Sysop Approval is one of the systems to selecting high-quality articles on the wiki. All Sysop Approved articles are decided by the administrators. 923 articles have been given Sysop Approval status. 

What is Sysop Approval?


As previously mentioned, Sysop Approval is the administrative team's selection of the higher-quality articles on the wiki.

The idea was originally presented by Spark01 (tbc), with the intent of being able to quickly find the best articles on the wiki if the wiki was ever imported to a different host. You can view every Sysop Approved article through the Sysop Approved category. Sysop Approved articles can also be distinguished by the template that adds this category, which appears as a silver badge with a small S floating in the top-right corner of the window. 

In more current times, Sysop Approval is used mainly to point out some of the highest-quality articles being made on the wiki. Some articles go beyond the recognition and standard of Sysop Approval, and can later be nominated for the Featured Article position, which is for acknowledging articles that stand as the best of the best in their represented field.

Can I request a Sysop Approval?

Yes, anybody can request a Sysop Approval. However, please do not be pushy to the administrators about an article becoming Sysop Approved, and try to understand that sometimes to become a Sysop Approved article, some criticism will be applied to make sure your article is suited. If you want to compare your article to some of the other Sysop Approved articles and see what it takes to become Sysop Approved, you can visit the respective category, Sysop Approved. If you want to request a sysop approval, please visit the respective requesting page.

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