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Fantendo - Doomed is a feature length theatrical movie centering around Unten Bluzen fighting the Doomuli with Kiva Glaive. Unten becomes marked for death by Doomulus Prime and he will find new allies in unusual places. The Doomuli become a major force from this point on, as the stakes have never been higher! The story was written by Exotoro (tbc) with aid from PabloDePablo (tbc).

Fantendo - Doomed had been planned since April 8th, 2019 although ideas for it had been previously pitched even earlier, including the opening with Doomulus Grime.


Act 1: Thinking in Cubes

Opening: The Crimes of Grime

Doomulus Regime, Doomulus Thai, Doomulus Saline, and Doomulus Rise all sit at opposite corners of the hall as Doomulus Bind drags in Doomulus Grime.

Bind: Here he is. The slippery son of a bi-
Thai: Silence. There is no need to compliment Doomulus Grime for escaping capture for so long when we have him now.
Rise: Defecting from the Doomuli and joining a rebellion group? My, my, I knew you had gone crazy, but I wasn't expecting pure insanity!
Regime: Do you wish to speak against your crimes to somehow prove your innocence? Perhaps there is another side we haven't considered- although to be frank, I'm not sure how you blow up a planet into a positive.
Saline: Especially with so little left from it… what I could scavenge was hardly worth much in the long run…

Doomulus Grime just grunts as he looks at the council of Doomuli.

Grime: Where is Prime?
Saline: Prime's a bit busy. Not that you should need to know where or what he's doing.
Rise: Death is no longer considered a good enough punishment for you, liquidbrain.
Thai: Yes. We will be resorting to compactization. Your body, which is property of the Doomuli, will be recommissioned and refitted to someone else.
Regime: They will take on your name. Although, with a signifier of II, to seperate them from your tarnished legacy.
Grime: My, my, those upgraded bodies are awfully expensive if you're resorting to recycling them.

Thai glances at her upgraded body. Rise just sneers.

Rise: That's none of your business, liquidbrain! They will be spread across the entire Doomuli when they are good and ready, Prime would never lie to the council about that.
Saline: Settle down Rise, he doesn't have a place here anymore. He threw it away about five years ago when he blew up Zeon.
Regime: Yes… my home.

Regime stares at Grime, who actually feels a little bit of guilt.

Regime: You're unforgivable. I never found my son, and now I'm pretty sure he's well and truly dead because of your insecure, idiotic, loose mind. We're doing a favor to the universe by putting you away in a useless little cube.
Saline: Regime-
Regime: That's all you are! A useless, grossly miscalcuting stupid cube. You'll sit there your brain rots in your DOOM system as part of our museum, unable to talk to anyone behind the glass as you watch your old body do better than you ever could at carrying out Prime's mission. Await entropy as your fluid boils away in agony.
Saline: I think Doomulus Grime has had enough- maybe we all have- send him to get compacted.

Doomulus Bind lifts Doomulus Grime up from the floor, carrying him out of the council room. Doomulus Regime grunts as he sinks his claws into the table.

Saline: Now, now. He's gone.

Regime scoffs to himself. Thai glances at her fingers and places a hand on the table, almost as if she's thinking about something.

Rise: Thinking about something? Someone?
Thai: Heh… you could say that! Let's get out of here… we probably got better work to do anyway.

Unten Bluzen spins around Imperium, which extends forward as it hits a bunch of white robots under the allegiance of the Doomuli known as Primebots. Kiva Glaive glides down next to him as she uses aura-enchanced wind to blow Primebots away.

Unten: Doomulus Grime is probably getting compacted about now.
Kiva: Yeah, sorry about the late start. If we can recover his cube body though, we'll still have something, I suppose.
Unten: Surely an alarm should be off by now…
Kiva: Uh… yeah. There should probably be more than just Primebots coming for us, right?

Kiva slams a Primebot into the wall with her elbow, smashing it's head open. Blue liquid splats against the wall like blood.

Unten: What's the liquid?
Kiva: Dunno, don't care.

Unten slams a foot into a Primebot, slamming it against the airlock door. It dents into it, it's body breaking as it explodes into blue fluid.

Kiva: Careful!

Kiva finishes off the last Primebot with a swing to it's head, cleaving it in half. She breathes off the blade.

Unten: You've been getting better with that thing.
Kiva: Aw, thanks. You're not too bad yourself.

Kiva and Unten glace at the locked door in front of them.

Unten: Looks like this needs some kind of synthetic scan. I'm gonna see if I can get Imperium to form into what it's lookin-

Kiva slams into the metal door at full force covered in aura, denting it as she then follows up with her blade and cuts the door forcibly open in a mad frenzy of strikes.

Kiva: RAH!

Kiva slides the doors open as Unten runs over to her, the two of them entering inside. Kiva slams her fist into a Primebot, causing it to fall over as it gushes out blue liquid.

Unten: Or… or we could do that. That works too if you want to make yourself as loud as possible.
Kiva: Always got something to criticize…

Kiva and Unten run through the Doomuli ship they've "sneaked" into. They find themselves to an open hallway where Doomulus Stein is walking down, who almost ignores them as they attempt to skid away quickly in the other direction, which actually catches their attention.

