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When you make a userbox, think about the code:


Border depends the border color, mainbkgr the background color, codebkgd the background color for the space of the code (the space where you usually put the picture in. Everything with code in front is about the code itself, everything with msg is about the message (this user [...]). Here, we explain more stuff that could be behind code & msg. It is mostly about the text, so if you plan to use the codespace for a picture, everything else with code in front isn't needed:

  • color - text color. The color for text mustn't be the same, or near the same, as the mainbkgd or codebkgd.
  • size - Size for the text. The size system used is pt. Make sure it isn't too big or too small.
  • font - Font family. Make sure that everyone can access the font. If the font used isn't a standard font family, try to give a link to the font's download.

Also, what you don't use in the userbox you make shouldn't be included in the transclusion. Some things will be messed up if you leave some things in the code empty.

Lastly, don't forget to add <noinclude>[[Category:Userboxes|{{BASEPAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>.

Userboxes are fancy templates arranged in towers on user pages to give little facts about each user. Like many wikis, Logo.png has an assortment of userboxes to choose from. All users are welcome to create their own userbox or move userboxes from another wiki to here. Making a userbox tower is quite simple:

{{userboxtop|<title>|left, right or sidebar}}
{{Userbox #1}}
{{Userbox #2}}
etc... Some userboxes require you to fill in blanks (______).

List of Userboxes

Due to the large amount of userboxes (thus over-exceeding the number of templates allowed on a single page), the userboxes have been split up into several smaller lists. These sub-pages are listed below: