The Sysop Squad was a system used to organize Fantendo admins who were promoted or active during a given time. They have gone through at least 26 recognized incarnations on Fantendo, and 2 known on Usertendo.

Each Sysop Squad was thought of as a trinity of admins and bureaucrats, each with a different position implying a generalized outlook on how to treat users perceived as trolls, and the community at large. The traditional positions were:

  • Good cop: Kind toward everyone.
  • Bad cop: Friendly toward most users, but cruel to trolls.
  • Worse cop: Willing to go to extremes to defend the wiki.

This system has dissolved from disuse over time. While the admins still form a team, they are no longer thought of in terms of these Squads or positions. Instead, the whole administrative team tries to reach consensus on pressing issues, and hostile behavior is viewed as unprofessional. It's also likely that the perception of "trolls" has changed over the years, growing distinct from well-meaning and misinformed users who unintentionally break the rules or come across as annoying.


Plumber, Max2, and Sooner034

The first Sysop Squad was comprised of Plumber (tbc), Max2 (tbc), and Sooner034 (tbc). Max2 was the good cop, Plumber was the bad cop, and Sooner was the worse cop. This Squad fell apart when Max and Sooner had a falling out with each other, leading Sooner to abandon the wiki.

Smiddle, Pokemon DP, and UnijuXP

The second Squad was more ruthless than the rest and was successful in stomping out many trolls. Smiddle (tbc) was good cop, Pokemon DP (tbc) was bad cop, and UnijuXP (tbc) was worse cop. This Squad was extremely successful, but when DP and Smiddle became inactive, it is said that Fantendo fell into ruin.

Shroobario, Henrydamoose, and Cobweb

During Fantendo's ruined period, Cobweb (tbc) arrived and began making games. He befriended one of the few users left on Fantendo, Shroobario (tbc). Plumber hoped to increase Fantendo's amount of users by creating a new Squad. He promoted Cobweb and Shroobario, who were originally going to be part of Max2's squad. However, a new user named Henrydamoose (tbc) appeared and began making incredible games. Plumber promoted Henry, and a new Sysop Squad was born. Shroobario was the good cop, Henry was the bad cop, and Cobweb was the worse cop.

Henry later left Fantendo to go to Userpedia, but it was destroyed by a virus. Shroobario falsely claimed credit for the virus, hoping this would show Henry that Fantendo needed him. It had the opposite effect: Henry was furious at Shrooby, even after he revealed that he had lied and had not sent the virus. This led Shroobario to leave the wiki. Cobweb had already grown inactive, but after seeing his friends at each other's throats, he left Fantendo. Without the Sysop Squad, Fantendo declined in quality once again.

Plumber, Henrydamoose, Minimariolover10/JesseRoo

After Cobweb and Shroobario left, Henrydamoose formed a brief Squad with Plumber and the newly promoted Minimariolover10 (tbc). JesseRoo (tbc) was promoted and took Minimariolover10's place, and Plumber became inactive. This Squad was dubbed the Intermission Squad.

Henrydamoose, JesseRoo, and Cobweb

After a while, Henrydamoose summoned Cobweb back to Fantendo. Cobweb purged many low-quality games and joined Henrydamoose and JesseRoo in the fifth Sysop Squad on Fantendo. Henrydamoose was the good cop, JesseRoo was the bad cop, and Cobweb was the worse cop.


JesseRoo, Plumber, and Cobweb; and McQueenMario, Vined, and COKEMAN11

Plumber, seeing the need for more Squads, created two after Henry left again. These Squads were collectively termed the Two Trinities.

The first Squad was comprised of Plumber and the newly promoted JesseRoo and Cobweb. The second was comprised of three new admins: McQueenMario (tbc), the good cop; Vined (tbc), the bad cop, and COKEMAN11 (tbc), the worse cop.

Plumber, Vined, and Cobweb eventually became inactive.

JesseRoo, Hemu, and DryGuy

After the Two Trinities became dysfunctional, Hemu (tbc) decided that Fantendo needed a new Sysop Squad, finally settling on JesseRoo and DryGuy (tbc), Cobweb's brother. DryGuy made the positions: JesseRoo was the good cop, despite being a bad cop before; Hemu was the bad cop; and DryGuy was the worse cop.

Shroobario, JesseRoo, and Cobweb

Cobweb and Shroobario returned to Fantendo around the same time. They joined up with JesseRoo as part of a new Squad. Shroobario became the good cop, JesseRoo became the bad cop, and Cobweb remained the worse cop.


Cobweb, Shroob, Henry

Cobweb, Shroobario, and Henrydamoose, after a brief fight, reunited to form a Sysop Squad. Cobweb became the good cop in this Squad, and Shrooby became the bad cop. Henry was the worse cop.