Stein: You two really thought you were just gonna sneak into a Doomuli base like this?
Kiva: That was the plan, yes.

Kiva and Unten dodge roll as Doomulus Stein fires off their floating fingers, which explode in red bursts of energy. Unten grunts as he runs across the wall, bringing out Imperium, which sharpens into cleaving blade and cuts off Doomulus Stein's head.

Stein: AGHHHH!

Doomulus Stein's head slams to the ground as Unten hops off their body that is slowly falling forward, causing it to fall backwards instead.

Unten: Well, now we gotta hurry, because if there's one of these guys, there's bound to be more.
Kiva: Hey, I'm the one that's trying to be speedy here! We would have lost so much more time if you tried to unlock the door with that black blade thing earlier!
Unten: Her name is Imperium, Kiva.
Kiva: Oh what, you gender and name your blade?
Unten: No… she literally has a physical form inside the blade that identifies as female, Kiva.
Kiva: Whatever, Unten. Use it as a battering ram so we can get into the compacting room here.

Unten makes the edge of Imperium impressively blunt and charges forward, blowing the door off as a Doomuli of the Missyntile race backs off from the cube on the table.

Missyntile Doomuli: Who the hell are you guys?

The Missyntile Doomuli prepares a pizza cutter saw behind her back. She grunts, trying to look helpless.

Kiva: I'm Kiva Glaive, and don't you forget it! I'm the leader of the Doomuli resistance, a humble little org made up of thousands of people across the galaxy that are very interested in seeing ya'll leave us the fuck alone!

Unten swipes Doomulus Grime in his cube form as Kiva distracts the Doomuli.

Missyntile Doomuli: Oh my, the Kiva Glaive? Wow, we could have never seen this coming with the thousands of alarms you and your boy toy set off!
Kiva: That many?
Missyntile Doomuli: I'm exaggerating. That being said, you two sure look you could be cut up for size… mostly you, Vespy.

The Missyntile Doomuli reveals her pizza cutter-like device, which has a whirring saw at the end of it. She looks at them bloodthirsty.

Missyntile Doomuli: Doomulus Pepper is feeling pretty hungry!

Unten puts away Imperium as he does a dodge roll towards the door. Doomulus Pepper is mostly focused on Kiva, who dodges her saw blade with trained expertise.

Kiva: I know I look like a snack, but there's no need to be like this, Pepper!

Kiva does a leg sweep kick before blowing a gust of wind away from Pepper, who gets knocked down to the ground twice as a result. Kiva runs towards Unten, who's already making a run for it.

Kiva: You did grab Grime, right?
Grime: (in a weak, potato-quality voice) I'm riiiiight here, Kiva.
Unten: What, do you think I wouldn't use your little speech as an opportunity for a distraction?
Grime: (potato voice) Christ, I hate being in this cube, it's like my thoughts are on a buffe-

Grime's cube body starts making dial up noises. Unten puts him in his Synth Metal jacket as him and Kiva continue to run.

Unten: Alright, we gotta get the hell out of here. Let's see, we've been down this hallway before because of the Primebot corpse here…
Kiva: Which means there's definitely a couple of Doomuli already down there.
Unten: I mean, we could clear them out pretty easily-
Kiva: Not worth the risk. Ainumego gave me a map of the facility so while it might take longer, there is an alternate route to where I parked.
Unten: And that would be…

Kiva slams into the wall, grunting as she kicks at it frantically with aura jabs and kicks. Unten just stares onwards.

Unten: No, really, where is it?
Kiva: Help me out, brainiac.

Unten obliges, transforming into Hyper Mode and slamming Hyper Energy infused fists into the wall, going absolutely nuts on it.

Kiva: Well, alright, I'll let you have this one.

Kiva turns her head to find that Doomulus Pepper has managed to find them. She revs up her cutter device and grins sadistically.

Kiva: Hey, Unten, you mind hurrying this up?

Hyper Mode Unten slams into the wall with as much force as he can muster, shaking the ship. Doomulus Pepper slams her cutter device towards Kiva, who dodges and kicks Doomulus Pepper in the stomach with an aura kick, grabbing the cutter device for herself.

Kiva: Yo, Unten, back away, I got this.

Hyper Mode Unten agrees and backs away, turning his attention to a hissing Doomulus Pepper as Kiva sloppily cuts a hole into the wall, breaking off the metal and allowing her back into the docking room.

Kiva: Sayonara, Pepper! Here's your cutter back, because I'm feeling generous.

Kiva flies through the hole as Unten reverts out of Hyper Mode and signs off, slamming into the ground and grunting as he runs after a gliding Kiva Blade.

Kiva: Now we just need to get back into the ship and we'll return back to the resistance base and we can figure out what to do from there and you can get back to your friends and family, yada yada.

Unten and Kiva run towards her ship and Kiva quickly takes off through it, going through hole she had previously created with Zezuzian mining lasers before, showing that her approach has been consistent. Unten brings out Doomulus Grime.

Unten: So, this is what they do to traitors like you?
Grime: (potato voice) Heaven's no. They usually have the decency to kill us.
Kiva: What does that entail?
Grime: (potato voice) All Doomuli use a system known as DOOM System, which hosts the br-

Doomulus Grime buffers, creating a loud shrieking sound.

