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Fantendo - Gaiden is a side series to Fantendo Now, and a Fantendo View exclusive action/drama show helmed by Inora. The show focuses on side characters in the New Fantendoverse, as well as smaller-scale characters, with each season having an over-arching storyline in addition to the loose main theme of showing off "side-stories" as the name suggests.

The first and only season released in November 2015 and got pretty good reception. Following some deliberating on the part of the creator, the show was cancelled for various reasons. Season 1 is currently mostly canon, with a few exceptions due to changes made in continuity.

The show will be succeeded by Fantendo - Gaiden: Legacy.


Season 1

Takes place during Season 1 of Fantendo Now. This follows Squad-410 of F.A.N.T as they investigate various supernatural threats and objects, teaming up with other Fantendo characters along the way. They seem independent, but things are not what they seem. Although not an episode, Issue 6 of Fantendo - Showcase is a prequel to the season, and Issue 1 of Fantendo - Small Time is an epilogue.


Season 1

Season 1's intro features a sketchy, rough drawing style, accompanied by a musical theme that starts out slow and dark, but eventually escalates into a more traditional epic theme. The intro begins showing villains from the season, but slowly shows the heroes coming in until the show is overtaken by them, then showing the logo.

Fantendo View Exclusive

"After the world changing events of Fantendo - Genesis, F.A.N.T is founded to protect Earth from alien, supernatural, and extradimensional threats. Director Helen Rizzo recruits her old FBI buddy Eric Sinn to lead Squad-410 while training new recruit Hugo Logia. As they try to balance their complex interpersonal relationships with new cases, the squad discovers a threat that could endanger the entire universe."


Main Characters

Character Description
EricSinn.pngEric Sinn

The leader of the 410 squad. A retired government agent who wanted to live a quiet life alone, but was brought out of retirement by his old friend Helen Rizzo.

Sinn is a cynic who doesn't make friends or trust people easily. Despite these qualities, he's immensely loyal and will die for innocent people. By the end of the season he grows close to the squad.

Sinn has no powers, but is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and a skilled marksman and strategist.


James Zabrent

An agent of the 410 squad. Zabrent is a graduate of Boltzmann University who joined F.A.N.T to protect Earth and it's inhabitants.

Zabrent is a joker who is very friendly, but can also be snarky, sarcastic, and arrogant. He means well though. By the end of the season, Zabrent is wiser.

Zabrent is a skilled fighter but his main skills in combat are his electrokinetic powers he was born with.

Jake Skett.png

Jake Skett

An agent of the 410 squad. Skett is a dropout of Boltzmann University who joined F.A.N.T to dish out his own, more brutal style of justice.

Skett is an anti-social and brash loner who constantly acts mean and cold, but really just wants to protect people. He's strongly anti-authority. By the end of the season he learns to open up more.

Skett is a skilled and brutal fighter who uses his tail and erebokinetic powers he was born with to defeat his enemies.

Helena Cartre.png

Alena Carter

The resident engineer of the 410 squad. Carter is a brilliant engineer with a fascination and fondness for superhumans and supernatural objects.

Carter is friendly and trusting, being an awkard extrovert of sorts. She's nearly always happy, unless her friends are in danger or her trust has been betrayed.

Carter is an expert marksman, but is usually building gadgets and armor for the team rather than fighting.


Hugo Logia

An ally of the 410 squad and Operative, Logia is a Beorn who is recruited by Sinn to be part of a team known as The Operatives for special missions. Logia joined to help innocents and those in distress.

Logia is laid back and calm, preferring to listen rather than talk. Despite his calm nature, he has his demons and isn't always used to the odd things F.A.N.T encounters.

Logia is just starting out, not being an expert in hand-to-hand combat or shooting, but has basic telekinesis and is a doctor of psychology. As time goes on, he becomes more skilled, and by the end of the season he's a skilled Operative.


