Soldiers: Basic enemies who can be taken down in a few hits, but are strong in groups. They come in three different varieties: melee, gun-wielding, and sword-wielding.
  • Grey Blobs: Slow, powerful enemies that will assimilate anyone they hold onto long enough. Most attacks do nothing, but hitting their weak point once will destroy them.
  • Grey Creatures: Creatures made from the bodies consumed by the grey goo. They are very diverse, some being slow and powerful, and some being fast but weak. They use a number of weapons including everything from guns to staplers to brass knuckles.
  • Armed Thugs: Thugs armed with advanced weaponry. They are similar to armored soldiers but are stronger and more resilient. They come in various varities including wielding laser shotguns, laser swords, and laser pistols.
  • Gray Aliens: Aliens consumed by the grey goo. They can only be truly taken out with electricity, but stunned by regular attacks. They are fast and powerful, attacking with claws.
  • Alien Airships: The ships used by the gray aliens. They're not especially resilient, but can be trouble in crowds and can dodge roll and boost ahead. They use a laser cannon to attack which is not especially powerful, but fairly fast.
  • Alien Drones: Drones released by the gigantic carrier. They're not very resilient, but they are annoying to catch and fly around rapidly, attacking by blasting weak but fast lasers and slashing the attack helicopter with sawblades. Attack them when they get up close.
  • Alien Turrets: Large laser turrets that are immobile, but pack a lot of power with their fast laser shots. Dodge their attacks and counterfire to quickly take them down.
  • Alien Warriors: See the boss section for information about this miniboss/recurring enemy.
  • Alien Guards: These armored gray aliens protect a large warship and guard their captain. They're pretty slow and bulky but have high health and use electric staffs to attack. You can either destroy their armor and zap them or steal their staffs and smack them around with those.
  • Alien Captain: The leader of the warship. It's a slimey but speedy creature that darts around, having low health but being hard to catch. They have no attacks of their own but instead summon large groups of guards to interfere with you.
  • Gray Glacies: Large, furry aliens consumed by the gray goo. They're pretty slow and heavy but have immense attack power, using their claws to destroy a sloppy player in seconds, which means you'll want to stay far away and use ranged attacks, especially when they're in groups. If up-close, they can also breathe ice to freeze the player so they have no chance to escape.
  • Gray Embrawns: Aliens made of molten rock and flowing lava that have been inducted into the hivemind. They're rather quick, sliding around and leaving a burning trail behind them. Although they have no melee attack and are rather easy to destroy, they can breathe fire which will set you ablaze and do heavy damage over time.
  • Gray Primans: Gorrila-esque aliens that live in the jungle and have been taken over by Gray Demon. They're pretty quick and powerful, seeing the player and quickly charging at them to do massive damage. Keep quiet and get the jump on them to attack them rapidly before they can catch you.
  • Gray Senudes: Mummified gray aliens that live in the desert. They're rather slow but pack a lot of power, attacking you with their spears. In addition, the wrap around them shields them from a lot of damage, making them quite durable and especially annoying in groups.
  • Gray Nineku: Technologically advanced feline aliens that have been eaten by the gray goo. They like to take advantage of their surroundings and are quite intelligent, using shrubbery and barricades to hide and then popping out on the player to quickly take them down. They can also find weapons and use them, but they're much less dangerous when out in the open due to their low health.
  • Gray Mynals: Crystallized aliens that exist high up in the mountains and follow Gray Demon. They're rather fast and durable but lack health, instead opting to slow you down and gang up on you with their "crystallize wave" that will crystalize the characters and leave them vulnerable to attack.
  • Gray Demons: Mass produced Gray Demon bodies that guard the hivemind. They're the toughest enemies in the game, having high health, attack power, speed, and a wide range of attacks that include melee, creating ranged attacks, or being able to use various elemental breaths that will burn/freeze/make you dizzy/crystallize/poison you.