Unten: Ah, jeez, that's gonna get annoying fast.
Kiva: Yeah, no kidding. I thought your whining about being a leader was bad enough.
Grime: (potato voice) -brain. It keeps it in a frosted state, kind of like cryogenically-
'Doomulus Grime buffers once again.
Kiva: Can we juice him up or something?
Unten: I don't see anything we can plug him into…
Grime: (potato voice) -freezing a person is supposed to entail. That information can become liquid, but at the cost of-

Doomulus Grime buffers again.

Unten: Christ.
Grime: (potato voice) -mortality. Yeah, do you see why this is worse than death?
Kiva: So they basically drain the liquid and your information is unusable.
Grime: (potato voice) Exactly.

Unten tucks Doomulus Grime back into his coat. Suddenly, the ship is attacked by a series of lasers from a Doomuli fleet.

Kiva: Gah!

Unten glances at the back window.

Unten: Oh man, there is way too many…

Kiva turns the ship around.

Kiva: Too many? Sounds more like a challenge to me…

Kiva presses down on the joysticks on the ship's command module and fires away, before realizing, yeah, there is a lot of ships. Almost way too many.

Kiva: Hey, Unten? What's the shields like?
Unten: Uh, it's bad. 10- nope, 0%.

Kiva's ship erupts into flames. Kiva makes one last ditch effort.

Kiva: I'm gonna crash on the planet near us.
Unten: You're gonna what?
Kiva: Fling it intentionally towards a planet. We can't breathe in space, this is our best option unless we suddenly like getting kidnapped and presumably killed by the Doomuli.

Unten braces himself as the ship flings itself with the last of it's thrusters towards a lush purple jungle planet. The title of the story drops onto the screen as our cold open ends.


Chapter 1: Lost!

Unten and Kiva are lost! Can a small village help them out?

Unten and Kiva get out of the wreckage, although both of them are relatively unscathed. The ship, however, is not in any kind of working condition as it flashes lights before dimming completely. Kiva kicks a piece of the wrecked hull as a small box drops out, with Kiva grabbing it.

Unten: What's that?
Kiva: It's a beacon. All of our ships have one in case we get stranded on a planet like this one. It's supposed to be able to transfer a signal to our allies to come over and pick us up.
Unten: Does it work?
Kiva: Occasionally.

Kiva holds up the beacon as Unten rests against the hull, looking around at his surroundings.

Unten: Where… where are we?
Kiva: Mmm… not super sure, but we're a bit far from your Milky Way galaxy. This is all the way out in the Bismuthian Galaxy, somewhere you cavemen haven't even looked.
Unten: Wooo…
Kiva: Relax, I swear to Aktoz you almost never do.
Unten: Mmm.

Kiva glances at the beacon, getting frustrated as she wildly swings out her hand and hits it.

Kiva: Damn thing won't pick up any kind of signal. Looks like we're gonna have to scout around until it does. Failing that, we pick it apart and see if it's faulty. Failing that, we just live here now.
Unten: Welp, I guess we have no time to waste
Kiva: Hah! Yeah, we really don't. Let's get a move on.

Unten and Kiva make their way through a purple jungle of sorts, which is filled with purple palm-like trees that breathe up and down like they're living beings with crimson spikes riddled across them. Some of these trees have white nest structures that are coated in slimy little white worms.

Unten: I don't think there's gonna be a signal deep into the jungle, Kiva.
Kiva: I didn't think it was gonna be this dense going in, Unten. I'm not stupid.
Unten: Am I being annoying?
Kiva: Kind of. A little. Like, not enough to piss me off, but just… like, it makes me question why you feel like you need to say what you say.
Unten: Right, I'll back off. I guess I'm just sort of anxious because if we can't get off the planet, we're kind of…
Kiva: We're not gonna be stuck here. There's always a new way to try and fix a situation.

Kiva glances around with the beacon held high in her hand. She clicks it on, waits for a minute, then clicks her tongue as a signal continues to not be found.

Kiva: Yeah, nothing. Unten, you mind holding onto me?
Unten: Hold onto you? Uh… you feeling okay or?
Kiva: Just do it.

Unten wraps around Kiva like a hug only for Kiva to immediately take off from the ground with her wings, boosted by her aura. Kiva and Unten skyrocket into the air as Unten is taken by surprise.

Unten: OH JEO-

Kiva does a spin in the air before diving towards the ground, outside the jungle safely. Unten rolls off her as Kiva laughs.

Kiva: Sorry, I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible and knew you'd take forever... look at the look on your face! Ahaha!
Unten: Hooooff…

Unten gets up from the ground, pretty spooked by just what happened but follows Kiva as she continues to trek in the opposite direction.

Kiva: Man though… what did you think hold me meant?
Unten: I dunno, a hug of comfort?
Kiva: Jeez, you've gotten real soft since we've last seen each other, huh?
Unten: I mean, I wouldn't say that.

Kiva glances ahead.

Kiva: Oh shit, I think I see a village up ahead.
Unten: A village? What kind of creatures are living here?
Kiva: No idea… but it can't hurt that much to check it out.

Unten and Kiva make their way up the road towards the village. The village is made of cubic buildings made out of a bamboo-like material known as Khulsic. As they move through the village, cubic creatures known as the Cubo run across using their short stubby legs, playing around as they grunt and laugh.