YoshiEgg, JesseRoo, and Hemu

Since Shrooby and Henry didn't edit as much as Cobby, the old Squad fell apart. Jesse teamed up with Hemu and YoshiEgg (tbc) to reform Usertendo, but it fell through. Despite this, they became a trinity on Fantendo. Hemu and Jesse were one position worse than their old squad due to YoshiEgg being the good cop: JesseRoo became the bad cop, and Hemu became the worse cop.


Uil Team, Stelios7 and Spark01

Mick, Indi, and Metal Locked (tbc) were promoted to admins and became inactive. Meanwhile, Hemu became a bureaucrat. Other users left, leading to a dark age; a series of three polls chose three new sysops to revive Fantendo. Uil Team (tbc) was the good cop, Stelios7 (tbc) was the bad cop, and Spark01 (tbc) was the worse cop. This Squad was dubbed the ShoutWiki Trio, as they were originally meant to moderate the contemporary ShoutWiki Fantendo, which fell through.

Cobweb composed a theme for this Squad; prior Squads' themes were uploaded to Fantendo as MIDI files, which have seemingly been lost.


Dk64Rules, Half-blood2000, SonicWiki


Artwork of the Squad.

While admin elections were announced, they were later canceled on January 21, 2012. YoshiEgg, Sprak, Shroob, Stelios, and others decided on a new Sysop Squad composed of Dk64rules (tbc), Half-blood2000 (tbc), SonicWiki (tbc), and McSoulja. It was called the Nova Squad. Half-blood2000 was the good cop, Dk64rules was the bad cop, and SonicWiki was the worse cop. This Squad's theme is also preserved.

MCSoulja, Fillet-o-Fish, KP Blue

Elections were announced on January 15, 2012. A few days later, MC was promoted to admin. Cow considered abandoning the election, and Shroobario and a few other admins experimentally promoted the popular user Fillet-O-Fish (tbc). Hemu promoted KP Blue (tbc), a reformed, formerly blocked user, for a few hours, but YoshiEgg soon demoted him. This short-lived trinity was known as the Experimental Squad. MC, the only remaining member, was demoted about a year later due to inactivity.

Yami no Tenshi, NintendoChamp89, RosettaChiko, Exotoro

The SteliosLegacy Squad was created when Stelios asked Spark01 for a sysop to be promoted to carry his deletion legacy. Three new admin candidates were promoted. Yami no Tenshi (tbc) was the good cop, covering Steli's timezone. NintendoChamp89 (tbc) was the bad cop, with the closest behavior to Stelios. RosettaChiko (tbc) was the Spark of the group. Exotoro (tbc), the "fat cop", was later promoted after the community took a vote.

Exo and Mason were later temporarily demoted for abuse of power, and NintendoChamp was demoted due to inactivity. Tenshi eventually became bureaucrat but was also demoted due to inactivity.


Arend, Ochibrochi, Qyzxf

This squad was created after the 2014 Sysop Elections, which took place in late 2013. Arend (tbc) won with 17 votes; Ochibrochi (tbc) and Qyzxf (tbc) tied for second, with 13 votes. Arend was the good cop, Rick was the bad cop, and Ochi was the worse cop. Ochi was demoted on February 21, 2015, while Rick resigned on April 17, 2017. Arend was the only remaining member of this sysop squad until May 2020, when he was demoted for inactivity.



Despite losing the 2014 Sysop Elections with a total 9 votes, Lumoshi was promoted a few months later. He later retired in March 2016.

Trucky, T0M.V.12, PabloDePablo

This Squad, known as the Cottontail Strikeforce after a joke from Tucker, was created after a vote for the promotion of the three users after the former bureaucrat, Tucker, had resigned. Soupy was the good cop, Tom was the bad cop, and Pablo was the worse cop. Elise was also promoted to bureaucrat alongside this Squad was chosen. Lumoshi was later considered part of this squad as well, as he was promoted between the previous Squad and this one.

Pablo was later demoted and repromoted. Soupy resigned on December 28, 2015, ending this Squad.


A countdown to July 7, 2014 was placed on the main page. It turned out the mysterious event was 1337doom (tbc)'s promotion, which was accompanied by an ARG-style story, Ruse Week, involving the feigned destruction of the wiki. Arale was demoted in August 2014.

Lumoshi, Yami no Tenshi, Cobweb, Arend

After many users complained about Mason's and Elise's administration, Lumoshi was promoted to bureaucrat on August 30, 2014 to bring balance to the administration. Lumoshi also promoted Yami no Tenshi to bureaucrat following the announcement of Mason's and Elise's departure. Cobweb later asked Lumoshi to become a bureaucrat in order to help with the wiki. As he was one for most of his time on Fantendo, Lumoshi accepted and promoted Cobweb. After Cobweb left, Arend was promoted. Lumoshi resigned in March 2016.