An Operative. Zane is a knight from an alternate bird ruled Earth trying to get home, and joining the team to do so.

Zane is brave and honorable, but really freaks out when things go south, having panic attacks frequently.

Zane is skilled in flight, and can fly around and spy due to his small size. In addition, he uses sharpened claws in battle.

Shy Dude

An Operative. Shy Dude is a Shy Guy criminal turned hero, looking him to redeem himself, and joining the team to do so.

Shy Dude is rather shy and usually silent, being a brutal fighter. He's secretly a kind and soft creature on the inside.

Shy Dude is a skilled brawler who enhances and masters every weapon he uses, but prefers his unique giant mallet.


An Operative. Blank is a mysterious woman given powers in an experiment, and joins the team for odd reasons.

Blank is an abrasive cynic, but she does have a soft side and secretly just wants to help those in need with her powers.

Blank is always camoflauging, having clear skin. In addition, she's a skilled martial artist and athlete.

Supporting Characters

Character Description


Helen Rizzo

The director of F.A.N.T. A former FBI agent who has years of experience in government, both in the field and in managerial positions. After Fantendo - Genesis she founded F.A.N.T.

Rizzo can be abrasive and forceful, but she does it for the good of all, at least she tries to. Although she doesn't make friends very much, she strongly respects those she does befriend.

Rizzo is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and using weapons, but being the director, she's usually managing agents rather than being one.


A mysterious thief who steals from the rich and gives to the poor who uses portals to travel from her realm of Paintverse to Earth. Although she is the antagonist of her episode, it's shown that she means well and the conflict is mostly circumstantial, which is why she's counted as a supporting character.

Ma'at doesn't really talk much, and only seems interested in completing her goal, even if it means harming others. Despite this, she has good intentions and is willing to compromise and co-operate.

Ma'at has the power to open portals to Paintverse and Earth, effectively acting as teleportation. In addition, she's a skilled and smart thief, always carrying shock sticks.

Agents of A.S.H.E.S

An organization dedicated to containing extraterrestrial threats. Although they clash at first with the squad, the two teams eventually learn to team up to take down Weapon Zero.

The organization consists of Vermilion, Ash, Aveira, and Zara.

They are all combat-trained and some are armed with special gadgets.


Fantendo Forces

A group of warriors who fight against evil together. Although F.A.N.T and the Forces have a similar goal, their means to get it clash with each other, but they team up to take down evil.

The Forces consists of MonoChrome, Harleyween, Cloney, Chila, Taronk, Sugar, and Metala, alongside their support team: Neeson, Dr. Shinsei, and Noturno.

Each member has a unique superpower and most of them are skilled in combat.



A Sergeant from the planet Terra. Fera is a brave and skilled warrior, despite her young age and friendly appearance. She teamed up with the squad to take down Vilanis.

Fera is a friendly and kind woman who gets along well with the squad, but has no tolerance for evildoers. It seems her culture is a bit different.

Fera is a skilled warrior with athletic talents and  various weapons, such as her energy spears.      


Aran Leverletto

A cocky jerk who's both a self-taught engineer and a cyborg. Helen needed his tools when the Ant Man took over, where he tried to hit on Alena, who rejected his efforts.


The neighboring F.A.N.T squad, consisting of their cyborg leader Eugene Stell, a Baraenion mage named Red Feather, an alien bounty hunter named Armallos Zeni, and an elderly Gearmo named Gearma.

Although they appear to have gone renegade, they were really under the control of David Johnson


Character Description

Lynxclaw Incorporated

The primary antagonists of Season 1. A pharmaceutical and arms company, it's revealed that they are secretly creating highly-advanced weaponry and chemicals, for the purpose of eliminating the squad. They are the driving force behind most of Season 1's threats.

It's eventually revealed that Beta Unten is the CEO.



A bounty hunter blob who lives on the planet of Dumpstar. He takes up jobs to make money, since Dumpstar doesn't exactly have the best food.