Unten: Huh. How did they make these buildings with bodies like that?
Kiva: You're really asking that, stubs?

Unten glances down at his hands, which are in fact, stubs.

Kiva: Anyway, let's see if these guys can talk.

Kiva gets down on her knees as one of the Cubos approaches her.

Cubo: Bippo! Radda radda yadda.

The Cubo proceeds to run as Unten and Kiva look curiously around.

Unten: What could they be running from?

A huge beast looms in the background, wearing a strange mask. It stomps through the trees and makes it's way towards the village.

Unten: Ah.

Unten scoots his foot back and proceeds to run towards the creature as Kiva creates a pressured wind field below her, blasting forward. Unten extends Imperium into the creature's mask, which clinks off it. Unten blasts thunder underneath him as he spins through the air, with Kiva and Unten both landing on the creature's back.

Kiva: Damn, this thing is big. Were you able to puncture it's mask back there?
Unten: Nah…

Unten begins to administer electric shocks into it's back through his palms as Kiva stabs into it with her sword.

Kiva: Not sure what's going on with this thing, look at it's weird guts…

Kiva pulls out her sword, which has rainbow blood. She stabs the beast in the head, grunting as she pushes into it as much as she can.

Kiva: Yeah, this isn't doing much, give me your sword because you're not using it.
Unten: I'll just do it…

Unten stretches Imperium and stabs the creature in the brain, causing it to immediately fall foward, dead in seconds as Kiva slides off onto the ground and Unten is hanging from Imperium, holding onto it as it begins to extract itself out.

Kiva: Cool mask though.

A bunch of Cubos appear and appear to be in a celebratory tone, dancing with their legs.

Kiva: Well, they seem pleased.
Unten: Mhm… hopefully we can communicate somehow with them soon…

Unten scratches his head.

Kiva: Eh, you worry too much. If we're stuck here for a couple days, it's a couple days! No biggie. Enjoy life in the moment, you know?

Unten nods as the Cubos begin to decorate the village and pull out food. Kiva claps her hands together.

Kiva: Ooo! A festival! Such nice hosts!

Chapter 2: Marking Time

Unten and Kiva meet the end of a scythe.

Kiva sits with her logs crossed as Unten sits next to her. The Cubos offer cubic chunks of meat.

Kiva: Wonder why everything is so… square here.
Unten: The correct term is "cubes".
Kiva: Always giving me a hard time, huh?
Unten: Ugh, sorry, I don't mean to.
Kiva: Come on, enjoy the festival from these people we don't understand. They're not putting in us a pot, so I don't think this is gonna go bad.

Kiva bites into the cubic meat, purring as she pulls away with a hunk in her mouth and chews it down. Unten uses Imperium to slice it into a bunch of pieces, eating the pieces carefully.

Kiva: You don't always have to show off, you know…

Unten offers Imperum over to her but she just bites back into her cubic meat chunk. Suddenly, Unten sees smoke. Lots of it.

Unten: Uhh… hang on, we're gonna need to put a pause on the festival, I think a forest fire just started-
Kiva: That's just the pot they're stewing the meat in, Unten.

Unten gets up to investigate, and sure enough, yeah, that's what's happening. He turns to a Cubo with a orange number behind it's back, a bright orange 1.

Unten: Well, hello. What's that number on your back? Kind of looks cool, maybe I want one…

The orange 1 becomes a 0. The Cubo panics and suddenly he is sliced in half by a scythe, which spins as we pan up to Doomulus Prime. Unten is caught off guard, running back against one of the shacks.

Unten: W-what the?
Doomulus Prime: Oh, hey, you! How are you doing? We haven't met yet.

Doomulus Prime outstretches his hand. Unten does not shake it.

Doomulus Prime: Eh, I like to at least meet my mortal foes before I get serious about it, but what the hell, if you're not talking, why wait around?

Doomulus Prime moves toward Kiva Glaive, who is just now realizing that this is not a good place to be right now. Kiva grabs her sword and swings it but Doomulus Prime strikes it out of her hands with his scythe.

Doomulus Prime: The leader of the "free world". You're the reason why the negotations with the Cubos went sour, I bet.
Kiva: I don't even understand what they're saying! How the hell did you get here?

Kiva cowers back.

Doomulus Prime: I'm thinking of making your reaping… I dunno, 17 hours from now? Like… that's a good amount of hours. Not like a full day, but who needs a full day?

Doomulus Prime appears to adjust his scythe. Unten tries to run to push her out of the way but is struck by the scythe, an orange 17 appearing on his back. Unten grunts as he falls over… feeling no pain at all. Kiva Glaive grips him up as Doomulus Prime recoils back, gripping his scythe.

Unten: Hah! I guess I'm invincible against your scythe! For some… unexplained reason…

Kiva winces at the orange 17 against his back.

Doomulus Prime: Yeah, let's go with that. Alright, Strux, you got it from here, yeah?

A new Doomulus that we haven't seen before with a mosquito-like beak drops to the ground, his glass head containing a red liquid that settles as he hits the ground. This is Doomulus Strux.