  • Shy Dude: The first boss, Shy Dude. He's been mind-controlled by the Johnsons, and has a single goal: crush both of you. He's pretty slow, but if he smashes you with his hammer, you'll be dead instantly. Dodge his attacks and hit him when he's preparing. A few hits will take him down.
  • Giga Blob: A boss that can't be beat. It will slowly roll over everything near it to absorb it, and has no weak spot. Just give up and lose already.
  • gray!Zabrent: Zabrent after being swallowed by the warphole. He has all of Zabrent's attacks and is a fast powerful fighter who uses electricity. Although he seems very tough, if you know what you're doing, you'll be fine. You'll have to get up close to beat him up and then dodge his attacks. After repeating these steps a few times, he'll be down.
  • Gray Demon: The mysterious master of the creatures. He's slow, but very powerful, fighting up close and ranged. He can turn his arms into any type of weapon, and everything he does is near fatal. You'll have to dodge his attacks and use Zabrent's amplifier multiple times to take him down.
  • Gray Assasin: A creature presumably working for Gray Demon. He's fast and powerful, but isn't very resilient, being destroyed by one amplified electric blast. Despite this, the blast takes a while to prepare, and he's constantly teleporting. He attacks with a pistol.
  • Gauntlet Thug: A thug armed with an advanced energy gauntlet. He's not very experienced, not very resilient, and not especially athletic, but his gauntlet does massive damage and has a large radius. You have to get up close and lay down damage before he can get the chance to attack.
  • Alien Warrior: A subspecies of the gray alien that is larger and more powerful. It has a suit of strong armor and wields a large energy spear. It's slow and hulking, but has very powerful spear attacks and can summon gray aliens. You'll have to use normal hits to destroy the armor, and then use electric blasts to turn him to goo. This boss later becomes a recurring enemy.
  • Alien Mothership: The leader of the alien airships. It's gigantic and will release alien ships, as well as use giant turrets to target and destroy The Base. You'll have to dodge the turrets and take it's minions, and then shoot the exhaust port 10 times to trigger an explosion within the ship. Two of these are fought later on.
  • Alien Carrier: A large bulky armored vehicle that is built to hold and transport the aliens. You'll fight this opponent in Rizzo's F.A.N.T attack helicopter, which is has a lot more firepower. You'll need it, as the carrier is invulnerable unless you target the 6 hidden generators on the vehicle you'll have to find, while you dodge the drones it releases. Take advantage of the fact that it doesn't have it's own weapons and you should be fine once you find the weak sports.
  • Gray Demon #2: This rematch is significantly harder, as you'll only be able to control Blank in it. Gray Demon isn't especially mobile, staying near the back of the room and using his limbs to retrieve the various weapons from the wall to attack you, including a long range laser gun, a homing missile blaster, and a grenade launcher. After you dodge these, retrieve the high-powered tazer from the wall and blast him with it. Each section features tougher weapons with more unpredictable attack patterns, but after 3 blasts, he'll be defeated.
  • Jake Skett: A sparring match between Zabrent and Skett, where you'll control Zabrent as an inverse of their last battle. Skett is swift and powerful, being the toughest battle yet and an indicator of the more tough battles of Season 3. He'll dart around the room, a shield of darkness protecting him, and quickly slash you to do massive damage and cause you to bleed, which will make you continuously take damage. You'll need to keep moving the entire time and focus on breaking the shield, which will both slow him down and leave him vulnerable to attack. Beat him down a few times to win the match.
  • Frozen Demon: This Gray Demon is battled inside a wide open Glacies fortress with ice shards surrounding him. He's much more mobile than before, leaping around the room and using the ice shards as projectiles that will really sting. He can also hurl his tentacles at you and draw you in to freeze you with icy breath. This battle is all about patience and dodging, and it requires you to have good reflexes. Dodge all of his attacks and lure him under the light and attack it, causing it to break and shock Frozen Demon. Repeat this two times with the other lightbulbs in the room.
  • Flaming Demon: A Gray Demon fought at the top of a volcanic fortress in a small square room, being surrounded by flaming pieces of steel as you control Skett and Sinn. He's pretty stationary but also rather strong, keeping you back by hurling pieces of firey metal at you, blasting waves of fire, and simply throwing his stretchy arms at you to set you ablaze. You'll need to flip the switches on each side of the room to trigger the sprinklers on the ceiling that'll extinguish the flame and mess with the tech, shocking Flaming Demon, before it resets. Repeat 3 times to defeat him.
  • Jungle Demon: A Gray Demon fought in the center of a stone fortress, a large, open-roofed circular arena. He's a mobile boss, using his vines to grapple across the various hooks in the arena and hurling his vines at you to throw you across the room to do decent damage or pull you in for a one-hit kill attack. Stay on the move and wait for the pull attack to use Zane and fly up to the hook he's hanging on and destroy it, causing him to fall down and have the stone hook crush part of him. Do this for all 6 hooks to win.
  • Stone Demon: This Gray Demon is fought up-close and personal inside the stone and sand arena, his minions surrounding the 410 squad. He's pretty slow and hulking, but is also incredibly powerful, having the ability to summon some of the audience to attack you as well as throw stone and sand boulders at you to crush you. Skett, Sinn, and Carter will all have to break off a piece of the armor with their abilities, so Zabrent can blast Gray Demon. Repeat this 4 times as the audience members get more and more rowdy and the armor gets tougher to eventually win and overcome Stone Demon.
  • Metal Demon: A metal coated Gray Demon fought on the large deck of a Nineku warship. Constantly dashing around, this Gray Demon is a heavy hitter, using his metallic tentacles and flinging steel plates to damage the Operatives. You'll need to dodge his attacks and hit him multiple times to stun him, when you can use Logia to push him with telekinesis into the water and dilute part of him. Repeat this 7 times to win.
  • Crystal Demon: A Gray Demon that has been crystalized and is fought in a large stone throne room. He'll stay at the opposite side of the room and blast out pieces of crystals as projectiles that are like the ice shards but much more dangerous. He can also throw giant crystals to crush Zabrent and Sinn instantly or blast a "crystallize wave" in order to riddle the two with crystals and immensely slow them down. Dodge his attacks and blast technology at an open spot not covered by crystals to do damage. Repeat this 7 times to win.
  • Hivemind Demon: The final battle, played with both the Operatives and 410 squad as you battle the true form of Gray Demon in a giant, bleak, gray castle. The giant monster is surrounding you from all angles and can summon every previous enemy to attack for him, blast out lasers from his red eyes simultaneously to do damage from everywhere, or morph into a previous Gray Demon and replicate their attacks. You'll need to "pop" every one of the eyes with each character in his true form to leave him vulnerable to electricity. Shock him and he'll return to normal, but he gets stronger and more frantic after each phase. Shock him 10 times to win.
  • Sparring Battles: These optional fights are all fought inside the sparring room/gym which are near identical. You'll fight against 7/9 characters, each one using their attacks/special attacks against you and using a smart AI to try and replicate the actions of a real player and learning as you fight them. The stronger you are, the stronger they are, and the more you fight them, the smarter they'll get. In addition, they'll keep the stats they have from when you played as them last. You can also fight against them again to test your skills and just train, as well as get pointers from your opponents.