Fandro has an immensely short temper and is rude, abrasive, and will never help those in need. It's said he has only one or two friends, and he even doesn't like them that much.

Fandro is very slow and can't fly, but he does have lots of power, can use magic, and can absorb elemental attacks.

Mekat and Nume

The Lord(and Lady) of Shadows. They despise the Fantendo Forces and work against them constantly, but will fight other groups if need be.

Mekat is menacing and quiet, while Nume is hammy and obnoxious. They were meant for each other.

Mekat and Nume are both experts in dark magic.


An evil scientist from Terra who was arrested for illegal research. He's escaped twice, but Fera is always there to bring him to justice.

Vilanis is the most cliche villain you could get. He's hammy, egotistical, sadistic, and always wanting world domination.

Vilanis is an expert in technology who pilots powerful mechas.

The Ant Man

A psychotic man who can control ants. Not to be confused with the Marvel Comics character, even though they share a common power.

The Ant Man is mysterious and seemingly crazy, with little information on his past. It's later revealed that he's being controlled by another mysterious antagonist, the Woman in Blue. Mysteryception, I guess.

David Johnson

The former lead engineer of F.A.N.T. A middle-aged man with mind control powers, he used them to take over the 420 squad in order to fund his goal: taking over F.A.N.T. Johnson believed that he was setting them free, but was eventually taken down and is now contained inside F.A.N.T.

Beta Unten

The CEO of Lynxclaw Inc. and the Big Bad of Season 1. Beta Unten was an alternate Unten created by prime Unten's catalyst powers, and was banished to the Wasteland after the Shattering. Now, Beta Unten seeks to rule the multiverse to get revenge for his sad fate. He's eventually killed by Logia, who uses a Psionic Explosion.

The Magician

A mysterious british man who can cast spells. Although he is at first an Operative candidate, The Operatives soon learn he is using his powers of control to run a slave ring. He's eventually killed by Blank.


Season 1

Season 1 has 13 episodes.

No. in
No. in
Episode Description
001 1 410 Hugo Logia is recruited by Eric Sinn, and meets the agents of the 410 Squad.
002 2 Stray From Me The squad is hunted by the cruel and unsympathetic Fandro after he's hired by a mysterious antagonist.
003 3 Double the Agents The squad meet the Agents of A.S.H.E.S when they are following a lead on Tess, and must team up with them to take down a common enemy.
004 4 Painted Portals The squad is assigned to deal with a thief who utilizes portals to get away from the authorities, but the squad learns that they might be the key to finding Fandro's employer.
005 5 Agents of A.N.T A man that can control ants takes over F.A.N.T and seems to pose a serious threat to national security even as he makes silly demands. Guest written by Exotoro (tbc).
006 6 Force of Nature Crossover with Fantendo Forces. Mekat and Nume are more powerful than before due to upgrades, leading the Forces to try and destroy their suppliers, Lynxclaw Inc, and end up meeting the squad in the process.
007 7 A Visit from Terra When Vilanis runs off to Earth, Fera is sent by Terra to capture him, and ends up teaming up with the squad.
008 8 Troubled Pasts In a unique assignment, Rizzo has Sinn and Skett take therapy sessions with Logia.
009 9 Blaze It The squad is sent to track down the renegade squad 420, but all is not as it seems.
010 10 The Exam Logia takes his first exam with F.A.N.T, and asks Skett for help training hard, which he reluctantly agrees to.
011 11 Tropical Vacation The squad is sent to rescue squad 390, which crashed in the Bermuda Triangle, but things are much larger than just a single assignment.
012 12 Assemble Logia meets the other Operative candidates and teams up with them to find their final candidate.
013 13 Agents of F.A.N.T F.A.N.T and The Operatives have to team up to defeat the mysterious villain threatening the organization and Earth.


Season 1 has had positive response.


  • The show was originally a Netflix original.