Kiva: ...were you in the tree the whole time?
Doomulus Strux: None of your buisness! Thank you for your lovely opportunity to kill Kiva Glaive and her boy toy, Prime!
Doomulus Prime: See you around.

Doomulus Prime teleports away as Strux points his mechanical fingers at Unten and Kiva. Unten and Kiva pull out their weapons- or at least, Kiva tries to before realizing it was knocked out of her hands earlier and goes to grab it. Unten strikes torwards Doomulus Strux before Doomulus Strux attempts to grip the edge of Imperium, attempting to crush it, but is flung back as it stretches him towards a tree.

Strux: Urgh…

Kiva grabs her blade and runs towards Doomulus Strux.

Kiva: Eat blade, dumbass Doomuli!

Kiva strikes Doomulus Strux against the torso. Strux struggles against Imperium pinning him against the tree.

Doomulus Strux: Hrmmm…

Doomulus Strux sends a bunch of nanonites through his fingers, intending to send them towards Unten, but they instead cover the blade of Imperium and bite down. Imperium appears to crumble a little bit as Unten retracts the blade and slams it against a nearby tree, shaking the nanonites off as they shrivel up and appear to "die".

Unten: Huh?

Unten turns Imperium around, glancing at a strange vein-like growth across it. It suddenly retracts fully, getting as short as possible. Kiva continues to swing against Doomulus Strux.

Kiva: Die monster!

Doomulus Strux puts up his arms.

Doomulus Strux: Stop hitting me, you incongruent woman…
Unten: Uhh… what happened to Imperium…

Unten attempts to send it flying back at Strux but it instead goes the opposite direction, hitting and striking a tree. Cubos fly into a panic.

Doomulus Prime arrives back at the Doomulus Shrine as a Primebot explodes into a blue liquid that gets all over the floor and walls. He cleans off his scythe at a fountain of orange liquid and looks over to Doomulus Thai and Doomulus Regime.

Doomulus Prime: You two! Hey, big day. I think it's a good time to attack Earth, so let's do it, yeah!
Doomulus Thai: With all due respect sir, I'm not sure if we should do that with the data I collected about Unten… with his immense potential I'm not sure if it's…
Doomulus Prime: He's not on Earth! Let's do it!
Doomulus Thai: He's not on Earth?
Doomulus Regime: On it, sir.

Doomulus Regime moves out of the throne room as Doomulus Thai looks over to Doomulus Prime, who's cleaning off his face in the fountain.

Doomulus Prime: You should probably get going, I'm not in the best mood.

Doomulus Thai nods.

Doomulus Thai: Under… understood sir.

Doomulus Thai walks out of the room, unsure what to do.

Chapter 3: Fix You

Thai is ordered to do the one thing she can't do.

Doomulus Thai runs toward Doomulus Rise, who cranes his head over to her.

Doomulus Thai: Hey, such a funny story. Turns out today, for whatever reason, is the day Doomulus Prime decided it would be a great time to attack the Earth. Uhh…

Doomulus Thai looks over to Doomulus Rise, anxiety in her eyes.

Doomulus Rise: I dunno… it is kind of weird that you haven't done it yet… yet you're so high up… I mean come on, we're pretty much at the top, Thai… I can't keep doing favors where I just sabatoge your whole "invasion" in secret.
Doomulus Thai: Just one more time, pretty please. Come on.
Doomulus Rise: I dunno, what am I getting out this…
Doomulus Thai: Come on, ain't I reason enough? We've been… together… as a pair... for a while…
Doomulus Rise: I dunno. I'll consider it. I think Prime suspects something though.
Doomulus Thai: A maybe's enough for me! Hah…

Doomulus Thai strokes her hair as she keeps walking down the hall as Doomulus Tide floats over to her, posting tauntingly.

Doomulus Tide: Aw… is someone freaking out about invading their own home planet? So strange that such a high ranking member of the Doomuli would have such a strange fear! Not like I, the clearly more qualified woman for that position.
Doomulus Thai: You know damn well there's no cameras in this hallway.
Doomulus Tide: Oh, I know.

Doomulus Tide keeps moving along, mockingly talking in gibberish. Doomulus Thai glances over to Doomulus Prime, who drags his scythe across the ground.

Doomulus Thai: Can we reconsider-
Doomulus Prime: Doomulus Thai… just do what I asked you to do?

Doomulus Prime shakes his head.

Doomulus Prime: Sorry. In a mood, hit the wrong damn person with this! Ah. Well.

Doomulus Prime flicks his mechanical fingers against the blade of his scythe.

Doomulus Thai: Who… who did you hit with it…
Doomulus Prime: Some candidate I was looking really forward to Doomulizing one day. Unten Bluzen. I can tell you're excited about him too because you didn't want to invade the planet if he was on it.
Doomulus Thai: Hah. Well…
Doomulus Prime: And that's not a issue, because if it was, I'd get someone else to do your job. Do we understand that?
Doomulus Thai: Ho-oh. Hooh up. Who'd you get to do the invasion if… I dunno, it was sabotaged by those damn resistance fighters again?
Doomulus Prime: Oh, I dunno.

Doomulus Prime shrugs in a way that Thai knows is insincere.