Fantendo - Gaiden: Legacy Badges
Badge Unlock Conditions
Logia Badge Unlocked by booting up the game.
Blank Badge Unlocked by playing with another person for the first time.
Zane Badge Unlocked by completing every aerial section.
Shy Dude Badge Unlocked by completing every sparring match.
Sinn Badge Unlocked by completing Lockdown.
Zabrent Badge Unlocked by completing Lockdown.
Skett Badge Unlocked by completing Date Night.
Carter Badge Unlocked by completing Date Night.
Rizzo Badge Unlocked by completing the game 100%.
Gray Demon Badge Unlocked by completing Season 1.
Independence Badge Unlocked by completing Season 2.
Hivemind Badge Unlocked by completing Season 3 and therefore the main game.
Moneymounds Badge Unlocked by getting to 999 dollars, the max amount of budget you can have.


Reception has been positive toward the game, primarily the story. The main criticism seems to be Gray Demon's execution, which was viewed as weak.


  • The game's plot was based upon various scrapped materials, including Season 2 of Gaiden and Fantendo - Imperium. Both were planned to feature Gray Demon as an antagonist.
  • The game came about after Sr.Wario was reluctant to commit to a full season and the fact that he wanted to show Skarter's progression.
  • Vhast was originally the final playable character, but was scrapped to focus on existing characters and their interactions.
  • The Embrawns were inspired by the Magma Sentinels.

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