Exotoro, Fandraxono, Ziegs, White the Popopo

Lumoshi decided to hold elections less than two weeks after the previous situation. Nominations were held through the week of September 10, and elections began that day with 22 nominees. The pool was narrowed down to 8 on September 13. On September 16th, Exotoro won the elections with 42 votes, and Fandraxono (tbc) and Ziegs (tbc) finished neck-and-neck with 29 and 30, respectively. White the Popopo (tbc) finished in fourth place, and thus was promoted on September 28, when Cobweb left the wiki again. White was the good cop, Crimson was the bad cop, Ziegs was the worse cop, and Exo was again the "fat cop".

Exo was later demoted again, and White was demoted as well due to inactivity. Crimson became bureaucrat, but later resigned, while Ziegs was later demoted in 2016.


RosettaChiko, GamingDylan, SonicWiki, Kirbymariomega

Elections were held in March 2015. RosettaChiko and SonicWiki regained administrative powers, while GamingDylan (tbc) was promoted for the first time. Crimson the Fandraxonian became a bureaucrat to replace Yami no Tenshi, who had been demoted for inactivity. On March 2nd, Exo was demoted by community vote for breaking a rule on her last warning, and was replaced by Kirbymariomega (tbc), who was fourth place and next in line from the previous elections.

Mason and Dylan were both later demoted in fall 2015; Mason because he chose to resign, while Dylan didn't use his actual admin powers for two months.

Peppermint Princess, Sr.Wario

A duo resulting from the May 2015 Semi Elections, Peppermint Princess (tbc) and Sr.Wario (tbc) were promoted, due to Pablo's demotion due to inactivity and Crimson stepping down from her spot as bureaucrat. SonicWiki was also promoted to bureaucrat.

Eve was later demoted in January 2016, due to drama between her and multiple other users.

Spark01, Mikayylmao, Solarrion

After Marina and Dylan were demoted, a vote to promote Spark01 (tbc) was carried in August 2015. Nearly two months later, following his return to the wiki in August 2015, Mikayylmao was promoted to sysop after several days of discussion and a push from the community for stronger administration. Two days later, Solarrion (tbc) was also promoted. Spark demoted himself in December 2015 and Mikayy resigned in September 2016.


Shadow Inferno, RTA fan, Ferrox, Exotoro, NovaPen

When many users sought more efficient administrators for the "graveyard shift", and after IcicleIllusionist's and Lumoshi's resignations, the March 2016 Sysop Elections were held. Each admin chose one candidate. RTA fan (tbc) placed first, followed by Exotoro (who regained her rights for the fourth time), Shadow Inferno (tbc), and Ferrox (tbc). Eventually, Shadow Inferno resigned and NovaPen (tbc) was promoted soon after.

Sr.Wario (tbc) also became a crat, but was later demoted near the end of the year.  Ferrox resigned himself from power half-way into that year.

Athena Hawkins, .lennongrad, Pyrostar

Through blogs arguing for their promotions, Athena Hawkins (tbc) and Pyrostar (tbc) became administrators and promised to help out the wiki. .lennongrad (tbc) was promoted to sysop in late October with near-unanimous support from the community. Sr.Wario and Kirbymariomega were both completely demoted that month. Athena was further promoted to bureaucrat once again in December 2016.


No new administrators were promoted in 2017, and a number of administrators, in fact, left their positions. Longtime admins Qyzxf (tbc) and Bleak Moonlight (tbc), and short-term sysop .lennongrad (tbc), all resigned in 2017. As no new administrators were promoted throughout 2017, the admin team's size was at a notable low. The only non-temporary promotion was Shadow Inferno (tbc) becoming a chat moderator in November 2017. January 2018 later added IncarnateParanoia (tbc) as another chat moderator, arguably forming a two-part Squad.


WesternSkies and IncarnateParanoia

WesternSkies (tbc) and IncarnateParanoia (tbc) were promoted to admins on April 21, 2018, following a discussion of restructuring from the current admins.

IncarnateParanoia was promoted to bureaucrat on October 21, 2018 to replace Arend, who agreed to step down to become a standard administrator.


There were no major administration changes in the year 2019 aside from AgentMuffin (tbc) being promoted to the new Content Moderator position.


Lumoshi and StellaStardown

In late May 2020, Exotoro (tbc) stepped down from her position and Arend (tbc) was demoted for extended inactivity.

In early July 2020, FuchsiaPanacea (tbc) (formerly Athena Hawkins) stepped down as well. ValkyriePyra (tbc) (formerly Pyrostar) was promoted to bureaucrat to replace her. To fill the two vacancies created by the departures of Exotoro and Arend, elections were held which resulted in the promotions of Lumoshi (tbc) and StellaStardown (tbc) to administrators on July 12, 2020.

On July 22, 2020, Ambrisynth (tbc), .navybolt (tbc), .peachfuz (tbc), and RampageRoyale (tbc) were promoted to chat moderator to replace Lumoshi and StellaStardown's vacancies since their promotions to admin. .navybolt eventually stepped down on August 5, 2020.

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