Doomulus Prime: Anyway! I'm excited as hell, man. Earth's had it a long time coming. Full of great resources too. I mean… did you know they have oil? I haven't had a good oil bath in years.
Doomulus Thai: Right… yeah…
Doomulus Prime: Hopefully we'll all be able to take oil baths soon. Counting on ya!

Doomulus Prime walks backwards, doing finger guns with Doomulus Thai as she continues to walk around before leaning against the wall as soon as Prime's out of sight.

Doomulus Thai: Yeah, I can't do this…

Doomulus Thai looks out at the fleet getting prepared to strike.

Doomulus Thai: But… hmm… I could appear to fail against Earth if I just put the right amount of half-ass into it…

Doomulus Thai heads towards the fleet.

Chapter 4: Choke

Thai can't stop it, but she'll sure as hell try.

Doomulus Thai enters inside a fleet cruiser. She sits down, thumbing through everything on the monitor.

Doomulus Thai: Alright, let's see… the Doomuli Inquisition… Doomulus Rotoscope… Doomulus Stein, oh wait they're out of commission…

Doomulus Thai shrugs.

Doomulus Thai: I mean, that's a good enough fleet to start with.

Doomulus Thai presses against the engine button to start the fleet, but the ship just doesn't start.

Doomulus Thai: Mm.

Doomulus Thai keeps pressing against the button.

Doomulus Thai: Damn it… why won't this start?

Two figures emerge from behind her and grab her. It's Doomulus Grime II and Doomulus Regime.

Doomulus Thai: Woah, hold up. Get your hands off me!
Doomulus Grime II: We suspected you would ask Doomulus Rise to sabotage your mission, and well, he certainly did.
Doomulus Regime: This isn't like, exiling you or anything, it's just that… well, Prime asked us to.
Doomulus Thai: Damn it! Stop!
Doomulus Regime: Listen, I know you're not a fan of this, and I know I wouldn't have done this invasion if my son was on my home planet, but that blew up.

Doomulus Thai pauses for a second, thinking.

Doomulus Regime: I mean, to be frank, I don't know if he was actually alive back then, but he probably… absolutely isn't alive now.
Doomulus Thai: Hey, Regime…
Doomulus Regime: I mean, I barely knew him! Who knows if he's still going by the name I gave him back then…
Doomulus Thai: Regime.
Doomulus Regime: His name's so common, I knew I should have gone with a pun name like Spunten…
Doomulus Thai: REGIME!
Doomulus Regime: What are you yelling about?
Doomulus Thai: Regime, your son is alive.

Doomulus Grime II just stares at them as Doomulus Regime drops his grip from Doomulus Thai.

Doomulus Regime: Uh, Grime II, I got it from here.

Doomulus Grime II shakes his head as he leaves. Regime looks at Thai.

Doomulus Thai: Your son is alive and his name is Unten Bluzen.

Doomulus Regime gasps as Doomulus Thai leans against the pilot chair.

Doomulus Thai: You wanna go meet him and rescue him?

Kiva strikes her blade in Doomulus Strux's chest and pulls it out.

Doomulus Strux: That's like the twentieth time you've done that! Knock it off.
Kiva: Sorry, it's just really fun.
Unten: Was that big beast your doing?
Doomulus Strux: The big beast with the mask?
Unten: Yeah.
Doomulus Strux: Well, of course. We needed to convince the Cubos that the gods were angry, but then you two had to come in and mess all that up, huh?
Unten: What did you do to my blade?
Doomulus Strux: I was trying to infect you, but I guess your blade's a living weapon or something?
Unten: Uh oh.
Doomulus Strux: Anyway, could you two free me from the ropes you set me up in?
Kiva: Why would we ever do that?
Unten: Yeah, think before you speak.
Kiva: Dumbass.

Kiva takes off via wind and aura and lands on a tree. She grabs a bunch of stuff off it and comes down.

Kiva: Check out this cool shit.
Doomulus Strux: Hey guys, that's mine…

Kiva squints her eyes and stabs Doomulus Strux for the twenty-first time in the chest.

Kiva: Hell yes, a communications beacon!

Kiva picks up a long, cubic object and presses a button and starts typing in a bunch of stuff. Unten kicks Doomulus Strux as he looks over to the various trees near the village that have been turned into blackened stumps, stricken with what the Cubos must have thought was lightning.

Kiva: Here we go…

Kiva expands out a holographic display, which does nothing as it stays the exact size as it was before. She holds the device in her hands.

Kiva: Must be an older model. Hey girl! And boy.

Kiva's holographic display shows Kurafeza and Ainumego, who wave at her.

Kurafeza: We were worried sick. Where the hell are you?
Unten: We're at galactic coordinates negative 976, positive 887, negative 1200, and sub coordinates 88, 99, 34. All positive for those last three.
Kiva: Wait, where are you getting those readings?
Unten: Off this dude's GPS.

Unten holds up a small circular dish with a screen on it, the GPS he was talking about.

Kiva: Anyway, if you could pick us up from this middle of nowhere planet, that would be great! Love you!

Kiva makes a duck face and signs off.

Doomulus Strux: Please don't use my equipment like that.
Unten: Shut up?
Kiva: Yeah, shut up.

Kiva picks up a small rubber toy of a green bear in a cowboy outfit.

Kiva: I'm keeping this, by the way.
Doomulus Strux: Untie me this instant, you wench!

Kiva laughs maniacally as she puts it in her knapsack.

Kiva: Let's get out of here.
Unten: Agreed.

Chapter 5: A Message

Unten and Kiva are rescued. The Firehouse gets two messages.

Back on Earth, which we haven't seen yet, a strange man in a red and gold orb covering his head and wearing what appears to be a supervillain outfit rises with purple smoke under him. He is known as The Grand Illusionist.

The Grand Illusionist: Cower before me, Seattle!
???: Not if we have anything to say about it, fishbowl!

We pan over past the smoke to see Obena pointing to him, carrying her sword. Nycho is with her, coughing.

Obena: Nycho… the smoke isn't… toxic. It's just… illusion smoke?

We cut to Nion on the roof of the Fantendo Firehouse, aiming a sniper rifle at his head.

Nion: Quite similar to the smoke manifested by Makara at the World Tournament, which produced illusions.
Obena: Wait, how would that be possible?
Nycho: Hmm… if only there was some kind of story going on right now explaining that. It would be a Heretic's Folly to not check it out right now…

Strafe sweeps a bunch of smoke around him.

Strafe: Nycho, what the hell are you talking about?

Nion fires a bullet but The Grand Illusionist seems to teleport out of the way.

The Grand Illusionist: Fools! You think I gained such power and wouldn't use it?
Nion: Wasn't aiming for you, asshole!

A black orb containing thick purple mist drops to the ground. The Grand Illusionist shakes his fist as Nion enters a new clip. Sia strikes towards his feet with her Palm Cutter, the Grand Illusionist responding by flying higher in the sky.

The Grand Illusionist: That's it! No more holding back!

The streets of Seattle appear to distort into a tidal wave. Rachel grips the brick wall as everyone seems to move back. Nion falls from top of the Fantendo Firehouse but is grabbed by Sia. Sakeena uses a manhole cover and flings it towards the Grand Illusionist, who snatches it telekinetically and throws it back as a pizza. Mioda looks to Logi and Denos, who watching seemingly unphased by the massive illusions going on right now. The sidewalk comes up in pieces, flying towards the sky as Zerita and Sarah hop off the flying sidewalk pieces.

Mioda: Hey, Logi, Denos, didn't he steal your crystal balls to fly like that? How do we disable those?
Logi: You'd have to figure out the location of them… given they're high up and he's shielding them with thick illusion mist…
Denos: Borderline impossible to see.
Logi: Ayup.
Mioda: Well, are you two just gonna stand around?

Mioda prepares her bow, flicking the string back.

Denos: Well, if participating in the battle is what you really want us to do, I suppose we could help.
Rachel: Wait, what do you have that would help here?

Rachel moves her hand off the wall as it turns to spiders, grimacing and backing away as the street continues to move up and down in waves.

Denos: You got your fusion band, yeah?
Logi: Yes, I have the fucking fusion band, Denos.

Logi straps his band to his floating arm and the two proceed to do a tango dance.

Strafe: Hey, this isn't helpful, you two…
Zerita: Wait…

The two morph into one new distinct being, a fusion. They are now known as Logenos. Logenos slams to the ground, with two deattached arms behind him, grinning.

Rachel: Woah, wait, what?

Rachel staggers back, apparently shaken to her core.

Strafe: Wait… you've seen a bunch of weird shit and this is what shakes you up?
Rachel: It's two people fusing together, that ain't natural… what are the ramifications of that?

Logenos leaps high into battle, attacking The Grand Illusionist with his arms, breaking out into a four armed pummel. The Grand Illusionist's helmet shatters as he falls to the ground, purple smoke dissipating as both orbs fall to the ground and shatter into purple mist.

Sia: Woah…

Logenos lands to the ground, grinning.

Mioda: Where did you get those? I've never seen anything like those.

Logenos glances to her.

Logenos: They're called Fusion Bracelets. They're found in the Quaznic Fantendoverse… a Herald with red hair gave em to me.
Nycho: Let's get this guy to jail and celebrate, huh?

The group agrees.

The Grand Illusionist: ...Jail?

Unten, Kiva, and Doomulus Grime watch as a Doomuli Resistance ship touches the hill. It open it's doors.

Kurafeza: Come on in, you goons.
Doomulus Grime: I'm not a goon, I'm a cube.
Kurafeza: Yeah, yeah.

They enter the ship. Ainumego is working at the keypad while Kiva lays on a couch.

Unten: Ainumego, I need to contact the Firehouse immediately.
Ainumego: On it.

Ainumego begins his broadcast to Earth. Back on Earth, Obena goes to answer it off Rachel's phone, which appears on the tv. Logi and Denos are unfused, sitting on the couch exhausted.

Obena: Heyo, this is the Fantendo Firehouse! How can I help you?
Unten: Obena?
Obena: Yeah, that's me!

Unten growls.

Unten: Anyway… we got Grime, I think we're all okay? Just a status report. We just got off a planet with Doomulus Prime and someone named Doomulus Strux off it… we took some scars but otherwise we're fine.
Obena: Oh, that's good.
Nycho: Doomulus Prime was there?
Unten: Yeah. He struck me with a scythe that didn't do anything.

Logi and Denos look at each other concerningly.

Nycho: When you get back, I wanna pitch some new names for the group. As an appetizer, Seattle Spiders.
Unten: Anyway we should be heading back soon-

A sudden large sound occurs outside the Firehouse. Sia and Nion rush out the door along with everyone else.

Sia and Nion crouch over to a crater containing a small purple probe with the Doomuli insignia. Zerita and Mioda join the two.

Nion: The hell is that…
Zerita: Looks like a Doomuli probe…

The probe snaps to life, the Doomuli insignia upside down as it crawls on three legs.

Probe: Greetings! You're all in grave danger.
Zerita: Hang on a minute, ain't you a Doomuli probe? What's this grave danger?
Probe: Yes, I am a Doomulus Probe. Probilius-1L, to be precise. I am defecting to tell you this information. Your planet will soon be under Doomuli attack. They will begin attacking Toyko, Japan in about three hours from now. I do know how to stop the invasion, but I cannot do it alone.

Probilius-1L looks to Sia, the tallest.

Sia: Mmm. Well, it would be nice to play the hero for once.

Sia picks up Probilius-1L and holds it in her hand.

Zerita: If the Doomuli want to take the battle here, they picked the wrong planet. We've been through this before and it's going to be very different this time.
Mioda: That's right, sister.

Sia bends down and kisses Nion on the cheek.

Sia: We're gonna go stop the Doomuli with this probe. I dunno if we can fully trust it, but… it's worth a shot, at least.
Nion: Understood. Me and the rest of the squad, we'll head right to Toyko via those teleporters.
Sia: Maybe not Erin…

Nion and Sia laugh.

Nion: Love you, kick some Doomuli ass for me.

Unten looks to Logi and Denos, who are still on the couch.

Unten: Hey, you two look worried.
Logi: Uh, yeah, you just got Doomed.
Denos: "What's Doomed?", you're about to ask.

Unten was about to open his mouth to ask this exact question, but just lets Denos talk.

Denos: Doomulus Prime has a specific scythe that's infused with powerful magic. Basically, Prime can kill you when that number on your back turns zero. It's a goddamn curse.
Logi: That being said… he can't even hurt you before that time limit hits zero. It acts as a teleporter too, so you're never truly safe, but like, during these…
Unten: 17.
Logi: ...17 hours you have, you won't have to really worry about Prime until then.
Unten: Well… thanks.

Unten's attention is drawn to the ship approaching. It's a Doomuli ship, way bigger than the Resistance pod they're in. Kiva growls.

Kiva: When is this gonna end… we can kick their ass any day…

Ainumego looks puzzlingly at the communications tab.

Ainumego: They want to talk to us.
Kurafeza: Might as well.

A projection covers a wall of the ship. Doomulus Thai and Doomulus Regime are seen looking at the camera, before realizing they've connected.

Unten: Doomulus Thai?
Doomulus Thai: Listen to me, Unten, because I'm about to drop a lot on you. Earth is my planet too, I was there at the World Tournament to test your abilities to see if you could outmatch the standard Doomuli- I was the cloaked woman.
Unten: Woah, hold up-
Doomulus Thai: Not finished. This is your dad, Doomulus Regime, or as he was once called, Xaviel.
Unten: Wait, what-
Doomulus Thai: Not fucking finished! We sent a probe, 1L, to inform you of what Doomulus Grime II and Doomulus Rise are planning with my operation, because I was mutinied off it. I wanted to deliberately fail but these guys knew I was gonna do that. They took over the operation. The probe is hastily programmed but it'll do the job.
Unten: Doomulus Grime II?
Doomulus Thai: Listen, there's no fucking time, but your Doomed status right now is good for the time being. Get your ass on the ship.
Kiva: I'm coming with, Imperium's been damaged somehow.
Doomulus Thai: Ah shit. That's a handicap for sure. Anyway, I know it's a lot, but you gotta trust me. If I wanted to kill you, I would have during the tournament.

Unten scratches his head before nodding.

Unten: Fine… let's go Kiva.
Kiva: If you two betray us, I will kill you.
Doomulus Thai: Would really like to see you try. There's not gonna be a betrayl anyway. I care about Earth as much as you guys and I know Prime taking care of it would be bad for it.

Doomulus Thai snaps off the call. Unten looks to Kiva.

Unten: Guess we're going.
Kiva: Yup!

Doomulus Regime looks to Doomulus Thai excitedly.

Doomulus Regime: That was my son!
Doomulus Thai: Yes.
Doomulus Regime: Oh my god, he looked so blue!
Doomulus Thai: ...yes. He sure did.

Act 2: Darkest Before the Dawn

Chapter 6: Motion I

Unten meets with Thai.

Chapter 7: Oblivions

The Fantendo Firehouse heads to Toyko.

Chapter 8: All Spies

Sia, Zerita, and Mioda head to The Delta.

Chapter 9: Motion II

Unten sneaks onto the main ship.

Chapter 10: Land of Confusion

Quartz heads to Ontario.

Act 3: All Things Die





  • Fantendo - Doomed is the first Fantendoverse story written to be more of a theatrical movie as opposed to a video game, tv show episode, or ova. As such, it is intended to be brisker with it's pace to fit within the confines of a 120 page screenplay, although may not exactly fit this mold 100%.